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The group of people mentioned in this book 'Comfort Those That Mourn', were dedicated seekers after Truth. Good, clean living souls who believed in the Love of God. J. A. Drabbe was the recorder of all that came through from the spirit world. At an early meeting he asked how he could best serve and he was given the symbol of a pen and told to remember 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. Today after many years of hard work and tremendous determination he has hundreds of tapes and written records testifying to the reality of life beyond the grave. He had his personal sorrows and sufferings but he never faltered in his mission, It resulted in a book entitled "When Spirit Speaks', which he had printed at his own expense. It has helped, comforted and enlightened many. Now he has written a follow on which describes his own experiences in searching for truth.  From personal knowledge I can testify to this man's honest dedicated work, stretching over many many years and all I can state is 'God Bless You, my brother. May the reward you never asked for or demanded be granted to you in God's good time and may this book do more for humanity than you ever dreamed it could.

Fran Pearce    June 1990


























It was only a very small funeral. A few relatives and close friends soon filled the small semi-detached mine house, and the tiny white coffin was left in the hearse outside because there was no space in the living-room. A Saturday afternoon with the distant drone of the Mill machinery in the background. The house was very quite now as we waited for the parson. On the previous Monday we had bought some fried fish in a shop, and had not noticed the food displayed in a hot window with the afternoon sun beating upon it. Tuesday came with pangs of pain which we all felt, and eventually the Doctor was called in to examine our small girl of three who had not weathered the storm. She never responded to treatment, and in desperation we raced her to a hospital eight miles away in our small car, Unconscious in my arms as I sat behind the driver, she twitched spasmodically with spasms of pain, and struggled to be free. That freedom came so soon that we were staggered, and bereft. Our only child had gone. That little voice was silent, her cot all cold and empty. Just like our hearts, my wife and I. What consolation can I give today, to you who has lost someone close and dear? More that I ever imagined in those far-off days when tears flowed freely. Today, I can comfort those that mourn by telling them of my own experiences, and I pray that this book will do just that. We never had another child, and seldom mentioned her name to one another; the bond of grief is silence. Time is a great healer, and as the years passed by we forgot our grief in other things. And then in 1960 my wife passed suddenly in a car accident, but before this additional blow we had both received proof that our child was alive, and well in Spirit. She was not dead. What a difference this made to my own bereavement, Now I knew the child had its own mother again to love, and cherish her. Things were different. In spite of the new blow, there was hope. I was alone with my proof of life beyond the grave. What a tremendous consolation!  There are millions on the Earth today looking for the same comfort, who walk in fear of the inevitable death of the body. Kings and clowns await the call, there is no distinction. And my prayer now, as I type these lines, is that you who pick up this book, may also read something that will lift you from your dull despair, and give new purpose to your life. Life abundant as someone said so long ago. Seek, and you will find.  Seek and you will find. These words have great meaning, but unless put into practice, are of little use. Effort is required, and that means movement, life! But there are many who have little time to seek for proof of survival due to circumstances. It is for these sorrowing ones that this book is written. Read it with an open mind. You will find your comfort here. It may change the whole course of your life, and instead of fearing death, and being unhappy about the passing of a loved one, you will know that they live, and you will meet again. These are not idle words or simply sentiment. The book is not a long one because of lack of time, for one thing. Time is so precious. The other reason is printing costs; they never seem to come down. But what is written here will be sufficient for your needs. So be at peace, and may your reading be blessed with illumination and understanding. What more can we ask?  
















