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When you study your Holy Books and pause at the story of the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the peoples as a result of their different languages, you will not immediately grasp the deeper meaning of the allegory and its symbolical implication. Only by deeper contemplation will you understand, how the difference  of their various human languages divided people — but the searcher for truth feels instinctively, that something else is hidden therein, something which the human brain is not able to fathom. Here is again the spiritualistic philosophy, which clears the outlook and "lightens the darkness". If you want help and read books about occult occurrences. you will soon realize the absolute truth: "that contact between human beings and spirits, between reincarnated and discarnate spirits, is a fact". Experienced and sensitive mediums receive messages out of the spirit world, which they pass on to the persons concerned and these find them to be correct. No doubt is possible — but there are other writers, who insist that all is imagination and hallucination. When you examine these hicories more closely, you will come across a certain book, which contains letters written by a spirit Koot-Homi (Kuthumi) and signed in His name in which He claims,  that any contacts between human beings and spirits are impossible and sheer hallucination.  What is striking, is the fact, that in this book is neither mentioned, whether this Koot-Homi (or Kuthumi) was reincarnated or discarnate, when writing these letters — or, whether incorporated in a writing medium or reincarnated in a human body. An experienced spiritualist, who has not only studied the spiritualistic philosophy, but who has also the gift, to talk to or even to see discarnate spirits, will always thoroughly check such messages — by whatever means he lias received them — cither telepathically or as incorporation or by writing on a letter board. The text immediately shows, whether they originate from good or from low spirits. He will reject all vulgar or wanton texts and also manifestations of low spirits, which may be seen either in the aura or the close area of people.



Dear Reader,
This book is a condensed explanation of the True Spiritualistic Philosophy. Some people may make the critical remark: "Why are the contents mystical?" We may not allow this question to pass without an answer; this book will solve the proposition. True Spiritualism is for the Service of God. Without this acceptance, the study and practice of spiritualism is worthless and will bring no improvement to the human spirit. Many people look for a connection between mysticism and the creeds of various churches and their ceremonies in public worship. For us mysticism is Belief and Conviction. Accept this Spiritualistic Philosophy as a "MESSAGE FROM GOD" because the text is not from any human being, but given directly from a High Spirit — through human mediumship — to help reincarnated human spirits on earth to a better understanding of a text, given a hundred years ago. This text is the teaching of Allan Kardec (Dr. H. L. Rivail):

Naitre — to be born

Mourir — to die

Renaitre — to be reborn

Ca c'est la loi — this is the law"

May this condensed study, concerning the True Spiritualistic Philosophy, inspire you to meditate upon and reap the results.
This is the sincere wish of Your friends and helpers from the Spirit world.













Dear Reader - Spirit of God,

These "Books of Wisdom" have not been written for primitive human beings or for fanatical believers in the laws of their own church, or for such people as are destroying all that does not belong to their own convictions. "Books of Wisdom" have been written for reborn spirits, which are searching for truth and spiritual wisdom and are respecting the Creeds of everyone's conception. The High Spirits, which have - by inspiration and by incorporating a medium - communicated these Messages: Introduction to True Spiritualism. The Creed of True Spiritualism. The 23 Revelations IV & V. 2 books of "Messages from the Highest Spheres" are not denying the different "Creeds of Faith", propagated on earth. These High Spirits
are Real "Messengers of God". They bring Truth and Wisdom to spirits, reincarnated on earth in a human body. "Books of Wisdom" are the Real Way to the Gates of Everlasting Life and Bliss.







Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.

mediumistically communicated through the agency of

the Spirit of Truth

the Spirit Kuthumi

the Spirit Monyn.

A reincarnated human spirit, who believes such vulgar and wanton messages, shows,that he judges spiritualism to be just a spectacle, but not something "holy" and gives proof that he has as yet not evolved sufficiently, to be able to fathom the finer radiation of the Spiritualistic Philosophy. These people do not realize their low sphere of evolution and are as yet more sensitive to evil' than to good. As long as they stand aside from evolution, they will accept inspirations to fight truth and justice. As megalomaniacs and know-all — they fight truth not openly, but maliciously, like snipers in wartime, from behind, without any chance for the enemy, to protect or defend himself. In wartime, truth and justice are misrepresented by  lies - diplomatic circles give wrong information, to induce the enemy to do things to their disadvantage. Good and evil are always in collision - on earth as well as in the spirit-world - and actually is now a veritable war in the spiritual realm. The arms are rather dissimilar: on the one side love, truth, righteousness are used, as  weapons for both defense and charge - on the other side are insinuations, slander, calumniation, lies and hate. The result of such viciousness is a certain discouragement - and as everything in the spirit-world has its radiation, this radiation also reaches many reincarnated human spirits. And is it then not amazing, that on earth too, false philosophies are circulated by persons, who maintain to receive letters from High Spirits, but which are always contradicting the concerns of the Lord God as well as those High Spirits, whose work  is missions from God to human spirits on earth! Low spirits do not hesitate to manifest in the name of High Spirits - even in séances -, to use names, which do not belong to them and to give texts, which damage the concerns of these High Spirits and mar the truth. To spread mistrust and suspicion, despair and discontent, is their goal and with these attributes they succeed to convince many people. And he, whom they thus impress, hardly ever thinks of arguing or reasoning, though - if he should do so, he would realize, that behind these vicious talks are the spirits of darkness. Kuthumi too, is often harmed by them and doubtless they will try again to pester him with their vicious lies and falsehoods. But the power of Love, Truth, Righteousness and Loyalty conquer all slander and calamity. They allow books to circulate to enlarge upon a false philosophy, to try to darken the light - let lies and slander be spread by low, unevolved spirits: "Truth overcomes lies, Love conquers hate". The Divine Light expels darkness and nothing is able to retard the evolution and the ascent of those human spirits, who are of "good intentions". Nothing and nobody can prevent perfected spirits to come - in the name of God - to show people on earth the evil, and direct the path, which they must choose, to ultimately find Eternal Light and Bliss. The Tower of Babel and he scattering of people with diverse languages is the symbolic explanation of the difference of the human beings on earth and the various degrees of spiritual evolution, which is characteristic of the human spirits in their different degrees of evolution. The lowest degree is that of hate and vengeance and the very highest is that of Love and Compassion.




Book1, Part 1 - Questions and Answers,
Book1, Part 1 - Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits
Book 1 - Part II  - The True Spiritualism - Four Letters Mediumistically Communicated By The Spirit KUTHUMI.
Book I - Part III *  Meditation Text, Revelation, 25 Meditation Texts, Final  Prayer
Book II - The Creed Of  True Spiritualism. Mediumistically Communicated Through The Agency Of The SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

BOOK III REVELATIONS mediumistically communicated by the agency the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit Kuthumi.

Book 1 - Part 1 * Questions And Answers About The Deeper Meaning Of The Spiritualistic Philosophy
Book 1 - Part 1 * Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits

Book I - Part II *  The True Spiritualism - Four Letters Mediumistically Communicated By The Spirit KUTHUMI.



There are divergent perceptions about Spiritualism, but the aim is always the same, namely, to become a better human being, thus a better spirit and therewith to gain a higher place in the cosmos, in the host of God's spirits.

Q: Why are there diverging meanings about the Spiritualistic Philosophy?
A: Because human beings, who live on earth, have an indwelling spirit and these
spirits, which have reached different degrees of evolution, are mainly
inspired by spirits of their own evolutional degree.

Q: What is evolution?
A: Evolution is the effect of spiritual cleansing.

Q: What is spiritual cleansing?
A: Spiritual cleansing is the result of becoming a better human being.

Q: Are there good and bad human beings?
A: Each human spirit, reincarnated on earth in a human body, gains the
experience, that there are good and bad people. In the cosmos too are good
and bad spirits.

Q: Is a bad human being able to change and become a good one?
A: Our Creator granted all self-determination. Therefore, each one is
responsible for his offences and has to bear the result.

Q: Does God punish those bad human beings?
A: Our Creator is a God of Love. He does not punish anyone, but the spirit,
which committed evil and wants to reach Life Eternal, has to atone for
its offences through strife, care and suffering. Thus the spirit is cleansed,
then evolves and is able to rise to God's host of spirits.

Q: Is a spirit able to evolve as a Discarnated spirit in the cosmos?
A: Yes, a spirit may evolve in the cosmos, but prefers to return to the earth
or a planet, where it may grow stronger - for atonement through struggle
and suffering, through life-experiences, and therewith become better
armed against the evil doings of low, primitive or even incorrigible spirits.

Q: What are primitive spirits?
A: Primitive spirits are doing their first incarnation in a human body and are
therefore not yet able to differentiate between good and evil. They are
chiefly influenced by physical substance and worldly pleasures.

Q: What are low spirits?
A: Low spirits are without any evolution and are satisfied with physical affairs
and pleasures. They try to influence such spirits, which desire to advance,
to share their type of worldly, physical advantages. Among them are some,
which - after certain experiences - start to search for Light and Wisdom,
whilst others drift deeper and deeper towards mundane amusements.

Q: What are incorrigible spirits?
A: Incorrigible spirits are in fact internals. They are of such evil
inclinations that they are convinced nothing can change them. They go down,
inexorably, ensnared in malignity. They inspire - and even incorporate -
human beings, with vicious and base intentions.

Q: Are human beings continuously under the influence of low spirits?
A: Yes, human beings are always instigated to wrong actions. A strong spirit
will resist these evil inspirations and as it remains calm and lucid, will
not be incorporated either.

Q: Have then the good spirits abandoned the human beings?
A: Oh no! good spirits also give inspirations to reincarnated spirits. But the
human being has his own free will: either to listen to evil persuasion or to
the influence of God's spirits. Each human being has the right to
self-determination and either follows the upward path or drifts deeper to
the abyss - the choice is his own.

Q: Does God abandon His creatures?
A: No - how far they drift away and how much they deviate from the right
path — there is always a way back, if the human being repents and is of
"good intentions".

Q: What is repentance?
A: Repentance is the realization that the human being committed evil and that
he desires to expiate his failings.

Q: What does "spirits of good intentions" mean?
A: Spirits, which are of good intentions, hope for and trust in a better future.
They accept Truths, which other spirits refuse or are not yet able to accept.
They refuse inspirations, given by primitive, low or incorrigible spirits,
and listen only to the counsel of God's good spirits. They persevere in
abiding with Divine Laws and thus develop wisdom. They feel repentance for
former offences and are prepared to atone for them.

Q: How may a human being atone for former shortcomings?
A: Evil doings cause dark spots in the aura of the human being. When he passes
on to the cosmos and feels repentance, the remembrance of his offences will
awaken pictures, which he radiates; these will cause him mental suffering.
He requires reincarnation in a human body, to atone for previous evil
deeds through struggles, strife and suffering.

Q: But is the suffering or harm, which he caused other people, not paid for?
A: The human being, who received harm and mental suffering, has also a karma to
undo. The evil, which he suffered, is also an atonement for him for
previous shortcomings - possibly even done in former lives. This suffering
is an experience for him, which brings him wisdom, strengthens him
spiritually and balances his karma. He has now paid for his failings,
feels relieved - all is settled and he has evolved.

Q: Do all human spirits come on earth for evolution?
A: Yes - every reincarnated human spirit wants to cleanse and rise.

Q: Thus no perfected spirits reincarnate on earth in a human body?
A: They do - High, holy Spirits come now and then and reincarnate in a human
body: to help to accomplish Divine Plans - and therewith to gain more
evolution, to draw closer to Divine Wisdom.

Q: Have these perfected spirits, which reincarnate on earth, still to
balance a karma?
A: No - they come to serve humanity – and - by their standard of life - to show
less perfected spirits the road to evolution and redemption from evil. They
reincarnate to do a mission.

Q: Have all reincarnated spirits to fulfill a mission?
A: Yes - some reincarnate to give other spirits the possibility to reincarnate
also - others reincarnate to help a reincarnated brother spirit in a certain
conflict in his own life on earth - still others come to further God's
plans on earth - but the majority reincarnate to balance their karma
through mental suffering.

Q: What has one to do to advance spiritually?
A: To gain spiritual advancement, the human being has to study the Divine
Laws - and to live according to these Divine Laws.

Q: What are the Divine Laws?
A: The Divine Laws can be summarized in three words: Spiritual Love, Charity
and Compassion.

Q: What is Love?
A: Love is the expression of a spiritual feeling. Love can be worldly, but also
spiritual. Worldly love, although it may refrain from materialism and
pleasure seeking, brings no rising to the spirit. Love must be the result
of a spiritual conviction to be able to give the greatest sacrifice for the
well-being of a consort. Spiritual Love is directed towards God or to one's
neighbor, it must be serene and unselfish, never mingled with material

Q: What is Charity?
A: Charity may be material or moral. It is a spiritual feeling, with spontaneous
expressions. Material support for needy people is material charity. Everyone
is - according to his means - obliged to help others. Moral charity is: to
comfort and encourage sick people, cripples and those who are not provided
for - to try to brighten their lives and to resign gracefully to bear their
heavy cross.

Q: What is Compassion?
A: Compassion is a spiritual feeling, which prompts a person to forgive those
who have wronged one and not to bear any grudge or hate or any thought of
vengeance. Compassion is sister to Love, is commiseration and help for those
who are in need of it.

Q: What are we to understand by: to live according to Divine Law?
A: To live according to Divine Law means: to know these Laws and to adjust your
life to them in the strictest meaning of their expression. It means to be
firm with yourself too, check your life daily, whether you have trespassed
or deviated - if even slightly - or did something you are ashamed of - or
hurt anybody's feeling or offended his convictions - or whether you have
served truth and righteousness and therefore may sleep peacefully, without
your consciousness tormenting you.

Q: What is the result of contemplation?
A: Contemplation inspires a modest person with a good conscience. This draws
the attention of God's good spirits. They give him rules of conduct and
inspiration to lead a fulfilled life – and to submit to the Laws of God.
This will give him strength to go through life as an honest person
determined not to deviate from the right path. By contemplation people
realize their shortcomings and how to correct their failings, and make
efforts to gain more virtues. And then – contemplation and meditation are
the means to further cleansing and evolution and people thus work for their
Eternal Bliss.

Q: How often has a spirit to reincarnate to reach perfection?
A: This depends entirely upon the human spirit itself. If each reincarnation
be a success, if he does not harm other reincarnated spirits - if he
soon learns the Divine Laws and lives accordingly - he will need only a few
reincarnations in a human body, to cleanse and to rise in the hierarchy of
spirit life and be free from all obligations for further reincarnations.
But usually there is more evil in a human being and he has to redeem by more

Q: Is reincarnation obligatory?
A: Reincarnations are imposed by the Supreme Power in the interest of human
spirits. A spirit may refuse, may rebel against it, if it does not realize
reincarnation as a duty to it self.

Q: What happens to such a spirit?
A: In most cases the spirit realizes the necessity and then accepts a new
reincarnation. But if it stubbornly refuses it goes to ruin, to a state
of spiritual decay and ends in the abyss. But this does not often happen,
considering that in such extreme cases the spirit will realize its future
fate and the aversion makes it submissive.

Q: What happens to a spirit, perfected on earth, when it returns to the cosmos?
A: Each spirit will reach the sphere according to its evolution. The higher its
evolution, the closer will this spirit live to the Divine Light.

Q: Are some spirits so highly perfected as to be able to live in the Light of God?
A: Yes, there are spirits of such high evolution; those, which have their Atom
of God so completely perfected, that they belong to this Divine Light.

