This book is dedicated in gratitude and affection to Dr. Donald Austin of South Africa whose system and techniques of deep relaxation made its appearance possible. He is one of the many fingers on God's Hand, pointing out a way of life to ease the burden of men in this harassing, wonderful, terrifying age.


29th March 1996



Lei him who seeks cease not until he finds, and when he finds he shall be astonished. Astonished he shall reach the kingdom, and having reached the kingdom, he shall rest." (Traditional sayings of Jesus) There are many books available to the student of the teachings and practices of various branches of Yoga. This book refers to simplified versions presented to the beginner on the Path. There are not many such books on the aspect known as LayaYoga. Because of the need for widespread knowledge on this subject, in a simplified form, what follows has been written at the request of a discarnate teacher. He advised the book be thrown into the 'Pool of Presented Knowledge.' It has been done, and whether or not the ripples reach any shore is not the concern of the author. Lack of self-knowledge and ability to deal with the increasing tempo of earthly existence have made enemies of things originally designed as blessings: birth, death, eating, drinking, mating, employment, recreation, communication, money, etc., have been fashioned by ignorance and folly into destructive forces. Time, the great blessing bestowed upon humanity in the cause of evolutionary processes, has been made into an enemy by most civilized people. The exceptions are the very advanced (Masters and high Initiates) who have learned the secrets of time, and the un-evolved to whom it has neither meaning nor value. Wisdom says, "If you cannot defeat your enemy, become his friend." Who can defeat the processes of earthly time? Make friends with time by being sparing in its use and not wasting it; thus will time yield its wonderful secrets to man for whom it was made. One aspect of making wiser use of time in the worlds of human experience is clearly seen in the field of education: world wide efforts are being made to simplify and sped up methods of teaching in order to include the vaster ranges of knowledge gained in the past two hundred years. In simplifying and clarifying esoteric teachings, heretofore veiled from the majority and intricately presented to the few, another step forward is taken in harmonizing with time in this age. A long intensive study and practice of Laya Yoga is undesirable, time wasting and unnecessary in these days of increased cosmic pressure, but a basic overall grasp of the subject is a valuable and substantial foundation for any esoteric researchers into the make-up and destiny of man. Without such a foundation, a student of occultism could easily flounder about without true purpose of directive. There are many advanced writings on Laya Yoga, but this basic presentation has been created for those who have knocked upon a door on which is written the age old admonition, "Man know thyself, and thou shalt then know thy God." Enter then beloved: come closer to your centre of being. You will find many illumined minds, loving hearts, helpful hands and encouraging words awaiting you for man IS his brother's keeper and your welfare the concern of all who tread the Path.






"Laya Yoga, or the science of the centres, is the application of the law to the forces of nature and the scientific utilization of these forces by the man. It involved the passing of certain septenates of energy through the centres up the spine (etheric) and into the head by a certain geometrical progression. This makes a man a Master Psychic and unfolds in him certain latent powers which put him in touch with the soul of all things and the subjective side of nature." A. A. Bailey "To be freed from the material world we must make the instrument clean, pure, steady, vigilant, strong and faithful in little things." Sayings of the Scattered Brethren. Laya Yoga, the science of the Etheric force centres or chakras as they are called in ancient Sanskrit, reveals the mechanics of the vitalization of the physical, astral and mental bodies. The study and practice of this yoga and the arousing of the power of Kundalini have been the cause of much irresponsible speech and action. The practice of Laya Yoga without the personal guidance of a Master of the Science is extremely dangerous and, in many cases, has had disastrous consequences. Therefore, practice techniques of the old schools of Laya Yoga will not be given in this treatise. Certain pointers may be given regarding safe development along spiritual lines which the seeker may follow, but let anyone who reads this pay attention to a warning note .ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. Whenever this truth is lost sight of, error in action occurs, and the student is urged to learn, meditate upon, and at all times remember this. It is a wise action to write in large characters "Energy follows Thought," and place them where they will be seen everyday until the truth of that which is implied becomes pan of the natural life expression. It states in Ancient Wisdom teaching that the origin of the human race was a Divine. Idea or Thought. Following the mental concept of man by God, Divine Energy began to outpour, creating at a certain low point, dense matter. Succeeding waves of energy separated the dense matter into shapes and forms through the processes of evolution. With the exception of the unthinking, the emotional and the religious cripples, all people today accept evolution as a scientifically proven reality, together with the fact that the most highly evolved animal form is the human. These highly involved animal mechanisms were made to become temporary instruments through which the real eternal lives could manifest. Insufficient knowledge and improper use of any mechanism Impairs efficiency in its intended purposes. If the mechanism of man's lower physical being is not consciously understood and put to its proper uses, it is logical to assume that manifestation of his higher being will be affected thereby. Therefore, let man study to understand, and consciously use in a correct manner, his wonderful physical vehicles. Then and only then will he conquer his lower animal-emotional nature and free himself from crucifixion on the crosses of earthly existence. It has been said, man is Spirit, Soul, Body. Spirit is regarded as the Life Essence of All That Is: The Divine Fire of Life Forces; The Father; The One Life; The ALL; The Absolute; The Reality. Many such inadequate terms define it to man's limited power of .conception. A man's individual part of pure spirit is known as his monad, his "I Am That I Am." The monad manifests Divine Will and Divine Power. Soul is the level where spirit rays out into physical manifestations. It is the great linking agent between Spirit and Matter. The human soul is the power of that part or aspect of the Monad which becomes enclosed in a body of its own called the Casual Body. The soul manifests the Christ principle of Love-Wisdom. This is upheld by the injunction "Learn to love, and love will set you free." In the process of learning to love, the nature of the soul is revealed, and the "Light of the Soul" and the "Power of the Monad" releases man from earthly bondage. The roots of the soul rest in the formless higher mind. When a man through service, sacrifice and persistent effort overcomes his lower nature, he contacts his soul through the powers of attraction. His soul then consciously controls and uses his physical mechanism to manifest divinity in the world. Jesus taught this when He encouraged His disciples with "By your patience you will gain your souls." (Luke 21, New Testament from he Aramaic). At the point in evolution of perfect soul control, any man could truly say with the Nazarene, "I am the Light of the World." Body, to the majority, is the dense physical body of the flesh known through its five senses - sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Occultists state that man has in reality not one, but four physical type bodies, (i) physical dense, (ii) physical Etheric, (iii) astral-emotional and (iv) lower mental. They are usually referred to simply as physical, Etheric, astral and mental. The student should endeavour to get the idea of possessing these four sheaths, bodies or vehicles, call them what you will, firmly implanted as a basis for any occult study. He will find this a revealing and absorbing field of esoteric research. 1. The Physical Dense which all normal people know as "My Body", is the sheath of dense physical matter called flesh. Medical science with its many branches has revealed the wonder of this amazing mechanism with its tremendous powers and potentialities. Scientific research is continually astounding the world with discoveries about the intricate and perfect structure of the physical dense body at its present stage of development. In Laya Yoga, great consideration is given to the endocrine or ductless glands. The pineal, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, Suprarenals and gonads. Each of these glands is created, sustained and conditioned by a major Etheric centre. In other words, the glands are the dense physical counterpart or extension of the largest and most powerful of the force centres. Upon the harmonious relationship of all the centres and the glands depends the health of the human being. At this point, if the student has no knowledge of these glands, he would be wise to obtain a grounding by consulting any basic literature on this subject. The physical body does not condition any other body, but is purely a mechanism vitalized and conditioned by the inner sheaths. 2. The Physical Etheric is sometimes called the "etheric double." Occultists call it the physical-etheric because they recognize it as the other half of the physical body. Thus, when an occultist, or to use a more modern term, when the esotericists refers to the physical body he means physical-dense plus physical-etheric: the two are regarded as one complete mechanism. The etheric is a vitalizing sheath comprised of many lines of force which supports, shapes and conditions the component parts of the body or flesh. The points at which the lines of force meet and merge are called force centres (Chakras) and there are thousands of centres in the etheric body. Laya Yoga is the study, and eventually the conscious use, of the seven largest centres and one or two minor ones. When the seven major centres are working well the minor ones do so automatically, and the aim is to so live according to spiritual direction that the seven great points of vitalizing energies in the etheric body are able to do their amazing and rewarding work. As the seven largest centres are the main subject for study in this outline on Laya Yoga, it will be realized that the "Etheric Body" from the point of Laya Yoga is the most important sheath of the four lower physical type bodies of man and should be considered carefully and as thoroughly as possible. The student should keep in mind that the physical body is the result and extension of the etheric body. By the practice of remembering this fact he will eventually become consciously aware of his etheric vehicle and begin to use it. He becomes cognizant of its inner working by observing the results in the physical body. When this occurs, a step forward in self-knowledge and self-mastery has been taken. He learns to work with the realization that the etheric is an energizing, vitalizing, linking mechanism for the other sheaths - physical, astral and mental - and can affect and be affected by them. For example, the etheric links the physical and astral bodies but, at the same time, forms a safety device between them. Consider the strong way emotion of any kind affects the physical appearance and functions, and realization grows of the fact that, without the filtering, channelling and balancing activities of the etheric, the burning force of the astral-emotional radiation would destroy the physical body. The Etheric body contains vortices of immense energy which attract and concentrate within themselves cosmic forces from outer space. All etheric bodies are part of the "Great Etheric Plane," even as all physical bodies are pan of the "Plane of Matter." The student must learn to know that etheric force underlies all manifesting dense physical structures. He should then endeavour to grasp the idea of his own etheric body's potential ability to radiate, join and intermingle with the etheric counterpart of any form whether it be man, mouse, master, atom, planet or sun. Through this practice, the seeker becomes "Etherically minded" and has taken the first steps in true occultism. 3. The Astral-Emotional is the sum total of the birth, life and death of all feelings, desires and emotional aspirations held within man's magnetic field of influence. It is part of the "Great Astral Plane and creates pan of that which esotericists call the "Great Astral Cloud of Emotional Energy" overshadowing mankind. This emotional sheath is the most predominant and powerful body in the majority of humans. Its correct control and mastery is a vital goal for all esotericists and would-be magicians, black or white: indeed it is necessary for the progression of the race as a whole. While the larger section of humanity is the helpless prisoner of uncontrolled desires, man cannot fulfill his Divine Destiny by growing in "the likeness of his Father-God". The centre connected with the astral body is the solar plexus or Navel Chakra of which more later. At this point let the student begin to think of the implications of the reality of the astral vehicle and to ponder and analyze his emotions and desires sensibly and honestly, not only by his introspection, but by discussion with other students on the Path. Self-realization, at this level, will help to clear the clogged channels of the astral sheath, and a better, more accurate and compassionate attitude towards the emotional activities of others will be arrived at. 4. The Lower Mental is the part of the mind which makes thought forms or mental images based upon desire. In the East it is called the Kama-Manasic, or Lower Desire Mind. It is pan of the "Great Mental Plane" and the threshold or jumping off point to freedom from rebirth and the lower worlds. In the average man this body is the servant and oft times the energy wasting slave of the emotion. In the advanced man it becomes the conscious instrument of the Soul. The mental body is the "Philosopher's Stone": the great transmuting agent. The power of this sheath and its tremendous saving and integrating potential cannot be sufficiently stressed. The control of the mind is the aim of the Raja Yogin and the Hermetic Alchemist. When the goal is attained, freedom from the astral prison of lower desire is gained, and as a man, freed from a dark cell, beholds the golden warmth of the sun, so one freed from astral enthrallment thrills to the Power of the Light-of-the-Soul. The principal thing for the student to strive to realize is that he does possess the four physical type bodies mentioned, and to ponder upon and think often about them until it becomes second nature to analyze everything in his actions and reactions to all experience, and to apportion the correct activity to the correct body. For example, physical action is activity of the physical body; energizing and vitalizing is the work of the etheric body; feeling of any kind is the faculty of the astral body, and thinking and form making imagery is the occupation of the lower mind. Many people satisfy one body at the expense of another. Abuses of this kind through imbalance always results in disorders and diseases in the physical sheath in some degree or another. For example, many use the lower mind to satisfy emotional hungers: this is seen in day dreamers. They visualize situations to fulfil desire that cannot find the correct physical outlet though inadequacy of some kind, or restraining circumstances or environment. The dreams usually concern sexual activities, romance, grandeur or achievements in some desired field. Everyone who is not an actual disciple on the Path and therefore consciously watchful of this particular pitfall, is subject to day dreams at some time in some degree. Carried to excess and simulated by external influences such as plays, films, art, reading matter or music, day dreaming can lead to complete energy drainage, mental collapse, and many major and minor breakdowns in all four physical sheaths. This is proven by the fact that many who live active (not overactive) vital, fulfilling lives, live long and remain comparatively alert up to the end, usually with a quick and easy passing out of physical manifestation. Consciously or unconsciously they use their four sheaths correctly. " To this constant movement of the centres and the constant inflow of energies, we can trace much of the discomfort of humanity in its various bodies; it is the inability of the centres to respond or to unfold which in many cases produces disease and difficulty, it is the unbalanced enfoldment of the centres, their arrested development and their lack of response which creates problems in other cases; it is their premature enfoldment and their over-activity which in other cases brings about danger." "Esoteric Healing." A.A. Bailey

