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“ The discourses, which follow, are mediumistically given through the Spirit Group LA LUMI&RE (THE LIGHT.), under the HIGHER PROTECTION of the SPIRIT THE MASTER KUTHUMI (KOOT HOOMI),

In as far as the Spirit of the reader is primitive, pure or on the way of perfection he will respond negatively, doubtfully or be thankful, for at least one will receive a good seed, and the other one, will receive wisdom in a greater measure than that which he already has.

Many reborn Spirits seek truth and wisdom, but still wander on byways.  May these Talks guide them on the right Path-God grants each individual his own freewill, and this gives him the opportunity to advance towards "THE LIGHT OF GOD" or to descend on the PATH of ignorance and darkness.

Those who are willing are always ready to purify and perfect, and to evolve to "THE LIGHT OF GOD."





Grandpa, why am I so young and you so old? Why have you got white hair and a white beard? The people I meet on the street are mostly older than I am, but there are younger ones too. Some teenagers have a beard or a moustache or both, which are brown, blonde or black. Why have not all people the same expression on their faces?  I feel drawn towards those who are kind-hearted, and for those who have unpleasant expressions I have no sympathy. Why do I sometimes feel lonely, forsaken and sad ... and then again inspired with a feeling of inner joy and happiness...? All these emotions have awakened in me since father and mother left me. I know they are not here anymore as human beings; I do not hear or see them any longer, their place at table is empty, and yet often I feel their presence, and inwardly I speak with them... sometimes I hear their voices, and these tell me that my parents are trying to give me advice, and they are a light on my life's path. How I would like to see them back as they were on earth, but that is not possible. I often feel so lost, as someone who is looking for a path and cannot find it... The time is not far off when I shall have to choose my life's work, but the future is dark and I see many paths that intertwine. I clash with the unknown and the unexplainable... Grandpa, you have experience and human understanding and wisdom, I know that you can answer many of my questions and solve my problems ... What is the object of our life on earth... What is the deeper meaning of the Coming and Going? ... Why are there so many people who have to suffer? ... Why are there good people and bad people? ...What is virtue and what is vice? ... Why is there love and why is there hate? ...Why should there be mercy and why selfishness? ...  Why are there believers and why unbelievers? ... Why are there ignorant people and are there others as wise as you? ... At night I see visions and in the darkness light-beams pierce through the wall and brighten up my face. Then human figures appear in the light. Sometimes I think I see father and mother who smile kindly; but it never happens during the day; they never talk of life's affairs, the cares and worries, strife and suffering that people endure... Grandpa, will the day ever dawn when all this will be clear to me? ... Will 1 always be a stranger to my destiny? My dear Grandson. Like you, I was also young and sought an answer to the same questions you are asking ... I am glad you are presenting all these questions to me now, before I pass over to the Spirit-world. All your questions can be answered in one word, namely "EVOLUTION," but the deeper meaning of this word must be fathomed.

What is EVOLUTION? ...        

My son, each person is a duality. Each person is duplicated, the physical body of flesh and blood, and the etheric life force, Spirit that makes its abode in the human body. One spirit is primitive and is placed for the first time, through higher spirits, by the command of GOD, into a body. Other Spirits, who were often reincarnated, place their mystical radiations in the body, which are the result of previous incarnations.  These life experiences taught them to know good and bad, virtue and vice, and from this experience they learnt wisdom.   This wisdom helps spiritual purity and perfection towards the "LIGHT OF GOD"; where eternal and spiritual happiness reigns. There is, therefore, a dual life in a person: the material body and the spiritual life. Both are essential; and the practice of love. Kindness and mercy, brings light on the spiritual path, which leads to eternal happiness... The path leads through the human brain and is temporary and short. It can bring earthly happiness, richness and luxuries, but not the eternal life for spirit. You, my son. must seek the spiritual path, follow the LIGHT that brings wisdom and you will enjoy the eternal life of salvation.




Grandpa, previously you explained the word "EVOLUTION," and that a human is a duality, a compound of flesh and blood, and also an unseen spirit whose abode is in the physical body. Why is the spirit invisible? Where does it come from? ... What is the purpose of the presence of the spirit in the body?

Does that help to explain the word "EVOLUTION"?

When I talk to people about EVOLUTION it is said: "This s a mighty word," but this does not explain the meaning of it-Others say that VOLUTION is the progress in social life; better employment, greater earning capacity, association with the better class, greater esteem and wealth. Grandpa, you talk of "Spiritual Evolution"; is that in connection with the spirit and not the physical?

What happens to those who advance in school and university, who gain distinctions and doctors' degrees? Is not that also EVOLUTION?

My dear son, I told you that EVOLUTION is spiritual and not physical, and that the plain language is too inadequate to justly explain what we sense or feel. Mineral EVOLUTION is primitive and without feeling; but I want to add that when the SPIRIT OF GOD passed over the earth, it left atom particles and vibrations of HIS presence, and gave life force to minerals; until then there was no life on earth.

God bestowed the unseen atom and life force in primitive plants; the life force, after many rebirths in plant life went into animal life; this did not exist before. After many rebirths in the animal kingdom, these forces were transplanted into primitive spirits, in human bodies, and allowed to evolve as far as possible on earth.

In point of fact EVOLUTION has nothing to do with the physical body, but is only concerned with the unseen spirit. It is the life force born out of GOD which, after purification and perfection, returns to its source: i.e. "GOD" but this only takes place after many reincarnations-But Grandpa, is there no EVOLUTION of the human body? Nothing is lost, my son, and all that one learns and that adds to the development of the human brain, is received by the spirit and taken into the cosmos and in the following incarnations is developed into the consciousness. The life of the human body is short in comparison to eternity; whilst the life of the spirit continues after death of the body. The spirit is however repeatedly reborn in a new human body, until it is more purified and perfected and enters the Higher Spheres of the Cosmos.

Grandpa, what do you mean by purification?

I have already explained that primitive spirits are reincarnated in the human body, because they lacked experience, understanding of their fellow man and wisdom, and still roam in tunnel of evil. They cannot distinguish evil from good, and do mischief and sin. The wickedness forms dark spots in their aura, and must be blotted out by repeated reincarnations and purified through suffering and soul agony, that is why reincarnation is coupled with suffering - and is a necessity.

Grandpa, why must we suffer for the evil done through the spirit in a former human body?

My son, your question is searching and our language is not explicit enough. However you can sense and understand, that the human body is a vehicle to convey the reborn spirit on earth, and the body of flesh and blood is of less importance than the spirit, as it is but temporary. The spirit is called to live forever after perfection, to ETERNITY and HARMONY.

I have understood. Grandpa, and may I ask you many more questions ? I trust your teaching will enrich me spiritually and mentally.

It will be my happiest moment, my son, when I see thai my words bring you closer to GOD.




My son, you asked me the deeper meaning of coming, and going? You really meant, why is a person born and why does he live and why does he die?

It is a material question, which can be answered by a spiritual answer. "Why is a spirit reincarnated and discarnated"?

This question cannot be answered before introducing a brief explanation.

This life of a human is impossible if it is not incarnated a birth by an invisible spirit sent from the Cosmos, this spirit can be of either inferior EVOLUTION or sometimes of a Higher Evolution.

We have already seen what lower Evolution means; a spirit with low evolution undergoes its first incarnations, but has an inclination to advance to a Higher Spirit Sphere. That a spirit of Higher Evolution, through his many reincarnations, gathered his experiences, received wisdom, has no more evil to blot out and already advances to "THE LIGHT OF GOD" or is perhaps already admitted therein.