Q: What is the core of the Light of God?
A: The Light of God is without any flaw - the Eternal uncreated, unobscured,
uncontaminated Light - and only spirits without a slur of physical matter
or evil may live in this uncontaminated Light of God. And this Light is also
the Highest, most profound Wisdom. Perfection without Wisdom or Wisdom
without Perfection is incomplete - no such, not absolutely perfected
spirit may live in this Light of God - perhaps close to it.

Q: Is Bliss inside the Light of God?
A: The state of Bliss begins, once the spirit needs no more reincarnations in a
human body - however, having reached this state of evolution, the spirit
still desires to reach higher spheres, higher perfection and evolution.

Q: Is there no end to spiritual evolution?
A: The answer to this question is beyond your present understanding. Later you
will be able to understand more, once you need no more reincarnations on
earth in a human body - and then only after you - as spirit - have reached
the state, when you live in the cosmos without the least corporeal adherence.




Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits

Index of "Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits



I thank You, my Father, for the permission to be again reincarnated in a
human body, on earth. In this last minute, before leaving the sphere of
the cosmos - I turn in humility to You, my Supreme Lord and Master, and
ask to give me a leader through the thorny path of human life. I also had
here in the cosmos a Leader-spirit, which dispersed the darkness that
surrounded me. I got from him answers to many questions, which so far
I had not fully understood, they were beacons of Light to me. How will it
be on earth. Oh my Father - Will all be forgotten what now I know? When
the roads of all incarnations, discarnations and reincarnations have
disappeared in a mist and I am to live again in ignorance? - when the
earthly evils, the sting of the body, the greed for possessions and
pleasures will attack me again and try to overwhelm me? - when I have to
battle against my physical temptations and my real Self? when despair
and hopelessness crush me, make me stumble, break and shatter me?…
Give me the strength. Oil my Father, to avoid difficult cliffs - because
life on earth is like a ship, caught in a hurricane, a ship trying to
reach a secure port. a shelter of calm and peace…
Life on earth is trouble, grief and struggle, But suffering brings new
strength, life-experience and wisdom, It brings cleansing and evolution...
Grant me a Leader, Oh my Divine Master, to inspire me and show me the right
path, to let me collect Wisdom and radiate Love, so that I may be favored to
help my neighbor in his struggle, Let my Leader-spirit - Your
messenger - counsel and support me. let me-during my life on earth - be
filled with love and compassion and let me remain loyal to Your Divine
Laws and to the Law of Karma. Let me be patient and submissive during
the required time of Suffering - suffering to gain cleansing and evolution - and
let me understand early for what purpose I am living on earth? What is my
mission on this barren earth? Let me - in all this depressing
unenlightenment - understand Your Laws and let me submit to Your Will. Let
me - in moments of temptation - see the error and find the strength to resist,
so that no dark spots will obscure my aura. Let me encounter sorrow, strife and
suffering, so that I may be cleansed, And may the Life of the Christ always be
my symbol of suffering and victory. Dear Divine Holy Father, listen to my wishes
and anxieties, before I reincarnate again for a temporal life in a human body.
In short now, I shall not remember anything of all my prayers. Mist already
gathers around me and I feel afraid. Let the fear pass, let the mist increase!
Give me a feeling of joy and thankfulness, because the gates of deliverance open
wide for me! Let now the struggle start, the reason for my cleansing - Let the
result of my reincarnation be conquest and liberation!


Why do you mourn, friend, why are you discouraged And bend your head into your
hands?... Did you not get from life, what you expected? And now your soul
suffers for worldly reasons? Have you met with a sudden disaster? Did you
lose your father, mother, your wife or your child? If this happened to you,
you are right to feel sorrow - And to meditate on your life, which once was
so happy. How have you behaved towards those, who have passed? Do you feel
qualms of conscience about your behavior towards your parents, wife, your
children or your friends?... And you cannot find a way to repair these
offences? Each one on earth makes many mistakes, The one purposely, whilst
the other is not conscious of it. Examine your soul and search for a reason,
Why such a yearning fire of regret burns in your soul?... If you are justified
in your sorrow and compunction, There is something on your conscience, which
accuses you; Your sorrow and self-reproach are thus justified And in fact you
undergo mental suffering ... But if you find no reason for remorse in your
heart, when the conflagration stigmatizes your spiritual life and when deep
remorse shakes your conscience ---
Are you not then an egoist, who considers only his own worldly happiness?
I well understand: a dearly loved being has passed away: You are left
alone - without help or succour - Your life is boring and you feel
lonely - Days and nights are lonesome and slow in passing. But have you ever
considered, my friend, that death, which seems so dismal to you, does - in
fact, in absolute truth-not exist?... and that your loved ones are
living - if invisible - in the cosmos?... They are—just as ever-around you
as much as they are able; They follow your thoughts, your words, your deeds,
They know all about you, more than you do yourself, They help and support
you in your strife and distress. They do understand the deep sorrow, that
ails you, And they speak to you, with a small soft voice. You hear and
understand them, but you think it illusion - You bend your head still
deeper and feel your hurt still more. Think less, my friend, about you own
fate - Rather mind those, who have left you: For their task on earth should
now be Finished - but they cannot find peace as long as you mourn. Is it not
a sign of egoism - although you suffer - to dwell only upon your own sorrow
and grief, and neglect to think about those, who - for you invisible - live
on in the cosmos? .....
Their life on earth was - as seen from above - only a short journey with many
afflictions. Their true home is in their Father's mansions, From where they
go to and fro - many a time. You too, my friend, will one day return there,
to see the Light of God and His Almighty Power. There you will find those,
for whom now you grieve, and who are far more joyful than you are to-day.


My Father, as I am close to the end of my days, I am able to consider the bygone
days of my life. I have carefully adjusted my life, from childhood onwards and
worked for my subsistence as a human being. But life brought me struggle, strife
and suffering, I had to struggle to retain health—and also against low spirits
and their evil influence. Sometimes I won and sometimes I failed in these
battles — and again I encountered more struggle, more strife and more
suffering — and forever was there the difference in strength, courage and
perseverance, for low forces crept up from all sides. Often I did not know, that
they were around—and being blind of their presence, I had to fight in the lark
against unknown forces, until I was emaciated — the foes were there, but I could
not distinguish them. From where does the evil originate? What is the cause and
what are the effects? Sometimes I felt forlorn and faint, but at other times I
felt invigorated and strong, and my reaction too was strong... Often I felt helpless
and close to destruction, and escape seemed impossible. I was too deeply involved
and ensnared, disgrace and dishonor seemed unavoidable. But then — how often have I
been strong enough to resist evil, to conquer it — have saved my honor, — have in
deep humility — thanked God for the strength and the possibility, which He granted
me, to achieve the good and virtuous. Still — whether defeat or victory—1 always
felt sad and sorrowful and was moved by a deep longing: must the earth be—for ever
and .ever—such a dark battlefield? could people not see and enjoy a foretaste, a
presentiment of Eternity? But no — Heaven cannot be realized on earth. The human
spirit, which reincarnated on earth, comes here for cleansing and evolution — and
it has, for that reason, to undergo suffering and tormentation. And those, who have
reached a high degree of evolution, are accordingly more sensitive to the evil
radiation of low spirits. Suffering may be balancing the Karma for failings of
previous lives or the effect of low radiation. I have in this life paid my toll for
previous shortcomings, and I have felt the radiation of evil spirits ...... now all
this is adjusted, since I have understood the causes and effects of evil. I thank
You, my Father, for the trials and difficulties of this life — for the lessons,
which were to my elevation, strife, sorrow and suffering were the subjects in the
school of life—and the results are: evolution and rising in the spheres of the


I thank You, my Father, for everything, which I have learned
on earth. When I entered this reincarnation, I met new horizons,
which seemed endless.
Then I understood: much have I to learn in this new life. In
the beginning I have—in my eagerness to progress—mastered all
things only physically and from material viewpoints. But when
my physical strength began to wane and physical values seemed
to me temporal and unimportant, I began to realize the value of
spiritual and even immaterial concerns. The new horizons widened
—the gates of wisdom opened—and much was revealed to me,
of which I had never dreamt and never seen. And I found Truth
—Truth which kindled the Divine Light in my human brain.
Now I feel this Divine Light shining in me and am eager to
enlighten my brothers. But there are many, who cannot endure
this dazzling light and prefer to live in darkness. This Light is
spiritual and those, who desire to realize it, have to adjust their
spiritual vibrations to it and must believe in this Light. Many
people are not sufficiently prepared, to recognize the Light Divine,
because they are still primitive and live in spiritual poverty.
Unbeknown to them, the Light of God has planted His Atom in
them and presently the time will arrive when this Atom awakes
and longs for its origin. Just as a child finds calm and peace in
mothers arms and listens to mother's voice!—so will this Spark
of Light inflame a brighter Light—Wisdom shall disperse the
darkness - and its vibrations shall soar back to the source of its
Divine origin: to God. Thus has it happened to me too, oh my Father!
And now — since all is accomplished, I feel. "Life on earth is
very short". I may have learned many things and found some wisdom,
but each day of my life on earth I do feel or discover a new spark
of Truth or Wisdom. Then I feel very small and perceive, how limited
my own initiation really is — and I realize, that a human being — much
as he may be initiated in Higher Wisdom—is never proficient and has
to have much more experience, before he has reached the highest rung
of Wisdom. He is as yet not perfected, he is not yet liberated from
all earthly influence. He seeks — ever and ever—for more Light, more
Wisdom, a higher Evolution. And I realize too, that — once I am back
in the unending, infinite cosmos—new studies are waiting for me,
studies, which will be given by Higher Spirits. I shall be shown new
ways, shall be led to still wider horizons and shall rise to Higher
Spheres in the spirit-world and there yet collect deeper Wisdom and
new Truths. But on earth people live, who know nothing and think they
know everything. They worm their way up to leadership—but are soon to
fall down. When I look back on the life, that lies behind me, I realize
too, that my goodness was sometimes deficient, my love was not
comprehensive enough, my compassion never really unselfish.
I have changed as a result of my many life - experiences — what has it
taught me — what will it weigh! and how high has my evolution advanced,
when I return to my sphere in the cosmos? What about my knowledge, my
wisdom, my evolution and my rising?... I shall arrive like a small child,
who begins in the lowest standard, who will be introduced to wisdom and
has to pass all standards and improve as he advances. Let me — Oh my
Father — retain my humility and submission — let me always regard myself
as one, who knows nothing and has still to go through many schools, until
he has found the highest wisdom, the deepest humility and full submission
to Your Laws. Let brotherly— and childlike love always live in me and allow
me—specially—to live in Your Light of Wisdom, so that I may always proclaim
Your Glory!


I know now—my Father—how to cope with the responsibility, which in this
present human life is given to me. I thank You for this gift—I realize
my mission, realize its many stumbling-blocks and danger points and its
ultimate victory. When I came down to this barren earth, I was not
cognizant of what I was to do here.—I struggled through youth as a
dreaming child in school, where I learned to differentiate between
good and evil. Later, when I became more prudent and analyzed, what
happened, I pondered and asked You my Father, what I should do here and
what was the reason for my living on earth. I never understood Your
Answers — but still — 1 knew, that there was something, which I did not
understand — a gloom, a mist surrounded me ...... there must be Light
somewhere, only I could not see it. As much as learning, experiences
and struggling have bothered me with progress or defeat — as much as
intimidation’s, temptations, fascination and scorn have let me struggle,
fall and rise again—just as much have perseverance, persistency and
energy given me the ability to endure and bear with circumstances — and
slowly the mist dispersed and off and on a little beam of light penetrated.
But whatever I did, whatever I asked for—only streaks of light came
occasionally and enlightened my soul: the yearning to know more of the
Unknown, the ardent wish to know from where I came and have to return
to — remain unfulfilled. Today I see — in moments of devotion or
meditation — forms or faces of people, who have passed on — or thoughts
from former incarnations, in the aura of other people—or I hear voices,
which commune softly — or I feel the touch of invisible entities. But
these perceptions are only of short duration—because the earth and physical
matter claim my return. However — I feel the existence of other
worlds — beyond the earth, which I can touch and see and which are
physical — worlds, which are concealed—hidden from human eyes - but which
exist, invisible, fluidic and infinite. Brothers from the cosmos came to visit
me — some visible, some fluidic. They have told me: death does not exist;
your body is of earthly origin — but you, your spirit hails from the cosmos, is
an Atom of God. Slowly you climb and find the way upwards, which leads you to
Bliss and Eternal Light, where you live in everlasting peace and are able to
cleanse and evolve further. Part with your worldly desires, search for wisdom,
for love and compassion, spread your unselfish love among your
fellow - beings — this is your work for your rising to the Light of God.
I thank You—my Father— for the rays of Light, which You have laid down in my
heart. Let ever more Light disperse my darkness, so that my brothers on earth
may see Your Glory and. Your Almightiness.


Why am I born on this barren earth — Planet of contrast — of light and of
darkness — in a human body of physical matter — and always searching ...
I do not know for what? I remember something of former times, A question,
which pursued me from early youth: "What is my task here, what is my
mission?" I found the answer only late in my life. I have studied art,
science and philosophy, searched the different Creeds from over the world...
I have tried to understand beauty — and beauty in turn developed to
aesthetics and later to ecstasy ...... From all the various Creeds
which I encountered, I realized a deep feeling of mysticism radiating,
But no Creed and no Church on this earth has succeeded to further this
deep mystic devotion in me. Art has helped my soul to be touched by
aesthetics, which enflamed my senses to high ecstasy — a feeling, a
notion, above earthly sensations, which lifted the veil of the Unknown
a little. Then more of the Unknown was revealed to my searching; The
sense of Mysticism grew clearer in me; I ascended to High Spheres in
the cosmos And many secrets penetrated to my heart. Secrets from the
Unknown, the infinite Cosmos — from spheres, where discarnated spirits
live — There I learned: the real Truth, which man is seeking, rests in
himself — within man and his soul. When I searched further into human
nature, To find beauty and sense for aesthetics — I learned very soon,
that beauty of body and its forms of aestheticism are of short duration.
Wear and tear of time destroys all human beauty, gnaws at the body,
until it becomes threadbare — till nothing remains but
only "remembrance", which the spirit transports into life in the cosmos.
I have searched for the beauty of the invisible spirit — for that, which
remains, though the body decayed — I found Love, Goodness, the
perception of Truth, Righteousness and all forgiving Compassion. I have
tested my friends and my dearest relations — and often I stood in deep
admiration for all the offerings and sacrifices, which they brought for the
welfare of their beloved ones. But then I have read in the eyes of some
people hate, envy, discontent and feelings of revenge. I have seen
darkness in eyes of primitive, low evolved people, who have left the right
path and served demons of darkness. Spirits on earth are mostly in blazing
flames, where golden and red and dark colors mingle, where good and evil
combat one another, or where love and light endeavor to subdue hate and
darkness. People on earth search for freedom of spirit, Walk through a
fire with gloomy dark shadows, but which also radiates bright shining
light... May the spirit pass all tests necessary and ultimately evolve
to the Wisdom of God!