The Seven Major Etheric Force Centres (Chakras)

Name                              Area                       Gland

1.      Crown                     Top of head               Pineal

2.      Brow            Between Eyebrows            Pituitary

3.      Throat                     Neck                       Thyroid

4.       Heart                       Heart                      Thymus

5.      Solar Plexus             Solar Plexus           Pancreas

6.      Sacral                      Lumbar                    Gonads

7.      Base                       Coccyx               Suprarenals

The centres listed above are the seven largest and most important. The student should memorize them together with the corresponding gland and area conditioned. The Sanskrit names and terms usually found in Yogic teachings have been omitted where possible. There are twenty-one secondary centres of which two superimposed one on the other create the Splenic centre conditioning the area of the spleen. This double centre, being extremely important in dealing with Prana, is included in this study. When the centres are undeveloped they turn downwards, radiating their energies to the animal nature and providing the power to gratify animal-emotional desires. As a man evolves spiritually, the centres slowly develop and turn upward attracted by the Soul, and begin to harmonize with and support the aspirations of a probationer and disciple on the Path. There is one exception to this inverting process - the Crown Centre remains turned downwards even when fully active. The student is reminded that the force centres of Laya Yoga are found in the etheric body which is a vitalizing vehicle dealing with energies and forces of many kinds, in many combinations. The centres, therefore, are whirlpools of forces that meet, merge and radiate out again for specific purposes, passing energies from one to another with both beneficial and harmful results. " To this constant movement of the centres and the constant inflow of energies, we can trace much of the discomfort of humanity in its various bodies; it is the inability of the centres to respond or to unfold which in many cases produces disease and difficulty, it is the unbalanced enfoldment of the centres, their arrested development and their lack of response which creates problems in other cases; it is their premature enfoldment and their over-activity which in other cases brings about danger." If the direction in the previous chapter has been followed, and the words "Energy Follows Thought" placed where frequently seen, the student is advised to add to them "All Life is Energy". The realization of the truth of this fact will increase the mental understanding of the nature and oneness of life. When thinking along these lines, the student will find himself in agreement with the conclusions of the greatest scientists of the race. In the last century was written, "When men doubt, it is often because they are troubled by density; which is firm to the touch or hard to the eye. The infinites of smallness they know nothing about, such as the solidity of gases or the vast spaces between the universes which make a lump of sugar. They trust their limited perceptions of the world about them, and are entirely ignorant of the rapidly changing conceptions of matter. Men need to look more, not less, to science and such men as Eddington and Jesus who are not confounded by the visible universe." (Sayings of the Scattered Brotherhood) The centres are created by points of contact between inpouring streams of energy emanating from Aspects of Divinity. For the purpose of a simple way to grasp how a centre is made we will consider three Aspects. The student will see the three Aspects depicted in Chart 1 as follows:

1. God the Father - Monad - The One

2. God the Son -  Soul - Duality

3. God the Holy Ghost - Human - Many From each aspect there is an Outpouring:-

1, The First Outpouring from the Third Aspect created dense matter long ago by the Fires of Matter (Kundalini) (Adam created out of dust.)

2. The Second Outpouring from the Second Aspect individualized and revitalized the matter by the gift of Soul (God breathed upon Adam the breath of life and he became a living soul.)

3. The Third Outpouring from the First Aspect descends as far as the higher mental level and is concerned only with the higher nature of man. (Immortality - Continuity of Consciousness) (The divine gifts denied to Adam after the fall.)

The First and Second Outpourings meet and intermingle at the lowest point on the evolutionary (descending arc) and then rise together on the evolutionary (ascending arc). This explanation of Chart 1 may appear involved, but a little patient application of thought will give a clear simple grasp of what it is intended to convey. If any difficulty is encountered in understanding, the student should discuss it with a group or anyone interested in the subject. The Second Outpouring from the Second Aspect is known as PRIMARY FORCE (See Chart II). As this force reaches the etheric level it throws off at right angles a SECONDARY FORCE which revolves around the PRIMARY FORCE. The PRIMARY FORCE passes on to the point where it is turned back by meeting the resistance of another force - KUNDALINI. The PRIMARY FORCE thus turned back splits and rays out into lines of force called spokes, and these create divisions in the centres of, as they are termed in the East, the petals of the lotus. The SECONDARY FORCE goes under and over the spokes as it revolves around the stem of the PRIMARY FORCE. The powerful form building fires called KUNDALINI are focused in the base centre at the end of the spine. Parts of these fires (the radiation) rises up into the etheric body attracted by the pull of their own Divine Source (Third Aspect of Divinity shown in Chart I). Kundalini power meets the inpouring PRIMARY FORCE and part of these two forces merge. The part of the uprising Kundalini that does not merge at the point of contact rays out and revolves and undulates over and under the spokes in the opposite direction to the SECONDARY FORCE. In the middle of each centre is a combination of atoms created by the merging of forces. The magnetic field of these atomic patterns, forms a kind of shuttle that goes up and down to certain rhythms. The patterns or combinations and the rhythms change as a human being evolves. This is confirmed by the teaching of Hermes regarding transmutation when he said, "Change your vibration and you change your state." Once this basic outline of the creation of a centre is grasped, the student will begin to realize something of the wonder of his etheric body and its chakras, especially if he remembers that the energies are continually moving, vibrating, pulsating and whiling in constant and increasing activity. The foregoing explanation may appear complicated to some, but if the simple charts I and n are studied, and the applicable information lined up, a little effort will make the picture clear. Between the centres are webs of etheric matter which prevent a rapid or premature rising of the full inner fires of Kundalini which would be disastrous. As spirituality develops the lower bodies become aligned, the centres begin to work in harmony, and the protective webs dissolve without danger. It is very unwise to attempt to burn them by forcing the fires of Kundalini to rise by the old practice of directed will techniques. Besides the main energy streams mentioned, there are subsidiary and complimentary forces of many kinds using and being used by the various centres. Prana, which will be dealt with later, is one of these forces. Then there are radiations from sources external to the individual; radiations from human contacts, from races, groups, sects, nations, etc. The animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms also affect the centres through emanating energies peculiar to their nature. The Student should consider these radiations, their sources and effects on the etheric centres, all of which eventually demonstrate in some way in the physical body. The 




mystery of so-called allergies could be solved by investigating along these lines. The presence of minerals in the human body and their affinity, via the etheric, with external sources of the same and other minerals should provide a clue to the thinking researcher. From the vegetable kingdom many striking examples or radiation can be considered along the lines of taste, touch and smell, besides the more subtle emanations being explored by esoteric scientists in the fields of anthropology, radionics, homeopathy, etc. Animal kingdom radiations of the simpler kind can be recognized by any animal lover. The attraction or aversion to any particular species is explained by radiation on astral levels. The student will find no difficulty in enlarging upon this theme, especially if he considers his own likes and dislikes in regard to the animal worlds, remembering that these emanations pass through the etheric centres and must and do affect them in some way or another. An understanding of the radiations from the animal kingdom will reveal the reason why, at certain points on the occult path, an aspirant must adhere to a vegetarian diet for safety sake. With regard to human contacts, one has only to consider the reaction to sensational report by word, newspaper, radio, films and so on, and observe as far as possible the effects of such reports on individuals, groups and races. Emotional reactions to news is a fruitful field to harvest for those interested in individual or group psychology, both exoteric and esoteric. All earth life has emanations of one kind or another, and these must and do affect man who is a very important part of earth life. All life is energy and the centres in the etheric body respond to the resultant stimulus of in pouring and outpouring forces from every aspect of life. This response of the centres causes varying effects that demonstrate in physical conditions. The action and reaction of the etheric force centres to life emanations can become an absorbing, rewarding and revealing study to those who seek a key to human behaviour.   




"Prana is the sum total of the energy in the body (and this applies equally to the planetary and solar bodies." The Light of the Soul - A.A. Bailey "The stream of Pranic energy vitalizes the individual atoms and cells of which that body is composed." Esoteric Healing - A.A. Bailey The splenic centre which, as stated before, comprises two secondary centres working as one mechanism, has been the subject for much distortion in the presented knowledge on Laya Yoga. In many instances this has been done with good underlying motive as a protective measure. Some occult schools substituted the splenic centre (as a point for focusing thought power) for the sacral centre, thereby preventing an increase of sexual activity to a degree beyond self control. The folly of ignoring, supplementing or endeavouring to inhibit the energy of a major centre like the sacral, by refusing to recognize its necessary and important powers and substituting a secondary force centre as the splenic - the activities, purposes and functions of which are totally different - must be apparent; it is parallel to stuffing up the ears and trying to hear through the mouth or plugging up the nostrils and endeavouring to inhale by blinking the eyelids.; The results of this type of teaching were, in many cases, deplorable (hence the arising of the warning of the dangers of Laya Yoga). Those who gave up the conscious practice of it were more fortunate than they knew. Many who persevered through desire-will, without having attained a safe spiritual level, often developed degrees of deficiency and deformity from which only the gentle, compassionate touch of the Angel of Death could release them. The sacral centre and its uses will be dealt with later. The splenic centre has a vital and indispensable function. It is the principal centre of what is known as the pranic triangle, and its main purpose is to assist in the manipulation of pranic energy which vitalizes and helps to cohere the cells of the physical sheaths. The other centres of the triangle are situated one between the shoulder blades, and one just above the diaphragm. When the impedance and the activities of the pranic triangle are better understood, and steps taken to improve its working efficiency, humanity will possess a key to Superman, from a physical standpoint. The student is advised to visualize this triangle within himself and others. The simple diagram shown here may help the thought form. Think of the possibilities of the three centres and connecting channels (which are threefold) and try to obtain the realization of


