I am your Father - the Creator of the Universe. I have several times sent a Part of Myself to earth - reincarnated in a human body - to introduce a High Creed.
One High Creed shall not fight against another - neither one prophet fight against the other.
Each Leader of a High Creed has proclaimed the Principle of the One God to a part of mankind and shown them the road to Eternal Bliss.
Revere the name of each Leader of a High Creed — in My Name has he proclaimed Laws, which enable the human spirit to cleanse and unfold. The nationality or the race of these Leaders need not concern you — only their spiritual work on earth is of great importance to you.
Abandon all fanaticism — because in former lives you, too, have belonged to other religions. You shall not hate — all your curses will return unto you. Do not take vengeance for evil done to you — leave vengeance to the Cosmic Laws. Forgive in your heart those primitive human spirits, but be always prepared for possible evil and have as your weapon: Faith, Hope and Love. The radiation of your love and forgiveness shall be the base for mutual understanding and for Peace on Earth. I give you These Revelations to support My Kingdom on earth and to give those, who follow My Commands, the opportunity to reach Eternal Bliss.

















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First Edition 1967
Second Edition 1973
Copyright © 1967. L. F. Uyttendaele
E. C. Uyttendaele

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When you study your Holy Books and pause at the story of the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the peoples as a result of their different languages, you will not immediately grasp the deeper meaning of the allegory and its symbolical implication. Only by deeper contemplation will you understand, how the difference  of their various human languages divided people — but the searcher for truth feels instinctively, that something else is hidden therein, something which the human brain is not able to fathom. Here is again the spiritualistic philosophy, which clears the outlook and "lightens the darkness". If you want help and read books about occult occurrences. you will soon realize the absolute truth: "that contact between human beings and spirits, between reincarnated and discarnate spirits, is a fact". Experienced and sensitive mediums receive messages out of the spirit world, which they pass on to the persons concerned and these find them to be correct. No doubt is possible — but there are other writers, who insist that all is imagination and hallucination. When you examine these histories more closely, you will come across a certain book, which contains letters written by a spirit Koot-Homi (Kuthumi) and signed in His name in which He claims,  that any contacts between human beings and spirits are impossible and sheer hallucination.  What is striking, is the fact, that in this book is neither mentioned, whether this Koot-Homi (or Kuthumi) was reincarnated or discarnate, when writing these letters — or, whether incorporated in a writing medium or reincarnated in a human body. An experienced spiritualist, who has not only studied the spiritualistic philosophy, but who has also the gift, to talk to or even to see discarnate spirits, will always thoroughly check such messages — by whatever means he lies received them — either telepathically or as incorporation or by writing on a letter board. The text immediately shows, whether they originate from good or from low spirits. He will reject all vulgar or wanton texts and also manifestations of low spirits, which may be seen either in the aura or the close area of people.





Dear Reader,
This book is a condensed explanation of the True Spiritualistic Philosophy. Some people may make the critical remark: "Why are the contents mystical?" We may not allow this question to pass without an answer; this book will solve the proposition. True Spiritualism is for the Service of God. Without this acceptance, the study and practice of spiritualism is worthless and will bring no improvement to the human spirit. Many people look for a connection between mysticism and the creeds of various churches and their ceremonies in public worship. For us mysticism is Belief and Conviction. Accept this Spiritualistic Philosophy as a "MESSAGE FROM GOD" because the text is not from any human being, but given directly from a High Spirit — through human medium ship — to help reincarnated human spirits on earth to a better understanding of a text, given a hundred years ago. This text is the teaching of Allan Kardec (Dr. H. L. Rivail): "Naitre — to be born Mourir — to die
Renaitre — to be reborn
Ca c'est la loi — this is the law"
May this condensed study, concerning the True Spiritualistic Philosophy, inspire you to meditate upon and reap the results.
This is the sincere wish of Your friends and helpers from the Spirit world.
















Dear Reader - Spirit of God,
These "Books of Wisdom" have not been written for primitive human beings or for fanatical believers in the laws of their own church, or for such people as are destroying all that does not belong to their own convictions. "Books of Wisdom" have been written for reborn spirits, which are searching for truth and spiritual wisdom and are respecting the Creeds of everyone's conception. The High Spirits, which have - by inspiration and by incorporating a medium - communicated these Messages: Introduction to True Spiritualism. The Creed of True Spiritualism. The 23 Revelations IV & V. 2 books of "Messages from the Highest Spheres" are not denying the different "Creeds of Faith", propagated on earth. These High Spirits are Real "Messengers of God". They bring Truth and Wisdom to spirits, reincarnated on earth in a human body. "Books of Wisdom" are the Real Way to the Gates of Everlasting Life and Bliss.






Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.

mediumistically communicated through the agency of
the Spirit of Truth
the Spirit Kuthumi
the Spirit Monyn.