Father, you always come alone to visit me here in my school, Tell me—do I
not have a mother like other children? Why am I in a boarding-school with
so many other children? Do I not have a mother, to tend me at home?
Father, it must be lovely to be kissed by a mother! To hear her words of
love, to feel the touch of her hand! I should like to share everything
with my mother, confide all my joy and my grief, whilst she embraces me...
Mother, I search for you all day and I never find you; You never come by
day to this huge, inhospitable house. I only see you at night, when I am
dreaming, Then you talk to me, go with me, softly stroke my cheek... Father
tells me: Mother is in Heaven, in Bliss and in Light. Why then do you not
come to your lonely child at day-time? Is heaven also a big house, where
nobody may leave? Where you may only visit me during my sleep? Father tells
me: one day, my child, you will also reach Heaven You will find your mother
there — in beauty of Light — You will live in this Light, together with
mother — and your joy, your happiness will be shared with her. Father tells
me; I go first to meet your mother, We prepare a beautiful home there for
you ... And when you — at last — are freed from this life here, You will
join us and we all will live happy together. Why then, my dear Father, must
we wait such a long time? Why does mother only come at night, never by day?
I long to embrace her so much for a short while and talk to her here in this
unfriendly house ... This house here is far too big for me — father — the
people are cold and too often too harsh, the children are either too wild or
too silent, there are only a few, which I could ever call friends. I and all
the other children, who live in this house, are strangers here and do not
want to live here. But we have to work, to build up our life,
Father — please, tell me! how am I to do this? "My child — you have already
built up your life here, But outside this house life is quite different.
Life means: fulfilling duty, discipline and chastity, Here you receive a
foretaste of life still to come." "Prepare yourself to meet struggle and
strife, even suffering in the life which awaits you, once you are grown
up. Your mother has suffered all this, my dear child, and left us, when
she gave you your life". "And in years to come, always remember your
mother, and all the sufferings, which were her fate; you will draw from it
strength for the days still before you. Learn to bear the cross of your life
with submission". "And always remember and be deeply convinced, that your
mother has never left you alone, she is always with you — in your dreams
at night-time, this proves, that at day-time she is watching you too".
"She protects you on earth, on the path which you tread, She cares for
you, that you do not only have grief, but also days full of happiness and of
achievement, therefore — my dear child — do not forget mother! "


I thank You, my Father, that You gave us — during our reincarnation — the
opportunity to commemorate the crucifixion of the body of Jesus and the
resurrection of the Spirit of Christ. I have listened to sermons of
preachers and theologians and was disturbed by their different perceptions
of the life and the strife of the Redeemer, of His teachings. His efficiency.
His instructions. One minister proclaims the Christ as the Spirit of Love,
who brought Calm and Peace to the people on earth, another preached: He came
with a sword in His Hands, to spread dissension and discord among them.
Dear Father — one of them must needs preach a wrong message — one of them
could never have understood the aims of the Christ... one of them must have
received wrong inspirations and must have deviated to the false
track — another must have had a low evolution. My Lord and Supreme
Master — be merciful to him — who is on the wrong path, show him, how to
understand the Christ. We notice everywhere, that school teaching, even
theological studies, are not sufficient, to make people understand
Divine Truth. A human spirit has first to cleanse, to balance his karma,
then — slowly — he will find the path, that leads to perfection...
only after this perfection will he be able to understand the Christspirit
in His various Incarnations, including the one of Jesus. Teach me too — my
Father — to understand the life of Jesus better and grant us to find the
right path, which leads to perfection — let us suffer experiences of life,
so as to speed our cleansing — and give us the grace to reach higher
evolution... Let us then rise to the Host of Your Spirits, to prepare
s — through struggle, sacrifices and suffering — to understand more deeply
the lives on earth of the Spirit of Christ, the struggle and suffering of
Jesus. We know and accept — our Supreme and Almighty Lord and Master — the
Christspirit was reincarnated in Jesus. He did this reincarnation not for
personal reasons, but to show mankind the path which they must choose, to
cleansing and to perfection, so as to reach higher evolution. The sword,
which He brought with Him to earth, was not a sword to spread trouble and
discord among people — between father and mother, or father and son, or
mother and daughter — the sword was spiritual and was directed towards the
evil on earth. From this sword hails the fight between good and evil —
because in nearly every family, in each household, in each group
of friends, is someone, in whom the spirit is born, which wars
against those of good intentions and helps to their downfall.
But ultimately — good is born from evil — and this good
lets love develop among people. Such spirituality — however —
matures only after many reincarnations, after many life-experiences, much
sorrow and suffering. From kind inclinations hail love for one's neighbor, love
for all mankind — love, that awakes compassion in the heart of human beings,
compassion which forgives humanity all mutual offences. Jesus Christ was the
personification of Love, Helpfulness and Compassion — revealed by His thoughts.
His words and His actions. His sword was spiritual, never turned against people.
His sword opened the human eyes to the evil, which lurks hidden and lures the
spirit — this sword has marked every human spirit, those who chose the right way and
those who wandered astray. Teach me — oh my Father — in remembrance of the
Crucifixion of Jesus and the Resurrection and Ascension of the Christ-spirit
to His Divine Home — to understand — in deep-felt meditation and unbounded
gratitude — more and ever more His struggles. His sacrifices. His sufferings — and
let me realize their Divine Worth and Importance.

Slowly, my Father, but with careful direction Did You guide my steps over the rugged
path of life. All was strange and benighted in the beginning, But soon Your Light of
Wisdom dispersed much of the gloom. Now I know many things, understanding their
causes and effects, And know also, that more revelations await me. There is never
stagnation on the road to perception — Wisdom knows no end and Eternity is Infinite.
I do understand, there are many spheres in the cosmos, and that the advanced spirit
leaves its sphere of evolution to rise to the next one, on a higher standard — to
acquire there new truths and collect deeper wisdom. On earth as well as in the
infinite cosmos Are ascending spheres of spiritual perfection. And there is — in
reality — no difference between cosmic — and evolutionary spheres. s a spirit
perfects, it evolves and appertains to a higher sphere in the cosmos; it leaves its
friends and its relations, who cannot as yet follow to higher perfection. Have I
left many human spirits in this life? Or have they left me? the spiritual union
never once failed, disloyalty never betrayed our love. But an unseen force — some
vague influence made us differ in feelings, in thoughts and in deeds; and each of us
climbed diverse crests, but not one could fathom the causes and effects. Now I
understand and I feel and consider, that earthly perceptions and ideologies are ever
more adverse to my own deep convictions, and that I withstand life on earth more and
more. I do not feel at home on earth any longer, It seems, I belong to another
sphere — a spiritual sphere with more love among people, where brotherly love is
always active. A sphere, where I collect more wisdom, Where new truths will be
revealed to me, Where feelings of hate and vengeance are unknown, and all are linked
in a great brotherhood. How few spirits on this low planet earth come to me, to
share my views and convictions — few people feel in harmony with higher ideals — most
of them cling to the earth with its physical pleasures. Give me the strength and the
courage —  my Father  — to fulfill my mission on earth to the end. I do not feel at
home here, new horizons have opened, my body is aging and my spirit is weary.
Let my summons —guided by High Spirits — never end like a voice in the wilderness,
but let the few people, who care to listen, follow the path to new spheres in the
cosmos, Let them understand that the call from beyond are Your Impressions, Your
Thoughts, Your Wishes and Will; Let them continue my work and my mission In coming
generations and new reincarnations. Let them choose the path of submission and
service, Let them exhibit cleansing, perfection and evolution to their followers;
Let them proclaim Your Love, Your Charity and Your Compassion, And reveal to them
Your Wisdom and Your Wise Eternal Laws.


I have wavered so long between spiritual and material solicitudes, 0 Father, now
I have found comprehension. I am no more interested in any materialistic affairs.
I realize: it is needless to care about riches and pile up possessions; eventually
they remain on earth, A spirit may only take spiritual views and impressions to the
cosmos, after the death of the body. And should not the remembrance of my earthly
possessions fill me with sorrow, once I live in the cosmos? Would not this
remembrance disturb my peace, make me sad and full of grief, when I realize that my
fortune is left to the wrong people — people, who will use it for material pleasures
and lewd entertainment’s — who have no respect for the estate, which I obtained
through long hours of hard work, until I had it established? Shall I not feel qualms
of conscience in the cosmos, considering the fact, that I am guilty, because those,
to whom I have left possessions, are now living in sin, in excess, extravagance and
sensual pleasures? Is there not the danger for them, to become wretched and forlorn,
become lost in the mire and be absorbed by earth's dark forces? Dear
Father God — help me, give me good counsel, so that I do not hurt those, who — by
using the fruits of my zealous work — may come to harm — and may not suffer remorse
and regret for my carelessness. I now live in gloom and darkness and am restlessly
waiting, to see Your Light, oh my Father — to bring me wisdom, so that I may help my
descendents — in whatever way — may give them good inspirations to choose the right
path, not to misuse their heritage, not to commit any indignity or outrage, so
that — once I have returned to the cosmos — only happiness, peace and gratitude will
be remembered.


On the rays, which flow through the infinite cosmos
hover atoms of strong unknown forces.
The rays and the atoms float methodically
through human spirits and human bodies,
and wherever these atoms cast anchor
they need spiritual sustenance — nl: good intentions.
Either one or the other develops these atoms,
human beings give them the substance, which they need,
and the spirit uses this force at will,
The will thus grows stronger, obtains strength and longing,
which perform magic deeds for those spirits,
which banker for wisdom and for new horizons.
Primitive people are not born with good will.
Earth with her abundance of riches and pleasures
draws and attracts them like a magnet.
They supply the body with resistance and opposition —
and the cosmic rays — charged with the atoms of good will —
are hardly able to pierce through their dismal aura.
This continues for many reincarnations,
during which the human spirit has to collect
many experiences of life on this earth of sorrow —
until the atoms of good will are able to influence it.
The good intentions awake only slowly,
and apathetically submit to the Power of High Spheres.
Good intentions are a gift from Our Creator,
which He granted the — incognizant — human spirit,
and which this spirit bears along to the cosmos.
Good intentions are an Atom of God,
which makes it able to accept and practice the Laws of Creation
and collect for its soul Love for God and the All.
Good intentions are forces, which give strength to the spirit,
and help it to succeed in its struggle for existence,
cause it to bear with submission all grief and struggle,
make it realize the Laws of the Cosmos and Karma
grant it esteem for its neighbor and his primitively,
and choose the right path to reach cleansing and wisdom.
Good intentions are the starting-point to Paradise in the Cosmos,
where each flower is an Atom of deep understanding.
Understanding is the first source of Faith and of Wisdom,
Wisdom and Faith are founts of joy and gladness —
and the happiness, which hails from them,
is Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.
Let me—oh my Father — choose the right path —
which is called: path of good intentions;
let me be brimful with obedience and submission,
in compliance to Your Laws, which lead to redemption.
Teach me — above all — modesty and humility,
and permit my good intentions to reach Your Eternal Bliss.

As I look back — oh Father — on the life recently behind
me — I realize all that I underwent on earth — during this last
life with its good and evil happenings — was for my own good and interests.
I felt — in difficult moments — sufficient energy to cope with
the struggle for existence and thus I gained self-confidence and determination.
I also suffered defeat at times, when I had to bend my knee
to forces, which were stronger than I was. But yet — I never lost
courage, never considered, that defeat could break my pride —
and therefore never found the way to submission — submission
to the existing laws: man-made laws and Your Laws, oh my Father!
Defeat may be hard to bear, may harm one's physical health
— and even the health of the spirit. But a day will dawn, when
the human being realizes the necessity of defeat for the good of
his cleansing and for his spiritual upliftment. The conquest was
important for me, to open my eyes to the beauties of life, defeat
was necessary to break my obstinacy and to accept the rules of order and discipline.
Conquest and defeat made me understand — during my life
on earth — the advantages of the "golden middle way", to strike
the happy medium, to improve as human being and — to understand
the life of struggle of other people — also to encourage
fellowship among those of good intentions. This is the path of
Love, Charity and Compassion, which illuminates these people of good intentions.
Enlighten my path, oh my Father, let Your Light illumine
my road and grant me the favor, that the Wisdom — which
Your Light aroused in me — may radiate to all people of good
intentions, so that all may reach the goal, for which they were
reincarnated on earth: "to improve through struggle, its defeats
and its conquests, to cleanse and to rise in the Host of God's
Spirits and — ultimately — to enter the Light of God and
Eternal Bliss".

Why, — oh my Father — does the world not understand me? . . ..
I regret, that I have so often to entreat You,
To ask Your counsel about things, which I do not understand.
I desire so much, to tell You, that I understand it all,
All the life-experiences and all other things, which life has taught me,
But there is always something, which is stronger than I am,
and I am unable to penetrate the core.
My brain is not tilling to focus the meaning.
Thus I turn to You, oil my Father, as a child asks for help,
to beg for enlightenment, counsel and wisdom.
How is it possible. Father, that, when I esteem a person
and greet him with kindness —
he judges quite differently from what I was intending? .....
The one takes my friendship to be a trick and diplomacy,
to perhaps gain material advantages — .....
The other thinks it to be sexual desires,
and therefore neglects his duties of friendship.
He tries to satisfy his egotism, his ego —
In this way toilsome built friendship is destroyed,
irretrievably, cruelly and irreparably.
How many people came to me in this life,
who confided their most intimate troubles —
who laid bare their heart's secret feelings ....
Sometimes I was touched and I listened to their tales;
I felt their suffering as if my own —
their joy was my own joy —
and I valued their friendship;
I was happy to have such dear friends.
But ever so often the connection was broken
by low instincts for possessions and greed.
Now I am alone again, oh my Father —
Is there not one person, who will not desert me? .....
A friend to share my life and my thoughts? ....
and protect me, give me good counsel and help? ....
"HE" tells me: you have to have faith, my friend,
In God's own good time you will understand much.
You live on a low planet of pleasure and matter;
Most people do not understand your love, your devotion.
And when once you will rise to the Throne of the God-Head,
You will learn, that you radiate Wisdom and Love".
"Whilst you radiate your love among people,
and these—in return—treat you with distrust and suspicion,
you have received something far better: the Love of God!
As little as people understand your love,
just as little are you able to understand the Love of the Lord!
but as you have planted good seeds in the hearts of others,
so has God planted His Seed in your heart.
Each one has to purify to rise and to gain evolution.
He, who has received the seeds, will reap their fruit later—
Though he, who gives freely, may receive heartache as thanks".
"God is the Eternal Father of all human souls.
He gives continuously of His Love and Compassion.
He receives little thanks—and the neglect of so many souls
gives Him much grief and great sorrow—
Let therefore your gratefulness compensate a thousand times
for all the thanklessness of the multitudes—
You have realized, what devotion and love signify;
Noticed the depth of God's inexhaustible Love!
Do not worry about the negligence of people,
But rejoice in the imperishable Love of Your Lord!"
Let me oh my Father—understand the deep meaning.
which lies hidden in the words of the soft, still voice.
Let his voice always be heard by me:
so that my friendship may take better forms,
so that Love shall further develop in me,
so that I may be prepared to understand people better,
so that I may receive their love also,
so that I may give much love to them all—
but above all: that I may spread the Wisdom of the Small Voice,
for the welfare of people—and—oh my Lord God—to your Glory!!