 possessing this etheric mechanism. Consider and observe the effects of heat, cold, light, dark and air currents on the skin and body in the area of the triangle in the upper torso. You will learn much about relaxation and revitalization. A great degree of relaxation cannot be attained without a temperature acceptable to the individual and complete absence of clothing on the upper body; hence the modern trend to bare the body more and more as changing social ethics permit. The subject of prana is a vast one encompassing as it does the vital fluidic types of life force energizing all physical forms, suns, planets, men, animals, vegetables and minerals. Prana is a vitalizing power sustaining all units of dense physical matter, and its vehicle of transmission is the etheric. In man the etheric body is the agent for the manipulation of pranic energy which flows along the etheric lines of force to the centres of the triangle where it is received, processed by being passed three times through the threefold channels and then redistributed. A study of prana would be enlightening to anyone who undertook it. There is much literature extant on prana, including the works of many famous yogins past and present, and the published books of Madame Blavatsky and AA. Bailey cover the subject adequately for this age. It is therefore unnecessary to rewrite the information that has already been presented, and it is up the active, zealous student to seek and find the knowledge available. The principal thing for the student to grasp is the universal application of what is meant by prana and to realize that it is a type of energy found in differing qualities on all levels, cosmic, solar, planetary; and in each case the etheric part of that level is the vehicle for pranic transmission. This may be stated - he who masters the ethers can control life forces at will. This mastery is brought about by understanding, contacting, co-operating with and controlling certain orders of Divas, but this occult aspect cannot be enlarged upon here. The aspect of prana stressed in Yoga is that which is connected with breathing and other exercises, but there is often limitation and misconception, generally through overstressing the importance, in this type of presentation. That is not to say such exercises should not be undertaken, if so desired, but it should be done at the right time and point in evolution, and also in a correct and natural manner as a continual rhythmic pan of living, not forced and/or spasmodically performed. These exercises, coupled with proper diet and clean living, will clear the channels for the pranic ebb and flow, by avoiding contamination and clogging of the whole physical mechanism. They do not increase the capacity to receive prana. If a drinking vessel is dirty, the cleansing of it by certain acts such as washing and sterilizing does not make it larger or capable of holding more, but merely renders it fit for use. So with the human vehicles and the forces that create and sustain them. Only a form capable of containing and dealing with a stronger and greater amount of prana will suffice to increase pranic capacity. This is one reason for the dissolution of all forms by so-called death and rebirth into more capable and highly evolved vehicles if the laws of spiritual evolution have been complied with. The correctly balanced capacity of a man and his ability to deal with his particular type, strength and amount of pranic energy is the foundation for the continuous rhythmic vitality essential for perfect physical health. A man whose mechanism is inadequate to deal with his pranic capacity often develops diseases of the heart, brain and arteries, depending upon the degrees of capacity and efficiency. A man whose pranic capacity is too small to support his bodies usually suffers' from deficiencies connected with poor metabolism. In both types, circulatory, respiratory difficulties, nervous disorders and devitalized conditions of differing kinds can and do manifest. It is obvious what measures should be taken to obtain relief in these cases. The victim of too much pranic energy should take steps to increase his facility to deal with it by establishing a better spiritual rhythm, by means of alignment, looking to his diet and cleansing his particular sheath or sheaths (mental - astral - etheric) which may be' hindering the flow of prana. In the majority of cases the trouble will be found in the^ astral and/or the etheric bodies. If the remedial actions are not undertaken the diseased will grow progressively worse, and although medical treatment may retard and alleviate,, the end must premature disability and death, thereby giving an opportunity for obtaining! a more adequate form through rebirth, The man receiving too little prana is more fortunate in that deficiencies can usually' be compensated in these days of advanced medical science by vitamin and other balancing treatments, but he is still the "cracked pitcher that goes the longest to the well", and his condition of general health and vitality leaves much to be desired. Only by establishing slower, weaker, rhythmic living activity, getting plenty of suitable food, fresh air and congenial exercise, and aligning his bodies by sufficient rest, relaxation and spiritual aspiration combined with living in acceptable environment among a clean living community will he be able to gain a stabilized vitality level. In all cases of the two types (to which the greater pan of the human race belongs) esoteric adjustment needs to be made to overcome the disharmony caused by the imbalance between pranic capacity and ability. Observing the tremendous number of human beings who suffer under the abovementioned difficulties, it is clearly seen that the need for esoteric teachers, demonstrators and healers is very great and very urgent. The student should consider this and foster the aspiration to become sufficiently able to serve in these occult fields. The sun receives cosmic prana, processes it with the mechanism of the Solar Pranic Triangle, then radiates it to the Earth as solar prana. The earth receives solar prana into the planetary pranic triangle, processes it and radiates it out as planetary prana to all life forms supported by the world. (Mother Earth). The higher physical forms also receive solar prana directly into their centres in a degree governed by their state of evolution. They cannot safely receive more than that degree. Hence the wise student will gain an understanding of various adverse effects of too much sunshine upon so many forms of life, human and otherwise. In the mastery of the planets and solar pranic streams lies the key to overcoming the Law of Gravity and other magnetic forces of the planet. Man receives prana into centres found mainly in the upper torso. It flows to the centres of the pranic triangle, is processed and distributed to the entire form and beyond to contribute something to the lower kingdom in nature. Human prana supports in some measure the lower forms of life. All life is a process of exchanging energies along lines of force, and pranic energy is no exception to this principle. Suns exchange conditional prana, planets within their specific solar systems do likewise along etheric channels. Man also deals with many qualified types of prana, but he can only deal safely with those types that are attracted to him by his point in evolution. As a man develops spiritually he taps higher and more refined streams of pranic force. He cannot tap these higher types by breathing techniques, postures, fasting or withdrawing from the society of his fellows. The way is Sacrifice, Service, Harmlessness and Inclusiveness. The physical techniques, as stated before, are important only along the lines of purification and alignment of the four lower sheaths, and this is an essential safeguard to disciples on the Path, but it is not the Path itself. Man receives some kinds of prana from food and drink consumed, but the emphasis on a simple diet of fresh clean food is not so much to sustain good health as to prevent types of contamination. This is proven by the many recorded instances of saints and mystics surviving for an adequate life span on a meagre or non-existent diet. In the Bible we read of Daniel refusing the elaborate palace fare in favour of pulse and water. This was not because the King's food was elaborate, but because first it had been used in a form of idol worship and has become contaminated with the astral energies of the priests and worshippers thereby rendering it dangerous to the purification and true harmony of Daniel's lower sheaths. When any vegetable is cut or an animal slaughtered, their pranic supply is cut off and the prana remaining within them begins to dissipate. As this proceeds, lower forms of life such as bacteria manifest to bring about decomposition. Many of these forms of bacteria are definitely harmful to man and, on the astral level of animal flesh, lower astral forms which are the correspondence of bacteria have a devastating effect upon the astral body of man, and the more advanced he is, the worse the effect this low astral effluvium will have. Therefore, as a protective measure at certain points on the Path, a vegetarian diet is the only safe and possible one for disciples. The student should study the story of the Exodus. The guides of the Israelites knew that in order to accomplish their racial destiny the Hebrews had to pass through many tremendous and terrifying experiences of an occult nature. This was to wield them into a nation by branding the admonitions and directions of the great Initiate Moses indelibly into the racial mind so that when he was no longer with them in physical form the facial plan would continue under leaders whose spiritual insight and occult powers were not so great. In order to pass through these powerful, frightening happenings with a measure of safety (it is recorded many who disobeyed that injunction to purify themselves perished at the times of these occurrences), steps to prevent contamination from sources of flesh eating, foul living and rebelliousness had to be taken. Passing out of Egypt whence they had been taught to regard eating rich foods and excessive wine drinking and licentiousness as desirable activities of life, the Israelites were neither ready nor able to turn to a simple vegetarian diet. In order to cleanse them quickly as a race destined for an uplift to higher spiritual levels, they were denied normal food and made to exist on the mysterious Manna against which they finally rebelled to their cost. The initial great racial cleansing having taken place, they were permitted to eat of most foods subject to certain restrictions. Moses instituted the laws governing the national diet and proclaimed certain fasts. All occultists know the value of fasting, correctly undertaken, as a cleansing and restoring process for the physical body. It was through the general practice of the directions given so long ago that the great souls could be born into the Jewish racial stream to enrich the world with their knowledge, wisdom and skills, The sum total of their achievements makes the Jewish race the greatest source of human progress in the right direction fulfilling the ancient promise to Abraham. It is perhaps strange that they should have rejected the greatest son of the race, the Master Jesus, but this was also part of a plan to break down the crystallized Hebrew forms which had grown too intricate, hard and unwieldy to be acceptable to the "sheep of other folds". The scriptures should be examined and the student should try to reassess them in the light of fresh knowledge obtained from the study of esotericism. Much will be learned of pranic force and other energies by the one whose intuition is strong enough to illumine the study. If the student has realized to any great extent the oneness of his own etheric body with those of all others, and also understands that this body is the transmitting agent for prana, he will begin to see how pranic energy can flow form one centre to another and that pranic radiation is a universal, continuous and real activity. Prana is not essentially a form building fire like Kundalini, but supports the form by vitalizing the cells of which the form is built and helps to hold the units together by radiating in a continuous stream and so creating a field of cohering force. Gangrene is the withdrawal of some part of that magnetic radiatory area through various causes always connected with the blood stream. When prana is withdrawn gangrene and similar conditions ensue, but when Kundalini force is cut off from any part of the body, paralysis in some degree or another takes place. To understand the relationship between Kundalini and prana should be one of the basic aims of the esoteric healer. It holds the key to the healing of certain circulatory and other disorders. The force that governs the length of a man's earth life enters the head and flows to the heart. This power coheres or holds together the lower bodies. Pranic energy flows up from the pranic triangle to join the main stream and keeps the atoms of the sheaths healthy and vitalized and to a cohered pattern by stabilizing and harmonizing the vibratory rate of these atoms. Thus the reason why a man can only safely deal with the type of prana needed to create and sustain a vibratory rate suitable to his point of development. When unacceptable rates of cellular vibration are present, glandular imbalance appears in the physical body bringing about distressing nervous and other localized symptoms, when the mental focus is in the astral sheath. In other words, when a man is strongly astrally polarized he attracts too great a flow of prana and this changes, often drastically, the rate of vibration of the body cells resulting in the manifestation of tumours, cancers and other extraneous growths. From the few presented statements the student should at least grasp the importance and far reaching effects of pranic energy and its human mechanism the pranic triangle. The spleen centre is the heart of the triangle and acts very much in the same way in relation to pranic circulation as the physical heart does to the blood Stream which is the dense counterpart of the flow of prana and Kundalini in the etheric body. The pranic force supports the white corpuscles and controls their rate of vibration and their increase, and the decrease of the red corpuscles through this increase. The Kundalini force qualities and sustains the red corpuscles and controls their specific number. Here we have a clue to the esoteric nature of the leukaemia's and anaemia's The demise physical counterpart of the splenic centre is of course the spleen. This organ in most humans is not as healthy and efficient as desired which fact demonstrates the truth that in most people the splenic etheric force centre and the triangle are not working as well as they should. This is seen in the fatigues and devitalized conditions prevalent amongst so-called civilized races today. The removal by surgery of diseased or damaged spleens does not affect the action of the splenic centre of the triangle, but it does affect to some extent the diffusion and transmission of the pranic force. This is not usually to any great extent because it does operate by diffusion through other dense structures. As the blood when cut off from an artery will flow on through smaller aricrioles and capillaries, so the pranic energy will flow through other channels should the spleen be absent. In any case, no spleen at all is preferable to a diseased or damaged one incapable of adequate functioning because such a spleen will definitely affect the pranic flow causing many disorders in metabolic function by affecting other important organs in the body, especially those connected with the digestive tract. As prana conditions and works through the blood stream, the need for correct breathing and living is seen as methods of keeping the blood oxygenated and pure thus aiding the assimilation of prana. The malpractice of smoking prevents a satisfactory distribution and absorption of prana. This, when, carried to excess, eventually destroys the support given by the pranic stream to the main stream and eventuates in nervous depletion, lack of co-ordination, premature decease. It is said that prana comprises seven colour streams, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, rose red, and dark red. These colour rays of prana flow to certain of the centres for specific purposes, but these will be dealt with in the chapter devoted to the individual major centres themselves. The violet and blue rays merge and the red and orange do likewise thus creating a fivefold flow. THE BASE CENTRE AND KUNDALINI (SERPENT FIRE) " The centre at the base of the spine which feeds the life giving principle, the will to live, to all pans of the human frame." The Base centre is perfectly harmonized with the Crown Centre in all Masters." "The Kundalini Fire is in reality the union of these three fires. (Electric, solar, matter) which are focused by an act of the enlightened will, under the impulse of love in the basic centre. This unified fire is then raised by the use of the Word of Power (sent forth by the will of the Monad) and by the united authority of the soul and personality, integrated and alive. The human being who can do this in full consciousness is therefore an Initiate who has left the Third Initiation behind him. He and he alone can safely raise this triple fire from the base of the spine to the Head centre." (Esoteric Healing - A.A. Bailey) "I am the secret serpent oiled in joy about to spring. If upward I join my true self. If downward I and the earth are one." The base centre, often called the "Root Chakra" is situated at the end of the spine in the region of the coccyx, and its energies stimulate and support all other centres. Being the "Fountain of Life" for the entire physical mechanism, it is one of the most important centres for a man because it conditions his will to manifest life in the world through being born and maintained in flesh. In this centre, spirit and matter meet as God wills to Live in Form Life. The student should consider this statement very carefully and try to obtain enlightenment on it through intuitive mediation. The base centre conditions the entire spine and general health; controls body heat and the inherent life of every atom. Many disorders of the body can be attributed to the inharmonious working of the base centre. Forms of paralysis, kidney and bladder troubles, anaemia, bone deficiencies, eye failure, headaches circulatory and nervous conditions and many other types of physical ills all show that, in the majority of men, the "Root Chakra" is in an undesirable condition of disharmony. However, if the efficiency of the base centre is improved in any life by pure living and spiritual practices, a more perfect physical vehicle could be assured in succeeding incarnations. The condition of the base centre in parents affects any child conceived by them because the etheric bodies of a man and woman are determining factors in the formation and quality of the etheric sheaths of their children. Being conceived of two people a child may inherit any of the potential good or bad of its parents' combined etheric sheaths, although how much of the potential a child obtains depends upon on its own attractive powers and its Karmic governance. This is one reason why, in a family of several children of the same parentage, differences in vitality, shape and life expression are seen. If both parents have deficiencies and disharmonies of their base centres, even perhaps operating under the law of etheric repulsion, any children conceived of such a union would have little chance of survival, and less chance of developing a normal, adequate physical form should they survive. When the healers of the world develop the ability to determine the condition of the base centre, as well as its physical counterpart, the Suprarenals, much sorrow and distress in the fields of human procreation may be avoided. It is often asked if removal of the coccyx or legs would affect the base centre. Regarding this the student must remember that the physical dense body does not condition any other sheath, but is conditioned by the inner sheaths (etheric, astral, lower, mental) according to their particular dominance. Surgery does not affect the base centre per se, but it can affect the direction of the out flowing energies from it by removing the normal force lines. But as long as the major physical counterparts of the centre (in the case of the base centre these would be the Suprarenals and kidneys) are working in a degree sufficient to channel the energies to the surrounding area and all other aspects being equal, a man continues to live his allotted span although not perhaps with the same efficiency demonstrated before surgery. Only if the glands and vitalized organ (Suprarenals and kidneys) are removed or rendered useless would the base centre energies be unable to find adequate outlet into the body and death would ensue. The base centre has four radiations or divisions and is said to be fiery orange-red in colouring. It is not very active in most humans, but becomes more so as integration with die soul increases. It is fully developed in all Masters and those of higher degree. The student should now consider the possibility of possessing a base centre and study the area of the body vitalized by it. An estimation of the degree of efficiency of this centre can be obtained by analyzing the condition of the entire physical dense body with particular attention to the general health, organic soundness and co-ordination of the whole structure. The analyzing should not take the form of intense meditation with the mind focused upon the base centre (disciples on the right hand path use no concentration on centres below the diaphragm), but should be more in the nature of a thoughtful pondering that gradually reveals the reality of this amazing etheric force centre which realization will greatly increase the understanding of the "Life within the Form", and procure enlightenment on some of the physical enigmas of human manifestation. The base centre in humans is the home of Kundalini, a triple fire (spirit, solar, matter) known as the Serpent Fire because it lies coiled at the base of the etheric spine and when it rises does so in spiral fashion. The etheric spine is a triple channel or pathway which Adepts name Pingala, Ida and Shushumna. Pingala is the channel for the energy of the 3rd Aspect, the fires of matter which is the Mother and feminine principle of the Kundalini Power or the human cathode pole from which emanates the creative rays of physical life. Ida is the pathway of the Solar Fire which is the energy of the 2nd Aspect, ion or masculine principle. Shushumna is the way of the Spirit fire of the 1st Aspect, the Monodic Life Force of the Father the One. In the act of procreation the father deposits the Kundalinic seed atoms of the sperm, which have a serpentine form, in the womb. The sex of the child is determined by the predominance of the fire of matter or the solar fire in whichever sperm fertilizes the