But Grandpa, what has all this to do with the arrival of the body of flesh and blood?

The human being, my son, is born of woman and belongs to the dust of the earth; the spirit is made from a split of an atom of GOD and belongs to the Cosmos.

I have already explained that they are two different entities, which must learn to understand each other, gain strength and wisdom; the human brain is the means by which the spirit accomplishes what is requested of it and is instructed by the Higher Spirits, the Christ Spirit, and the Holy Spirit or GOD Himself.

Grandpa, that still does not explain the continual coming and going of man.

However, my son, the reborn spirit needs a specified time to accomplish his task on earth. There can be a failure, because the reborn spirit may be weak, and not have the necessary strength to curb the human in which he is reincarnated, because the human is earthly and wants to see his earthly desires materialized and strives against the spirit, then he lives in evil and depravity, because he longs for riches and to live in wealth.

For the reborn spirit life is struggle and suffering, but his life is not without purpose, because he has gained strength. When he returns to the Cosmos, the freed spirit receives strength through attending spiritual lectures, when he once more returns to earth he is able to control the earthly being, and uses him as a vehicle to carry out his mission on earth. He must learn to distinguish good from evil, and virtue from vice. You see, my son, the coming and going of flesh and blood man is a necessity to allow the discarnated Spirits of GOD the opportunity to serve GOD, and with the help of Highly Evolved discarnated spirits, to establish GOD'S PLANS ON EARTH.

Grandpa, what are GOD'S PLANS?

Have you ever tried to reform a drunkard... or restore a broken friendship between friends, incurred through religion?

Politics, language or cultural differences in committees, with events which caused the trouble. Have you ever heard a teacher give his pupils moral lessons, and try to help them distinguish between good and bad, and encourage them to love, and be merciful to each other?

Have you ever heard a father reprimand his child for dishonesty or unrighteousness that is committed through weakness and allowed evil, unseen entities to influence and commit a wicked deed?

There is of course the opposite influence too: Spirits which are not so weak as primitives, do not allow themselves to be directed by evil spirits, but listen to the Still Voice of Holy Spirits. who undertake, by inspiring love, kindness and mercy to help others out of the weakness with brotherly love.

There are reborn purified spirits who are led by the Christ Spirit, to direct those who are willing to reform, to become perfect in love, kindness and the shortest path to Life of everlasting Salvation.

These are a few of GOD'S PLANS on earth. There are

other ways, only known to the Christ spirit and to the Highest Holy Spirit... of which I dare not speak.

Many thanks. Grandpa, your lessons make a different person of me

I thank God.




I have already asked you Grandpa: "What is the purpose of our human life? Considering we are just spirit, may we not remain in Spirit land without a body to purify and perfect, and then enter the Light of GOD and there endeavor and strive for eternal salvation?"

My dear son, that is a question sought by many who seek truth and wisdom. Humans see only materially and neglect to seek the Spirit in Cosmos. People try to solve earthly problems with the intellect and fail to contact his spirit or spiritual advisers. For this reason, they make mistakes because they do not meditate on ideas, in moments of repentance, which are inspired by discarnated spirits.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is self-examination, to converse inwardly with your own spirit or the guiding spirits.  On earth, also in our churches, they discuss "cogitation," but it is done with the intellect, with the brain, and not with the spirit. The consequence of this mistake is the cause of the conflicts in life, such as cares, worries, fights and suffering; this is necessary to fulfill Karma.

What is Karma, Grandpa ?

Karma is the penalty for sins of a reborn spirit, committed in his present, or past lives. I have already made it clear to you that primitive reborn spirits walk in a tunnel of evil and of good. There is a cause for everything. Every cause has an effect. Should a reborn spirit do evil and practice vice, then the cause lies in the fact that it has not had much evolution. But according to the rebirths in new human bodies, it makes contact with evil and good and learns to practice virtues. As a discarnated spirit he cannot reach his object, because as such he gets no life experience.

Grandpa, is a "discarnated spirit" the invisible entity called Life? And has its abode in Spirit land? — And is the incarnated spirit the same invisible entity that has returned from the Cosmos and made its abode on earth in a young human body to which he gives Life?

That is right, my son, I am glad you understand the theoretical explanation well, so enabling you to reap the necessary fruit. We have diverged a little from the subject, but this introduction was necessary so that the answer to your question "What is the aim of our human life" can be understood.

In creation the cause of everything that resulted, was the evolution of the Atom of God imbedded in minerals, to develop in plants, animals and human life. To your question about human life, I say study their path of life, and there you will find the answer to your question.

The one is primitive or spiritually weak; Another discovers wisdom and even reach as purification and perfection.

Still another has partly climbed the ladder to evolution and discovered a part of spiritual truth. Other spirits climbed higher and up the ladder of evolution they find the "essence of God."

Many of them try to find the "Light in the darkness" of their life.

Grandpa, what do you understand by purification and perfection?

Purification is the purging of committed wrong and vice — this is called Karma. Perfection is the state obtained after the purifying of sin and vice. That is wisdom discovered through the experience that continually bears you to the "Light of GOD" and eternal happiness.

All this, my son, reveals the necessity and the purpose of our life on earth, and brings experience of life, knowledge of our fellowman, wisdom that makes the spirit stronger, more purposeful, and eventually leads to his life's goal and ideal; "Return to GOD."

Thank you Grandpa. I have again learned much; and I hope t may come back to receive more lessons.

God has appointed me as your teacher, my son. and I am fulfilling my mission on earth. Let us be thankful to Him.




Grandpa, I have often wondered, why spirits, who have departed from earth, where the majority had cares, worries, strife and suffering, were i!l, had medical treatment or were unhappy, and are pleased to be free from the body must be reborn in a human body, to new strife and suffering ? Why are there others who are unwilling to leave the earth...?

Why are there so many opposing ideas about life on earth and the hereafter a teacher at school read from the Bible that Jesus said "You will still often be reborn before you enter the Kingdom of my Father." But in the Church the Minister says — "You must change your life, love your fellow man, improve before you may enter the eternal Heaven of happiness."

But the word Reborn and the returning of the Spirit in a human body is not mentioned. He was silent about the cause of suffering the being must undergo. I even see children who are unhappy in the cradle, and teenagers who are discouraged and sensitive. A hopeless love is often the cause of their great sorrow, but later on they may be pleased that this love did not materialize. 1 see married couples who do not understand each other and continually dispute and live in discord, and who divorce because of adultery, or because of different understandings. Can they not live as spirit in the spirit world? Why do they, after all the suffering on earth, become reborn in a human body? Do they request a new human life, or is it a compulsion.

I am glad that you always ask spiritual questions about the life on earth and life in the spirit world, or the different ideas of man and spirit; I told you earlier, that body and spirit in the same body often differ in opinion - There are many people who, when they grow old, pray to GOD to take them away, because they are lonely or sick, unable to do their daily tasks, are entrusted to strangers to care for them, suffer sleepless nights and are neglected by children, if there are any. They become embittered because their prayers are not heard; they do not mentally understand that the cause for all sorrow and trouble they endure, is the spiritual law of cause and effect of former deeds. Should their spirits be granted the privilege to explain to the brain the reason of the trouble and to be patient and humble, they may understand, but would they believe? It would depend on the standard of evolution obtained and the receptivity for truth and wisdom.