Oh Father, Who is in Heaven,
Who is the Creator of all human spirits,
I beg You to clear my thoughts from confusion,
To fill me with feelings of love and of goodness.
Lei my thoughts tend to be consecrated to piety and devotion,
Allow my deeds to be compassionate and forgiving!
Life on earth brought me much suffering and sorrow:
Still, the result of it lies improved my spirit!
Evil influences made me often deviate from my aim—
I have stumbled on stony roads and the (horns have pricked me—
But each time I rose. lifted my staff and went on.
I have always searched for Light and for Wisdom!
I searched the human soul for its deep inner feelings—
T found there much evil and little goodness and worthiness.
Now 1 am confused again and T am longing for Your Light, my Father!
and trust, that Your Light will illumine my soul.
and show me the path, where T may find new wisdom.
I know, T shall gain new strength—oh my Father—
Whilst I escape from tins temporal darkness—
And I shall rise and find the winning goal—
The goal called "Death", hut which is "Life Eternal".
How intensely thankful T am—oh my Father—
for all my many experiences of life!
For the good and the evil—for strife—sorrow and suffering.
All was for my betterment, much was thus revealed to me:
Impressions and feelings became more profound—-
Thoughts became clearer and convictions firmer—
All my actions were intended. to meet Your Approval, were full of Love and compassion.
Give me strength and courage—oil m\' Father--so that I am able
To fulfill all, that has yet to be done—
So that each human spirit may receive the radiation
From Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Justice,
And live close to You in (the Cosmos -for ever and ever!
I have meditated long—oh my Father—
About the wonder of birth . ..
Darkness surrounded me . . .
The cloudy veil was misty and heavy.
I find neither rest nor peace . . .
I must ensue and understand this wonder—
"Life" certainly is something more than "physical"—
Life is Power, invisible, invincible.
"Life" is present in minerals, plants, animals and human beings—
But no one can see this Power, which sustains them all . . .
This Power must surely have its source in the cosmos—
Must hail from You alone—You, my Almighty Father!
Long have I doubted, rejected, searched . . .
And finally I have gained this conviction:
The human body is earthly, the "life-force" is "spirit":
"Spirit" fills all: earth, sun and the whole universe.
What the human being has to undergo on earth—
His strife, his sorrows and all his suffering—
Leave in his soul remembrance and moral sensations,
Which the spirit takes over to its sphere in the cosmos.
I know, the words of my earthly talks
Are vague, they do not penetrate, do not convey the correct meaning—
My feelings give You a much clearer impression
Than the words, which slip from my mouth.
I have also pondered so long—oh my Father—
About the wonder of death . . .
"Birth" and "Death" are vague conceptions,
Which—1 think—embrace a deep mystery . . .
But since I have seen the wonder of birth
Indescribably and perfectly revealed to me,
So is also the wonder of death unveiled
And I now understand clearly the secret of both.
I now comprehend far better
Than my words are able to express:
Everything—Father—is ruled by Your Spirit,
Everything bears an Atom of You . . .
Permit, that each human spirit,
On earth as well as in the cosmos,
May learn to understand this Holy Mystery
And be—ever and anon—intensely grateful to You.


My Father, I met a person, who is good—
Will I be able to keep him for ever? . . .
So many people came and we became friends . . .
Their feelings and thoughts were in accordance with mine',
Attachment developed to spiritual love . . .
But when the time came, to assert our convictions,
They forsake me, one after another—like shadows faded away.
My heart ached, pity overwhelmed me, all my hope, my trust was rejected.
Can it be true, that spiritual values have to be kept hidden, and that
a wise man must never reveal holy relics?
Can it be true, that human people are only interested in worldly, material affairs?
No—this is the hand of the invisible Evil, which hindered us, to proclaim wisdom,
It is the invisible Evil, which drops poison into people's mind and part fervent lovers,
It is the invisible Evil, which binders, that "Love through Peace",
"Compassion through Forgiveness" conquers the world . . .
Let me rely, oh Father, on those, who understand me and let this
understanding be mutual,
Let the bonds of friendship, which were sealed, last eternally,
Separate the evil persons from the good ones—and let them
understand one another, let their bond of love never pine away!
Let Your Children, oh Father, build a front of Love and Brother-
hood, so that there may be Peace on Earth.
Destroy the power of evil and let Your Light of Wisdom be
kindled, so that Your Kingdom may be realized on earth,
But let Your Will be done and never my will and let Your children,
—oh Father—be filled with Love, Submission and Trust!

Dear Father, You gave me permission
to return to this barren earth,
to be reincarnated in a human body . . .
When I awoke from my slumber,
I did not remember whence I came,
Or what I should have to do here . . .
But life on earth taught me many a thing . . .
And now, that the end of my life has arrived,
I look back for the last time
to this life, that lies behind . . .
How much I had to suffer
during this short time on earth!
How heavy have I sinned against Your Laws . ..
Father— can You forgive so many failings? . . .
I did not immediately understand You, Who sent me
and have thus neglected You.
Then, slowly—have I returned to You,
with faltering strides . . .
My love expanded to confidence,
and nothing can deviate me from this road.
All through my strife and my suffering
I felt the fervent Love,
which radiated from You—and I could feel too
Your unending Compassion.
You have always been with me
when I—floating on the sea of life—
was looking for the path, which was hidden,
and not easily found.
My searching brought me to many false tracks,
it was at first abroad road, which I have followed—
and many obstacles were there as well,
and many great dangers.
I ran away, fearfully—
then, filled with remorse, I chose a narrow forgotten path.
There I found sorrow, strife and suffering.
My task in life was now decided:
Try to help the poor, the sick, the cripples,
Bring comfort and hope to those, who need it. . .
Unaware of my actions
I have sacrificed much—even myself—
I forgot my ego, my sorrow and suffering . . .
There was never time, to think about self,
too much work had to be done . . .
And suddenly the evening of life appeared . . .
My mission ended—all is finished . . .
Do not let me look back on the worldly past:
I have to think about the imminent future.
All, what I saw before through a misty veil,
now lies like a clear day before me . . .
Thank You—oh my God—You have not forsaken me!
I have suffered the radiation of the earth
and under physical matter.
But now Your Radiation has penetrated me,
has brought me back to my Father's Mansion.
May I be worthy, oh my Father,
to live in Your Light for ever and ever.

Is death the end of life,
Or is it the beginning of a new existence? . . .
Images awaken in me, as vague as shadows,
Images of loved ones from the past and the present.
As under the influence of the sun rising above the horizon,
Each of these images looks like a living person . . .
They beckon kindly and wait for me . . .
Will this be the end of my life? . . .
But those, who beckon and wait and reflect.
Have left life on earth long ago already,
They stand there alive in an aureole of light . . .
Will this then be the end of my life? . . .
I can reach their thoughts without their speaking . . .
I feel their wishes as images in me,
I feel on my body soft hands, which soothe me.
T read in their eyes: your future is beckoning! . . .
Surely—this is the end of life on earth,
But it is also the beginning of my fluidic existence.
Thus life is like a mist—what a wonderful Light
Shines in the cosmos, !n the world of the spirits! . , .
To die is not the end of life . . .
For the spirit it is liberation,
The return to its Father's Mansion,
And the end of a journey of danger.
Let me now ponder about days, which have passed,
And let me separate my good attributes from my bad ones—
Let me balance those two
And see what the result will be.
Let me get reconciled with people on earth,
With those, whom I loved and others, whom I could not understand ...
But foremost let me—in this ultimate moment—
Be reconciled with God, my Father, my Judge in Eternity.







My Father, my Supreme Lord and Master—1 am not endowed
with High Power and I cannot substantiate the miracles of this earth.
However—You have sent messengers to this our plane and
they have great power. They know and use cosmic rays, which
originate on other planets, even on other solar systems and with
which certain of Your Plans have to be accomplished.
May I ask Your Help for the earth, which quietly pines away,
and will You look on the people. Your Children, who live on this earth?
As the earth sinks slowly, gradually, deeper and deeper to
dark spheres, so also the path of Love, which the human beings
are supposed to travel, becomes more and more dusky and gloomy.
As shining fountains to enlighten the world, are the various
doctrines, which are to direct reincarnated human beings to the
path, which they have to choose. Many of Your children have
bathed in these fountains as in a sea of spiritual joy and happiness
and have followed the path, which these light buoys have indicated.
But now a time has come, when new generations desert this
spiritual Light and Wisdom. Their interests are only directed to
physical pleasures and the satisfaction of the human body. Ideals
and efforts to gain spiritual rising are matters of the past. Short-
lived entertaining, riches and luxuries have replaced longing for
spiritual values and Eternal Bliss in the Spirit-world.
The body has overcome the spirit.
Have we—oh Father—to assume, that You keep Your
advanced children near to You and Your many still retarded
children are given an opportunity, to collect wisdom, to balance
their failings and errors by penitence and suffering—and lastly to feel
Peace and Love for You?
Many of them journey the path of great insecurity and
uncertainty, of unbelief and despair. The evil surrounds them.
grows vaster and vaster—and preaching, counsel and offering of
help from Your Messengers—oh Father—are of no avail, are like
a voice in the wilderness or as willing hands, to be pushed aside.
Your children—oh Father—use only their physical eyes,
never even notice their spiritual aspect. Everything, which cannot
be seen, heard or touched, is rejected as non-existing. Other
peoples' lives or possessions are no longer respected or spared.
Lies and cheating are the rule, and the good is the spoil of evil.
How shocked am I, to observe all this evil, misery and decay
of mankind. You must feel deeply insulted and grieved, when You
look down on earth and notice all this ungratefulness, with which
these earthlings respond to Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Divinity!
Father—1 know, that Your miraculous deeds created earth—
and that all the miracles, which You perform to-day, pass invisibly,
without advertising or propaganda . . . But if it is possible, if I
am not asking too much—would You not once again give evidence,
give a testimony of Your Existence and Your Mighty Power, and permit people to see with their spiritual eyes! . . .
Let them observe the Omens, which manifest in the cosmos
and also on earth! Let them realize, that only a small span, a
short space of existence is left for the sun, the earth and all other
planets, which circulate around the sun. Let them not only realize
the near future of this planet of matter, on which they live, but
also show them an impression of their own spiritual future—their ego—their spirit!
Let them realize, how low their standing is—how aimless
and useless—and shall remain thus in the future—and what will
be their destiny, when they will have to account for their life on
Doomsday—their life of futility, vanity and trifles, and neglect
of the spirit—on Doomsday, when the separation between the
good and the evil will be fulfilled—,let them realize too, that then
no way of return is open to them, no possibility to resume a fresh
beginning. All is finished and closed. The low and the base spirits
can no longer enjoy life and luxuries, not the material earth either
—because the earth will have perished . . .
Those, who collected wisdom, who gave more attention, more
devotion to spiritual well-being, than to their physical enjoyments
—shall reap the great distinction and live in the Light of the
Creator for all Eternity.
Let a miracle happen—oh Father—let Your children, who
live on earth, gain the sight of their spiritual eyes—let them notice
the omens of the end of earth's existence. Let them realize, that
—as human beings—they are a duality: the human body and—
far more important—the spirit, and that they, as long as the earth
exists, may enjoy a prelude to the life of Bliss in the Universe.
Let them realize the fact, that this passion for material pleasure
—seeking is disastrous for their spirit and leads directly to their spiritual destruction . . .
If they realize this clearly, will they still think it worth their
while, to intrigue for rebellion and war? Will they not comprehend,
how much mental suffering they will cause their fellow-
creatures, and which will actually contribute to their own evil
karma? and that there is indeed only one path to liberation and
peace, the path called: Love, spiritual Love, which will—by
mediation of Your Messengers, oh God—bring happiness and evolution to all humanity.
Let Love reign on the earth—unselfish Love; Love for house-
hold and family, for the nation—for all nations and all people on earth.
Let the earth—oh Father—for this last short period of her
existence—have as motto: "Peace through Love"—and let the
majority of reincarnated spirits find the goal of their journey, nl:
Bliss in Eternity.







Oh Father, who reigns in the unending cosmos
And is the Creator of all that exists,
Whose breath gives Life to the invisible world,
and Strength to all that is material and physical,
Tell me: are we created in Your Image and Form? . . .
Or have we to mould ourselves, to be able to approach You? . . .
Approach You in Spirit, Love, Goodness and Compassion? . . .
I cannot accept—oh God—that my human physical body—
To which You—through my spirit—have given Life—
As imperfect as it is, as filled with coarseness—
As impure, often sick, sometimes cringing with pain—
Could be an Image, a mirror of Your Exalted Being?
I cannot accept—oh God—that You, in the infinite cosmos,
Are living in a body, which can be sickly, impure or disformed . . .
If I am wrong, oh Father, I ask You in humility,
That You will forgive my despair.
It is not for me, to utter my doubts about You to other human hearts,
I only desire to find shelter under the wide wings of Your Divinity—
To call on You and ask Your Compassion and Goodness—
Ask You, to open my eyes to the elevated mysteries,
Which have not yet been revealed to me . . . oh God—elucidate me.
I well believe, that You are the Almighty, All-loving Spirit—
Who has incarnated a spirit in each human being on earth;
A spirit, which is still primitive, but which searches
For perfection and evolution through wisdom.
You are the Highest Wisdom, the All-Embracing Love—
The Prototype of Benevolence and compassion—
You grant penitent spirits Forgiveness and Bliss!
Give me conviction, oh Father, shatter all my doubts;
Teach me to differentiate between spirit and body!
Free me from the radiation of material cravings;
Destroy the beauty of my body, to rid me of temptation,
So that my soul may find a better way to compass my life—
So that my spirit will become more open to Your Love and Compassion—
So that the path to spiritual perfection may be shortened.
Aid me, oh my Father, on the road which I travel,
Assist me in the strife against failings and error,
Let my spiritual beauty sublimate my physical charm,
Let spiritual Love replace physical desires.
Let me love and understand my fellow-men better,
Let me help to bless cripples, sick people, the needy and the poor,
Let me absolve everyone, who treated me wrongly.
I believe, oh God! You are the Father of all human spirits;
You have created us after the Image—
But for primitive, searching for evolution.
we roll and slide as a ship on the high seas,
We argue and lie—but we rise through life-experiences . . .
Thus we approach You, oh Father, in devotion, in love and compassion,
Ultimately to blend with Your "Light of Eternity".

















First Spiritual Letter On True Spiritualism Is The Path  Of Truth, Spiritualism Is a Searching For Truth.

Second Spiritual Letter On True Spiritualism Is Science, Philosophy And Universal Belief.

Third  Spiritual Letter On True Spiritualism And Spiritualists.
 Fourth Spiritual Letter On The Laws Of KARMA.




