A reincarnated human spirit, who believes such vulgar and wanton messages, shows, that he judges spiritualism to be just a spectacle, but not something "holy" and gives proof that he has as yet not evolved sufficiently, to be able to fathom the finer radiation of the Spiritualistic Philosophy. These people do not realize their low sphere of evolution and are as yet more sensitive to evil' than to good. As long as they stand aside from evolution, they will accept inspirations to fight truth and justice. As megalomaniacs and know-all — they fight truth not openly, but maliciously, like snipers in wartime, from behind, without any chance for the enemy, to protect or defend himself. In wartime, truth and justice are misrepresented by  lies - diplomatic circles give wrong information, to induce the enemy to do things to their disadvantage. Good and evil are always in collision - on earth as well as in the spirit-world - and actually is now a veritable war in the spiritual realm. The arms are rather dissimilar: on the one side love, truth, righteousness are used, as  weapons for both defense and charge - on the other side are insinuations, slander, calumniation, lies and hate. The result of such viciousness is a certain discouragement - and as everything in the spirit-world has its radiation, this radiation also reaches many reincarnated human spirits. And is it then not amazing, that on earth too, false philosophies are circulated by persons, who maintain to receive letters from High Spirits, but which are always contradicting the concerns of the Lord God as well as those High Spirits, whose work  is missions from God to human spirits on earth! Low spirits do not hesitate to manifest in the name of High Spirits - even in sιances -, to use names, which do not belong to them and to give texts, which damage the concerns of these High Spirits and mar the truth. To spread mistrust and suspicion, despair and discontent, is their goal and with these attributes they succeed to convince many people. And he, whom they thus impress, hardly ever thinks of arguing or reasoning, though - if he should do so, he would realize, that behind these vicious talks are the spirits of darkness. Kuthumi too, is often harmed by them and doubtless they will try again to pester him with their vicious lies and falsehoods. But the power of Love, Truth, Righteousness and Loyalty conquer all slander and calamity. They allow books to circulate to enlarge upon a false philosophy, to try to darken the light - let lies and slander be spread by low, un-evolved spirits: "Truth overcomes lies, Love conquers hate". The Divine Light expels darkness and nothing is able to retard the evolution and the ascent of those human spirits, who are of "good intentions". Nothing and nobody can prevent perfected spirits to come - in the name of God - to show people on earth the evil, and direct the path, which they must choose, to ultimately find Eternal Light and Bliss. The Tower of Babel and the scattering of people with diverse languages is the symbolic explanation of the difference of the human beings on earth and the various degrees of spiritual evolution, which is characteristic of the human spirits in their different degrees of evolution. The lowest degree is that of hate and vengeance and the very highest is that of Love and Compassion.





Book1, Part 1 - Questions and Answers,

Book1, Part 1 - Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits

Book 1 - Part II  - The True Spiritualism - Four Letters Mediumistically Communicated By The Spirit KUTHUMI.

Book I - Part III -   Meditation Text, Revelation, 25 Meditation Texts, Final  Prayer
Book II - The Creed Of  True Spiritualism. Mediumistically Communicated Through The Agency Of The SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

BOOK III REVELATIONS mediumistically communicated by the agency the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit Kuthumi.

BOOK IV Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.

BOOK V Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.


Book 1 Index

Book 1 - Part 1 * Questions And Answers About The Deeper Meaning Of The Spiritualistic Philosophy
Book 1 - Part 1 * Meditations of Reincarnated and Discarnated Spirits
Book I - Part II *  The True Spiritualism - Four Letters Mediumistically Communicated By The Spirit KUTHUMI.

Book I Part III






To be born — to die, To be reborn — This Is The Law. (Allan Kardec). To be born to die, to be reborn... these are Holy Sacraments. The Son of God is the Bearer of these Sacraments. Birth is: to become a human being, Death means: to return to the Cosmos. Reincarnation is: the road to spiritual perfection in each successive life. Life on earth is also the road to Wisdom, Wisdom is the Light of God, The Light of God brings Revelations, Revelations are the Light to the Unknown, The Unknown is the Life of the Spirit. Life on earth includes Suffering, Suffering is Penance for Failings. Penance leads to Purification, Purification is Spiritual Evolution, Spiritual Evolution is the Gate to Life Eternal, The Road to Eternal Life is Love, Love is Admiration, Admiration is the Gate to Aesthetics, Aesthetics is the road to Spiritual Love, Spiritual Love animates Ecstasy, Ecstasy is the Mirror of Divine Love, Divine Love leads to Redemption, Redemption is Life Eternal, Eternal Life is Bliss in the Cosmos. Death Does Not Exist...




To be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn — This Is The Law ...  this is the most important teaching of Allan Kardec, who lived in France about a hundred years ago — and since known as the Father of Modern Spiritualism. Each human being realizes that he is alive. Each child is told that it is born on a certain day, how old he is, etc... He will receive a Birth certificate, on which is noted the date, the place and the country of his birth and the names of his parents. Each person realizes that he has been born and that he is alive, and for most people this is quite sufficient. But many others wish to know more. They sense the mystery behind each human birth. They try to unveil the mystery of their own birth and pierce the darkness, which surrounds it — and slowly they gain the conviction, (hat a spirit is living in their physical body, which provides this body with Life, Motive Power and Strength. But the Mystery of Birth is still hidden. Then it will happen, that a child is stillborn, is nothing but a lump of senseless flesh. Why is there no life in this child?... the answer is simple: no spirit entered this child's body during birth... This reveals the Mystery of Birth. Each human being realizes also, that he has to die. Once the physical body is used up or has perished, it dies. Why do people pass away after a certain time, some young and others old? . . . Because the spirit, which dwells in this body, has completed its given task and is now due to return to the Cosmos. It might — however — happen, that a spirit is granted an extension lo its allotted time — but this is rare and happens only if there is a special reason. This then reveals the Mystery of Death. Once a human being accepts the existence of a spirit in the human body, he also accepts the continuance of this spirit after physical death, and he will easily understand, that only one human life would not be sufficient for the spirit to gain perfection to be able to reach the Eternal Divine Light. To be born, to die, to be reborn — is one of the unchangeable Laws of Creation and is adjusted to the earth during the full time of its existence. To be born — to die — to be reborn—is a  Divine Law... Just as a human being is subject to the laws of his country, so is the human Spirit subject to the Laws of God ... And thus are the Mysteries of Rebirth fully explained.