That there are people who grieve to feel the end of life nearing, likewise resort under the same law. Possibly they were drunkards, pleasure makers or materialists. Perhaps they lived in wealth or made sex their life's happiness. If they could hear with their physical organs the voices of highly evolved spirits, they would realize their low evolution, and that they shall undergo many rebirths — to be refined. Remember, the earth is a low planet, where reborn spirits must advance by the cleansing of sin and vice to perfection. Cause and effect is now seen in connection with the law of karma and with the climbing of the spirit to the LIGHT OF GOD.

Grandpa, is it a compulsion for the spirit to be reborn and can it not perfect in spirit land?

No my son, cleansing and perfection without being reborn in a human is impossible. Should a discarnated spirit always be on the same spirit sphere never reborn, and always resorts with spirits of the same level, he would then not get an opportunity to be reborn, to purify, and be perfected by the law of Cause and Effect.

To be reborn is essential to distinguish the difference between good and bad, virtue and vice and to become able to judge. Cleansing of evil is impossible without suffering. Also impossible to advance to Higher Spiritual spheres without the practice of love, goodness and mercy. It is the law of creation from which nobody can escape. Each must undergo this, for GOD makes no exceptions.

You asked if to be reborn is an order of GOD, or a request by the Spirit.

Here evolution or necessity plays a part. There are spirits who feel inwardly that it is time to be reborn and they prepare for it. On a specific time the High Spirits make a decision. They are taken to an expectant mother and they are incarnated in a new body, at the birth. Purified spirits are often allowed to choose the mother. Low Spirits have no choice and are commanded to be reborn. A Spirit that is reborn and lives a good human life, gains a stronger will, vital power, and advances closer to the LIGHT of GOD.




Grandpa, 1 have already asked you why there are good and bad people on earth; I have not understood the cause of that condition. I have only seen the result of what is done, either good or bad. But why is one bad and the other good ?

I note those who are brutal to animals and to people, do not even consider making a small garden or put up a few flowers in the home, whereby creating a pleasant atmosphere to cheer the family or make guests welcome or as a token of friendship. I hear continually of assaults in the street, burglary at night coupled with theft, extortion or emotional maliciousness that is loathsome to honest people.

Young girls are misled by irresponsible men. often forsaken, and then cannot give the name of the father to their child.

Unimportant affairs, perhaps well meant, but wrongly understood lead to rebellion and murder. Bandits (or prisoners) who are repeatedly imprisoned revolt, raise a fire, or murder the guards, steal weapons, flee into darkness, and commit the same crime for which they were imprisoned. This is all framed in the human brain.

Grandpa, has this to do with spirit that is reborn ? Is the spirit responsible for the evil ?

My dear son, evolution is lacking and the primitive state of the reborn spirit plays a role in the evil doing and leads to revenge for slight offenses done to one, or thinks it was done-Remember the weeds are the most prolific growers. Are not refined plants on which much care is given to improve growth and blooms, overgrown by wild grass and weeds, sown by no one. but carried by the wind and deposited in the sand, flourish even in flower pots. These flourish, overshadow the beautiful plants, and deprive them of air and warmth, so that they die. There is meanness and also exaltation, but the plants are unconscious of what is happening — yet one is damaging the other — unknowingly,

Think of the animal life. There are animals of low and of

high animate evolution. Some animals feed on the flesh of others. Male animals of the same species often fight desperately unto death to remain the leader of the herd . . . This is often evolution in the animal kingdom, those nearest to earth are enemies to man, and will attack man — whereas evolved animals are man's friend. Instinct guides them, for they have no reasoning or judgment. They behave according to their evolution.

If there are evil plants and animals, why should there not be evil human beings? If there are exalted plants and animals, why should there not be virtuous humans?

Physically seen, man is like an animal whose life force is of Higher Evolution — because he has received reasoning power to judge. But similar to the animal and plant life, there are primitive spirits reborn in man and they are unable to reason perfectly and are more animal than man. These spirits have had little or no life experience, are weak and easily influenced by evil or vice. They have no knowledge of good; and still pass through the tunnel of evil. Their reason is primitive and their lack of judgment is through insignificant experiences-There are spirits who have reached an advanced state of evolution, who for no apparent reason, are hated and persecuted by reborn spirits with little or no evolution.  The plants and animals are unconscious of the evil; they act instinctively, whilst man does evil consciously through the working of the brain. They find pleasure in doing evil. The reason for all this is, because the earth is a low planet where mostly spirits with a low evolution are reborn.

But Grandpa is evil in the human person — or in the spirit?

My dear son, as a rule the origin of the evil is in the primitive spirit. However, a reborn spirit with little evolution, can under the influence of drink, or as the result of temper, commit crime, and regret it. There are but few well advanced spirits or spirits who give love, kindness and mercy to their fellowman, reborn in a human body. They understand the evil practiced by a reborn spirit who is earthly. Understand, my son, love and hate, kindness and revenge, virtue and vice, mercy and heartlessness and all evil, are not materialistic and also do not belong to the human being, but to the spirit which in due time is rewarded by his advancing to Higher Cosmic Sphere, or pays with pain and sorrow in a new human life for the bad and evil he did. This is called Karma.

Thank you. Grandpa, I see now the difference between Human and Spirit, and so I get an answer to my question:

"Why there are good and bad people on earth." I see now: all is the result of the purification and evolution by a reborn spirit. Evolution strengthens a spirit, improves and encourages it lo perfection. The Law of Cause and Effect plays a role here, and quietly leads to the knowledge of the Essence of GOD, which is goodness, and mercy. Spirits learn to know, accept and exercise,

You are on the right path, my son-1 thank GOD, Grandpa, for this revelation.




Dear Grandpa, I enjoyed my talk with you very much last time, about good and wicked people, and I learned much about moral behavior. I often meditated, and eventually realized the truth.

I am not sure if all the decisions originated in my brain, or were pressed in by my own spirit, or given by other spirits who contact me now and again to convey and convince me of the wisdom you taught.

You have revealed to me a complete new world of spirit life which surrounds us and which we must experience. Now I understand the difference between life of the physical body and the reborn spirit in it. I now know the cause and effect of the good one does, and the cause and effect of the evil. All this lakes place by the inspiration of spirits in the human brain. That the good and the bad committed is dependent on the evolution of the reborn spirit, receiving reward according to the good he does in human life as spirit, or accordingly pays for the evil with suffering during his human life.

All this has convinced me that reborn spirits work out their own destiny — decide by their own will the ascension or dissension.  However, in spite of all the evil done in human life he can always ponder and repent. He can always advance on byways during his human life, which will indirectly guide him to a path of love, kindness and mercy. If it is coupled with KARMA of suffering as penance of former evil, he can rise as spirit, and join the LIGHT OF GOD and EVERLASTING LIFE of happiness.

This is alt truth, my son, and I am delighted that you realize there is definitely inspiration from more perfected spirits.

There is always the influence of your own spirit and from spirits in the vicinity.  Both are possible but it is difficult to know through whose inspiration the direction is given, or perhaps through infiltration of the principle of wisdom. There are only a few people on earth who can commune with their own spirit but there are some. There are more people who can commune with spirits on their own level in the Cosmos, as they belong to a very inferior spirit-sphere.  They receive messages of little importance, unless they are of earthly, mortal or material affairs.