True Spiritualism is Divine Teaching. It is the Study of the human Spirit — the
Cosmos and the Divine Laws. From the scientific point of view it is research for
tangible proof. This proof is looked for in the study of scientific
theories — search for cosmic rays and an explanation of their
significance — analysis of the human life-force, and confirmation of the
existence of the human spirit, which shows—by manifestations—the unassailable,
unimpeachable proof, that this spirit lives on after the death of the physical
body—and the search for the life-force in animals, plants and minerals. It includes
likewise the investigations of the rules for the regularity of the movements of
the earth and other planets around the sun, the causes of the formations of rainbows,
storms on sea and in the air, earthquakes and any other phenomena of nature,
which can be observed by the human eyes. From the spiritual point of view it is the
search for information of Holy Scriptures and the primary causes of prophesies and
explanations and other sentences from Prophets and Leaders of High Creeds.
But the most reliable, trustworthy and unreserved conviction is to be obtained in
certain spiritualistic séances, where invisible entities manifest — either by
incorporation in a human medium or through an automatic writing medium or by the
use of an ouija board and thus often give those present the most unexpected and
wonderful messages. These messages are filled with love for God and mankind. Nobody
can doubt the truth of such manifestations and messages. When insusceptible
uninitiated persons discuss this type of spiritualism, they call it: Christian
Spiritualism and may also try, to prevent Non-Christians, to share such Christian
philosophy and séances. True Spiritualism is in no way Christian sectarianism, as
some destructive people assume, but it accepts, that all Leaders of High Creeds
have revealed a certain portion of the Divine Truth: Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha,
Confucius, Jesus Christ, Mohamed and many others. How thoughtless and
inconsiderate would this be for — as every Spiritualist knows — he should not
slight or neglect other Leaders of High Creeds, if he accepts only One, to proclaim
Divine Truth and ignores all the others. Each Leader of High Creeds from Moses to
Mohamed — has revealed a part of God's Divine Laws—to accept only one of them.
would mean, that only a small number of all Divine Laws would he known and
accepted. If this were correct, no True Spiritualism would be existent. It
is — however — true, that even the followers of Spiritualism are of divergent
convictions. It is true — too — the followers of spiritualism are, often enough,
quite content to get messages from spirits of their family or friends, and find
satisfaction in messages of earthly concerns, as health, means of subsistence
and riches etc. Some even find it quite sullicient to observe physical phenomena...
this type has not yet realized the value and importance of true spiritualism — they
are only interested in earthly and physical concerns. True spiritualism though,
does not reject scientific experiences, but prefers, to search for advanced
spiritual enlightenment through spiritualism. A person receives from the entities,
which contact him—according to his degree of evolution—wisdom ... wisdom, which may
influence him. to annihilate all the low tendencies, which lie still harbors — and
to replace failings and defects by newly acquired virtues and thus change him to
become a better human being, perhaps even a perfected spirit. Attributes, which he
lies thus gained on earth, will be taken by his spirit to the cosmos, after the
death of his physical body. The lessons, to which lie lies listened, comply not
only with his longing for evolution, but also give him initiation about:
the goal of his life on earth in a physical body,
the reason for his existence as human being and as spirit,
the causes and effects of his strife and suffering on earth,
the Divine Laws,
the cosmos and the cosmic rays.
the Father of his spirit, life in the cosmos,
the hierarchy of the spirits,
the struggle of the reincarnated spirits on earth.
the sacrifices and help of discarnated spirits for those reincarnated
spirits, which strive for new truths,
the tragedy, which many human beings on' earth have to suffer,
the stumbling blocks and difficulties, which human beings on earth have to
endure, the Power of Prayer,
the reward, which awaits reincarnated spirits of good intentions,
the reincarnation and the Laws of Karma,
the perfection, which a reincarnated spirit gains as result of a balanced life,
the Love and Compassion, which Our Father in Heaven feels for His Children — etc.
Entities of High Evolution, Leader and Protector spirits, the spirits of fathers
and mothers, sisters and brothers, friends and foes — from this or from previous
lives on earth or other planets — if not again reincarnated—come to such seances,
without being called. They commune about former reincarnations of those whom they
visit, about happenings in these lives, where you both lived in other bodies, which
are now decayed. They also tell of their errors, their mistakes in former
lives — but all is permeated with their deep love for you, who—in former
lives — were perhaps their son or their daughter, or father, mother, sister,
brother or a friend. How often does it happen, that a discarnate human
spirit — your opponent or antagonist in a previous life — comes to ask your
forgiveness for some wrong or dishonesty — and how relieved and glad will this spirit
feel and you as well, and how your forgiveness will give him comfort and peace. Such
happenings make you realize, how much more sensitive a spirit is than a
human being — and you may be quite sure, that this spirit will help you and protect
you, should you ever meet with difficulties. It will try to encourage you and
give you good counsel, will help you also in your struggle, to fulfill your task
here on earth or your mission. Your belief in spiritualism will increase even more.
when you learn the name of your leader spirit—what good friends do you become and how
sad will you feel, when this leader spirit has to leave you for a long time—to live a
few light-years away from you, to do some mission work there. And your conviction and
faith will grow still more profound, when Entities from the Highest Spheres come
and talk to you and give you explanations about: "why you are on earth and for what
kind of work you are here". They also talk to you about morale — about the various
roads, which you might traverse during your life on earth — the good and the
evil — the causes and effects of your struggles and sufferings on
earth — purification and evolution—your previous lives on earth as human beings and
the part, which you have played in these lives, about the tasks, still to be
accomplished and of the Love and Compassion of your Supreme Holy Lord and Master,
Who is also the Creator and the Father of your Spirit. Then you will not criticise
your fellow-men any longer, because their conditions differ from yours, or because
they belong to a different earthly church as the one to which you belong, — to which
your parents have entrusted you. You will greet every human being as a brother and
understand, that every existent thing has a reason and a goal—your whole being will
radiate only Love and Compassion and you will already live partly in the Eternal
Light of your Divine Father... This is a brief compendium of the meaning and the
importance of True Spiritualism.




Spiritualism is the expression of spiritual life. Spiritual life may be expressed
by Belief, Philosophy and Science. To science belong research and enquiry
concerning paranormal and supernormal occurrences and phenomena. Though it be rather
desirable to cultivate any mediumistic ability, this must necessarily be supported
by the study of spiritualistic philosophy—from which one gains conviction and the true belief.
Manifestations in people's aura—visibility of disincarnated spirits — spiritual
performances of strength — importations — materialization — telepathy —
clairvoyance — clairaudience — photo - reading—psychometric—messages on the
pancetta — etc, are always remarkable evidence of the continuation of discarnated
human spirits after the death of their physical body. This is an - other
demonstration of the fact, that death does not exist. But these performances
should — however—never degrade to obvious pleasure - performances. Spiritualism has
a far higher call, its philosophy should not be underrated—let one part of it be
scientific—the second part a system with established rules. The existence of the
spirit world in the cosmos—the cause of existence and the aims of the life of
invisible entities — lead inevitably to the Existence of the Creator, the Almighty,
the Supreme Highest Lord and Master, the Divine Father of all human spirits — and
thus leads logically to the fundamental confirmation, that spiritualism is not only
science and philosophy—but foremost: the Universal Belief. This Universal Belief
does not of necessity require a church building—where ever spiritualists meet in
the Service of the Lord, there arises automatically a "Spiritual Invisible Church
of God"... and its Radiation permeates much further in the cosmos, than human eyes
are able to perceive. Each one, who is searching for truth—each, who practices
scientific, philosophic or true believing spiritualism—each one of good intentions,
who tries to avoid failings and errors, but aims for higher virtues—helps to build
this invisible Sanctuary. It is a temple for some, for others a church, and for
still higher evolved spirits a cathedral or a basilica. The purer a man's life,
the more love, compassion, truthfulness, righteousness, loyalty and other virtues
he acquires, the greater will be the magnificence and splendor of this invisible
Sanctuary, which he is building. The light of his aura equals the Light on the
Altar — his virtues are the Wisdom of the Sermon, which illumine the road of
his life on earth and will render his life in the cosmos smooth and shining like a
mirror. True Spiritualism is thus: Science, Philosophy and Belief. Science seeks
proof of the permanence of life of the human spirit after the death of the physical
body. The manifold manifestations by spirits and the mediumistic incorporations of
discarnated spirits—the many interpretations by telepathy, clairvoyance and
clairaudience — give sufficient proof for the scientific searcher. Philosophy
explains ancient and modern symbolic and parabolic revelations of Prophets and
Leaders of High Creeds, among which reincarnation is of principal importance. When
the puny, simple human spirit needs many centuries to gain a certain degree of
purification, it stands to reason, that also Prophets and Leaders of High Creeds
had to undergo many reincarnations in human bodies, since They are the Light to
illumine the path of the human spirits. They are leading the human spirit in
everything. The human spirit, which is desiring to rise to the Host of God's
Spirits, has thus to follow the path, which the Leader — in His various
reincarnations—has indicated. The Leader — in His various reincarnations in a human
body — has not always reincarnated among the same people or even in the same human
being. He lived in the time of Moses and even before that time. Later He might have
been a Hindu or a Mongolian, an Arab, a Jew etc.. He has often lived among Pagans,
Buddhists, Christians or Moslems. And after returning to the Cosmos—he has meditated
on the difficult, arduous, rugged path .which reincarnated human spirits have to
embrace, and he has the wish to reconcile and bless the people, regardless of their
failings and discords. Well He knows, that people have to attempt many things, to be
happy, but that their spiritual evolution is not always adequate. Not one of the
Prophets, not one of the Leaders of High Creeds is. during life on earth in a human
body, fully understood and accepted. The world has not evolved to understand
them — but the good seed is always, planted in the human spirits—"through the
Divine Word of Truth." The human spirit will understand these Divine Truths only
later, after many more reincarnations. The modern person of today has accepted
many a truth, which he rejected in previous reincarnations. Now there are new
truths, which he doubts, in particular the truth of incarnation and reincarnation
of the spirit in a human body. But modern people begin to doubt other antiquated
principles, for instance, the resurrection in flesh and blood of the dead.
However — the principles of the existence, the reincarnation and the continuance of
the spirit after the death of the physical body — the principle of cause and effect
of suffering on earth — the necessity for spiritual purification and evolution — are
more and more accepted. For those, who have not accepted these principles, the time
is not yet ripe. Sowing time is there — the seed of truth is planted in people
and — possibly even during this life or surely in the next following
reincarnation — they will accept what they are not yet able to understand now — and
therefore reject. Wisdom does not flower, before its time is ripe. The time of
understanding and comprehending one another — among peoples of all races — will
also arrive — so will tolerance and patience among members of different Creeds, but
foremost: the understanding of one human being and another human being is of utmost
necessity. And once he is able to remove the stigma of his own defects and to
understand and believe in the process of reincarnation, the human being will also be
able to understand the cause and effects of his own existence as spirit—be able too,
to understand cause and effect in the life of different nations and different
races — and also to understand cause and effect of the existence of the various
Creeds. And he will know, that many roads lead to the same goal and that each
human being has his own self - determination, his own free will and has therefore
to respect the rights and equity of his neighbor. True Spiritualism leads to the
understanding of all races, all nations, and all Creeds—but, particularly, to the
understanding of each human spirit. It is the path of "Peace through Love". Do not
be content with using your mediumistic gifts — do not be satisfied with paranormal
manifestations by invisible spirits — search first and foremost for truth through
the spiritualistic philosophy. Practical spiritualism is interesting and also
important, it gives you the assurance, that life continues after the death of the
physical body and that your loved ones are now living in the cosmos. But this
knowledge — for all its value — does not assist you in your rising, your own
evolution. Develop Love in your soul. Compassion, Truth and Righteousness,
overcome all your shortcomings and failings, and omit everything which would hurt
another's feeling and cause mental suffering. Open your heart wide to goodness and
submission and visualize yourself in the life of Prophets and Leaders of High
Creeds. Remove all thoughts of jealousy, envy, fanaticism and hate. Respect each
one's conviction, because convictions are parallel to the degree of evolution. Only
time and wisdom will change personal convictions for a higher degree of evolution.
It is practical philosophy to lead a good life and as thus, the practice of
mediumship is useful philosophy. And once you have reached the state of wisdom,
thank your Father in Heaven—love and praise Him from the fullness of your heart,
with ardency and devotion—for you have realized, that you have improved as spirit
and shall rise to a higher place in the Host of God's spirits. You have now gained
the assurance that you live in the "True Belief, which permits you to rise closer
and closer to the Father and ultimately to blend with His Eternal Light.




The expression "Spiritualism" is—for many centuries — attacked by certain people.
But it is impossible, to exterminate this word—since each and everyone is a
spiritualist. This fight is originally started by ignorant people, who quote
sentences from Holy Books, of prophetic interpretation and the Gospels, which they
have not in the least understood and therefore quote wrongly. I now wish to ask
the people on earth: "What is the aim of your sojourn and of your life here on
earth?" You have to meditate deeply, analyze your innermost feeling, before you
will give me an answer to this question. Do not just give a generalized answer,
something, what the average person would answer, but search deeply in your
subconscious mind. You may ask yourself many questions: "How do I live?... Are my
actions satisfactory or below standard?... Do I feel happy after having done a
good deed?... and do I feel wretched and miserable after some questionable
behavior or even a misdeed?... Do I hanker after worldly pleasures, sensual
satisfaction, material possessions and luxuries?... what are my efforts to gain
spiritual knowledge?... do I read books in search of wisdom?... do my own and
other people's life-experiences teach me a lesson?... do I value and admire the
amazing beauty of nature?... do I feel loving - kindness towards people, animals
and plants?... has life taught me my lessons and have I accepted and used them
spiritually?... have I overcome some failings of mine?... have I tried to recompense
people, for having previously behaved unjustly and dishonestly towards them?... have
I sometimes helped those, who were in difficulties?... have I occasionally helped
people by giving them good counsel?... have I ever tried to persuade anyone, to
leave off some bad habit?... or ever tried to give a sick person new hope or
encouragement to bear his fate with patience and submission?... did I ever give
support to a poor person or helped a blind one to cross the street?... At least
to one of these questions you surely will find an affirmative answer... and
then: I assure you, you are a spiritualist.
What is a spiritualist? "someone who is good to his fellow beings".
Who is good to his fellow-beings? "he who has Love in his heart".
Who has Love in his heart? "he who is a wise person".
Who is a wise person? "he, who has many life-experiences".
Who has many life-experiences? "he, who has gone through strife, suffering and sorrow",
Who has to suffer all this? "each one, who lives on earth in a human body".
Each human being has—by the Grace of the Creator — under- gone during his life on
earth many life-experiences and now has to unfold love and compassion in his
soul — has to gain wisdom — and with all this developed spiritually, so as to
purify and raise his evolution, and therewith to rise—in the infinite
cosmos — closer to the Light of Wisdom—God—and ultimately to blend with it. All this
is spiritualism, spiritualistic philosophy — and since all persons of good
intentions, travel this same road—subsequently each and everybody is a follower of
the spiritualistic philosophy. The word "Spiritualism" has been distorted by people,
who call themselves: "leaders of human beings", who have given it a confused and
misleading meaning and explanation; the fact and the truth is, that every human
spirit — consciously or unknowingly — is searching for enlightenment, for wisdom.
One searches for instructions in books, another in life-experiences, a third tries
both: books and experiences. The experiences of each one are "applied
spiritualism" — however difficult his life may have been. And the road, which he
travels is according to the wisdom, which he has found. Instructions from books
are conflicting and contradictory. You find in some books philosophy of High
Wisdom, then there are books with diverse philosophical trends, which try to cover
the truth, which others proclaimed. These false axioms are often explained in such
a clever, intricate and obscure way, that it is very difficult for the human brain,
to criticize and amend them. Yet they remain an untruth, a falsehood and the wrong
path to choose. Readers of such books will find themselves to be in an unsure, foggy
atmosphere, which makes them doubtful and wavering.— Then the question arises: "what
is the truth—which road must I follow?" But the searcher for truth and wisdom has to
decide for himself. In the beginning he is doubtful whether his choice be the right
one. But he finds life-experiences, either for himself or his fellowmen—wherever he
may travel. Life expands before him, with all its strife and difficulties, with so
little happiness and so much suffering, sacrifice, duty and service. He will discover
the solution himself for each problem, each difficult situation. This is his own
path and this path will lead him to wisdom. And in the evening of his life—looking
back and remembering so many events, so many occurrences and experiences — he feels
happy that he has conquered many a difficulty and found some wisdom. But in spite
of his age he still feels able to continue, to follow his path further and realize
that there are always people who need some help or good counsel—to be given from
his own experience. He is ignorant of his wisdom. He is not a leader nor a
counselor either — he just talks about his life and his experiences. He has
developed from scholar to teacher. He knows though, that each one desires to
choose his own way — nobody wants to listen — to good counsel, all prefer to follow
their own conclusions — they might perhaps consider, what he has told them of his
experiences, but they decide for themselves. He has a clear conception of the life
of those, who talk to him and understands, when one lives in a kind of mist and is
not able to analyze, which road to choose. With many he sees afflictions,
suffering, grief. The one feels spiritually weak and helpless and waits for him,
to give a hand to help him out of the lurch — but nobody is able to give this help.
Each one has to find for himself the means for escape from the abyss: this then is
the great merit, the great worth and value!—Then things will happen. Heartening
voices — voices which encourage him and incite him to pull himself together and
use all his strength for the last hard effort — an effort, which will deliver him
from all evil, all despair — thus he delivers himself. Another one submits himself
to humble endurance and bears patiently with his suffering and difficulties. Life
has crushed him, but he is not subdued. His heart cries, but he is determined to
persevere. With a broken heart, but with a smiling face, he goes through life. The
small light which beckons from afar, gives him courage and persistency. He
realizes: there is an end to his arduous, hard journey—the road to Calm and Peace
opens, the dawn of the new life... All this is Spiritualism. Spiritualism is
spiritual life. Life-experiences with struggle, suffering sacrifice and strife
are on the path of Spiritualism. Each one—born on earth in a human body — has to
travel this path. And those, who are fighting against Spiritualism, have to
travel this road just as well. But "the Light shines in the gloom" for each one
who is of good intentions — and this Light radiates Wisdom. Each one gains wisdom
through his experiences, his love, perseverance and loyalty. And — each
realizes — at the end of his journey, that the Spiritualistic Philosophy is the
"True Book", where all his life-experiences are registered.