FIRST MEDITATION - To Be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn...
THIRD MEDITATION - To be born is: to become a human being.
FOURTH MEDITATION - To die or Discarnate Means: The Return of The Spirit To The Cosmos.
FIFTH MEDITATION - Rebirth Or Reincarnation Is The Path To Purification.
SIXTH MEDITATION - Life On Earth Is the Road To Wisdom.
SEVENTH MEDITATION - Wisdom Is The Light of God.
EIGHTH MEDITATION - The Light of God conveys Revelations
NINTH MEDITATION - Revelations are the Light to the Unknown
TENTH MEDITATION - The Unknown is the Life of the Spirit
ELEVENTH MEDITATION - Life on Earth is subject to Suffering
TWELFTH MEDITATION - Suffering is Atonement for Evil
THIRTEENTH MEDITATION - Penitence leads to Purification
FOURTEENTH MEDITATION - Purification is Spiritual Evolution
FIFTEENTH MEDITATION - Spiritual Evolution is the gate to Eternal Life
SIXTEENTH MEDITATION - Love is the road to Eternal Life
SEVENTEENTH MEDITATION - Love is Spiritual Admiration
EIGHTEENTH MEDITATION - Spiritual Admiriation is the gate to Aesthetics
NINETEENTH MEDITATION - Aesthetics is the gate to Spiritual Love
TWENTIETH MEDITATION - Spiritual Love includes Ecstasy
TWENTY-FIRST MEDITATION - Ecstasy is the Mirror of Divine Love
TWENTY-SECOND MEDITATION - Divine Love brings Liberation
TWENTY-THIRD MEDITATION - Libertaion is Life Eternal
TWENTY-FIFTH MEDITATION - Death does not Exist


To Be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn... are Holy Sacraments. One could also call them: Incarnation, Discarnation, Reincarnation. The human being accepted many sacraments, hut some of them are later rejected. This act is an effect of the Law of Evolution. The human spirit begins slowly to consider more spiritual happenings — according to its evolution. This human education has shown him that the ceremony of baptism has made him a member of a certain church... a recognized Christian. He accepts that marriage is a holy bond, when he takes an oath of loyalty, and that this bond between two people is a Holy Sacrament. But once he accepts the Spiritualistic Philosophy and realizes the importance of spiritual life to be higher than physical life and he begins to judge life from the spiritual point of view — he recognizes clergymen to be ministers of certain churches and that the sacraments, which they spend, are useful  for human wellbeing, and that these sacraments induced him to hold fast to Belief and Morale. This is the path for him to follow, to realize the importance of the True Spiritual Sacraments — the Bearer of which is the Son of God:
1) The Sacrament of Birth (or Incarnation),
2) The Sacrament of Death (or Discarnation).
3) The Sacrament of Rebirth (or Reincarnation).
Birth is — for the human being — the Sacrament, which gives him the opportunity to each — during his life on earth in a human body — for the "road to wisdom". Death is for him a Sacrament which permits him to leave his human body to deliver him, —  so that his spirit may return to its spiritual sphere in the infinite cosmos — to  the House of the Father. Reincarnation is for him a Sacrament, which lets him — by the Grace of God — he reincarnated in a new human body there to do penance, to balance his failings from previous lives, to develop Love — love for his neighbour and other virtues, to purify and lastly to rise to the Host of God's spirits. Incarnation, Discarnation and Reincarnation. (Birth, Death and Rebirth) are Divine Sacraments, of which only the "Son of God" is the Bearer, no earthly human being. Nobody can evade these Sacraments, they are a Divine Law. Everyone bears the fruits of these Sacraments and cannot escape the effects. And as each one realizes the adequate influence and the blessings and benedictions, which hail from it, they will not grieve about death, but accept it as a beneficial Holy Sacrament, which the spirit receives. Meditate about these Holy Sacraments: Birth, Death and Rebirth.



The Son of God is the Bearer of the Holy Sacraments of Incarnation, Discarnation and Reincarnation (to be born, to die, to be reborn). Sacraments, which on earth are instrumental for acknowledged churches, are only concerned with the human beings and are chosen and issued by church leaders. These sacraments are the way to learn and to understand Spiritual Sacraments. When we differentiate between those sacraments which are invented for human beings, and the Sacraments created for the Spirit, we will easily understand, that the human being consists of a physical and a spiritual part and that we have Sacraments, which may never be issued by a church leader —  e.g.: Spiritual Sacraments. Birth and death are physical conditions, but Incarnation and Discarnation are Spiritual Concerns. The Sacraments of Incarnation, Discarnation and Reincarnation can only be borne and issued by a Spirit, living in the Cosmos, that means: by God or by a part of the Divine Trinity. The Son of God is the Bearer of these Holy Sacraments. He disposes of the Divine Grace to let the human spirit incarnate, discarnate and reincarnate, until it has reached perfect evolution and is apt to live in Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.



To be born is: to become a human being.

Birth is — on earth — looked upon as a product of the human body, but not as the Birth or Rebirth of the Spirit in a human body. thus not as Incarnation or Reincarnation. The human spirit lives in the cosmos before its incarnation in a human body. There it is not a human being, but a fluidic, invisible entity. Once reincarnated, (he human being is a duality: a physical body and the indwelling human spirit. The spirit is bound to the body, as long as the body remains alive. It was — before its incarnation — a fluidic body: a spirit, which — according to its evolution or liberation — could move in space, even to other planets — without the burden of a physical body. To be born, to incarnate or reincarnate, is for the spirit actually "to become a human being", because it incarnates in a human body. The spirit is responsible for this body, as long as the human being is alive. It retains in its subconscious mind the remembrance of former lives, but the physical body remembers nothing, because it is newly born, did not exist before its birth and its life is only transient and temporal. The spirit has — during its incarnation — to accustom itself to the habits and customs of the family and the nationality with whom it now lives. To become a human being is the fulfillment of a Divine Law.



To die or Discarnate Means: The Return of The Spirit To The Cosmos.

For human beings, living on earth, the death of a beloved person is a great affliction, a deep grief. A chair in the lounge remains empty. The life of the whole family is changed, there is a lack of intimate association. Wherever a member of the family passes over, the family circle becomes smaller, there is less enjoyment, less gratification — because each individual member of a family helps to its wellbeing. They might have given physical, moral or financial help, to keep the household going. Those, who are left behind, grieve — a dearly beloved one has left them. never to return — has passed from their family circle. The spirit, which returned to the cosmos, feels quite differently from those, whom it left behind. It is now aware that life continues after death, that — although the physical body has died — dying means actually: discarnation of the spirit, liberation from the human body, is again at liberty to move around the cosmos. This gives it the ability, to remember all that has passed — not only during its last life as a human being, but also of former lives. It meets, in the unending cosmos, spirits from former incarnations. Remembrances arise of happiness, strife, victory and defeat. But foremost is the feeling of liberation from the human body, which has decayed. This passed life on earth has helped to obtain more wisdom, awareness, purification and evolution. For the spirit — to die or discarnate is the return to the cosmos.