Should a reborn spirit, belonging to a Higher Sphere of Evolution, hear still voices from the Spirit world, the communication will not be on material matters, but on spiritual and mystical matters. They advise him how to climb, in the shortest possible time, to the Light of GOD and enter as a purified spirit. But he has not reached perfection.

Before a reborn spirit can reach this level of evolution, he must gain a specific degree of evolution. Do not forget, my son, the earth is a low planet, a planet where the spirit must purify and repent of former evil, and most spirits reborn on earth are of low evolution. During their life they take more interest in earthly, mortal and material matters that can be seen and felt, few think of purifying, perfecting and advancing to Higher Spiritual Spheres of the Spirit reborn in them.

Usually not only the human being, but also the reincarnated spirit in him is content and prefers the pleasures of the world, good business, earthly possessions, wealth and luxury.  These spirits believe that it is their own will power that life is everlasting, and at each rebirth can decide their own destiny, and that this will continue to life-everlasting. The truth, however, is that eternal life can only be directed by GOD, who deposits an atom of life in each spirit, but can always recall it, it is His property. A spirit that cannot be reformed, and there are many on earth, who cling to the principle that he can renounce God who granted the atom of life, and yet continue in each incarnation to live in a human body, will however lose the right to live as spirit.

Do not think that this is done in revenge by GOD, GOD is love and never vindicates the evil done by a reborn spirit in a human being. But if a spirit, after many rebirths continues to do evil, and continually refuses to discontinue doing wrong, it brings about his own destruction of the right of self -determination.

Grandpa, I am deeply impressed by this lesson. I feel it draws me deeper into the world of wisdom that makes me more and more a mystic.

I thank you. Grandpa, and also GOD who allows me to receive this wisdom.




The last but one discourse, my son, we discussed the good and the evil done by man. Since the first time we spoke of spiritual matters, you have not had a reply to what is virtue and what is vice!

It is true. Grandpa. So many questions have already passed through my brain, but have not received an answer.  In our last discourse you told me, "The earth is a low planet, and most spirits reborn on this planet have had little purification. There are many who are still far from the ladder of evolution."

I have concluded that on earth we understand little of the truth and teachings, and wisdom. We do not know how much our spirit has been purified, but it seems, however, that we as spirit receive our spiritual perfection and purification according to our understanding of truth and wisdom learnt by suffering for bad deeds and vice.

My son, I feel satisfied over the results of our discussions and it leads to deep and deeper truths and wisdom- It is true that you asked me long ago to explain the words Virtue and Vice. Now the time has come that I can explain these words intellectually and spiritually.

I am not a linguist, my son, but experience and a life work have taught me wisdom. Do not imagine that my life passed without cares, worries, strife or suffering. I have, as far as I know, worked out my Karma, and possibly there are not many more sorrows for me. Of course I am not sure. But do not let me delay your question: "What is Virtue and What is Vice ?"

Yes, Grandpa. I would like to know if vice or virtue is performed by human beings or the spirit ? Or are they synonymous for the words good and bad ?

_ I have explained earlier, my son. that many words appear similar in meaning, but mostly there is a difference in meaning-The human language is inadequate in comparison to the spiritual, because man uses his brain and the dictionary and not the spirit.

The language the spirit uses is 'vibration o[ feeling' that it radiates in the ether, and expresses the actual meaning of its thoughts- The human intellect receives little and often nothing of the feeling and radiations of his spirit, therefore there are words used by the human being which appear synonymous, but do not have the same meaning. The word bad, is applied to a person who continually looks cross, or annoys others, or who harms his fellowman. Concerning the word mischief, it is perceptible and not so mean. A child can be mischievous or play tricks on parents, sister, brother or playmate causing irritation, but is not seen as evil . . . but as naughty, and he or she can get into trouble.

Kindness is to be generous, helpful, merciful, aid the sick and the aged and lend help to the blind and deaf, etc.

Virtue and Vice as spiritually seen concern the character of the reborn spirit in connection with purification and perfection that it has gained. It reveals its virtue — ethically and morally by his good life — and is not concerned with its cultural and religious, political conceptions, or education. It is a state obtained through evolution and wisdom. The spiritual meaning of Vice is the inclination to insult and harm another, and is due to the lack of purification and perfection.

Virtue and Vice, good and bad are the terms used to signify the evolution reached by a spirit, the consequence of his good or bad lives.

It definitely determines the spiritual sphere on which he will live on his return to Spiritland.

Thank you. Grandpa, I hope to ask other questions about which I meditate. I thank GOD for the wise words from your mouth.




My dear son, long ago you asked me — Why is there Love and why revenge?

I would prefer the question — "Why is there love and why is there hate ?" There is a great difference between "hate" and revenge — because revenge is more the opposite to forgiveness.

Grandpa, then it can be understood that revenge is the result of hate, from one person to another, but explain, what is the cause of hate that is felt for another ?

My son, there are different reasons why hate can flare up. The main reason is the lack of spiritual evolution, generally prevalent in primitive nations.  There are continually tribal clashes, and murderous parties.   Between people or spirits who have released themselves from a primitive state, it often

happens in the same family between brothers and sisters, that a state of jealousy or envy breaks out. and this state terminates in revenge.

I understand this condition. Grandpa, I often hear conversations about culture and civilization, practiced in this century, But it does not coincide with the life we live, where so little love is shown or given to people, but many hate and take revenge on others.

My son, earlier I explained to you, that the earth is a very low planet where bad and evil are still in full swing, and that there are people with advanced degrees of purification and perfection, who no longer have recourse to hate, or seek revenge but who even have love for their fellowman, and with forgivenes1, in their souls for those who have harmed them.

But, Grandpa, can not all people on earth be born with love. kindness and mercy ?

My son, there are entities who are incarnated in human bodies for the first time. They are blinded by the materialistic riches of the earth. Only after various re-births will they be able to free themselves and to accept mysticism,  I may add that Atoms of God, which manifest as spirits, and must undergo many processes of perfection, receive acceptance to a Higher Cosmic Sphere, where more pure and perfect spirits resort, and do not cherish thoughts of hate and revenge, but where more love, kindness and mercy is exercised than on earth.

Grandpa, you said there are people on earth, or reborn spirits, who pursue LOVE. Is here also, as we talked of earlier, human and spiritual love ?

My son, meanwhile you have grown older and had life experiences and this has given you a measure of wisdom.

You spoke of your nightly expeditions and you contacted the spirits of your father and mother, they allowed you to see them in their human bodies to convince you that they are truly your parents who have manifested. They came forth with spiritual and not human love.  On earth there is another love among people: — it is more of animal than spiritual love, and originates in human enjoyment, namely: in sex. It is human love, that is sometimes inspired by discarnated spirits to bring two incarnated spirits together, who before their incarnation asked, or received instructions to seek each other to fulfil a commission desired by GOD.

The word 'LOVE' has a human but also a spiritual meaning. LOVE can be the cause of much suffering and sacrifice, in

order to grant reborn spirits the opportunity to work out their KARMA for evil done in this or past human lives. But spiritual love is also human, it can be the cause of joy. Consciously or unconsciously, their spiritual love induces cooperation with discarnated spirits, to bring spiritual work to manifestation. This work is however not Church lab our, but strives ethically and morally to circulate GOD'S Laws of TRUTH, which are unknown or wrongly explained by most Churches and People.

Grandpa, have GOD'S Laws any connection with LOVE ?