ovum (Hence lies a clue to the statement by advanced occultists of the eventuation in time and space of the divine hermaphrodite). The Mother's Kundalinic radiations support and shape the form until the so called quickening when the child's own Kundalinic Power takes over. Until then the Mother's health is of vital importance because disease of any kind, especially those like measles or drugs such as Thalidomide can have devastating effects upon the formation of the embryo by misdirecting and distorting the radiations from the base centre. Energies released by nuclear fission could affect the base centre energies of both men and women and cause imbalances in the blood of future generations giving rise to such things as the leukaemia's and mutations of an undesirable nature in the human form. When a child is born the Kundalini power supports its life, but at the first breath the energies from the pranic triangle add their vitalizing powers. In the inadequate working of the baby's pranic triangle due in most cases to faults in the etheric base centre in newly born children. The drugs in coffee, tea, smoking, etc. all affect the radiations of the base centre energies during pregnancy. The craving for certain elements to aid the base centre activity via astral levels by soothing the astral centre. During gestation the inner sheaths of the parents nurture and protect the child. Thus is seen the necessity for children to be born of loving, compatible parents if a full measure of the protective energies from the inner levels is to be afforded them. Parents who quarrel or who are emotionally and/or Etherically antagonistic, especially during pregnancy constitute a real menace to the successful incarnation of their children. In these fields lie a great deal of Karmic responsibility. Most difficulties attending procreative processes stem from astral and etheric sources. The orange-red ray from the Pranic Triangle flows to the Base centre thus demonstrating the affinity between the spleen and the "root Chakra" concerning the procreative forces of man. The protective webs of etheric substance mentioned earlier, between the five lower major centres (throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base) have one section across each channel and can be dissolved independently of each other. This accounts in a great measure for the uneven and individual development of human beings. In this fact also lies the reason for the failure of groups containing people whose evolutionary patterns are too widely divergent. In the past much time, energy and effort has been wasted while endeavouring to reconcile inner patterns that are not at that particular time reconcilable to the general aims of the group or community. Thus manifest the misfits, rebels, revolutionaries and renegades because they have been forced by others or by their own mistaken will to fit into a pattern of life and work for which, because of their own type of development and point in evolution, they are unsuited in some way or another. When the race of man is able to perceive the inner evolutionary patterns of each other, failure of group work will be prevented for only those able to integrate for the assured success of the work undertaken will be accepted into the Group. Until this time comes there must still be the testing and eliminating process so necessary to preserve the inner group efforts of those who can work in harmony on various projects. The taking of people on so-called "face value" is usually a misleading and disillusioning process. The success of any group effort depends upon the degree of integration possible and attained, and the potential integration of a group depends solely upon the reconcilability of the individual members' inner patterns. The attainability of course depends upon sustained effort, right guidance and harmonious one-pomades. It does not follow that a group, integrated for a certain type of work could achieve success in a different field, because their inner states of being might not be reconcilable in that particular scheme. Husbands and wives may work harmoniously in many ways, but in most cases there are spheres of mutual activities in which they fail to achieve success because of irreconcilable inner states of being. How often are people able to work together and not play together, and vice versa. The student should think of these things and watch the patterns of reconcilability in all around him. Study the lives of people like Gilbert and Sullivan. One had the Pingala channel much freer than the other, and this caused the antagonism in personality aspects, but both men had the necessary degree of harmony in the throat and Ajna centres for the production of the work which enriched the world of entertainment. The attractions and the repulsions of the inner energies of individuals and groups form a fascinating study for the embryo esotericists in the world, and when viewed from the inner planes they are of never-ending variety and absorbing interest to the "Watchers of the Race". The Shushumna pathway can only be cleared when the Pingala and Ida channels are unobstructed. In other words, when the lower nature is integrated with and controlled by soul power, only then can the union with the Monad (Father) take place. These unions, the lower self with the higher self, and these two with the Monad, are the goals of the Raja Yogin. The radiations from the fires of the base centre makes human manifestation possible by cohering and supporting the atoms and giving health, strength and form, somewhat as a domestic fire gives heat to add to the comfort of physical life; but as flame from a physical fire out of control could bum and harm the average man, so the inner fire of Kundalini, out of control, could burn and destroy the lower vehicles of man. There is always danger in playing with any fire until knowledge of its nature and the ability to deal with it is gained. Attempting to raise the full power of the base centre fire by effort of mental desire-will is fraught with great danger and is never really rewarding. If the full power of Kundalini rises suddenly out of control, spontaneous combustion burns the body, between the head and lower legs to charred cinder. The safe way is by spiritualizing the life action through service and harmlessness, controlling the mind and purifying and aligning the lower sheaths. Only the fire of matter can be raised by a concentrated sustained effort of lower desire will, because being the energy of the 3rd Aspect of active intelligence it rises when sufficiently attracted by the energy of the concrete or lower mind which is the lower correspondence of the Monadic Will. It is this fire which is roused by the techniques of the old type of LayaYoga. The many appalling results from these practices caused the teachers to warn their pupils 10 avoid any desire to develop lower-psychic powers. When the Pingala pathway is unobstructed and the fire of matter has a clear pathway to the Ajna or brow centre, a man is a master psychic, a powerful wielder of lower menial forces whether he uses them consciously or not. These powers can be used for good or evil according to the desire of the man and his nature at the lime. People who have developed along the Pingala pathway are usually heavily built with flesh of a dense nature. They have a somewhat bovine look about the eyes which are generally dark and opaque in appearance, often hooded denoting the serpent head which is the wisdom symbol of the fires of matter- They often display startling psychic phenomena amongst which is found a type of healing. Those on the left hand path use this healing power 10 obtain influence over their followers while disseminating subtle propaganda teachings against the way of light. Amongst those in whom the fires of matter are predominantly active are found those of whom Jesus spoke as the children of this world who are wiser in their generation than the sons of light, ranging from the merely selfish and self-centred to the conquerors, dictators and cold-blooded murderers who kill for gain; the unscrupulous and ruthless in all fields of human endeavour, the lip servers in religion who observe the outward forms to gain status or material advantage in their community. In ancient times those who had consciously developed mastery of the fires of matter were depicted with a snake encircling the mouth and the left eye. They were the sorcerers and magicians and the forerunners of the voodoo priests and witchdoctors of primitive races, the wizards and witches of all ages who can use the power for good or evil purposes. Jesus warned those who could use this energy when he said, 'Take heed therefore lest the light in you be darkness.' When the power is used evilly then it is darkness and those who use it for black magic, deliberately suppressing the soul power of the Ida pathway and the impersonal fire of the Shushumna are those of whom it is written, "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul." The fires of matter cannot rise higher than the Ajna or Brow Centre, unless integrated with the other fires and so thus the Brow Centre becomes the reparative centre for those on the Left Hand Path. The Solar Fire is passed up the Ida channel in response to the pull of the Soul or 2nd Aspect, and in order to provide safe passage for this fire one must become a spiritual person with high ideals and aspirations. Solar fire is more dangerous than the Fire of Mailer because of the effect it has upon other energies. This is why the race of Israelites were so strictly enjoined to have nothing 10 do with witchcraft, sorcery, etc.., and to destroy those who practiced only with the fire of matter. In this also lies a due to the subtle dangers besetting spiritualistic mediumship of the physical types of phenomena. When free passage is gained for Solar Fire a man becomes a mystic. If the Pingala channel is also free a man is then a practical mystic or occultist who can serve the race by bringing through the power of the Soul and demonstrating it in physical life. If on the left hand path, he becomes a "Dark Adversary" with the power to test disciples on the way. Jesus referred to this when he said to Simon Peter, "Simon, behold Satan asked to have you that he might sift you as wheat, but I made supplication for thee that thy faith fail not." When the Ida channel is free, but Pingala impeded, the frail mystic of either Left or Right-hand Path is seen who can only live and operate successfully in a degree of seclusion. The Shushumna is the centre channel or line of force for the highest and most powerful fire, the pure electric power of spirit. This fire rises in answer to the pull or attraction of the Monad. Jesus described this channel when He said, "... if therefore thine eye single thy whole body shall be full of light." The full spirit fire only rises when the other two channels are free and working well in the service of the Plan or Logos, and all Karmic debt is adjusted. This union of all three fires into one integrated power is only possible to those on the Right Hand Path. In this is seen the significance of Jesus' utterance, "It is not everyone who says to me My Lord, will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who doth the will of my 'Father in Heaven'." (He who uses the central Shushumna channel). Of those who use the power of the Ida or Pingala channels to work wonders for their own ends, Jesus said, "Many will say to me in that day, My Lord did we not prophesy in your name and in your name cast out devils and in your name do many wonders? Then I will declare to them, I have never known you, keep away from Me, 0 you that work iniquity." Another clue to the impossibility of getting into heaven by the "back way" is given in the parable of the King who gave a wedding feast and when he entered he saw a guest who had no wedding robe (in other words, one who had gate-crashed by misusing the fires) and the King had him cast out. The student is advised to study these references in the light of new esoteric knowledge given out in this age. The Electric Fire rises in answer to a word of power from the Monad, and that word is only uttered by the King, the Father, the One, to those who have won the right to wear the robe and partake of the wedding feast. When all Karmic debt is paid and the disciple stands free of all worldly attractions, the Modanic word which unites the fires is spoken and the tremendous systemic power of Kundalini rises to become the Crown of Glory worn by those who are faithful to the end. Then is seen the Master of Wisdom, the Lord of Compassion who takes a place at the "Right Hand of God". The Great Work of the Alchemist is 'Finished' even as Jesus on the cross looked up and cried in triumph, "It is Finished."




"Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity; first of all a physical unity. It is the innate (though much misunderstood) principle of mysticism which is the name we give to the urge to union with the divine. Like all else that undeveloped man has touched, we have perverted and distorted a Divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urge to material desire. We have reversed the direction of the sacral energy, hence the over-developed animal nature and functions of average humanity." (Esoteric Healing - A.A. Bailey) Only when used sacra mentally can sex create and not merely reproduce. The sacral centre is situated in the lower lumber region working out through the prostates in men and the ovaries in women, to condition that area of the physical body. The sacral energies are powerful and can potently affect any point below Ajna level wherever the consciousness happens to be focused. This is the reason for the rituals of sex magic in the schools of the dark brothers. The centre is exceedingly active in the majority of mankind today, controlling the sex function and act of insemination. One of the reasons for its dominating power is because most humans being focused in the astral emotional centre (solar plexus) and the astral levels, especially the lower sub-planes, radiate types of energy most suited to vitalize and empower the sacral centre thereby galvanizing it into intense activity. Because of the demand for more and more physical vehicles capable of use by incarnating entities, the sacral centre must remain active and powerful, but when man grows spiritually purer and wiser, its energies will be guided by love and divine purpose instead of selfish lower astral desire ranging from adolescent curiosity to the uncontrolled lust of the adult. The sacral is one of the most dangerous centres should it be artificially or prematurely activated, and for this reason many occult schools deliberately withheld all information regarding it, and the religious groups advocated celibacy in well-meaning attempts to offset its harmful effects. The question of the necessity and value of celibacy amongst religious aspirants has been a never ending controversy from ancient times until today. Even Jesus of Nazareth was closely questioned on the subject. In this matter there has been error in action on the part of both White and Black Brotherhoods. The one attempting to clear the sacral centre by over-sexual activity, and the other inhibiting the power through enforced religious discipline. Both practices can lead to harmful results and have done so in many instances. Overreaction in sexuality releases energy that can be used by lower forms of life which are then subject to the domination of the supplier of the energy. The lower adherents of the black magicians practice this in the hope of attaining power over certain low orders of devas, etc., and suffer the consequential devitalization and degradation as sacrifices to the Lord of the Dark Way. Very few black occultists master this practice, the majority losing health, moral fibre and will power, resulting in separation from the soul light. They are the pathetic cases that are literally "spewed out of the mouth". Regarding enforced celibacy, the danger lies in inhibiting natural urges and stemming up the terrific energy of the sacral centre without transmuting its power upwards to the higher centres for use in spiritual fields. Such practices lead to conditions of moroseness, nervous emotional and menial imbalances, some types of headaches, laziness, lethargy, discontent, sexual perversion and homicidal Tendencies, erratic temper, besides disorders of the bladder and prostates in men and of the ovaries, womb and Fallopian tubes in women. Very few have learned the secret of transmutation, and fewer still have mastered the practice of transmuting the energies from one centre to another consciously and at will. Celibacy, like fasting and vegetarianism and other disciplines, is necessary as a safeguard at certain points on the Path of Initiation, but these disciplines develop naturally as the evolutionary growth of the individual aspirant demands it. The student would be wise to consider the wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita Gita in this matter. It teaches that a wise man "goes in conformity with his nature," for if a man restrains himself physically and yet dwells mentally upon physical acts, he is a hypocrite. Jesus said much the same thing regarding celibacy, that when man lusts after a woman in his heart, he has already committed sin in this respect. The wise man does not give way to every lower sexual urge, but seeks to live a natural fulfilling life governed by loving consideration for others- He obeys the moral code of his community and law of God and man concerning this aspect of world expression. The Sacral Centre is vitalized by the fires of matter (pranic and kundalini) and its symbology is the fire under the crucible of the alchemist in his great work, and the secret of the mastery of sacral energy lies in the word transmutation. The outward manifestation in form of the sacral force should be activity motivated by love, directed by higher will and not the mere satisfaction of a biological urge. The sacral centre in humans was developed in Lemurian days when the advanced man was one who, through Laya Yoga, had attained mastery of his physical body. This Hatha Yoga was not the synthesized kind taught today, but a purely physical practice in which mind and emotions played no part. From these early Hatha Yogins sprang eventually a race of giants, the remnants of which are mentioned in the Old Testament. In those ancient days of Lemurian arose the great original sin due to the terrific power of the sacral centre which found expression along the line of least resistance in promiscuous and unnatural relations which, under divine retribution, led to the development of an early and basic form of venereal disease. The race was not sufficiently developed to allow transmutation of the forces into the higher centres, and so the Watchers of the Race decided to comer the trend of sexual perversion by turning the sacral energy into harmless channels. They changed the natural productivity of the earth from the lushness of easy living (men in early times ate only vegetation) to the necessity of wrestling sustenance by very hard labor. The story of the Garden of Eden is a symbolized account of these happenings when man was turned out of the garden of plenty and forced to live by the sweat of the brow. The sequel of Cain and Abel is a significant presentation of the two ways of life at that time. Cain went along the old way by eating what was grown with ease, Abel represented the new way of sacrifice of the flesh and was accepted. Cain murdered his brother thereby opposing Divine Will and was branded through his sin of separation with the seeds of disease and darkness which will not be eradicated until the race of man raises the power of the lower centres up into the head. Cain was marked in his forehead (the Ajna Centre) and imprisoned in his lower nature and must labour long and incessantly to free himself. It is no wonder that he cried, "My punishment is too great for me to bear," and grew afraid that he would not have sufficient span of life to pay his debt, but God promised him safety and time and therefore in this Divine Promise lies the assurance of man's salvation of which were laid at the time of the promise or covenant. Then the Wise Ones instituted marriage and the formation of family groups as a further aid to overcome the tendency to wrong sexual action. The student should not meditate upon the Sacral Centre because in most humans it works well and those of the White Way use its powers naturally without incurring Karmic debt or stimulating lower psychic powers. By applying the law of harmlessness the student will easily find the spiritual way of dealing with sacral centre energies.