Do people believe in the Law of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma and in the
progressive evolution of the human spirit? We have in previous letters discussed
the Laws, which rule the life of minerals, plants, animals and human beings. We have
explained the Laws, which regulate the rising to the various spheres of life, of
strife and suffering, which atoms of life, sparks of life and human spirits have to
traverse in their diverse spheres. And we ended with the human spirit, which — in
the sphere of your own being — passes through struggle and suffering and gradually
becomes acquainted with facts of the origin of human beings, with their good and
their evil, with their struggles to improve, with the reason for their suffering,
their slow purification—with the life in the cosmos and their approaching closer
and closer Divine Wisdom, Goodness and Compassion, with which they ultimately blend,
though without losing their individuality. here does the human spirit stand,
which — during its existence on earth—reaches the Divine Level of Love and Wisdom?
Is he now freed from all worldly difficulties? freed from all hardships and sorrow?
Is his spirit able to resist all the evil earthly radiation? Is he strong enough to
withstand all worldly temptations, human desires, materialistic cravings? The life
of such a spirit is often even more difficult and harsh than that of less evolved
human spirits, because he too has to suffer many afflictions. He has become far more
sensitive and — as all other human spirits—has to undergo the influence of this
planet of repentance, called earth. He too has to suffer the effects of earthly
radiations of temptation, he too is given to the influence of base thoughts, carnal
wishes, temptation of physical satisfaction or a life of excessive extravagance. He
even receives inspirations from low spirits, to commit deeds, which are not
permitted. But he bears a hidden force in him, which is much less or not at all
present in persons of lower or even of no evolution. This force gives him the
strength to resist all the invisible elements or radiations from the sordid
materialistic earth. This is actually a continuous hard and difficult battle.
Many purified spirits have yielded and been broken like a reed in the storm. But as
soon as the evil action is done. a deep spiritual repentance arises. He has learned
a hard lesson — but he has gained by it more strength, to withstand evil influences
from invisible low entities. This lesson means a strengthening of his defense-forces.
He is now better prepared and better endowed to meet new aggressions. All Prophets
and Leaders of High Creeds were subject to such temptations. He has meanwhile
realized, that the adversary of his spiritual rising lurks on two sides: on the one
side the menace of low and infernal spirits, on the other the threat of earthly
radiation — as the earth is a planet for repentance for spirits, which did evil, but
which are permitted to undergo on the earth-planet diverse tests and trials, to
demonstrate that they submit — with devotion, by struggles and suffering—to the Laws
of their Divine Father, as also to their spiritual brothers present on earth and
those in the cosmos. They are — in their human life on earth — under the influence
of the earthly radiation, and invisible low spirits try to arouse their ignoble
instincts to commit many evil deeds. But they are determined to improve, whether or
not their brain realizes it. Life on earth is their school and they take a taste of
life-experience and a discernment of wisdom home into the cosmos, after each
finished life. Their soul is thus a bowl, where their virtues are collected and they
have to return to earth, to reincarnate in another human body, as long as this bowl
is not filled to capacity with Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Loyalty and other such
merits and virtues, until ultimately they blend—in the Beyond — with the Light of
the Creator, from Whom they hail and Whom they so often misunderstood and denied.
Some of them, those who during their life on earth discovered Spiritualism, and who
have experienced the effects of earthly radiation, will ask: Why have we here on
earth to endure so much hardship? Cannot we purify in the beyond, in the cosmos —
after discarnation? Is it not possible for us, to endure physical suffering there?
We would thus be convinced about the continuance of the spirit after bodily death
and our rising would be much easier and it would also confirm other things, which
we now only feel to be a possibility? They doubt the truth—and this is proof,
that so far they have not reached the level, from where they are able to understand,
that reincarnation is a necessity and that physical suffering helps to spiritual
evolution just as much as mental suffering. A reincarnated spirit, which caused its
fellow - men bodily harm, will request — after the death of his physical body — a
new reincarnation, in which he will suffer the same type of suffering — as penalty,
if he has caused his neighbor mental suffering, he will ask for the same or even
harder mental suffering as penance... he must pay for all his failings with
suffering — always — incognizant of his previous faults and defects — either on
earth or in the cosmos. The human spirit is — during its life on earth in a human
body — ignorant of much which happens to him. He is unable to understand — as
long as he has not accepted the spiritualistic philosophy — why he is on earth,
why he has to go through so much suffering and difficulties — and why he does not
realize, that life continues in the cosmos after physical death. The purpose of the
Spiritualistic Initiation centre is to enlighten people, respectively reincarnated
spirits, of the reason for their existence as spirits and as human beings — also of
the destination of the spirits after their death on earth. Very few people know and
understand this. They attend spiritualistic church services, because they believe
in the continuity of the spirit after the death of their body—they feel happy, when
the beloved spirit of a member of their family or of a friend, manifests at a church
meeting. They accept their counsel and feel satisfied that the beloved spirit — now
living in the cosmos — is able to come and talk to them. But very few advance
further than this realization, very few will search for more enlightenment and study
the cause and effects of it — very, very few will study the Spiritualistic
Philosophy... and adjust their life accordingly. Very often this condition is a lack
of evolution of the human spirit. But the time arrives — always — either in this or
in a following life — and the human being will understand, that the Spiritualistic
Philosophy is of the greatest importance and the greatest value for every
reincarnated human being. The comprehension of the Laws of Creation is knowledge,
which brings Wisdom to the human being on earth, helps him to realize the necessity
of suffering and sorrow and bear it with submission — when the vital power passes
out, to change easily and freely from one life to the other—from earth life to life
in the cosmos. Dear Children, you who are traveling the earthly path according to
the teachings of the Spiritualistic Philosophy, be very happy, because the Hand of
your Divine Father is on your head. His spirits protect you on the rough and
difficult path of your life on earth—and your leader spirit prepares a good place for
you in the Light Divine, where you will — in all Eternity — help the Father of All
the Universe, Your Supreme All Highest Lord, the Master of all spirits — you will
carry out His Divine Plans. Many human spirits still live in ignorance and darkness
and feel unhappy and restless. You will enlighten them to suffer their life better,
when you yourself have understood and lived according to this Spiritualistic
Philosophy. Do not deviate from the path, which you are now following and which
leads to rising and evolution. You serve God and your fellow-men and therewith you
personally gain as well.























To be born — to die,
To be reborn — This Is The Law. (Allan Kardec).
To be born to die, to be reborn... these are Holy Sacraments.
The Son of God is the Bearer of these Sacraments.
Birth is: to become a human being,
Death means: to return to the Cosmos.
Reincarnation is: the road to spiritual perfection in each successive life.
Life on earth is also the road to Wisdom,
Wisdom is the Light of God,
The Light of God brings Revelations,
Revelations are the Light to the Unknown,
The Unknown is the Life of the Spirit.
Life on earth includes Suffering,
Suffering is Penance for Failings.
Penance leads to Purification,
Purification is Spiritual Evolution,
Spiritual Evolution is the Gate to Life Eternal,
The Road to Eternal Life is Love,
Love is Admiration,
Admiration is the Gate to Aesthetics,
Aesthetics is the road to Spiritual Love,
Spiritual Love animates Ecstasy,
Ecstasy is the Mirror of Divine Love,
Divine Love leads to Redemption,
Redemption is Life Eternal,
Eternal Life is Bliss in the Cosmos.
Death Does Not Exist...




TO be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn — This Is The Law ...
this is the most important teaching of Allan Kardec, who lived in France about
a hundred years ago — and since known as the Father of Modern Spiritualism.
Each human being realizes that he is alive. Each child is told that it is born
on a certain day, how old he is, etc... He will receive a Birth certificate, on
which is noted the date, the place and the country of his birth and the names
of his parents. Each person realizes that he has been born and that he is alive,
and for most people this is quite sufficient. But many others wish to know more.
They sense the mystery behind each human birth. They try to unveil the mystery of
their own birth and pierce the darkness, which surrounds it — and slowly they gain
the conviction, (hat a spirit is living in their physical body, which provides this
body with Life, Motive Power and Strength. But the Mystery of Birth is still hidden.
Then it will happen, that a child is stillborn, is nothing but a lump of senseless
flesh. Why is there no life in this child?... the answer is simple: no spirit
entered this child's body during birth... This reveals the Mystery of Birth. Each
human being realizes also, that he has to die. Once the physical body is used up
or has perished, it dies. Why do people pass away after a certain time, some young
and others old? . . . Because the spirit, which dwells in this body, has completed
its given task and is now due to return to the Cosmos. It might — however — happen,
that a spirit is granted an extension lo its allotted time—but this is rare and
happens only if there is a special reason. This then reveals the Mystery of Death.
Once a human being accepts the existence of a spirit in the human body, he also
accepts the continuance of this spirit after physical dcatli, and he will easily
understand, that only one human life would not be sufficient for the spirit to gain
perfection to be able to reach the Eternal Divine Light. To be born, to die, to be
reborn—is one of the unchangeable Laws of Creation and is adjusted to the earth
during the full time of its existence. To be born—to die—to be reborn—is a
Divine Law... Just as a human being is subject to the laws of his country, so is
the human Spirit subject to the Laws of God ...
And thus are the Mysteries of Rebirth fully explained.








FIRST MEDITATION - To Be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn...
THIRD MEDITATION - To be born is: to become a human being.
FOURTH MEDITATION - To die or Discarnate Means: The Return of The Spirit To The Cosmos.
FIFTH MEDITATION - Rebirth Or Reincarnation Is The Path To Purification.
SIXTH MEDITATION - Life On Earth Is the Road To Wisdom.
SEVENTH MEDITATION - Wisdom Is The Light of God.


To Be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn...

are Holy Sacraments. One could also call them: Incarnation, Discarnation,
Reincarnation. The human being accepted many sacraments, hut some of them
are later rejected. This act is an effect of the Law of Evolution. The human spirit
begins slowly to consider more spiritual happenings — according to its evolution.
This human education has shown him that the ceremony of baptism has made him a
member of a certain church... a recognized Christian. He accepts that marriage
is a holy bond, when he takes an oath of loyalty, and that this bond between two
people is a Holy Sacrament. But once he accepts the Spiritualistic Philosophy and
realizes the importance of spiritual life to be higher than physical life and he
begins to judge life from the spiritual point of view — he recognizes clergymen to be
ministers of certain churches and that the sacraments, which they spend, are useful
for human wellbeing, and that these sacraments induced him to hold fast to Belief
and Morale. This is the path for him to follow, to realize the importance of the
True Spiritual Sacraments — the Bearer of which is the Son of God:

1) The Sacrament of Birth (or Incarnation),
2) The Sacrament of Death (or Discarnation).
3) The Sacrament of Rebirth (or Reincarnation).

Birth is — for the human being — the Sacrament, which gives him the opportunity to
each — during his life on earth in a human body — for the "road to wisdom". Death
is for him a Sacrament which permits him to leave his human body to deliver him, —
so that his spirit may return to its spiritual sphere in the infinite cosmos — to
the House of the Father. Reincarnation is for him a Sacrament, which lets him — by
the Grace of God — he reincarnated in a new human body there to do penance, to
balance his failings from previous lives, to develop Love — love for his neighbour
and other virtues, to purify and lastly to rise to the Host of God's spirits.
Incarnation, Discarnation and Reincarnation. (Birth, Death and Rebirth) are
Divine Sacraments, of which only the "Son of God" is the Bearer, no earthly
human being. Nobody can evade these Sacraments, they are a Divine Law. Everyone
bears the fruits of these Sacraments and cannot escape the effects. And as each
one realizes the adequate influence and the blessings and benedictions, which hail
from it, they will not grieve about death, but accept it as a beneficial Holy
Sacrament, which the spirit receives. Meditate about these Holy Sacraments: Birth,
Death and Rebirth.



The Son of God is the Bearer of the Holy Sacraments of Incarnation, Discarnation and
Reincarnation (to be born, to die, to be reborn). Sacraments, which on earth are
instrumental for acknowledged churches, are only concerned with the human beings and
are chosen and issued by church leaders. These sacraments are the way to learn and to
understand Spiritual Sacraments. When we differentiate between those sacraments
which are invented for human beings, and the Sacraments created for the Spirit, we
will easily understand, that the human being consists of a physical and a spiritual
part and that we have Sacraments, which may never be issued by a church leader —
e.g.: Spiritual Sacraments. Birth and death are physical conditions, but Incarnation
and Discarnation are Spiritual Concerns. The Sacraments of Incarnation, Discarnation
and Reincarnation can only be borne and issued by a Spirit, living in the Cosmos,
that means: by God or by a part of the Divine Trinity. The Son of God is the Bearer
of these Holy Sacraments. He disposes of the Divine Grace to let the human spirit
incarnate, discarnate and reincarnate, until it has reached perfect evolution and is
apt to live in Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.



To be born is: to become a human being.

Birth is — on earth — looked upon as a product of the
human body, but not as the Birth or Rebirth of the Spirit in a
human body. thus not as Incarnation or Reincarnation.
The human spirit lives in the cosmos before its incarnation in
a human body. There it is not a human being, but a fluidic, in-
visible entity. Once reincarnated, (he human being is a duality: a
physical body and the indwelling human spirit. The spirit is
bound to the body, as long as the body remains alive. It was —
before its incarnation — a fluidic body: a spirit, which — ac-
cording to its evolution or liberation — could move in space,
even to other planets — without the burden of a physical body.
To be born, to incarnate or reincarnate, is for the spirit
actually "to become a human being", because it incarnates in a
human body. The spirit is responsible for this body, as long as
the human being is alive. It retains in its subconscious mind the
remembrance of former lives, but the physical body remembers
nothing, because it is newly born, did not exist before its birth
and its life is only transient and temporal.
The spirit has — during its incarnation — to accustom itself
to the habits and customs of the family and the nationality with
whom it now lives.
To become a human being is the fulfillment of a Divine Law.