My son, I have already told you. The Essence of GOD is LOVE, KINDNESS and MERCY. Each spirit has an atom in it and is expected to purify and perfect it, by practicing love for his fellowman, so that the spirit may always draw closer to THE LIGHT OF GOD, and eventually be taken up in it.

I thank GOD and also you. Grandpa, for what I have leamt today.



My son, you have asked me, but that is long ago — :

Why is there Mercy and why is there Hate in people ? Since then you have had life experiences, that have given you wisdom. Between times you have also had some agony. That is quite normal because each reborn spirit is tried. You have realized that because friends came to comfort you. That is mercy. But there are also friends who remained away, and who were inwardly delighted to note the calamity you suffered. The reason why some people are pleased is not always hate, but spite, egotism, materialism, enmity and many other unmerciful feelings. They have not experienced soul-strife and so do not realize that suffering will sooner or later be their deal, in even greater measure than what you had, because through the law of "Spiritual purification" the one who is pleased about the mishaps of another, reaps the same soul-agony ten times more at a specific time.

Grandpa, in this case the one who delighted in the sorrow of a friend did not hurt him; why must he pay with suffering for the evil he did not commit?

You are partly right, my son, but bear in mind: as another being has to purify and climb to a higher rung in Spirit Sphere, he must go through all phases of human life; without this life-experience he is unable to realize and value the possession of mercy, because Mercy is the Essence of GOD. Without having this virtue, he cannot purify and perfect, or advance to the Light of GOD. He was unmerciful to a friend and thereby revealed a false friendship. That is lack of evolution, and he is still near to earth as spirit,

I am surprised. Grandpa, that after each talk we had about Spiritual Matters, my eyes are further opened, Your words give greater wisdom. At night when I meditate I feel as if I am absent, and forget the place where I am.  I cannot orientate myself, and I am unconscious of what is taking place around me.  Then I hear quiet voices which confirm that everything you said is the absolute truth. But I have the feeling I am not present; 1 am on quite a different plane, not in the house, I have the sensation — that 1 am. floating in the ether, and conversing with invisible entities- How do you explain this. Grandpa? Is it imagination or is it a sleep-state in which I am'? I wake up with a shock.

My son, I have had the same experience, and even now I often have that test. I would not be able to give you this information, if it were not for my meditations which carry me into the Cosmos, I would be unaware of the revelations I had, up to this day. The fact that you accept all, is proof that your subconscious, or rather your spirit receives and retains all this as a treasure of great value in your sub-consciousness.

Your spirit has not been permitted an opportunity or allowed to impart it to your brain, which is a physical organ.

Is not all this mercy from GOD, that HE permits you, as a reborn spirit, the opportunity to regain the wisdom you gathered during your incarnations? 1 received the privilege to help you to unearth from your subconscious, this wisdom and impart it to your brain, so that you, as a human being, may comprehend all this. Nothing takes place without a reason in the Cosmos. Where a purpose is aimed at, there is cause and effect. The intention the High Spirits have in view is to grant DIVINE WISDOM to be broadcast to people. From this they can obtain spiritual knowledge, and strength to advance to a Higher spiritual sphere. The reason of all this. is the order you received before you manifested as a human being. The purpose of the work on earth you are entrusted to do is: to reach perfection, and to some closer to the LIGHT of GOD — and the ETERNAL LIFE of SPIRITUAL SALVATION and BLESSEDNESS. It is not only my task to encourage you to practise mercy. The life-experiences you have already received and that which is still awaiting you during this human life will teach you more wisdom than what I can give. I can only help you to detve for the riches in the treasure house of your soul. I can only tell you that Mercy is: "The ESSENCE of GOD" — SHE sparkles with love, kindness and mercy. To you and to all spirits who have manifested as human beings, the mission is to develop, purify and perfect towards the ATOM of GOD, which is the nucleus of Life, and take it into Spiritland as security to a HIGHER COSMOS SPHERE to which the Christ Spirit will direct you.

I thank GOD and you too. Grandpa.




My dear son, we are alone again, and will converse about the spiritualist and mysticism (about the Spiritual and mystical).

Is there a difference between spiritualism and mysticism, Grandpa?

I am pleased you asked this question, my son. It gives me the chance to explain these two words in their human and spiritual aspect.   On earth generally everything pertaining to the word spiritual is associated with the brain.  It is easily said:

"He is spiritually evolved," if he studied advanced subjects. That is however science and knowledge, but has nothing in common with wisdom into which we delved and which belongs to the domain of the spirit. If people on earth speak of mysticism, they see it as the regular practice of divine worship; attending of Church Services in a special church, synagogues, etc. The receiving of sacraments bestowed by a church leader, not concerned as to how pure or how far evolved he is. The man in the street considers as mystics those who honor and apply the laws of the church, without investigating if they agree with the TRUE LAWS of GOD the TRUE LAWS of CREATION, the LAWS of KARMA.

Grandpa, what is the meaning of the word 'MYSTICISM'?

Mystic means — live according to the Laws of GOD, my son, and that is: practicing love to your neighbors, kindness and mercy. We acknowledge this as Essence of GOD, and that does not mean the physical but the Spiritual aspect. The TRUE Mystic has nothing in common with the principles of what in the church on earth is erected, the attending of church services, continual praying and singing of psalms. These bear the seal of the Faith of human brain, which have these characteristics and are saturated with materialism.

Mysticism is TRUE LOVE for GOD, the TRUE meaning of Mysticism is not continual requests from GOD, because that is the practicing of selfishness. But to give to GOD love, by placing all your material and spiritual abilities at HIS disposal in order to further GOD'S PLANS that HE has in view. That is TRUE MYSTICISM.

Grandpa, do we not need a church for the purifying and perfecting of our spirit; and can we climb in spirit to a Higher Cosmic Sphere without a church?

My dear son, each has received a free will from GOD and acts accordingly. Many people need a church to learn to seek for the TRUE, SPIRITUAL, UNIVERSAL EVERLASTING CHURCH of GOD. It is however unfair to be stamped as heretics or wicked people, those who practice faith without going to church, so branded even by CHURCH LEADERS. But in truth they are TRUE MYSTICS, and nearer to GOD, and the LIGHT OF ETERNAL LIFE than those who only accepted the laws of the Earthly Church. These last mentioned have no interest in the TRUE, SPIRITUAL UNSEEN CHURCH of GOD. A mystic belongs to a Spiritual Church that he accepts according to his own conception and spiritual evolution.

Let us accept the churches of the earth m their own designs, and allow them their errors, faults and pride which sometimes sin against the Laws oE GOD. There comes a time when leaders and members of earthly churches are led through life experiences by spiritual inspiration and wisdom to spiritual purification, and they will forsake the earthly churches and find their way to the TRUE PATH to GOD. As spirits they become members of the TRUE CHURCH of GOD, in spite of. their being branded as heretics, godless and unbelievers-Grandpa, now I understand better why the earth is so imperfect and primitive, and we live on a Planet where good and bad, virtue and vice. love and hate, kindness and revenge, mercy and selfishness, wage war against each other. I also understand now that there is an earthly and spiritual mysticism, and that rebirth in new physical bodies, practicing of love, kindness and mercy, inspires reborn spirits to step over from Religion to another more evolved one, in order to draw closer to the invisible CHURCH of GOD, and join the everlasting life of happiness.