"Come closer to the centre of all light, come freed from the ignorant emotional habits, from subtle appetites of prejudice and criticism. More is told you than by spoken words; only make way for light and you will be orientated and held in safety and great will be the results in your day, your hours, your seconds of time. The mystery of living will then be revealed to you. The transmutations of this living entity into the divine spiritual man!" "Beware of emotions that are hosts to violence." Sayings of the Scattered Brotherhood The solar plexus centre is sometimes called the naval Chakra or its sphere of vitalization is to be found in that area of the body. It is referred to by occult scientists as the Astral-Emotional Centre because it is the receiving station for energies and forces flowing from the astral body and the astral planes. One has only to consider where, in the body, the reaction to emotions is felt to grasp the reality or the truth in the above statement. The centre is said to have ten petals or divisions of green and red colouring, and to be the point of exit at death for un-evolved and immature humans (animal-man, infants, imbeciles). It is the most active centre in men today and in the majority it is overactive; this state, together with the strong astral-emotional focus of the race and the power of the "Astral Cloud of Illusion" (the sum total of desire thought forms created with astral energy and radiated from the race since Atlantean times), is the cause of every high percentage of the ills that burden human beings and makes physical incarnation an unsatisfactory and hazardous affair for so many. This etheric centre creates and vitalizes the pancreas gland and conditions the gastric tract so that any strong emotion will react on the gastric juices and affect the digestive processes. In the permutations and differential patterns formed by the interplay offered in the centre, plus the point of focused attention and stage of evolution, lies the key to the "Mystery of Metabolism," and the reason why "one man's meat is another man's poison." It must be realized that the solar plexus centre is the great emotional point in the average man via which the energies of the lower centres integrate and work outwards and upwards. It is the great clearing station for emotional forces and the agent for the transference of lower energies to the centres above the diaphragm. It needs but little thought to bring into conscious realization the importance of this centre at this stage in the evolution of the race of mankind and its tremendous influence on the lives of individuals, groups and nations. The conscious control of the emotional centre is the aim of all disciples below the rank of Initiate. The solar plexus Chakra was developed in late Lemurian early Atlantean days and became the birthplace of the separation of the sentient poles and the beginning of the pendulum swing between them. Here the great separations took place between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, God and Devil, God and Man, Satan and Man, Man and Woman; and the race came ensnared in the illusion of the pairs of opposites. At this point under Divine guidance the Angel of the Flaming Sword arose "to guard the Tree of Knowledge". That sword is, in reality, the burning ground and the razor-edged path that leads out of the astral maze to the kingdom of the soul, and so the angel has to be conquered and the fruit of the tree of knowledge which is named wisdom, eaten before the Kingdom is won. So in man, this middle centre of emotional energy is the personality centre; the home of focused attention upon the personality wishes, desires and activities; the me and mine, you and yours centre, which clearly indicates its nature to be seperative and individualizing. From this point upwards begins transmutation through the disciplines and practices of non-attachment, discrimination and dispassion so assiduously undertaken by the aspirants of the world endeavouring to conquer the Astral Illusion. It is a long and arduous task to transmute from this centre, but to do is the aim of the whole race in the Plan of Logos, hence the increasing cosmic pressures which will enable the goal to be reached. Mastery over this centre is always obtained at the cost of great personal suffering both physical and emotional and very few, comparatively speaking, have accomplished such control to a satisfactory degree. Emotional suppression by will power is often taken as a sign of mastery over astral energies, but it is nothing of the kind and only intensifies and prolongs the pangs and processes of transmutation. The vital need for psychiatrists, psychologists, and kindred practitioners has been created by the widespread prevalent suppression of all kinds of emotions which has led to the nervous, devitalizing, unbalanced disorders troubling the majority of men and women. Motivation affects the degree and length of time of suffering caused by astral polarization. Pure, unselfish service of the right kind will shorten the time thereby lessening the period of pain. Selfishness, combined with an overactive solar plexus centre without fail or exception leads to intensified and prolonged suffering lasting for many incarnations. Once the centre has been brought under wise control and its energies directed to the higher centres, the aspirant is freed from the bonds of lower nature. This is a glorious freedom from the "Dark Prison;" a state to be ardently longed for and attained through the persistent practice of at-one-ment through learning to love as the Great Ones Love. The student would be wise to consider the statements written here and try to estimate the condition of the solar plexus centre, bearing in mind the seven sub-planes of the astral plane to which it is strongly related. Watch, analyze and assess reaction to events, circumstances, contracts and desires of all kinds. Notice reaction to pity, sympathy, compassion, service, sacrifice, happiness, well-being, exaltation, ecstasy, patriotism, affection, love and so on, as well as the negative emotions of anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, sullenness, depression (a form of self pity), and ill-health, etc. The more even the temperament the greater the degree of efficiency of the emotional centre in dealing with astral force. The more unstable the nature with sudden changes of feeling, the more erratic and uncontrolled the functioning of this powerful force point. If the desires are of a low, animal-like nature, the energies of the solar plexus will be those of the lowest sub-planes of the Astral plane. If the emotional reactions are those of the average human being, the power is of the middle sub-plane, whilst those with higher than average aspiration whose activities in the world are directed to group work in service, use forces generated from the energy of the highest astral levels. The student should watch the activity of this centre without focusing any power upon it in the desire to effect change or control in its functioning. Once knowledge is gained of its state, should a change be desirable the energies must be drawn upwards to the higher centres by techniques suited to the individual needs. If the student realizes that a negative reaction such as, for instance, jealousy chains him to the lowest astral sub-plane on which he functions - this may not necessarily be the lowest of the sub-planes, but merely the lowest one contacted by the student - and he wishes to overcome this manifestation of his lower nature, he must not concentrate upon jealousy either negatively or positively. He must concentrate on the opposite end of the emotional pole which is universal love - the great freeing agent. Mantras will be found of great value in helping to overcome lower desire, but these must be carefully constructed and correctly used. It would only worsen the condition of the jealous aspirant if a mantram such as, "May I overcome my jealousy." Or "May jealousy be taken from me." These are positive assertions and recognition of the lower condition and will only serve to strengthen it. The Mantram must be said earnestly, rhythmically, and with the body completely relaxed and the conscious attention focused in the Ajna centre between the eyebrows, and it must be something in the nature of, "May Divine Love fill my heart," or "May Soul power illumine my mind," or "May group consciousness make me able to serve," or "May the Christ spirit dwell with me." Any mantram of this nature will aid in drawing the fires of the Solar Plexus and the centres below it up into the head and heart and effect a release in time from the bondage of the lower emotions. This practice of attained right mental and emotional attitudes must go hand in hand with service and self forgetfulness. Meditation upon Divine attributes is also a practice helpful to transmutation. Direction loving thoughts to those in need is a form of service that is very necessary in developing group consciousness. Never empower the negative emotion by thinking or speaking of it, cut off the energy of thought and sound that sustains it by ignoring it and redirecting the vitalizing powers to a positive and spiritual attitude. The solar plexus centre is regarded as the mechanism for lower psychic activity and is often used by many mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, etc. In these cases the energy is directed to the throat centre where it finds release in sound. The student should observe the rapidity and continuity of speech used by this class of psychics who uses solar plexus energy in their work. Once the vibration of sound slows down, the impressions cease or come through disjointedly, and usually, inaccurately, for the flow of astral energy from the centre has been used up and time is needed for replenishment. Those who have experienced the phenomena of the séance room know of the general practice of singing  to "Keep up the vibrations." It harmonizes, as far as possible, the various sub-planes on which the individual's present are polarized; releases nervous tension, calms emotional turmoil and enables the discarnated scientists to work on the lower force centres, drawing certain necessary etheric energies for use in the manufacture of the etheric formula known to psychic researchers as ectoplasm. Where mediums or sensitive work on mental levels, physical sound vibration is not needed and, in fact, can be detrimental to the work. A master mental psychic, black or white, can use his powers at will and can release lower force by transmuting it directly to the Ajna and distributing it via the breath, tongue, eyes and the palms of the hands. By observing the type of sounds made by a human throat an estimate of a high degree of accuracy can be made of the point in evolution. Human speech is a great revealer for all inner conditions can be understood by the way they manifest in sound and/or action. All these observations will teach much about the astral energies and their centre of expression in the man. People who continually overuse the emotional etheric force centre fall victim to disorders of the digestive tract, usually of a nervous devitalizing type and at a certain stage suffer various degrees of nervous collapse. Actors, artists, orators, politicians, teachers and business men often collapse because of severe drainage of nervous energy resultant upon the over stimulation of the solar plexus centres. If they understood its functions and learned to use it correctly, they would work more steadily for a longer period, although in some cases their work might lack the purely emotional brilliance which has such an appeal to man today due to the racial polarization in astral emotional levels. In Atlantean days the severe inhibition of sexual desire, through fear of the rampant venereal disease due to Lemurian sexual malpractice, created the embryo of cancer under which scourge the race suffers greatly today. Cancer is essentially an astral disease. In the transmutation of the focused attention upon lower personal desire into impersonal group service, and an active life, lies the hope of eradication of this aspect of imbalance from the human race. In later Atlantean times the tremendous lower emotional energies found an outlet in personal acquisition; men became thieves, murderers, liars, in order to gain worldly possessions and advantages. It is well known to occultists that the height of luxury attained in those days has never been equalled. These activities together with the practice of crude but powerful black magic resulted in the denial of the necessities of life to many and created rich and poor. Conditions of malnutrition arose, together with the dread astral spectre - tuberculosis, which has haunted man down the ages. Now in Aryan days man is suffering increasingly under another manifesting activity of solar plexus energy. The dread thrombosis and heart and brain diseases. Much of this trouble could have been avoided if man had learned to obey divine law. The Hierarchy is doing much in endeavouring to mitigate the suffering caused by the almost enforced transmutation of solar plexus fire into the unfolding heart centre. Great pressure is being brought to bear upon the solar plexus emotional centre in an effort to speed up the spiritual evolution of the race in preparation for the approach of the Avatar who will  manifest among men at the appointed hour. Therefore, conscious effort to transmute into the higher centres an increased spiritual awareness is the responsibility of all who have stepped upon the Path. The student must endeavour to change personal desire into unselfish service and self-forgetfulness and so reach the awakening love centre of the heart, the organ of group consciousness.




"As a man thinketh in the heart so is he - love God, love ye one another - love and love shall make you free." - Jesus.

"I will rejoice that from all tormenting we can retreat always upon the invisible Heart; upon the celestial love, not to be soothed merely, but to be replenished; not to be compensated but to receive power to make all things new." - Emerson.

"Love is giving, always giving. Beauty in its highest form Love is kind and gracious living. Love is peace amidst the storm. Love is patience everlasting. Love is friendship evermore. Love is giving without asking to the needy at your door. Love rejoices. Love is humble. Love makes strong those who are frail. Love will guide you when you stumble, with her strength you cannot fail. Therefore you must keep on sowing Love around you and apart, then this flower will keep growing silently in every heart." - Helmut Radmann Yogin.

The heart Centre must always be recognized as an organ of love energy and therefore of supreme importance at this time for it is through the awakening and growing potency of this etheric force centre, with its nature of group consciousness, that peace, goodwill and true brotherhood can come into full flower upon the earth. When the lives of the great spiritual leaders, teachers and avatars of the human race are reviewed it is seen that they stressed the importance of loving and in their own works demonstrated the power of love. The heart centre has twelve divisions, it is a beautiful red-gold color and is found in the area of the physical heart where it conditions the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems, especially the vagus nerve. It receives the yellow ray from pranic force which, after vitalizing the heart region, passes on to the inner lotus of the crown centre (the higher correspondence of the heart centre known as "the heart in the head".) There is great affinity between the two heart centres for they are both organs of love energy. The dense physical counterpart of the heart centre is the thymus gland which grows smaller as a child grows into adulthood. It is stated that when the heart centre is developed in the majority of men this gland will enlarge again to aid the heart in dealing with increased powers. In most humans the heart centre is turned downwards and is the instrument of personality love, but as the race develops its growing understanding of the nature of group consciousness and universal love the individual centres will gradually reverse and turn upwards, coming into full functioning activity as soul contact is established. When this stage is reached the emotional body is controlled and selfish desire has changed into unselfish love for all, and "thinking in the heart", has taken the place of "feeling in the heart." The difference between these two states of being should be carefully considered. "Feeling in the heart" is created by energies flowing from the solar plexus and sacral centres in response to human desires of all kinds. These responses are often almost mechanical reactions to emotional traits and habits formed in childhood and adolescence contacting individuals and groups in social, religious, educational and commercial fields. It is easier to teach basic ethics to the young than to teach discrimination in applying those ethics, for feeling can be guided much earlier than thinking in the majority of children. A child is often taught to feel sympathy for the needy and to give to charity, but how much later in life does it distinguish between real need and the false representation of the merely greedy? Thinking in the heart becomes possible as experience and knowledge develops the mental faculty and is guided and empowered by the wisdom aspect of the love energy of the soul. It is the result of the transmuting personal desire into impersonal love through dispassion, non-attachment and service, thereby lifting the fires and focused attention from the lower centres into the heart. When this stage of development is reached the inner crown lotus the "heart of the head" begins to vibrate and deal with the energies of pure spirit fire. At first the demonstration of this divine power is spasmodic and intermittent causing flashes of so-called miraculous working and very often physical difficulties such as heart and head disorders due to the inability of the lower sheaths (mental, astral, etheric) to deal effectively with the inflowing divine energy. As development continues the increasing efficiency of the head and heart centres a steady, continual at-one-ment and the Master can demonstrate God-Power at Will. Increasing pressure is being directed to the heart centre from (1) Cosmic sources, (2) The growing potency of Solar Energy via the Ray of the Will Power and the Ray of Order, (3) The power of love flowing from the Logos via the Hierarchy and its conscious recognition by more and more advanced human recipients, (4) The approach of the Hierarchy and the resultant increasing pull of the esoteric ashrams of the Masters, (5) The group consciousness rapidly unfolding amongst men. These pressures and others are being brought to bear in order to speed up the development of the heart centre of man, to bring about desired conditions of goodwill in preparation for the externalization of the Hierarchy and the return of the Christ. The results of this are seen in the upheavals taking place in nearly every nation, the increasing tensions caused by human reactions in all fields of endeavour and the nervous, heart, blood and brain diseases prevalent today. These types of maladies are claiming an increasing number of victims which fact, when viewed from the personal standpoint, would appear undesirable causing as it does much individual and group suffering and loss. But seen from wider and esoteric angles it is recognized in reality as a marked sign of the rapid response and development of the race. When men learn to deal wisely with the powerful energies manipulated by the heart centre in its differing stages of evolution, the difficulties of physical heart troubles will be overcome. The two most important energy streams flow, one to the head as the energy of consciousness, and the other to the heart as the energy of life, which determines a man's life force quality and his span of life in physical form. The life thread is active in all men whatever their stage of evolution. Pranic or universal energy is also active in all as it flows via the splenic centre and pranic triangle. One stream of prana flows up to the heart centre (the yellow ray) and merges with the main life force thereby vitalizing the heart, blood stream and nervous system. The heart centre conditions the respiratory system and considering this statement the student will realize the pan correct breathing plays in the perfecting of human for and vitality. When men live and work and sleep m the open air the strength and health of their physical sheaths will be greatly improved. Other energies depend upon the point of evolution and where the conscious focused attention happens to be. If a man is focused or polarized in the sacral-solar plexus centres, the astral energies from these centres will flow towards the heart and animal-emotional man with his strong basic emotions, lower desires and dense healthy, strong physical body is seen. These types seldom succumb to heart disease, but are more likely to pass out of incarnation (usually of shun duration) through violence or parasitic infestation of some kind or another affecting the bloodstream, spleen, bowels, etc. They also succumb quickly to starvation, malnutrition and deficiencies. Average man, focused in the upper solar plexus and beginning to transmute into the heart is far more likely to succumb to heart troubles caused by disorganization of the nervous systems which affect, to a greater degree than is gene rally realized, the condition, quality and rhythm of the blood Stream and respiratory mechanism. This is because the ebb and flow of energies from other centres is very erratic; one moment the heart is mainly energized by currents of energy from the solar plexus centre with its personal desires, aspirations, etc., and next with energies from higher impersonal levels spasmodically contacted, usually at moments of exaltation. There are also times when both types of energy recede leaving the subject suffering from what mystics term spiritual dryness. This swing from one predominating type of energy to another always places a rain upon the heart through the disharmony in the nervous system. This accounts for the periods of nervous and physical exhaustion suffered by average aspiring humanity. Advanced roan is often subject to nervous conditions and heart troubles due mainly to changing states of awareness, increasing sensitivity and karmic governance. Many Initiates of the first and second degrees leave physical incarnation through heart failure as they withdraw the life force from the heart centre and pass out via the crown centre. The Master who can leave his physical body at will often keeps the life force thread attached thereby preserving the sheath for future use if and when needed. If it is decided to dissolve the sheath He withdraws the life force from the heart centre and decomposition sensing The heart centre is a powerful agent for healing and is often used as such via the brow centre and the hands. Consider a true mother nursing her babe. She holds it close to her heart with gentle caressing hands and gazes at it with love light shining from her eyes -Love healing of a high degree. The heart centre is closely connected with the vagus nerve which plays an important part in the different stages of spiritual growth. The nervous systems and the heart are always affected in some way when any change takes place in spiritual awareness, or a new realization results from a step taken along the Path into a new revelation of truth. This is because progress in any field demands readjustment, reorientation and a vibratory change of some kind which always involves the nerves as they register all such changes no matter how fine or minute they may be. As man evolves and soul contact becomes more continuous, the energy of divine love-wisdom flows in increasing power to the heart and begins to radiate steadily from the heart centre, especially during certain meditations. Here lies a clue to the purpose behind the revelation to St. Marguerite of the 'Sacred Heart'. The dense physical form of the Master Jesus had been shattered and raised, and its original density changed making it unsuitable as a vehicle of contact to all and sundry, but the diving power of love released by the dissolution of the causal body, vehicle of the soul, could flow, when invoked, through the physical form of a painted representation of the symbol of the 'Heart of Jesus'. The pictures and statues in themselves are of no value to spiritual progress, but when used as a linking agent to awaken suppliants to temporary awareness of the levels of divine love energy, they become forms through which help, healing and blessing can be given. When Conscious knowledge of the activity of love energy is obtained, and degrees of mastery in the practice of using it are achieved, a form is no longer necessary except to contact others. St. Marguerite saw the power and reality in mystic vision, and was the human instrument used to bring this realization of the wonder of the Divine Love Stream into the consciousness of many and to make it available to all who seek to contact it. The student should consider the heart centre and meditate upon it. Sitting quite still and relaxed, visualize the great stream of Love energy from the Heart of God via the Hierarchy pouring in rhythmic waves into your heart centre, then the smaller waves emanating from your own heart radiating out to heal the world and its kingdoms and helping to restore the Plan of God on Earth. The result of this practice which at first should not be too frequent or prolonged, will be a definite lifting of the fires of the solar plexus into the heart and a deepening understanding of the power, reality and demonstration of Universal Love.