Rebirth Or Reincarnation Is The Path To Purification.

Let us call Rebirth: the Reincarnation. When a spirit is reincarnated in a human body, this means that for this spirit the gates to "Life on Earth" have opened anew. What is the goal and the advantage of reincarnation?... Everything happens according to God's Divine Laws. The reincarnation of a spirit in a human body makes it forget all reminiscences of all previous lives, keeps them only in the subconscious mind of the human being. The human being learns many things. Some are necessary for the physical being — the others are important to the spirit. He follows the path of his new life and receives, what he — as spirit, before reincarnation — has asked for. When old age is nearing, he reconsiders the path of his life, which lies behind him and realizes all his good and evil actions. And the spirit — once returned to the cosmos — looks back to its last rebirth or reincarnation, which has improved its evolution and has helped him to rise a step nearer to the Host of God's spirits. Rebirth or Reincarnation is the path to purification.



Life On Earth Is the Road To Wisdom.

When the spirit is born in a human body, its goal is not only to keep the body hale and healthy or to use it as a vehicle and control. There is a more significant, a more serious goal: to collect wisdom. It is not sufficient to burden the brain with all kinds of human knowledge, to learn how to provide for the body or how to enjoy life. Life on earth also has a spiritual side, e.g.: to search for wisdom. Wisdom includes: to improve spiritually by study and life - experiences. To improve means: to develop love and compassion for fellow-creatures. To improve needs the study, to realize failings and try to overcome them, to shake off or diminish such attributes as egoism, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and thoughts of revenge. To improve includes: to practice all virtues, such as: help to the needy, materially and morally — to encourage sick people — attempts to influence drunkards to abandon alcohol etc. To improve means chiefly: to search for truth about everything, which concerns the human beings, who still live in ignorance — to acquire knowledge of the Wonder of Birth, the Wonder of Death, the Marvel of Rebirth, (Incarnation, Discarnation, Reincarnation). He, who searches for Truth, travels the Path to Wisdom. He, who travels the Path of Wisdom, approaches the Light of God closer and closer,because Wisdom is the Light of God. To approach the Light of God, means: already live in this Light. He, who lives in this Light during his life on earth, will surely live there after discarnation, and shall — freed from the burden of the human body — enter the Eternal Cosmos. Study the Divine Laws of incarnation, discarnation and reincarnation, (to be born, to die and to be reborn), and the Gates to the Path of Wisdom will be opened to you. Noteworthy, sublime revelations will be given to you on this path and you will know for sure, that "Life on earth is: the road to Wisdom".



Wisdom Is The Light of God.

From the spiritual point of view: the human spirit returns to earth and reincarnates in a human body, without remembering anything, neither from any former life nor of life in the cosmos. That is the meaning of the words in the Bible: the human being lives in gloom. The spirit has deposited all its remembrance in the sub-consciousness and the human brain has no knowledge of it. The more and deeper the human being penetrates into the life on earth, the more life-experiences will he gather — and the more difficult and harder his life on earth will be shaped, the more will he meet with good and evil, with love and hatred, with passion and indifference, with revenge and forgiveness, with sadness and happiness, With generosity and avarice, with wealth and poverty, with ambition and servitude, with haughtiness and submission, with honor and disgrace, with willpower and indifference and many other virtues and vices. The human being receives slowly, but surely — initiation — not only in physical but also in spiritual concerns. These experiences form his character, his way of living, the aim of his existence. Aware or unaware he hankers after the yearning of his life — an Ideal, This Ideal is the effect of his spiritual forming. His life-experiences have kindled a light in his soul and this Light is Wisdom. And — once the cycle of reincarnations is closed and he again enters the spiritual life in the cosmos — he will find himself Standing before the Font of All Wisdom: God. There the spirit blends with the first source of his origin, of his creation — and will now understand All and Everything. Wisdom is the Light of God.



The light of God conveys Revelations

God is in actual fact the Living Spirit of Light. Each one — living on earth as a reincarnated spirit — has an Aura, and the Aura radiates Light. Some people are gifted to see this radiation on others. In some persons this radiating Light is shining bright, whereas in others it is only smallish and dusky. It changes its color according to the human evolution, his mood and his state of health. The human spirit is an imperfect image of God — and as this human being already radiates a small light — how Beautiful, Clear and Perfect must be the Light, which radiates from God! Each spirit, on earth as well as in the cosmos, always tries — either aware of it or unknowingly — to rise closer and ever closer to this Divine Light until it is ultimately accepted to enter this Light of Bliss. The Light, which radiates from God, consists of rays. This beam of rays is Wisdom, because the Essence of God is Wisdom — and Wisdom is Sister to Love, Goodness and Compassion. Thus it is only a logical inference, that Divine Wisdom, coupled with His Love, His Compassion and all other Sublime Elements, will infiltrate and penetrate the human spirit and even its physical dwelling place. God helps the human spirits to approach Him and His Divine Radiation awakens in the brain many revelations of Morale, Love, Compassion, etc. These are amazing Revelations — their aim is to improve the human being, so as to raise him always higher and closer to His Divine Light... The Light of God conveys Revelations.