You cannot converse with all people about the truth, my son, Their Spiritual Evolution is not so advanced as to permit this understanding.

Only with a few, who you find worthy, will you be able to talk to.

I thank you. Grandpa.

Thank GOD, my son, because HE has found you worthy of accepting this wisdom.




My dear son, you were fairly young when you asked questions about spirit matters. That assured me that your spiritual work on earth would begin early because your spirit enquired about wisdom at an early stage. Wisdom which you acquired in former human lives and in Spirit land has endowed your soul with a holy relic. With love I aided you to unearth this wisdom from your sub-consciousness.

Grandpa, what do you understand by the word "Subconscious"?

My son, you already know that you are a spirit reborn in a human body but that spirit is another entity from that of your body of flesh and blood and had its origin in the splitting of an Atom of GOD, which took place and remained here after the creation of the Solar System: The earth sphere is of it. The Atom, after having passed many rebirths and evolution-processes in mineral, plant and animals, manifested as "spirit" through the agency of the Christspirit and received "reason". It allows a spirit during his many rebirths in a human body, life experiences to develop "wisdom" in his soul. It is brought under the care and protection of the Christ Spirit and in course of time learns the "Laws of GOD." This accumulated wisdom is conserved and always increases in the soul of the spirit. The soul is the treasure house where wisdom, science and knowledge, and also reminiscences of former human lives are preserved. Subconscious-ness of the soul is thus the organ of the spirit and is similarly invisible.

Grandpa, long ago I asked the question:- "Why are there believers and unbelievers"?  Is unbelief the reason that many people do not attend church services or that their evolution is more advanced than the existing churches.

Primitive people, my son, have a faith which in a manner is practiced as well. There are others who pretend they are atheists, who however subconsciously believe in GOD, and their spirits are usually young or too weak or lack the will power to bring to the person in which it is reborn the TRUE FAITH.

What is the origin of atheism and unbelief. Grandpa ?

Atheism is denying the existence of GOD for many reasons, the most significant is the influence of his environment where a spirit abides. The milieu where a person visits, secret pacts of which he is a part, and who possibly spread false theories;

should the spirit still be weak, it accepts inspirations of low de-monish spirits which cling to his aura.

 Grandpa, what is the meaning of the word AURA?

My son, man is surrounded by an invisible shroud which is charged with radiation by spirits, in the same manner as a battery is charged with electricity. The result is that the radiation of evil spirits remains a long time in the aura of the weak person, He must strive for a long time to alienate these inspirations and radiations.  Under this influence it happens sometimes that a person still does what is harmful to his spirit, and causes a lot of trouble. Under these same old influences he undergoes despondency and suggestions and ideas about certain affairs which he will never bring to manifestation. This can be part of the KARMA, but it is not always the case. The best solution is that the Spirit helps to curb his frustrations; and repeatedly tries to go forward with courage and faith to the future; not to change his behavior and action continually, but to be strong in spirit and always to keep positive thoughts on a subject. So he works out his own purification.

If he remains weak. Grandpa, and always seeks other aims ?

My Kon. due to his weakness he remains exposed to cares, conflict, suffering and failure in his undertakings, and is unlucky throughout his entire human life. Each spirit of GOD has received its own freewill, and his earthly and spiritual happiness is dependent on his freewill, his ability of endurance, his perseverance, his acceptance and resignation of KARMA, and his humility to experience the LAWS of GOD.

I thank GOD and also you Grandpa, for this lesson of wisdom.




My dear son, the time is drawing near that the Lord is going to call me back to Spirit land, and my body of flesh and blood will return to the source, namely, the dust of the earth. My mission on earth is nearly terminated. In Spirit land I will probably do the same work as I did on earth. There may be other work too for me to do, but as spirit 1 shall remember that my physical body was a heavy weight for a reborn spirit, and shall be glad if I may be allowed to descend to discarnated spirits of a lower sphere which abide there, speak with them about spiritual mysticism of which they arc still ignorant. Possibly, in company of other spirits to visit the earth, to help to materialize the commands of the Christ Spirit or of the Uppermost Holy Spirit. Then people whose spirits are susceptible may possibly receive messages for spiritual work and thus help many to do the work of GOD on earth. As soon as I have the opportunity to manifest myself to you, I shall do it with love because the reminiscences of our family ties, though only human, still remain.   I shall also be glad when you are blessed with a mediumistic gift to enable you to see me and also hear my voice, as you see and hear your father and mother in your dreams. Not all people are able to communicate with discarnated spirits, but you are on the way to receive this Gift of GOD, and possibly will hear voices from Higher Spiritual Spheres, if you continue as you are doing now. 1 am happy that I can already receive greater wisdom from Spiritland, than that which I have imparted to you, and I may be allowed to pass it on to you. There is more wisdom of which I do not know. This I feel:- I have not a high opinion of myself, I am continually moved to humility. I hope that on death of my physical body I shall be admitted to a Higher Spiritual Sphere than the one I left before I manifested in my present physical body- I know also that I shall learn of many, many matters of which I know nothing. I think that I know much of spiritual life on earth, that is permitted, but I have yet to undergo greater purification in order to draw closer to the Light of GOD.

Grandpa, do you mean that in Spiritland there is a definite division of the spirits and not as it is said on earth "They will all be taken up in the House of my Father"?

My son, on earth evil and good spirits all live together — and often obstruct each other, and by this they learn the difference between good and evil. One is usually the cause of another's Karma.  As "Kind with Kind should resort on earth, but yet get in touch with each other, so it is in Spiritland. A spirit can always descend to a lower plane, but a spirit from a low plane may not climb to a higher one. The difference is that a spirit, once on his own Cosmic Sphere, will meet spirits there of which the purification, the perfection, the evolution and the possession of wisdom with only slight differences, are the same.

Grandpa, Jesus however taught us that "In the House of my Father there are many Mansions."

The Christ Spirit in Jesus described everything in parables. With these words he meant "In the Cosmos are many Spirit Spheres."

Grandpa, Religious education taught me, that the Lord said "all our earthly sins are forgiven and we shall be as brothers in Heaven."

This is only partly true, my son. God forgives sins according to the step of evolution reached by the spirit. Unique of a kind is however applied in Spiritland, and as each spirit advances it gets placed according to its evolution on the specific sphere where spirits of the same state belong. On earth also, one person sometimes avoids another — without any particular reason. Possibly the one's evolution is on a higher scale than the other is. There is no feeling of sympathy — this is all a spiritual state of which the person is not aware-  It has therefore no connection with the material condition of your fellow man. It is termed "difference of status" on earth. Actually a poor man may possess more wisdom than a rich man, and when they have passed over, the poor man may bo on a higher spiritual level than the rich man, who may have insulted the poor man during his life on earth.  Material riches cannot be taken with one to Spiritland by a reborn spirit. The only treasures he may take are spiritual possessions, namely: wisdom, perfection, evolution.

Grandpa, seen in this way, is wealth of spirit the greatest treasure to possess in Eternity.

That is right, my son, it is compulsory that man must have the material necessities of life, not in consideration of his standing, but for the maintenance of his body of flesh and blood which, he must keep healthy. Sometimes it happens that he must seek for this maintenance practically his whole life time and only find it after great sacrifice. It may be his karma for evil done in previous lives on earth.

Grandpa, this inspires me to ask more questions which I will present later.

I thank GOD. but also you. Grandpa, for these lessons.




Dear Grandpa, in our last interview you told me one or two things, about which I should like more explanation.