'The throat cease is the organ specifically of the created word.' A. A. Bailey. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. Genesis, 'When all dung's were wrapped in deepest silence to me u uttered die secret word.1' ' Meister Eckhan. "One may heal with die Holy Words; amongst all remedies this is the healing one that heals with the Holy Word." Zoroastrian Scripture. "A man shall be judged by every word that proceedeth out of his mouth-'    -   Jesus, The throat centre is the vitalizing agent for the radiation of sound which is energy released through certain created vibrations. It is situated in the region of the neck, is said to have sixteen divisions and to be silvery blue in colour. It is very well developed in most humans and turns upwards conditioning the ears, throat, mouth, neck, shoulders and the top of the lungs. Its radiation also affects the medulla oblongata and carotid gland. The dense physical counterpart of the throat centre is the thyroid gland which includes the parathyroid. These glands control some aspects of balance in the lower sheaths such as temperament, weight, metabolism, breathing and other rhythms. Thyroidal imbalance stems from the inactivity or over activity of the etheric throat centre and shock or prolonged anxiety working through from the Solar Plexus emotional centre to the throat can cause goitres and similar troubles. The throat centre transmits energies from the centres above the diaphragm into the head centres and is closely related to the Solar Plexus which is also a transmuting agent for the lower energies into the heart centre. The source of many human ills is to be found in the interplay between the solar plexus and the throat centres. Words what are motivated and empowered by the baser emotions such as Jealousy, envy, greed, lust, hatred, anger, and so on, reveal conditions in the astral nature that will eventually cause disease in the physical body. The lower correspondence of the creative centre is the sacral centre which is also, in the un-evolved, a creative mechanism, and one of the earliest transmutations is when sacral energy is directed to the throat centre thereby overcoming the animal sexual instincts and using the transferred power to create on a higher level in artistic fields that which serves the race. The throat centre is highly developed in all creative artists, and those who depend upon the voice to demonstrate their an in singing, oratory or teaching (a good teacher is an artist par excellence) need to be convincing from the emotional angle because of the astral focus of the majority of the race, and therefore both solar plexus and throat centres are used and often overused causing strain, depletion and nervous exhaustion. The ebb and flow of energies between these centres coupled with the conditioning factor of the brow or Ajna centre, is the cause of so-called temperament and the emotional swing from hilarity to depression that manifests in many artists. The student will find much of intense interest in considering the relationship of the throat to other centres and the effect upon the health of man. For instance, depletion through overuse of the voice in expressing lower emotion can lead to nervous troubles, and if allied to uncontrolled appetites energized by the will power of the personality via the Ajna, major disorders in the digestive tract will appear, usually of a diabetic kind. Sacral energy directed to an inefficient or overactive throat centre can cause thyroidal difficulties often of an impermanent nature. This often happens during biological changes brought about at certain stages in life such as pubeny, maturity, and climacteric. The student should always recognize the progress and evolution of man as a series of transmutation of energies and focused attention from the lower into the higher centres. When 3. man tries through mental will to discipline and change his negative aspects of character he often falls victim to the hindering of the free flow of energy from [he lower to the higher centres and vice versa resulting from the forcible restraint and suppression of feeling. This gives rise to many disorders of a nervous and psychological kind. The safest way to deal with the changing nature and its consequential reorientation and redirection of energy is through action in service. The student should think well about this and observe closely and carefully the results of the struggle in humans to 'change for the better', and soon he will be able to serve by directing wisely those who seek advice when suffering ills arising from the processes of transmutation. When the throat centre is considered as the creative force of the organ of sound the whole question of energy release must be thought upon. The type of energy released through sound is clearly indicated by the type of sound made. Animal man creates sounds which indicate his un-evolved slate and reveals the main source of energy to be from the lower astral levels via the sacral instinctive centre which in animal man is the creative centre and general point of polarization. He emits mainly) grunts, cries and basic words representing basic needs, activities and desires. As man evolves into animal emotional man his sounds increase in quantity, quality and variety, especially as he contacts and experiences an and culture. This period of development-, stretches over many, many lives bringing the throat centre of creative sound to a high' degree of efficiency, a point reached by the majority of men. Therefore, average man, polarized in the solar plexus, makes the widest range of human sounds revealing the many emotional states experienced, which slates are empowered by sacral (animus instinctive) and astral energy and embodied and expressed through an unstable, enslaver lower mind and an uncontrolled highly vitalized tongue. As he experiences the contacts,' environment and activities of incarnation he emits in the majority of cases a continual stream of sounds to release the lower energies thereby using the throat centre as a safety valve and preventing certain basic inhibitions which would otherwise cause retention of  astral energy and resultant physical disease. Ignorance of the reality and working of the etheric body and its force centres has caused much error in the directing of human action and behaviour, especially in the use of sound. In articulation any stage of evolution whether of ones own nature or through enforcement from outside sources, is not good. Inability to express thought or feeling can only lead to trouble because both sound and silence should stem from a natural inner condition of balance. Consider the work of the psychiatrist whose main endeavour when dealing with psychosomatic disorders is towards release through sound of pent up force created by inhibited emotion. The esotericists can take wisdom a step further by considering not only the sounds a human likes or dislikes to create, but also those he likes or dislikes to hear, for both are great revealers of inner states. How often is discord sown in a group by the music of the radio which pleases some and displeases others. One is often urged, in modern parlance, to 'get it off your chest, or get it out of your system,' or work it off,' and all these injunctions are carried out usually through action and sound. These and similar phases indicate the growing awareness, even if not consciously known and expressed, of the necessity for wiser, remedial control of the inner energies of man. The student should study this aspect of human evolution by observing the use made of sound by all with whom contact is made and try to assess the inner states revealed and the point in evolution obtained. The complete lack of control over speech, which includes singing and whistling, manifested by people polarized in the middle and lower astral sub-planes, empowered by sacral force and directed by a butterfly lower mind, designated most accurately as those who 'speak as their belly guides them' or 'as the wind blows,' while helping to clear the lower centres can, if carried to excess over too long a period, lead to conditions of nervous depletion, mind derangement, blood pressure and heart trouble of the nervous kind, and depending upon the ray type of astral sheath many disorders of the sexual mechanism. A man reveals himself very clearly through what he says or does not say. If ignorant his speech betrays his state, if foolish his words proclaim his folly. In time and space words portray and give forms to all human attributes and qualities. The question of truth and falsehood is also related to the throat centre. To lie is a human activity; it could almost be said to be a human privilege. Any man or woman who has never deliberately lied in their life is either sub-human or super-human. If the polarization is in centres below the AJna, then lying is possible, especially if the heart centre is not working well, but when conscious transmutation into the crown centre has taken place, the throat becomes the manifesting agent for truth as part of expressed divinity. The power of speech has been recognized by the wise of all races as many sayings confirm. In the East it is said by the great Lao-Tse, "The one who knows the Secret does not speak; the one who speaks does not know the Secret." A great discarnate says, "The valley echoes in many sounds, but the Mountain top is wreathed in silence." Such saying? indicate the way. An Arab says, "The tongue is the enemy of the neck," an Indian advises, "Listen or your tongue will make you deaf." A proverb points out, "A still tongue makes a wise head," and the teachers of religion, 'Praise ye the Lord." Advanced man, disciples and initiates watch every word carefully and strive to use the tongue as the creative instrument of the Will of the soul whose nature is Love. The man who is endeavouring to gain control even the lower nature uses sounds in a conscious effort to serve and strives to see, hear and speak only good, and to release energy through higher sound such as inspirational music, and oratory in religious, philosophical and serving groups. These people are found in all religions and in governmental departments; in the business world and artistic fields. All leaders, organizers and executives who, in dealing with the public have to be 'careful what they say' lest their words cause trouble, are undergoing discipline in the practice of discrimination and discretion. This is of great benefit in a general and individual way in speeding up natural and correct control of the throat centre and the transference of energies into the head centres by the mental effort to 'concentrate on what is being said and done." The use of sound to create mantic power should be thought upon and the realization gained that positively expressed through words is embodied power- Always remember that form and the life within the form when dealing with the spoken word. As soul contact increases and the throat centre becomes the instrument of Divine Mind, a man makes fewer sounds, is sparing of speech and careful in the choice of words. The White Magicians, adepts and Masters, when incarnate, use the throat centre as an instrument of the Monad to contact, teach and heal. Consider the healing of the deaf and dumb man by the Master Jesus who "put His ringers into his ears, then He spat and touched his tongue; and He looked up to Heaven and sighed, and He said to him 'Ethpatakh' which means, Be opened." (Mark 7.33, New Testament from Aramaic). The attractive power of prayer and invocation also merits great attention at this point of esoteric research. The study of meaning behind sound is fascinating and will reward the earnest, wise and persistent student with an increasing understanding of the power of esoteric energies properly released, used and directed in physical manifestation by the Throat Centre via the physical organ of speech.