Revelations Are The Light To The Unknown

Revelations are the Light of God, which the human being, who has returned from the cosmos to the earth, collects — according to his life — experiences, and who therewith collects wisdom and virtues. Revelations reach him from two sides:  1) through study and from other sources, which are invisible to the human being, but which kindle a Light in his brain, an inspiration. 2) through life-experience, his own experiences and also those, which he notices with relatives and friends... and through happenings, which he witnessed in other peoples lives. The veil, which hides the Unknown, is lifted in as much as a human being obtains experiences and he learns new things, which throw a shimmer of Light upon this Unknown. The most unbeknown thing for the human being is his own Self — the knowledge of his duality: the physical human being and his indwelling spirit — the knowledge, that his physical body is but temporal and is as such subject to death, but that the invisible spirit — which gives life and strength to this physical body — is immortal, eternal. Life on earth means to strive after wisdom — it is the comprehension, that wisdom is the Light of God and that the Light of God holds Revelations and that Revelations illuminate the Unknown. Revelations are the Light to the Unknown.




The Unknown is the Life of the Spirit

Life on earth — of reborn, reincarnated human spirits - is twofold: its life as a physical being and the life of the invisible spirit. The attention and the care for the needs of the physical body takes up nearly all its time and makes it almost forget to consider spiritual matter — although the human being contemplates many spiritual concerns, though being unaware of the existence of spirits and of his own human spirit. Spiritual concerns are not understood with the human brain. There are things, which he will learn with his human brain — these are found by restricting oneself to earthly things, such as material profits, physical pleasures and riches. But he also harbors spiritual claims, which he wishes to fulfill. A human being who is interested in science, universal knowledge, art, morale, philosophy, and studies these for the sake of gaining for himself and his fellow-creatures a higher standard of wisdom, greater spiritual development, mysticism etc. and by doing this, eliminates all thoughts of physical and worldly interests, does not achieve all the accomplishments with his human brain, but by his spiritual forces. Thus his own eyes and those of his followers are opened to Unknown Concerns. He recognizes himself and others as spirits — he realizes the duality of his own being — his own being as physical human person and his invisible spirit. He is able to realize how far he,  as well as those others have purified and improved — or how they reject such truth as understandable, which he himself fully accepts. He becomes conscious of his own evolution and realizes that for him the dominant Unknown is the human being. He now also realizes his own inner spiritual life within the physical body and spirit life outside the body. The Unknown is Spiritual Life.



Life on Earth is subject to Suffering

Each human being on earth has to undergo Suffering. The human being will ask himself — after such bout of suffering — why must I suffer? Why is life not a paradise on earth? I do as much good as I am able to do. I am good to my family. I am as helpful as ever I can be. I try to comfort those, who meet with affliction and difficulties... and still... there is so much grief and suffering in my own life. This planet, called "Earth", where the human spirit is incarnated, is a planet for penitence and purification. Earth is a low planet, a planet for those spirits, which desire and are able to improve, but which caused — in previous lives — affliction and suffering to other reincarnated spirits. When — after an unsatisfactory life — the spirit returns to the cosmos, it asks for a new reincarnation (or rebirth), to suffer twice the amount of suffering, which it inflicted upon people during its previous incarnation. And as we now receive this suffering, for which we have asked before our new reincarnation, let us bear with thankfulness the cross of our present life, and realize that we suffer no more than the double amount of previous failings — for suffering we caused our neighbors in a previous life on earth. Let us be grateful and thank God for every tear we shed, for every humiliation we have to endure. Ever and anon, we climb a step up the ladder of purification and redemption from evil and we will reach — with increasing enlightenment — the Eternal Light of Him, Who Creates us. Life on earth is subject to much suffering.




Suffering is Atonement for Evil

The life of human spirits — whether they be reincarnated in a human body or living discarnated in the cosmos — is ruled by Laws. Everything which happens has a cause, a motive — nothing happens without this motive. Also — everything which happens, has its effect, its consequence. No effect without cause — and no cause without its effect. The cause of Suffering is the Evil — the consequence of suffering is atonement. Penitence through suffering is no punishment, it is the effect of an evil deed. Do not blame the Heavens for this penitence for which you have to suffer. Every stone which you throw, every accusation, returns to you and increases your own suffering — your Karma. A human being will be aware of an evil deed and of other base actions, which he did — and then may feel the deepest remorse for his  evildoings. But he has more often to atone for evildoings, done in former lives. Thus he is unaware of  the reason for his suffering and therefore may become mutinous and rebellious. Do not ever let us revolt. Humility and submission are the necessary attributes for the path we travel. Suffering is Atonement for Evil.



Penitence leads to Purification

Penitence is the consequence of remorse. A human being feels penitent after committing an evil action. The cause is Evil — the consequence of evil is remorse — the effect of remorse is suffering and penitence. Suffering and penitence are temporal — its duration is determined by the type of evil, which the human being committed and is the consequence, the effect of this deed. The human being feels relieved after such affliction and has the notion that life is more beautiful than before. He feels deeper the beauty of nature, the sun shines brighter, the flowers appear more splendid, the birds sing more cheerfully, the rippling water of the little brooks awakens a sense of praise and love, the sky seems bluer and the clear horizon invites a walk. Thus is the human reaction after suffering and grief. The fact is, that suffering and penance have purified him spiritually. The dark spots in his Aura — a sign of evildoings from former lives — have disappeared. The Light, which surrounds him, becomes clearer and without spots, the eyes shine like a bonfire. His whole being radiates Calm and Peace — because his remorse, his suffering and penance, have purified him. Penitence leads to Purification. 




Purifiction is Spiritual Evolution

Evolution is — from the human point of view — material amendment. Many false axioms are used to give this word a significant meaning. The human being does not realize that this struggle for material values, which he calls "evolution", is only of physical value, temporal and passing. Spiritual Evolution is imperishable and eternal — it always rises higher and higher, until it reaches its highest acme. Spiritual evolution is the result of spiritual purification; no Spiritual Evolution is possible without spiritual purification. The human spirit is reincarnated on earth, to undergo this process of purification. The more it unifies — through penance and suffering — by wisdom, awareness and life-experiences — the higher will be its degree of evolution. But — this wisdom and awareness have to be spiritual. The human being has to accept and practice to live his own spiritual life — he must value his spiritual life foremost and sincerely, higher than his material life on earth. Thus he will know and accept that his purification is spiritual evolution.