To die or Discarnate Means: The Return of The Spirit To The Cosmos.

For human beings, living on earth, the death of a beloved person is a great
affliction, a deep grief. A chair in the lounge remains empty. The life of the whole
family is changed, there is a lack of intimate association. Wherever a member of the
family passes over, the family circle becomes smaller, there is less enjoyment, less
gratification — because each individual member of a family helps to its wellbeing.
They might have given physical, moral or financial help, to keep the household going.
Those, who are left behind, grieve — a dearly beloved one has left them. never to
return — has passed from their family circle. The spirit, which returned to the
cosmos, feels quite differently from those, whom it left behind. It is now aware
that life continues after death, that — although the physical body has died — dying
means actually: discarnation of the spirit, liberation from the human body, is again
at liberty to move around the cosmos. This gives it the ability, to remember all
that has passed — not only during its last life as a human being, but also of
former lives. It meets, in the unending cosmos, spirits from former incarnations.
Remembrances arise of happiness, strife, victory and defeat. But foremost is the
feeling of liberation from the human body, which has decayed. This passed life on
earth has helped to obtain more wisdom, awareness, purification and evolution. For
the spirit — to die or discarnate is the return to the cosmos.



Rebirth Or Reincarnation Is The Path To Purification.

Let us call Rebirth: the Reincarnation. When a spirit is reincarnated in a human
body, this means that for this spirit the gates to "Life on Earth" have opened anew.
What is the goal and the advantage of reincarnation?... Everything happens according
to God's Divine Laws. The reincarnation of a spirit in a human body makes it forget
all reminiscences of all previous lives, keeps them only in the subconscious mind
of the human being. The human being learns many things. Some are necessary for the
physical being — the others are important to the spirit. He follows the path of his
new life and receives, what he — as spirit, before reincarnation — has asked for.
When old age is nearing, he reconsiders the path of his life, which lies behind him
and realizes all his good and evil actions. And the spirit — once returned to the
cosmos — looks back to its last rebirth or reincarnation, which has improved its
evolution and has helped him to rise a step nearer to the Host of God's spirits.
Rebirth or Reincarnation is the path to purification.



Life On Earth Is the Road To Wisdom.

When the spirit is born in a human body, its goal is not only to keep the body hale
and healthy or to use it as a vehicle and control. There is a more significant, a
more serious goal: to collect wisdom. It is not sufficient to burden the brain with
all kinds of human knowledge, to learn how to provide for the body or how to enjoy
life. Life on earth also has a spiritual side, e.g.: to search for wisdom.
Wisdom includes: to improve spiritually by study and life - experiences. To improve
means: to develop love and compassion for fellow-creatures. To improve needs the
study, to realize failings and try to overcome them, to shake off or diminish such
attributes as egoism, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and thoughts of revenge. To
improve includes: to practice all virtues, such as: help to the needy, materially
and morally — to encourage sick people — attempts to influence drunkards to abandon
alcohol etc. To improve means chiefly: to search for truth about everything, which
concerns the human beings, who still live in ignorance — to acquire knowledge of the
Wonder of Birth, the Wonder of Death, the Marvel of Rebirth, (Incarnation,
Discarnation, Reincarnation). He, who searches for Truth, travels the Path to Wisdom.
He, who travels the Path of Wisdom, approaches the Light of God closer and closer,
because Wisdom is the Light of God. To approach the Light of God, means: already
live in this Light. He, who lives in this Light during his life on earth, will
surely live there after discarnation, and shall — freed from the burden of the
human body — enter the Eternal Cosmos. Study the Divine Laws of incarnation,
discarnation and reincarnation, (to be born, to die and to be reborn), and the Gates
to the Path of Wisdom will be opened to you. Noteworthy, sublime revelations will be
given to you on this path and you will know for sure, that
"Life on earth is: the road to Wisdom".



Wisdom Is The Light of God.

From the spiritual point of view: the human spirit returns to earth and reincarnates
in a human body, without remembering anything, neither from any former life nor of
life in the cosmos. That is the meaning of the words in the Bible: the human being
lives in gloom. The spirit has deposited all its remembrance
in the subsconsciousness and the human brain has no knowledge of it. The more and
deeper the human being penetrates into the life on earth, the more life-experiences
will he gather — and the more difficult and harder his life on earth will be shaped,
the more will he meet with good and evil, with love and hatred, with passion and
indifference, with revenge and forgiveness, with sadness and happiness, With
generosity and avarice, with wealth and poverty, with ambition and servitude, with
haughtiness and submission, with honor and disgrace, with willpower and
indifference and many other virtues and vices. The human being receives slowly, but
surely — initiation — not only in physical but also in spiritual concerns. These
experiences form his character, his way of living, the aim of his existence. Aware
or unaware he hankers after the yearning of his life — an Ideal, This Ideal is the
effect of his spiritual forming. His life-experiences have kindled a light in his
soul and this Light is Wisdom. And — once the cycle of reincarnations is closed
and he again enters the spiritual life in the cosmos — he will find himself Standing
before the Font of All Wisdom: God. There the spirit blends with the first source of
his origin, of his creation — and will now understand All and Everything. Wisdom is
the Light of God.




God is in actual fact the Living Spirit of Light. Each one — living on earth as a
reincarnated spirit — has an Aura, and the Aura radiates Light. Some people are
gifted to see this radiation on others. In some persons this radiating Light is
shining bright, whereas in others it is only smallish and dusky. It changes its
color according to the human evolution, his mood and his state of health. The human
spirit is an imperfect image of God — and as this human being already radiates a
small light — how Beautiful, Clear and Perfect must be the Light, which radiates
from God! Each spirit, on earth as well as in the cosmos, always tries — either
aware of it or unknowingly — to rise closer and ever closer to this Divine Light
until it is ultimately accepted to enter this Light of Bliss. The Light, which
radiates from God, consists of rays. This beam of rays is Wisdom, because the
Essence of God is Wisdom — and Wisdom is Sister to Love, Goodness and Compassion.
Thus it is only a logical inference, that Divine Wisdom, coupled with His Love, His
Compassion and all other Sublime Elements, will infiltrate and penetrate the human
spirit and even its physical dwelling place. God helps the human spirits to approach
Him and His Divine Radiation awakens in the brain many revelations of Morale, Love,
Compassion, etc. These are amazing Revelations — their aim is to improve the
human being, so as to raise him always higher and closer to His Divine Light... The
Light of God conveys Revelations.



Revelations Are The Light To The Unknown

Revelations are the Light of God, which the human being, who has returned from the
cosmos to the earth, collects — according to his life — experiences, and who
therewith collects wisdom and virtues. Revelations reach him from two sides:
1) through study and from other sources, which are invisible to the
human being, but which kindle a Light in his brain, an inspiration.
2) through life-experience, his own experiences and also those, which he
notices with relatives and friends... and through happenings, which he
witnessed in other peoples lives.
The veil, which hides the Unknown, is lifted in as much as a human being obtains
experiences and he learns new things, which throw a shimmer of Light upon this
Unknown. The most unbeknown thing for the human being is his own Self — the
knowledge of his duality: the physical human being and his indwelling spirit — the
knowledge, that his physical body is but temporal and is as such subject to death,
but that the invisible spirit — which gives life and strength to this physical
body — is immortal, eternal. Life on earth means to strive after wisdom — it is the
comprehension, that wisdom is the Light of God and that the Light of God holds
Revelations and that Revelations illuminate the Unknown. Revelations are the Light
to the Unknown.





Life on earth — of reborn, reincarnated human spirits - is twofold: its life as a
physical being and the life of the invisible spirit. The attention and the care for
the needs of the physical body takes up nearly all its time and makes it almost
forget to consider spiritual matter — although the human being contemplates many
spiritual concerns, though being unaware of the existence of spirits and of his own
human spirit. Spiritual concerns are not understood with the human brain. There are
things, which he will learn with his human brain — these are found by restricting
oneself to earthly things, such as material profits, physical pleasures and riches.
But he also harbors spiritual claims, which he wishes to fulfill. A human being who
is interested in science, universal knowledge, art, morale, philosophy, and studies
these for the sake of gaining for himself and his fellow-creatures a higher standard
of wisdom, greater spiritual development, mysticism etc. and by doing this,
eliminates all thoughts of physical and worldly interests, does not achieve all the
accomplishments with his human brain, but by his spiritual forces. Thus his own eyes
and those of his followers are opened to Unknown Concerns. He recognizes himself and
others as spirits — he realizes the duality of his own being — his own being as
physical human person and his invisible spirit. He is able to realize how far he,
as well as those others have purified and improved — or how they reject such truth
as understandable, which he himself fully accepts. He becomes conscious of his own
evolution and realizes that for him the dominant Unknown is the human being. He now
also realizes his own inner spiritual life within the physical body and spirit life
outside the body. The Unknown is Spiritual Life.




Each human being on earth has to undergo Suffering. The human being will ask
himself — after such bout of suffering — why must I suffer? Why is life not
a paradise on earth? I do as much good as I am able to do. I am good to my family.
I am as helpful as ever I can be. I try to comfort those, who meet with affliction
and difficulties... and still... there is so much grief and suffering in my own life.
This planet, called "Earth", where the human spirit is incarnated, is a planet for
penitence and purification. Earth is a low planet, a planet for those spirits,
which desire and are able to improve, but which caused — in previous
lives — affliction and suffering to other reincarnated spirits. When — after an
unsatisfactory life — the spirit returns to the cosmos, it asks for a new
reincarnation (or rebirth), to suffer twice the amount of suffering, which it
inflicted upon people during its previous incarnation. And as we now receive this
suffering, for which we have asked before our new reincarnation, let us bear with
thankfulness the cross of our present life, and realize that we suffer no more than
the double amount of previous failings — for suffering we caused our neighbors in
a previous life on earth. Let us be grateful and thank God for every tear we shed,
for every humiliation we have to endure. Ever and anon, we climb a step up the
ladder of purification and redemption from evil and we will reach — with increasing
enlightenment — the Eternal Light of Him, Who Creates us. Life on earth is subject to much suffering.





The life of human spirits — whether they be reincarnated in a human body or living
discarnated in the cosmos — is ruled by Laws. Everything which happens has a cause,
a motive — nothing happens without this motive. Also — everything which happens, has
its effect, its consequence. No effect without cause — and no cause without its
effect. The cause of Suffering is the Evil — the consequence of suffering is
atonement. Penitence through suffering is no punishment, it is the effect of an evil
deed. Do not blame the Heavens for this penitence for which you have to suffer.
Every stone which you throw, every accusation, returns to you and increases your
own suffering — your Karma. A human being will be aware of an evil deed and of other
base actions, which he did — and then may feel the deepest remorse for his
evildoings. But he has more often to atone for evildoings, done in former lives.
Thus he is unaware of the reason for his suffering and therefore may become
mutinous and rebellious. Do not ever let us revolt. Humility and submission are the
necessary attributes for the path we travel. Suffering is Atonement for Evil.




Penitence is the consequence of remorse. A human being feels penitent after
committing an evil action. The cause is Evil — the consequence of evil is remorse —
the effect of remorse is suffering and penitence. Suffering and penitence are
temporal — its duration is determined by the type of evil, which the human being
committed and is the consequence, the effect of this deed. The human being feels
relieved after such affliction and has the notion that life is more beautiful than
before. He feels deeper the beauty of nature, the sun shines brighter, the flowers
appear more splendid, the birds sing more cheerfully, the rippling water of the
little brooks awakens a sense of praise and love, the sky seems bluer and the clear
horizon invites a walk. Thus is the human reaction after suffering and grief. The
fact is, that suffering and penance have purified him spiritually. The dark spots
in his Aura — a sign of evildoings from former lives — have disappeared. The
Light, which surrounds him, becomes clearer and without spots, the eyes shine like
a bonfire. His whole being radiates Calm and Peace — because his remorse, his
suffering and penance, have purified him. Penitence leads to Purification.





Evolution is — from the human point of view — material amendment. Many false axioms
are used to give this word a significant meaning. The human being does not realise
that this struggle for material values, which he calls "evolution", is only of
physical value, temporal and passing. Spiritual Evolution is imperishable and
eternal — it always rises higher and higher, until it reaches its highest acme.
Spiritual evolution is the result of spiritual purification; no Spiritual
Evolution is possible without spiritual purification. The human spirit is
reincarnated on earth, to undergo this process of purification. The more it
unifies — through penance and suffering — by wisdom, awareness and life-experiences
— the higher will be its degree of evolution. But — this wisdom and awareness have
to be spiritual. The human being has to accept and practice to live his own spiritual
life — he must value his spiritual life foremost and sincerely, higher than his
material life on earth. Thus he will know and accept that his purification is
spiritual evolution.





We have stated that Spiritual Evolution is the result of Purification. Let us then
also accept that Spiritual Evolution leads the human spirit to the "Gates to
Eternal Life". Let us reject all false axioms, as e.g.: that all human spirits, will
after the death of their physical body—be received into Eternal Life and Bliss in
heir Father's Mansion. The truth is, that every human spirit in the cosmos lives kind
to kind, just as it lived on earth, where also human beings of the same type, knocked
together. As Jesus-Christ has told us: there are many mansions in the House of my
Father, which means: in the cosmos are many spheres and many planes. Only those who,
during their incarnations as human beings, have lived a good exemplary life, and
have, by repentance, suffering and struggle — paid for and balanced previous
failings, gained perfect purification — those, who have collected wisdom and
therewith complete spiritual evolution — those only shall pass through this Gate to
Eternal Life, Spiritual Evolution which is the condition to reach this Gate to Eternal Life.





The primitive human spirit, which reincarnates in a human body, has still many
faults and defects, but successive reincarnations give it the ability to part with
its vices, errors and defects and gain virtues instead. The more primitive the
human spirit, the more dependant is the human individual on animal-instincts,
possessions, luxury and physical enjoyments. The more — after many successive
reincarnations — the human spirit casts off its errors and vices, and begins
to rise and improve, the more intensely will it develop the feeling of confidence
in its fellow-beings, the feeling of love for plants, animals and
human beings — develops its sense for aesthetics, love of art and science, and
have respect and veneration for all that is beautiful and sublime, it will acquire
fervent ecstasy for the Wonder of Creation and for the Creator. Wisdom, too, grows
and is established in him. Little by little he is filled with Love and radiates
Love and Peace. He radiates Love — and all and everything, with which he comes in
contact, is penetrated and filled with this Love, and they — in turn — emanate this
Love, as a soothing balm, to others. Love is a spiritual condition. The physical
body knows neither love nor hate. The spirit — though — feels, thinks and acts. The
physical body is just a temporal tool. Love is proof of sublimity and evolution,
and perfect evolution leads the human spirit to the Gates of Eternal Life and Bliss.
The road to Eternal Life is "Love".