You said — (1) Each has his own right of self determination

(2) After transition of a spirit:- i.e. discarnated — it receives missions that must be carried out. I understand that when someone gets the right of self determination, he cannot be forced to perform commissions, because he then loses his freedom, that I mean, is the same as his self-determination.

Dear son, it is taught on earth — "the ways of GOD cannot be fathomed" but not all reborn spirits accept this thesis. GOD has no secrets for evolving spirits. You mean that man on earth must earn his living, by obeying the commands of his employer. and should he refuse, he will be put out of the door and be workless; not only will he be without income, but also be bored to death by being out of work. The result will be that he seeks distraction in bars and suspicious houses, and sinks both physically and spiritually. A reborn spirit who is anxious to climb the ladder of evolution, renounces such a life, receives inspirations from higher evolved spirits, who direct him, even in the application of his "right to self determination" to remain on the right path. It is a fact that human life brings many problems to a reborn spirit, but for each problem there is a solution, because a person of good-will, will always resign himself to circumstances which he encounters. After a closer look a person can always ask the question "Is he entirely free, and can he decide about his self determination"? With surety it can be answered — the reborn spirit has his freedom, and can direct his self-determination and he works according to "his will" for his happiness or his ruin.

Grandpa, we discussed the "freedom and self determination of the spirit" In my religious teaching questions are often answered as follows :-

"This is a dogma. GOD alone knows why it is so," but the answer I expect does not come forth. Are there actually dogmas in spiritual matters ?

There are no dogmas, my son, because there is an answer to all spiritual questions. Only the ignorant, the uninitiated, the spirit with low evolution, will give you the answer on some of the questions "It is a dogma, GOD alone knows the answer." Should the man on earth be workless, and have no income, out of boredom he will become rebellious and unmanageable at the same time.  If discarnated spirits, enjoying their freedom and their self-determination, receive no commands, the same state of disorder would be present. It is free choice for a discarnated spirit to refuse to do an imposed task, but then he loses his rights and cannot advance to higher spiritual spheres, and he is preparing his downfall. It can only happen to low un-evolved spirits, but not to spirits who are seeking to move nearer towards the Light of GOD. If he executes his work with love and resignation then he advances to Higher and thus to better Cosmic Spheres, acquires wisdom, and feels elated and happy to be able to carry into effect his commissions, because he considers it a favor. Is the life as man on earth not a mirror of the life of the Cosmos?  He has no more physical pain in the spiritual sphere, he only retains remorse, sorrow or soul agony. The life on earth has already taught you. "There are people who do evil and continue well until death." They are very near to earth, and have no conscience, and when they pass over to the Cosmos they remain clinging to the material of the earth, and then it is

their greater pleasure to cause difficulties for advanced spirits reborn in a human body, and inspire them to neglect their spiritual work, and to resort to do mischief and evil. There are people who seek spiritual wisdom, love, kindness and mercy towards his fellow man, and are willing to give good advice to his families. They are already on the ladder of spiritual purification and perfection.   When they discarnate they retain the talents they acquired, experience the results of their exemplary human life are conscious of the inspiration given to people on earth who were receptive to the talents they cultivated, and are now realizing the result and reaping the fruit thereof, in Spirit-land. There are people who stand cm a high rung of the ladder of evolution and who came to earth with commissions from GOD. and sometimes receive instruction from Higher Spirits to help reborn spirits, to come closer to the Light of GOD. In this revelation, my son, you realize the spirit retains its self-determination; all its feeling, thinking and acting are subject to spiritual purification and perfection and this can be achieved in connection with the instruction and in accordance with his evolution. But it can happen that a spirit receives an unpleasant commission which is given as a test. He fulfills his task with reassignment, because he knows the "Laws of GOD" and is therefore willing to endure and live through all.

Grandpa, what do you understand by the "Laws of GOD"? Is it not taught in the Bible by the "Laws of GOD", and taught by the churches on earth ?

My son, the churches on earth made laws which are now very much out of date, enforced in olden times when men still thought primitively- There is a great difference in the creeds of various churches, even of our sects and another sect. It is. of course of importance that each church must direct the believers to the "ONE GOD." As a spirit purifies and perfects himself. and receives wisdom, so he goes from one church to another and this enables him to advance closer to the Truth.

Grandpa, I understand from what you said, that anyone on earth who lived a bad life and found pleasure in wickedness and immorality, once discarnated, carries his evil doings with him, to practice the same in Spiritland. Spirit, which as a human being was good and virtuous lakes these qualities with him to the Cosmos to practice them there, accordingly draws closer and closer to the Light at GOD. If he made mistakes during his life on earth he feels unhappy and is repentant. A spirit entrusted with "A Godly Mission" in his human life, is very happy when he has successfully accomplished his task. If the mission, however, not by his actions, proved a failure, he would always be willing to return to earth in a new physical body to fulfill his mission perfectly.

I see. Grandpa, "self-determination" is the explanation of one of the big words of which I now received an explanation, and I see now how a spirit works for his future. For this revelation I am very thankful to God and to you. Grandpa.




Grandpa, you once told me that discarnated spirits are able to do the following:

1. They are able to appear in human form and be seen by human beings.

2. They are able to converse with some people.

3. They can inspire people about affairs they wish to settle-But I cannot understand this, as a discarnated spirit has no human eyes with which to see. Eye sight passed away at death of the human body; also the vocal organs returned to the dust of the earth. How can one understand that a spirit can make himself visible, make his voice audible, converse with a human being, and give advice and help? I know it is true, because I have seen Father and Mother at night between sleeping and waking in my bedroom, I have heard their voices exactly as during their life-time on earth. Is there an explanation for this, or must I accept it because I have witnessed it?

My dear son, most people do not understand this fact because they do not have experience of it. They reject the possibility of spiritual manifestations. But it exists under all kinds of humans in spite of the low or the high evolution of the incarnated spirit.

Grandpa, is mediumship then not a divine gift?

My dear son, in many circumstances mediumship is not an attribute of specific reborn spirits, but the evidence that only the body of flesh and blood dies, not the spirit that lives in it, and this continues to live in the Cosmos...   There are cases where people see manifestations of those who have passed over, or receive the inspiration. They are aware of having seen manifestations, but do not accept inspirations of spirits as reality. They think it is the action of their brain, and that it is only a thought.  Inspirations usually come from discarnated spirits from the sphere in Spiritland where their own spirits have their abode. A person must always — before he accepts anything

consult his conscience (or his own spirit) and not always his brain, He must check what effect of doing a bidding will hold for him, Low spirits usually give low materialistic communications, bul those from more evolved spirits are more advanced and mystic, It always comes through the medium of mutual vibrations. Here the law of "kind with kind" applies.

I understand. Grandpa, that a spirit can inspire a person to do either a good or a bad deed- I also understand that inspirations can be given by Spirits of GOD, and by evil spirits. Why does GOD allow evil spirits to give inspirations to people?

Low spirits do not always recognize GOD, my son, and do arbitrary manifestations without permission from GOD. Spirits who are sincere never manifest without definite permission from GOD. Low spirits have not received initiation, and know I’ll of what spirits of Higher Plans know. Through lack of evolution they do not yet accept truth. Is it not like that with human beings? ... There are, however, many reborn spirits who ha»e to work out their Karma of former lives by cares, worries, strife and suffering; also faults, immorality and evil.   In this case there are spirits of GOD who usually give help and support, to enable these souls to carry on also to inspire courage and willpower and bring these spirits who are of good will the strength to work out their Karma with good results. But another spirit may not take away a karmic debt because he then obstructs the spirit to purify it.