Spiritaul Evolution is the gate to Eternal Life

We have stated that Spiritual Evolution is the result of Purification. Let us then also accept that Spiritual Evolution leads the human spirit to the "Gates to Eternal Life". Let us reject all false axioms, as e.g.: that all human spirits, will after the death of their physical body—be received into Eternal Life and Bliss in heir Father's Mansion. The truth is, that every human spirit in the cosmos lives kind to kind, just as it lived on earth, where also human beings of the same type, knocked together. As Jesus-Christ has told us: there are many mansions in the House of my Father, which means: in the cosmos are many spheres and many planes. Only those who, during their incarnations as human beings, have lived a good exemplary life, and have, by repentance, suffering and struggle — paid for and balanced previous failings, gained perfect purification — those, who have collected wisdom and therewith complete spiritual evolution — those only shall pass through this Gate to Eternal Life, Spiritual Evolution which is the condition to reach this Gate to Eternal Life.



Love is the Road to Eternal Life

The primitive human spirit, which reincarnates in a human body, has still many faults and defects, but successive reincarnations give it the ability to part with its vices, errors and defects and gain virtues instead. The more primitive the human spirit, the more dependant is the human individual on animal-instincts, possessions, luxury and physical enjoyments. The more — after many successive reincarnations — the human spirit casts off its errors and vices, and begins to rise and improve, the more intensely will it develop the feeling of confidence in its fellow-beings, the feeling of love for plants, animals and human beings — develops its sense for aesthetics, love of art and science, and have respect and veneration for all that is beautiful and sublime, it will acquire fervent ecstasy for the Wonder of Creation and for the Creator. Wisdom, too, grows and is established in him. Little by little he is filled with Love and radiates Love and Peace. He radiates Love — and all and everything, with which he comes in contact, is penetrated and filled with this Love, and they — in turn — emanate this Love, as a soothing balm, to others. Love is a spiritual condition. The physical body knows neither love nor hate. The spirit — though — feels, thinks and acts. The physical body is just a temporal tool. Love is proof of sublimity and evolution, and perfect evolution leads the human spirit to the Gates of Eternal Life and Bliss. The road to Eternal Life is "Love".



Love is Spiritual Admiration

Love has a very extended circumference, but admiration has a still wider radius. Love cannot be seen with human eyes. As we use the expression: "true Love" we feel some deep intensity, something in affably precious and valuable, indestructible, eternal. There is such a serenity about it, such a "preparedness to suffer — to complete surrender". We call it "Mother love", when a mother is prepared to suffer many sacrifices for her children. This is still a human feeling, because this love implies more the body of the child, but it is already the transition to spiritual love. The mother is not aware of the fact, that her child is a spirit, but motherly love is a more spiritual than human feeling. This feeling — however — is quite instinctive. But, when the child performs an act of neighborly love, sacrifices to save someone from evil, an accident or a misfortune, or even from death — then this motherly love turns to something like veneration and admiration, becomes more spiritual — no more for the child's little body, but for his spirit — as admiration is no more a human perception, but is a sensation and being such, a sensation is not physical, but spiritual. When a human being sees a wonderful piece of art, he feels admiration. He feels respect for the artist, because he realizes, that the artist has conceived from his innermost soul in creating this work. The piece of art is material, but the love. the devotion, which created it, has great spiritual value and thus clings invisibly to the form, the lines and colors or the tunes of the melody. And the onlooker, who feels this love radiating from the artist and his work, stands before it, profoundly touched and affected, with deep-felt admiration. The love, which the artist radiated in his work, creates intense admiration in the heart of the admirer and such admiration is actually a condition of spiritual love. Love is Spiritual Admiration.



Spiritual Admiration is the gate to Aesthetics

Admiration is a spiritual condition, it is immaterial, just a feeling. A feeling is always spiritual, it is entirely different from physical impressions, like pain... He, who feels admiration, is susceptible to beauty — in forms, lines, color or tones —but is also susceptible to the beauty in actions, like sacrifice, submission to higher influences, respect for the aged and for antiquity in general, relief for needy people, comfort for the sick and help for those not provided for. Admiration for beauty is the impulse to aesthetic emotions and this leads the human individual to the Gates of the Temple of Aesthetics. Once he enters this temple of aesthetics, admiration develops a wider aspect and a higher significance. The human feeling of admiration then becomes coupled with Love and Veneration. He feels the vibration of each fine form, each elegant line, harmonious tunes and splendid colors — feels their radiation, their significant implications. He realizes and admires what he beholds and senses in this temple, and he realizes that this perception of beauty has furthered his aim for more inclinations and that new impulses will arise in his soul. and more of the mysteries of aesthetics he unveils. Spiritual Admiration is the Gate to Aesthetics.



Aesthetics is the gate to Spiritual Love

The human hood of the individual human being becomes less and less important, the more the reincarnated human spirit finds its home in the Temple of Aesthetics — and as the awareness of his human hood diminishes, everything seems to take on a more spiritual implication. His aesthetic sensations, his admiration and veneration for everything sublime, brings his spiritual life more and more to the foreground. All things, which actuate his feeling for art and beauty, caress his eyes, his scent, his ears — all his senses. It is no longer human love, which allows him to admire all these forms and lines, colors and tunes of beauty but his inner spiritual love arouses his veneration, which aesthetics and beauty evince for him. He has the inspiration to become less human and far more a spiritual being. The love, which produces all this splendor and glory, is noticeable in all these forms, lines and colors, which charm his eyes and the music, which fascinates his ears and he senses the fragrance of nature's abundance, which he inhales. His admiration has led him to the Gates of Aesthetics — and aesthetics has animated a deep-felt, grateful love — and this is spiritual love. Aesthetics are the Gates to Spiritual Love.