"The Ajna Centre. This is the centre between the eyebrows and is found in the region of the head just above the two eyes where it acts as a screen, for the radiant beauty and glory of the spiritual man." "It expresses imagination and desire in their two highest forms and these are the dynamic factors lying behind all creation." Esoteric healing - A. A. Bailey, The Ajna concerns the lower mind and psychic nature of dial integrated organism we call man, Ac personality." The Soul and its Mechanism. - A. A. Bailey. Between the eyebrows is found the wonderful brow centre which is called the Ajna. It is sometimes referred to as the two petal led lotus because it has the appearance of •wings which spread out to the left and right of the head indicating, it is said, the two ways of life - the Right and Left hand Paths. Each section comprises forty-eight divisions or units of force, and so the whole centre is said to have a total of ninety-six petals. The student should consider this and gain an insight into the potential power of ninety-six merging streams of force and try to estimate what a fully developed harmonized Ajna could accomplish in terms of creative activity. One wing is said to be rose-pink and yellow and the other a purplish blue, but it must be remembered at all times when dealing with this subject than a centre is a continually vibrating, moving, radiating mechanism of energies. This centre lying athwart the brow is said literally to be the "Gateway to Heaven" being the agent for the form-making mind in the human and the formless mind in the super-human. It translates the creative will of the Father in Heaven directing its creative force into physical manifestation. It is the transformer of divine mind as it descends and flows out into human fields of expression. The power of the brow centre is seen in the eyes and its energies radiate through them and also through the hands. Here lies a clue to the significance of the so-called "Evil eye and homed fingers" of the black workers, and the "Single eye and the hand benediction" of the white brothers. The brow centre is the mechanism for concentration: it is at this point that attention is focused and energy generated for the purpose of any type of creative thinking. It creates menial forms and destroys them. The Anja is the great visualizing centre which fact makes it potentially one of the most powerful etheric force mechanisms. Visualization is the great creative force and all students should practice this art and eventually master ii. Besides being the mechanism by which thought can be concentrated upon anything, it is also that which can cut off awareness of anything, It can cut off sight in the activity of introspection or reverie, and can cut out hearing when desirable, k can cue off feeling in any part of the body and transfer pain from one point to another for pain is also energy and can be transferred. The brow centre is indeed the miracle working centre, especially in some forms of healing such as than done by Simon Peter and St. John at the temple gale for a man who had been lame from birth. They said, "Look at us," and then Simon Peter "took him by the right hand and Sifted him up." (Acts 3, New Testament ex Aramaic.) Thus the aim receives and redirects healing power. It is the centre of energy when effort is needed to activate the physical sheath because the energy of will from the crown centre flows to the physical body via the Ajna making it an important factor related to physical activity of any kind. This centre can also control the emotional nature by mental will. In other words, by thinking of something other than the dominating emotional factors when necessary, thereby cutting off energy that would prolong the life of any undesired emotional state. If a mental process of any length or power is to be successfully performed, the Anja must be functioning well. In its relationship to the mental body it serves two purposes. 1. The ability to focus attention upon the physical, astral and lower mental bodies. 2. The ability to cut off any attention to these lower vehicles. It is the working of the Ajna which aligns and integrates the lower man and raises the fires of focused attention into the head centres thus eventually linking the lower personality with the higher. Therefore, the brow centre is recognized as being acutely related to the entire lower man and in this aspect is the mask of the true persona of the integrated human being, displaying clearly to the wise and able observer the degree of integration achieved and the point in evolution reached. This centre is indeed the great doorway between inner and outer planes of being and can be used to transmute merges and forces from one plane to another by the conscious use of different vibrations. Thus is demonstrated its power and importance. It is a centre of psychic force and is therefore linked to the Solar Plexus centre which also receives psychic impressions. This relates the Ajna to the astral body and the astral plane which gives a clue to many of the myriad fleeting mental impressions seen in a picture form during both working and sleeping states. The dense physical organ of the Ajna is the pituitary gland. It is known that there are two lobes to this gland which correspond to the two wings of the brow centre. The Ajna conditions the eyes, nose and frontal areas of the head. Inactivity and under development of this centre can cause dullness of intellect and a shon earth span. Over-activity can cause intermittent brilliancy allied to instability of emotional behaviour in many cases to sudden insanities and suicides as an end, this being due to an uneven flow of higher directive force, via the Ajna to the lower astral and physical bodies thereby causing disharmony in the nervous system. Congestion of this centre creates headaches of a severe and persistent type, nasal troubles, eye disorders of a serious nature, brain tumours and some forms of deafness. People with congested brow centres often exhaust themselves through intense activity in fields of service because they cannot revitalize themselves, neither can they judge with any accuracy their power and energy potentials. The answer to this type of problem lies in learning the an of relaxation and balanced living in physical, astral and mental levels. The man who can consciously use the Ajna centre is either a Black or White Magician: A master or the lower worlds. The difference being that a White Magician is initiated, helped by and is en rapping with the White Brotherhood, and draws power from Monadic and Soul levels whereas a Black Magician is initiated by the so-called fallen angles of ancient times who originally were initiated by the White Brotherhood whose secrets they betrayed and whose transmitted energy they .abused. An adept of either way I can use the Ajna to create mental form that can be projected and solidified through the attraction of matter. The story of the feeding of the five thousand by Jesus comes into this category. Jesus drew upon the monadic power of the will to create to fulfil the divine law of need and supply. A Black Adept would create things to satisfy selfish ends, using power drawn from the lower planes of life, and although the form might be the same as than created by a White Brother, the life energy within it would probably be sacral-astral and have a degenerating effect on those who used or consumed it. In the case of a Black Magician the Ajna constitutes the Angel with the Flaming Sword that turns in all directions to guard the Tree of Life, preventing the unworthy and unauthorized from climbing to the top of the tree to pick the fruit from Heaven. The brow centre is the crossroad of spiritual progression. Below the Ajna lie the worlds of form. Above are the formless worlds of freedom from birth, death, disease and evil, and the keys to this higher world are Sacrifice and Service.




"When thou canst throw thyself into that where no creature dwelleth, though it be but for a moment, then thou hearest what God speaketh. If thou doest once every hour throw thyself by faith beyond all creatures, beyond and above all sensual perception, yea above discourse and reasoning, into the Abyss of the Mercy of God, then thou shalt receive power from above to rule over death and sin." Jacob Boehmne -1575 1624. "The head centre is the embodiment of spiritual energy, demonstrating as Will, as the abstract or spiritual mind and as the intuition." The Soul and its Mechanism - A. A. Bailey. It is difficult at the present stage of human evolution to add anything to what has already been stated anent the Etheric Crown Centre. It is called the Brahmarandra, the Thousand Petalled Lotus, and is situated at the top of the head. It is in reality two centres comprising a many petalled outer lotus and an inner one of twelve divisions known esoterically as the "Heart in the Head." The outer centre turns downwards over the head as depicted in images and paintings of the Buddha, and its radiations create the haloes seen in religious art. The student should meditate upon the wonder and beauty of the crown centre of a Buddha with its rhythmic vibration and far-reaching radiations, each colour representing a fulfilling power needed by the race, in the cause of evolution, for a Buddha serves all the lower kingdoms in this way. The numerous units of energy in the outer lotus manifest all colours blended like iridescent mother of pearl but containing a predominant colour indicative of the soul type. The inner lotus is said to have twelve petals of white gold and is only fully active in a Master of a certain degree. When the integrated fires of the transformed being shine as a Golden Crown of Living Energy which is "cast down" in service to the lesser lights. The crown centre develops as the disciple begins to consciously control and master the lower mental body, making the lower mind the servant of the soul, a transmutation which reveals the truth of the Oneness of All Life. Before this transmutation takes place the Crown Centre is related to the soul but afterwards becomes the instrument for the conscious distribution of Monadic energy, the Will-Power aspect of Divinity to all parts of the integrated lower sheaths. When the crown centre is fully developed a man is no longer the victim of death and disease for he attains complete freedom from the ills of the flesh because the centre, in a subtle way, naturally and automatically controls and conditions the lower bodies. The dense physical counterpart of the head centre is the pineal gland about which very little is known. It is very active in childhood but becomes less so as maturity takes place. It has a correspondence in this with the Thymus gland which also decreases in activity as adulthood is attained. It is said when man becomes divine the Pineal will increase activity bringing the ability to use to the full the wonderful powers of the "Third Eye" which does not function perfectly until the crown centre is active and in control. It is the highest level of healing power but only a Master can safely use at will the energies and colour rays (especially Violet) of the Brahmarandra which He does for the good of the race to further the Divine Plan. Vibrational changes necessary to bring about so-called miracles such as instantaneous healings, invisibility, transportation and all dramatic manipulation of mental, astral, etheric and physical substance are brought about through forces directed via the crown centre. The student should bear in mind the fact that all forces are transmitted via the etheric and therefore, in order to transmit the higher more powerful energies, the vehicle of transmission (in the case of a human being the vehicle would be his etheric body) must be conditioned to work without danger to the recipient, or the success of the plan which caused the particular transmission to be inaugurated. Meditation on this point will bring much enlightenment as to the subtle ways in which human beings are protected by apparent hindrances to their desires and efforts to develop too quickly. The story of Prometheus and its symbolism would reveal much in connection with the racial evolutionary scheme to the intuitive student. Consider the meaning of the Eagle (symbol of the highest powers attained by man) tearing out the liver (symbol of the lower desires of man) which constantly grows again (symbol of the perpetual sacrifice of the guardians of the race who continually endeavour to destroy the illusion of the lower worlds). When the crown centre begins to develop, a man becomes aware of a higher level of consciousness and has intermittent glimpses of mental non-attachment which encourages him to strive to attain to that wonderful state as a permanent point of polarization. This attainment brings a vibrant conscious awareness of the impermanence of matter and forms and the realization of the Glory of Heaven and its reality. This state must not be confused, as it often is by disciples who overrate themselves, with mental apathy and world weariness brought on through ignorance, folly and wrong action, which is a very different condition to the dynamic conscious focusing by the integrated being, in the highest centre. The weariness that makes a man 'not care", is caused by the energy flow becoming devitalized and allowed to regress to the lower centres creating an undesirable, uneven ebb and flow of forces from centre to centre. Then is seen a person who is 'up one day, down the next," whose actions in the world are erratic, spasmodic, un-coordinated and un-sustained. One day they indulge in lower excesses and the nest will be striving to serve and live spiritually only to fall again into self-indulgence of times succumbing to physical disorders. Many drug addicts, alcoholics and victims of similar abuses fall into this category. They do indeed "Fall from Grace," but another incarnation could bring renewed energy, opportunity and endeavour so that they eventually win the war even though they have, as indeed all have done, lost many battles. Via the crown comes the energy of Life itself that informs all matter, including the 56 thought forms made by the lower image-making mind. When thought forms are infused with energy from the head centre they become objectively real and through the power of attraction materialize in the world. The speed and accuracy with which such creations are made depends upon the ability of the lower mental mechanism to make clearly and hold steady the desired form, and the efficiency of the crown centre in bringing through die Willpower of the Creator who says, "So lei it-be." Here ties a clue to the teachings regarding positive thinking. If the form is imaged by the linking agent of the lower mind often and long enough, the crown centre will eventually let through enough informing attractive power to materialize the thought. The fact that in the vast majority neither the Ajna nor Brahmarandra are working to any degree accounts for the many failures and distortions of positive thinking techniques. The Thousand Petalled Lotus is truly man's crowning glory, but in most humans it does not shine, is not developed, and so is not very active. It is the agent for a realm of conscious realization that cannot be comprehended by a black brother or an un-evolved human being. It is the point of complete non-attachment to material things, and the resultant freedom is the reward of the serving seeker who has found. This freedom is the Third Freedom on the path of man's evolution. The First Freedom is from Sacral (animal nature) activity when the fires are lifted to the throat centre. The Second Freedom is from Astral emotional domination when the energies of the Solar Plexus centre are transmuted into the heart centre- The Third Freedom takes place when the fires of the integrated lower being are lifted to the head centres and the lower nature is controlled by Soul Power. When the crown centre is fully activated, the veil between earth and heaven is rent in twain even as the veil in Solomon's Temple was torn in two at the death of Jesus of Nazareth, Before the destruction of the veil (symbolizing the webs of etheric matter in the brain), the disciple has glimpses through it, giving fleeting moments of wonderful mastery, after the veil is gone, the "Initiate ascends the Throne and is Crowned." He has conquered and "overcome the world". He has "Gained His Soul". He has climbed Olympus and arrived at the "Dwelling Place of the Immortals." From then on He chooses His Way upon the Path, he incarnates and discamates at Will and knows and serves the Plan of God.



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