Love has a very extended circumference, but admiration has a still wider radius. Love
cannot be seen with human eyes. As we use the expression: "true Love" we feel some
deep intensity, something in affably precious and valuable, indestructible, eternal.
There is such a serenity about it, such a "preparedness to suffer — to
complete surrender". We call it "Mother love", when a mother is prepared to suffer
many sacrifices for her children. This is still a human feeling, because this love
implies more the body of the child, but it is already the transition to spiritual
love. The mother is not aware of the fact, that her child is a spirit, but motherly
love is a more spiritual than human feeling. This feeling — however — is quite
instinctive. But, when the child performs an act of neighborly love, sacrifices
to save someone from evil, an accident or a misfortune, or even from death — then
this motherly love turns to something like veneration and admiration, becomes more
spiritual — no more for the child's little body, but for his spirit — as admiration
is no more a human perception, but is a sensation and being such, a sensation is not
physical, but spiritual. When a human being sees a wonderful piece of art, he feels
admiration. He feels respect for the artist, because he realizes, that the artist
has conceived from his innermost soul in creating this work. The piece of art is
material, but the love. the devotion, which created it, has great spiritual value
and thus clings invisibly to the form, the lines and colors or the tunes of the
melody. And the onlooker, who feels this love radiating from the artist and his work,
stands before it, profoundly touched and affected, with deep-felt admiration. The
love, which the artist radiated in his work, creates intense admiration in the heart
of the admirer and such admiration is actually a condition of spiritual love. Love
is Spiritual Admiration.




Admiration is a spiritual condition, it is immaterial, just a feeling. A feeling is
always spiritual, it is entirely different from physical impressions, like pain...
He, who feels admiration, is susceptible to beauty — in forms, lines, color or
tones — but is also susceptible to the beauty in actions, like sacrifice, submission
to higher influences, respect for the aged and for antiquity in general, relief for
needy people, comfort for the sick and help for those not provided for. Admiration
for beauty is the impulse to aesthetic emotions and this leads the human individual
to the Gates of the Temple of Aesthetics. Once he enters this temple of aesthetics,
admiration develops a wider aspect and a higher significance. The human feeling of
admiration then becomes coupled with Love and Veneration. He feels the vibration of
each fine form, each elegant line, harmonious tunes and splendid colors — feels
their radiation, their significant implications. He realizes and admires what he
beholds and senses in this temple, and he realizes that this perception of beauty
has furthered his aim for more inclinations and that new impulses will arise in his
soul. and more of the mysteries of aesthetics he unveils. Spiritual Admiration is
the Gate to Aesthetics.




The human hood of the individual human being becomes less and less important, the
more the reincarnated human spirit finds its home in the Temple of Aesthetics — and
as the awareness of his human hood diminishes, everything seems to take on a more
spiritual implication. His aesthetic sensations, his admiration and veneration for
everything sublime, brings his spiritual life more and more to the foreground. .All
things, which actuate his feeling for art and beauty, caress his eyes, his scent,
his ears — all his senses. It is no longer human love, which allows him to admire
all these forms and lines, colors and tunes of beauty but his inner spiritual love
arouses his veneration, which aesthetics and beauty evince for him. He has the
inspiration to become less human and far more a spiritual being. The love, which
produces all this splendor and glory, is noticeable in all these forms, lines and
colors, which charm his eyes and the music, which fascinates his ears and he senses
the fragrance of nature's abundance, which he inhales. His admiration has led him to
the Gates of Aesthetics — and aesthetics has animated a deep-felt, grateful love — and
this is spiritual love. Aesthetics are the Gates to Spiritual Love.




When a reincarnated spirit is able to perceive spiritual love without any secondary
human notion, one may draw the conclusion, that it has overcome all worldly,
physical inclinations and has reached such a degree of spiritual purification and
evolution, that admiration for the Sublime has awakened a new sensation in his soul,
namely Ecstasy. He feels admiration for some aesthetic expressions — for higher
expressions this admiration is coupled with respect — still higher creations awake a
force of attraction, which is revealed as a feeling of unlimited spiritual love.
This feeling of admiration. of love. reverence and respect is something so
overwhelming, that it brings about a state of Ecstasy. Then all is
forgotten - - what he is and where he is, time and space glide away, earth and his
human body have dissolved. He is like a spirit which has left its body and wanders
in the wide spirit world, in the Temple of Aesthetics. His return to the human body
is a great disappointment. He looks at the earth — his approach to lilac material
world brings him back to actuality. Spiritual love induces Ecstasy.




Ecstasy is a state of mind, which is caused by an expression of love and respectful
reverence and admiration of Beauty. Call this beauty: aesthetics in all its
expressions, lines, forms, colors, music, fragrance and taste — it remains a
condition, in which a spirit is attracted to higher spheres, to the font of his
origin: to God. Thus ecstasy holds a mystic sensation. In whatever condition the
reincarnated human spirit may find itself, wherever it feels attracted by a
radiation of love, it will — in return —also radiate — also radiate a feeling
of love. Both radiations of love meet one another halfway and blend together.
Everything has its radiation, and this radiation of love adheres to everything which
was created with a loving heart. The radiation of this love remains in all lines,
colors and music — and charms the human spirit, to radiate its own love. The whole
of nature — the human spirit included — radiates the Love of their Creator, because
He accomplished His Creation with abounding Love and all His Creation is therefore
mutually united in Love. The human being, who —on earth — is influenced by physical
matter, is able to deliver himself — by purification and evolution — of this
material matter and of his physical body. He might reach a condition of ecstasy,
radiate his own love of every created being. This condition incites Mysticism,
because the origin of all Love is .... God. His Atoms are planted in every created
thing, and — as God is Love — so every created thing, which owns His Atom, bears
Divine Love. Ecstasy is the mirror of Divine Love.




Divine Love is experience, distinctly explained, according to the state of ecstasy
in which the human being feels himself to be Divine Love lives in every created
thing and raises mutual radiation. The state of ecstasy lightens the weight of the
physical body and the spirit draws greater influence from the Divine Power in the
cosmos. As much as the reincarnated human spirit liberates itself and reaches a
higher degree of evolution, it becomes easier to disregard its physical body and to
develop a progressively growing force: Love. Love renders him more and more free
from worldly desires. This deep feeling — Love — purifies and grows perpetually more
spiritual. The physical body was for a long time a hindrance to his development,
because the body too desires to fulfill its part on earth.
Eventually the spirit is advanced enough to take the lead and to subdue the physical
body — and is now able to travel its chosen path, the path to purification,
perfection, evolution. The independence from the body. the independence from evil
influences, from base and corrupt human cravings — are now imminent, Who brings
liberation? .... the Divine Love, which penetrates his whole being in his moments
of ecstasy and of leaving the body. Divine Love bears him away and he radiates Love
and this Love surrounds him like a bulwark .... This is the whole secret.




Liberation is freeing the spirit from its physical body — but Liberation means also
to be free from all evil desires, thus: evolution. Liberation is the result of Love
and Wisdom. Liberation means: the Gates to Eternal Life. Liberation is thus:
release, in the Light of Divine Love and Wisdom. God is Eternity. The road to
Eternal Life is Love and Wisdom. Ecstasy cultivated Love and Wisdom in the human
spirit. He, who is filled with Love and Wisdom is able to ascend the ladder of
Evolution and therewith to approach the Light of Eternal Life closer and closer. God
is Eternal Life — God is Wisdom and Love. He, who rises with his Love and Wisdom,
ultimately reaches the Gate to Eternal Light, where his Love and Wisdom blend with
the Eternal Light — because his spiritual treasure is an Atom of the Divine Light
and Wisdom, which is... God. Liberation of the human spirit from the imperfect,
temporal human body is: to live in Eternity. Liberation is Eternal Life.




The conception, that all discarnated spirits reach Eternal Bliss after the death of
their physical body, is a false axiom. This would be contrary to the Laws of God.
"Kind to kind" is the parole in the Universe — there are many spheres and each
spirit will find its suitable home, according to its evolution. No imperfectly
purified spirit is assigned to reach the sphere of bliss. Only spirits of higher
evolution are permitted to visit spheres of lower evolution, to help less evolved
spirits to reach the path to higher spheres and only after many reincarnations will
a human spirit be authorized to reach the highest sphere, that of Eternal Bliss.
Another false axiom, which is widely spread among human beings, is the idea, that
"Bliss" means: Rest and Peace in Eternity. Nothing is less true. When a
spirit — thanks to its purification and sublimity — reaches the state of Bliss,
its sensibility and conception of responsibility surpasses by far those of a spirit
of lesser evolution. This spirit has been found worthy to enter the Light of God. It
has — during its cycle of reincarnations — lived through many life-experiences and
each such experience has increased its wisdom and its worth of efficacy. This
intelligence is used for missions among reincarnated spirits on earth and on
other planets. Such a mission includes attempts to prepare spirits, which are seeking
the path to liberation, in order to realize truth. It inspires them to cultivate Love
and Compassion and to good deeds. It encourages them to read and study enlightening
good explanatory books, arranges contacts, which will introduce them to initiation
in mystical and philosophical conceptions and impressions etc... Oh no — spirits,
which live in the sphere of Bliss, are never idle. Their joy is in works of Love
and Liberation. They are no longer hampered by a physical body, which is subject
to pain and difficulties - - but the spiritual being is so sensitive, that working
among reincarnated spirits may also cause them grief and sorrow. They will get tired
occasionally, and need a period of rest to gain new strength. And still — they
feel happy and satisfied about their purification and bliss, because they live with
their work and their wisdom -— in the Light of God. Eternal Life is Bliss.




Everything which happens on earth, is the Mirror of the Universe. Just as there are
laws on earth, to which people have to submit, so are the Laws in the Universe.
Life on earth as reincarnated human spirits allows the spirits to get acquainted
with the existence of good and evil and teaches them lo choose the path of love
and goodness. The spirit lies — during its life on earth in a human body — to pass
many tests, to realize its progress in development and to know how effectively it
has passed all these tests. It collects much life-experience and knowledge of human
beings during this stay on earth. It does not only learn the care of its body, but
also of its own spiritual indigence. In each reincarnation are opportunities for
improvement — there is always the opportunity to balance its karma through
penitence — through spiritual and physical suffering. The spirit thus gradually
realizes good and evil — in its existence as human being and as spirit. This
realization develops virtues — it also tries to overcome the still remaining
failings and shortcomings. The human being searches for spiritual truth and is — by
his awakened wisdom — able to study his fellow - creatures as well as himself as
human being and as spirit. And ultimately the spirit is sufficiently advanced to
teach other spirits, which are less purified, and to show them the path to
purification and evolution. "It becomes a spiritual adviser and counselor" and a
helper in need... during its future human lives as well as in the spiritual spheres
later in the cosmos. And the spirit tries to improve more and more — even in the
cosmos, to penetrate still deeper to the Divine Light of Love and Wisdom. The various
bodies — in which the spirit has incarnated — have decayed, but the Spirit, the
Bearer of the Divine Atom. lives for all Eternity. Death does not exist.


Father In Heaven — open my eyes and allow me to see the evil and failings in my
life; Give me the strength to overcome them; Give me the will to acquire new virtues.
Let more wisdom develop in me. Grant me the gift to understand my fellowmen, Let me
realize myself more, both as spirit and as man, Help me to persevere on the path of
brother love. Let me utterly trust in Thee — Grant me contentment with my life on
earth — and Let idealism and mysticism he my strength and comfort.



Dear Readers:
Some of you will entirely accept the Divine Truths, which are recorded in this
"Book of Wisdom" Some of you will accept it only in parts, Some will reject these
Truths completely. Those of you, who reject all of it, have not finished reading
the whole book. They have as yet too low a spiritual evolution, to be able to
fathom its deeper meaning or to accept it. Those, who are still in doubt, but have
however, finished reading the book to the last page heard at least the seeds of
Wisdom and kept them in their mind, and — after reading the book again later and
meanwhile have collected more life-experiences — will change their doubts and be
convinced. You, who accept all the Divine Truths, recorded in this book, will in your
future lives as human beings on earth — either aware or unaware — help to realize
God's Divine Plans here on earth. You will have to bear much greater responsibility,
because now you realize that you are a Reincarnated Spirit, which is initiated in
Divine Mysteries. You will in future — unknowingly — work together with "invisible entities", which will inspire you:
1) to sow Divine Truths among those human beings who are able to understand them;
2) to intercept the Evil, which fights these Divine Truths, and which tries
to hinder reincarnated spirits to further rising and evolution.
3) to behave kindly towards your fellow-beings, to help them to find the
right path — your own path — and therewith to prepare also a place for
yourself, a place in Bliss and Eternal Life, This will be your task as
Spirit in the Service of God.


H. L. Rivail was born in Lyon (France) in 1804. He was expected - as were all male
members of the family — to accept a position as Magistrate. But this he did not
appreciate. He developed - since early youth -- a keen interest in science and
philosophy. He spent his schooldays in Lyon, hut later studied in Yverdun
(Switzerland) under the famous Professor Pestalozzi whose most devoted, most
intelligent co-worker he became. After having received his degree of Dr. Med. and
later selected Professor, lie went to Paris, there to open an Institute on the lines
of that of Professor Pestalozzi, in Yverdun, hut unfortunate circumstances forced
him to change his profession and to earn his living as clerk and by private teaching.
I' lie first time that Dr. Rivail made contact with spiritualism was in 1854. when a
friend took him to a séance. He was immediately greatly interested. One day lie
received a message from a Protecting Spirit, which told him that in a previous
incarnation they both had lived in Gaul, in Druidic 5imes and that as a Druid,
he -- Dr. Rivail - bore the name: Allan Kardec. This spirit then promised to
assist him in his forthcoming difficult task in life. All spiritual messages,
which Allan Kardec received in such séances, lie carefully collected and
published them under the name of Allan Kardec in several books, the first hook
being: "Le Livre des Lsprits" (The book of the Spirits). In 1858 he started the
periodical: "La Revue Spirite" (Spiritualistic Revue), which is still to-day the
best known and most important spiritualistic journal in France. His is a hard task,
he is the target of all kinds of suspicion, is continually insulted and laughed at.
Still — he endured and persevered, and achieved to come in contact with many
spiritualists all over the world and collected as many messages as he could get. He
published — in this sequence: The Book of the Spirits — The Book of Mediums — the
Gospels — the Creation — Heaven and Earth — all of which are still dominant and
fundamental spiritualistic books. He — the Father of Modern Spiritualism — died on
31 March 1869, 65 years — of a heart attack, caused by strenuous overwork. Let us
feel profound respect and reverence for him — who, although scoffed at, derided
and humiliated, devoted his life to the triumph of such a beautiful thought: "To
give evidence, that at the other side of the grave "The Dead Are Alive".


The physical body of Dr. H. L. Rivail (Allan Kardec) is laid to rest in
Paris (France) at the famous churchyard "Pere Lachaise". About a hundred
years have since passed. When you visit Paris, do not neglect to visit this tomb of
Allan Kardec and — with His name in your heart — send a prayer to Heaven, as if your
prayer should be for the Spirit of Christ. Should you or a member of your family or
a friend — feel sick ask Him for healing — in most cases your prayer will be granted.
You are never alone, when visiting this tomb of Allan Kardec. There are always
people present, to pray or ask a favor — you will always find fresh flowers
there — and ever so often — someone there will tell you, that he had prayed at
this tomb, all his pains disappeared and that he felt refreshed and healthy ever
since. You are then not surprised that each newcomer picks — for a talisman — a
leaf from the weeping willow, which over- shadows this grave?