Spiritual Love includes Ecstasy

When a reincarnated spirit is able to perceive spiritual love without any secondary human notion, one may draw the conclusion, that it has overcome all worldly, physical inclinations and has reached such a degree of spiritual purification and evolution, that admiration for the Sublime has awakened a new sensation in his soul,namely Ecstasy. He feels admiration for some aesthetic expressions — for higher expressions this admiration is coupled with respect — still higher creations awake a force of attraction, which is revealed as a feeling of unlimited spiritual love. This feeling of admiration. of love. reverence and respect is something so overwhelming, that it brings about a state of Ecstasy. Then all is forgotten - - what he is and where he is, time and space glide away, earth and his human body have dissolved. He is like a spirit which has left its body and wanders in the wide spirit world, in the Temple of Aesthetics. His return to the human body is a great disappointment. He looks at the earth — his approach to lilac material world brings him back to actuality. Spiritual love induces Ecstasy.



Ecstasy is the Mirror of Divine Love

Ecstasy is a state of mind, which is caused by an expression of love and respectful reverence and admiration of Beauty. Call this beauty: aesthetics in all its expressions, lines, forms, colors, music, fragrance and taste — it remains a condition, in which a spirit is attracted to higher spheres, to the font of his origin: to God. Thus ecstasy holds a mystic sensation. In whatever condition the reincarnated human spirit may find itself, wherever it feels attracted by a radiation of love, it will — in return —also radiate — also radiate a feeling of love. Both radiations of love meet one another halfway and blend together. Everything has its radiation, and this radiation of love adheres to everything which was created with a loving heart. The radiation of this love remains in all lines, colors and music — and charms the human spirit, to radiate its own love. The whole of nature — the human spirit included — radiates the Love of their Creator, because He accomplished His Creation with abounding Love and all His Creation is therefore mutually united in Love. The human being, who —on earth — is influenced by physical matter, is able to deliver himself — by purification and evolution — of this material matter and of his physical body. He might reach a condition of ecstasy, radiate his own love of every created being. This condition incites Mysticism, because the origin of all Love is .... God. His Atoms are planted in every created  thing, and — as God is Love — so every created thing, which owns His Atom, bears Divine Love. Ecstasy is the mirror of Divine Love.



Divine Love brings Liberation

Divine Love is experience, distinctly explained, according to the state of ecstasy in which the human being feels himself to be Divine Love lives in every created thing and raises mutual radiation. The state of ecstasy lightens the weight of the physical body and the spirit draws greater influence from the Divine Power in the cosmos. As much as the reincarnated human spirit liberates itself and reaches a higher degree of evolution, it becomes easier to disregard its physical body and to develop a progressively growing force: Love. Love renders him more and more free from worldly desires. This deep feeling — Love — purifies and grows perpetually more spiritual. The physical body was for a long time a hindrance to his development, because the body too desires to fulfill its part on earth. Eventually the spirit is advanced enough to take the lead and to subdue the physical body — and is now able to travel its chosen path, the path to purification, perfection, evolution. The independence from the body. the independence from evil influences, from base and corrupt human cravings — are now imminent, Who brings liberation? .... the Divine Love, which penetrates his whole being in his moments of ecstasy and of leaving the body. Divine Love bears him away and he radiates Love and this Love surrounds him like a bulwark .... This is the whole secret.



Liberation is Life Eternal

Liberation is freeing the spirit from its physical body — but Liberation means also to be free from all evil desires, thus: evolution. Liberation is the result of Love and Wisdom. Liberation means: the Gates to Eternal Life. Liberation is thus: release, in the Light of Divine Love and Wisdom. God is Eternity. The road to Eternal Life is Love and Wisdom. Ecstasy cultivated Love and Wisdom in the human spirit. He, who is filled with Love and Wisdom is able to ascend the ladder of Evolution and therewith to approach the Light of Eternal Life closer and closer. God is Eternal Life — God is Wisdom and Love. He, who rises with his Love and Wisdom, ultimately reaches the Gate to Eternal Light, where his ove and Wisdom blend with the Eternal Light — because his spiritual treasure is an Atom of the Divine Light and Wisdom, which is... God. Liberation of the human spirit from the imperfect, temporal human body is: to live in Eternity. Liberation is Eternal Life.



Eternal Life is Bliss

The conception, that all discarnated spirits reach Eternal Bliss after the death of their physical body, is a false axiom. This would be contrary to the Laws of God. "Kind to kind" is the parole in the Universe — there are many spheres and each spirit will find its suitable home, according to its evolution. No imperfectly purified spirit is assigned to reach the sphere of bliss. Only spirits of higher evolution are permitted to visit spheres of lower evolution, to help less evolved spirits to reach the path to higher spheres and only after many reincarnations will a human spirit be authorized to reach the highest sphere, that of Eternal Bliss. Another false axiom, which is widely spread among human beings, is the idea, that "Bliss" means: Rest and Peace in Eternity. Nothing is less true. When a spirit — thanks to its purification and sublimity — reaches the state of Bliss, its sensibility and conception of responsibility surpasses by far those of a spirit of lesser evolution. This spirit has been found worthy to enter the Light of God. It has — during its cycle of reincarnations — lived through many life-experiences and each such experience has increased its wisdom and its worth of efficacy. This intelligence is used for missions among reincarnated spirits on earth and on other planets. Such a mission includes attempts to prepare spirits, which are seeking the path to liberation, in order to realize truth. It inspires them to cultivate Love and Compassion and to good deeds. It encourages them to read and study enlightening good explanatory books, arranges contacts, which will introduce them to initiation in mystical and philosophical conceptions and impressions etc... Oh no — spirits, which live in the sphere of Bliss, are never idle. Their joy is in works of Love and Liberation. They are no longer hampered by a physical body, which is subject to pain and difficulties — but the spiritual being is so sensitive, that working among reincarnated spirits may also cause them grief and sorrow. They will get tired occasionally, and need a period of rest to gain new strength. And still — they feel happy and satisfied about their purification and bliss, because they live with their work and their wisdom — in the Light of God. Eternal Life is Bliss.