I understand. Grandpa, because before you had already explained, that the earth is a low planet, where they come to work out their Karma of former lives, and where good and bad are usually in opposition. But all this does not explain where discarnated spirits get the power to make a manifestation, that they can see, hear and talk, and that they can sense at a distance who, on earth, are thinking of them.

My son, there is much evidence of sense life in spirits which is really spirit-life, and which people think is from the brain but in truth it is a spiritual condition. The spirit reborn in a human body can be compared to a wireless apparatus which cannot only send out vibrations but also receives them. However, once the spirit is reborn in a human body, the person is too concerned with his brain, and he thinks that everything which passes through his brain has its origin in his own thought-world; but many cases are inspired by discarnated spirits or even by his own spirit. It is difficult for a person who receives inspirations to know if it is given by a good or by a low spirit.

Grandpa, but discarnated spirits at least have no physical power. What kind of power do they make use of in order to make contact with people on earth?

My son. Low spirits still carry specific physical power with them at their passing into the Cosmos. There lies the deeper meaning of the expression: "Unpurified spirits are synonymous with low spirits." They are still in the position to use their ideas to substantiate material ideas. But according to the purification of the evil, their physical strength decreases, and they improve spiritually.  Their vibrations become firmer and stronger and allow to them pick up thoughts of their loved ones on earth, and also to demonstrate spiritual manifestations.  All this is in consequence of stimulated vibrations-Grandpa, why is this not just naturally known to us? ... Most children possess a degree of mediumship.

But mostly it is suppressed by parents and relatives. Then it remains dormant but manifests later in life. Some develop the gift of clairvoyance as you have now, clairaudience and mediumship of another kind.  The man who is negative will never develop mediumship. But he who is of good will, and in expectation, will surely succeed... Some human-spirits are fashioned by spirits of GOD to specific realize on earth "Plans of GOD."

Grandpa, I have often thought; Now there will be no more lessons of Spiritual Wisdom. But more often I feel I must go to Grandpa, because new questions come forward that you can explain to me. After each discourse we had, my son, I thought "it will be the last initiation-lesson that I receive from ABOVE." Each time I am mistaken. However, I feel — you will continue my work, when I am recalled to Spiritland. You have grown to manhood. You have met the mate for life to help you to continue to fulfill your mission on earth. Spiritual guidance you already have. Go with love, and where it is necessary bring offerings to the path you have taken. Do not expect a life of fame or of thankfulness. You will meet with conflicts on your life's path. Reward for spiritual work you do not receive on earth, but in the Spirit Kingdom where you will surely enter a Higher Sphere than the one you have left before you manifested as human being. Fulfill resolutely, with resignation the Laws of GOD by practicing Love, Kindness and Mercy. By all that is Holy, I promise to fulfill my mission in love to GOD, and with eyes fixed on the spiritual welfare of reborn spirits who are of good will.




Grandpa, you told me years ago — you would initiate me in spiritual matters, but I understand that a time will come when you will no longer do it. If you are not here and you have taken your place in a Spirit Sphere in the Cosmos, then I shall feel very lonely, because a teacher, an initiate in Spiritual affairs, a wise and best friend has disappeared from my immediate proximity. I am not able to converse with him anymore, and I cannot question him about things which I am unable to explain.

How will life be then ? As a human being I will not be lonely, because I have a family whom I love. I have an occupation, a business that enables me to supply the material wants of my family; There are colleagues who are my friends, and are kind to me. The work I do demands much prestige. But these are all earthly, material matters, that bear no connection with any spiritual desires and my longing for more wisdom. Amongst my friends there are only a few who are idealists, and who, like me have other conceptions about mysticism as those practiced in the churches . . . Allow me to speak further Grandpa because you dare not exert yourself any longer, to think deeply, meditate, or tire your brain . . . You know how few people there are on earth who raise- themselves above the ceremonies and mysticism of our churches. There are many people who turn their views according to the bible and the hymn book. People who can sing with their lips, and apparently listen to the minister are also many, but people who pray with their heart, who realise the deeper significance of holy hymns, who send up their prayers as a ray of light, above the earth, above the church, exalt themselves above Religious ceremonies are only a few. You, Grandpa, could do that, and I did, according as I received your lessons of wisdom and quietly began to obey. I have learnt without losing respect for the churches, to pray with my heart, without listening to the sermon of the minister, without council and lessons from the bible, with the exception of morality lessons. I lost interest, because I began to listen to another voice than that of the minister but which comprises more, and is a reflection of my own mystical sense, which always comes from the subconscious, and which I feel are light-rays mounting to Above, and bring strength and power as if they are a reflection of my prayers, and strengthened with spiritual power. The reason of this is that the Bible presents everything humanly and too little spiritually and so leaves my questions unanswered. Grandpa, I shall now end. because my words tire you, and you need rest.

My dear son, discourses we have, and questions which I answered to the bests of my ability, never tire me. Even now, as I listen to your revelations, I do not feel tired. When I pray, and my soul chants Holy Hymns, when I meditate on spiritual matters, then I feel spiritual power descend on me, which strengthens and improves my health. However, I presume the time has come when GOD will recall me to Spiritland. I have revealed everything to you of what I know about spiritual concerns. My task on earth now terminated and it is yours to carry further. As man I will presently disappear from the earth, but whenever I have an opportunity, and I have not another mission to fulfill I will be with you and you will feel my presence. Possibly your spirit will receive permission to speak to your brain, or I may myself be granted permission to make contact with your spirit, or will God, in His merciful kindness grant you one or another form of mediumship, to see me as you see me now, or to hear my voice as you hear it now. It may be that I will not immediately be allowed the occasion to make myself known to you, but your subconscious will tell you "It is Grandpa." Perhaps I shall be appointed as your guardian ... I hope a time will come when GOD will allow you to talk to me directly ... I have only spoken about possibilities • . .

Farewell, my son, there are already spirits around me to collect me. I knew these in this life; there are also strangers who were possibly relatives from earlier lives on earth. They make their ceremonious visit to ease my retirement from the human body. Your father and mother are also waiting here ... I am pleased for the termination of this human life.  Possibly you will feel my presence in an indefinite time. I go with the happy assurance that there are Spirits around you already to protect you and reveal the path you must follow.

Grandpa, I still wanted to ask you many questions. My GOD, I thank you for this human life. Lighten my life's path, so that I make no mistakes. May the spirit of my Grandpa find his abode in a happy Sphere.




My dear friends, you who have read these "Sixteen Discourses" between a Grandfather and his Grandson," and who will surely meditate on them, have received a measure of "Divine Wisdom."

The contents of these "Discourses" do not bring knowledge of science which will give you social or welfare success on earth, but will give you spiritual wisdom that is everlasting, and as spirit, after this human life, you can take to the Cosmos. It is the only treasure you can take to Spiritland, and will enable you to ascend to a Higher Spirit Sphere. If your human life was good and of spiritual value or worthy, then this wisdom will be retained in your subconscious. It will give you willpower, endurance and perseverance in the human lives which the future will still bring. May these "Sixteen Discourses between Grandfather and his Grandson" bear good influence on you and allow you to approach nearer to "THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF GOD."



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