Death does not Exist

Everything which happens on earth, is the Mirror of the Universe. Just as there are laws on earth, to which people have to submit, so are the Laws in the Universe. Life on earth as reincarnated human spirits allows the spirits to get acquainted with the existence of good and evil and teaches them lo choose the path of love and goodness. The spirit lies — during its life on earth in a human body — to pass many tests, to realize its progress in development and to know how effectively it has passed all these tests. It collects much life-experience and knowledge of human beings during this stay on earth. It does not only learn the care of its body, but also of its own spiritual indigence. In each reincarnation are opportunities for improvement — there is always the opportunity to balance its karma through penitence — through spiritual and physical suffering. The spirit thus gradually realizes good and evil — in its existence as human being and as spirit. This realization develops virtues — it also tries to overcome the still remaining failings and shortcomings. The human being searches for spiritual truth and is — by his awakened wisdom — able to study his fellow - creatures as well as himself as human being and as spirit. And ultimately the spirit is sufficiently advanced to teach other spirits, which are less purified, and to show them the path to purification and evolution. "It becomes a spiritual adviser and counselor" and a helper in need... during its future human lives as well as in the spiritual spheres later in the cosmos. And the spirit tries to improve more and more — even in the cosmos, to penetrate still deeper to the Divine Light of Love and Wisdom. The various bodies — in which the spirit has incarnated — have decayed, but the Spirit, the Bearer of the Divine Atom. lives for all Eternity. Death does not exist.



Father In Heaven — open my eyes and allow me to see the evil and failings in my life; Give me the strength to overcome them; Give me the will to acquire new virtues. Let more wisdom develop in me. Grant me the gift to understand my fellowmen, Let me realize myself more, both as spirit and as man, Help me to persevere on the path of brother love. Let me utterly trust in Thee — Grant me contentment with my life on earth — and Let idealism and mysticism he my strength and comfort.




Dear Readers:
Some of you will entirely accept the Divine Truths, which are recorded in this "Book of Wisdom" Some of you will accept it only in parts, Some will reject these Truths completely. Those of you, who reject all of it, have not finished reading the whole book. They have as yet too low a spiritual evolution, to be able to fathom its deeper meaning or to accept it. Those, who are still in doubt, but have however, finished reading the book to the last page heard at least the seeds of Wisdom and kept them in their mind, and — after reading the book again later and meanwhile have collected more life-experiences — will change their doubts and be convinced. You, who accept all the Divine Truths, recorded in this book, will in your future lives as human beings on earth — either aware or unaware — help to realize God's Divine Plans here on earth. You will have to bear much greater responsibility, because now you realize that you are a Reincarnated Spirit, which is initiated in Divine Mysteries. You will in future — unknowingly — work together with "invisible entities", which will inspire you:
1) to sow Divine Truths among those human beings who are able to understand them;
2) to intercept the Evil, which fights these Divine Truths, and which tries to hinder reincarnated spirits to further rising and evolution.
3) to behave kindly towards your fellow-beings, to help them to find the right path — your own path — and therewith to prepare also a place for yourself, a place in Bliss and Eternal Life, This will be your task as Spirit in the Service of God.



H. L. Rivail was born in Lyon (France) in 1804. He was expected - as were all male members of the family — to accept a position as Magistrate. But this he did not appreciate. He developed — since early youth — a keen interest in science and philosophy. He spent his schooldays in Lyon, hut later studied in Yverdun (Switzerland) under the famous Professor Pestalozzi whose most devoted, most intelligent co-worker he became. After having received his degree of Dr. Med. and later selected Professor, lie went to Paris, there to open an Institute on the lines of that of Professor Pestalozzi, in Yverdun, hut unfortunate circumstances forced him to change his profession and to earn his living as clerk and by private teaching. I' lie first time that Dr. Rivail made contact with spiritualism was in 1854. when a friend took him to a sιance. He was immediately greatly interested. One day lie received a message from a Protecting Spirit, which told him that in a previous incarnation they both had lived in Gaul, in Druidic 5imes and that as a Druid, he — Dr. Rivail  bore the name: Allan Kardec. This spirit then promised to assist him in his forthcoming difficult task in life. All spiritual messages, which Allan Kardec received in such sιances, lie carefully collected and published them under the name of Allan Kardec in several books, the first hook being: "Le Livre des Lsprits" (The book of the Spirits). In 1858 he started the periodical: "La Revue Spirite" (Spiritualistic Revue), which is still to-day the best known and most important spiritualistic journal in France. His is a hard task, he is the target of all kinds of suspicion, is continually insulted and laughed at. Still — he endured and persevered, and achieved to come in contact with many spiritualists all over the world and collected as many messages as he could get. He published — in this sequence: The Book of the Spirits — The Book of Mediums — the Gospels — the Creation — Heaven and Earth — all of which are still dominant and fundamental spiritualistic books. He — the Father of Modern Spiritualism — died on 31 March 1869, 65 years — of a heart attack, caused by strenuous overwork. Let us feel profound respect and reverence for him — who, although scoffed at, derided and humiliated, devoted his life to the triumph of such a beautiful thought: "To give evidence, that at the other side of the grave "The Dead Are Alive".



The physical body of Dr. H. L. Rivail (Allan Kardec) is laid to rest in Paris (France) at the famous churchyard "Pere Lachaise". About a hundred years have since passed. When you visit Paris, do not neglect to visit this tomb of Allan Kardec and — with His name in your heart — send a prayer to Heaven, as if your prayer should be for the Spirit of Christ. Should you or a member of your family or a friend — feel sick ask Him for healing — in most cases your prayer will be granted. You are never alone, when visiting this tomb of Allan Kardec. There are always people present,  to pray or ask a favor — you will always find fresh flowers there — and ever so often — someone there will tell you, that he had prayed at this tomb, all his pains disappeared and that he felt refreshed and healthy ever since. You are then not surprised that each newcomer picks — for a talisman — a leaf from the weeping willow, which over-shadows this grave?