Many years passed before we commenced to seek for proof of survival after physical death which is inevitable for all mankind. It seemed almost by chance that we joined a small circle of our friends who sat in meditation, and prayer to find comfort. We gathered together once a week promptly on time with an opening prayer for guidance, and protection. That was a long time ago, and the memory of man is such a fleeting thing. So my impressions of that first circle are dim. It is difficult to remember the first words spoken so gently by someone from the other side of life. What impressed me most was the fact that another personality was speaking through the mentality of the medium or mouth-piece. "Speaking with tongues", as it says in the Bible. There was a difference in the intonation and style of the voice, especially in what they said. This is what I found to be more convincing than anything else. What they said. Nothing high and mighty or beyond my reach. Simple words, loving and comforting ones that meant so much. Not the words of reproach that I had heard on the Sunday morning soon after our child died, when my mother took us to see the priest. Standing on the topmost step at the entrance to the Cathedral, he missed a golden opportunity to welcome me once more into the Church. We had been married by "special license" in a cold Magistrate's office, something unheard of in a family brought up in strict orthodox traditions for hundreds of years. The priest, poor ignorant man, had blamed me for not attending church, and suggested that the death of our child was perhaps a punishment for this unseemly behavior. Instead of comfort, we received a reprimand; instead of consolation, we were chastised. No wonder we turned our backs on him, and walked slowly down the steps. We never entered that church again. The priest, my brother in the family of Man, will welcome me one day when I too will enter the Spirit Realms, and I hope to pick him up and embrace him, to thank him for these words which must be printed here. If it had not been for his attitude, I would have been side-tracked in my seeking, and remained comfortable in a set religion. Comfortable, and yet perhaps not comforted. But today, I can share the written word of truth with those who seek, even if this seeking is confined to reading this book. There is a purpose in every experience far beyond our limited vision and the death of your loved one can mean the start of a new spiritual life for you. As the months passed, the circle flourished, although some fell away, and others joined to sit with us in peace. Eventually, there were seven who remained together for a long time, and during this period my recordings were made. To try to remember what is spoken, is not easy, so to keep, and study the teachings received, we bought a wire recorder. The written word lives on long after the spoken word is forgotten in the minds of Man. The words of Christ written perhaps long afterwards by those who remembered them, have remained as a guide to many millions on the Earth today. What a blessing it would be if we could listen to an actual recording of His voice. But that did not happen; such instruments had not be invented. Instead, the scribes did their best in preserving for posterity teachings that will remain for a very long time. It is therefore essential to utilize modern equipment to record the truth from higher sources for the upliftment and guidance of mankind, as revelation has never ceased to come to Earth. That is what we did in our spiritual circles, and at church services, and it is a privilege to share these recordings with you.  Only a small cross-section of what was recorded can be published now in this book, but enough to bring you comfort. Other recordings of sermons from Spirit will also be included where it is considered appropriate. The reader can judge whether the fruit of this tree is good or otherwise, although many still refuse to read anything purporting to come from Spirit sources. They say,' 'It is evil". Their usual excuse is that the Bible forbids contacts with the "dead". But they forget that there are many spiritually dead on the other side who are incapable of teaching anything good.  These are the ' 'dead" we should not contact. Not the physically dead, but the spiritually dead. There is a great distinction between these two categories of spirits. Read the admonitions again with this new interpretation before your eyes, and understand the truth of Spirit communications. Test the spirits whether they be of God or otherwise. Seek always for the highest, and if you do not mend your ways, remember also that'' Like attracts like''. That is another truth. If you remain careless of your Spirit contacts, you will only contact those incapable of teaching you anything more than you know yourself, but if you endeavor to develop your spiritual stature to become a true Son or Daughter of God, the very gates of Heaven will open to you. You have the choice. On the other hand, if you are perhaps afraid to make any Spirit contact, leave it well alone. Sufficient literature is available to bring you more understanding of the real purposes in life, and your own discrimination will guide you in your reading.  
















A circle for spiritual development and contact with higher sources usually consists of less than ten members, as large numbers tend to bring too many distracting vibrations into the work. Where there are a few sitters, the harmony is bound to be better than if many more gather together. It is not easy to select even a small number with exactly the same ideals. The leader generally chooses suitable people for inclusion through personal experience. Heavy drinkers, and those addicted to smoking in excess are not preferred, as some spiritual stature is preferable. This is not to say those mentioned are necessarily unspiritual people. Circle members should consist of people desiring to learn more of Spirit truths with a view to helping mankind in several ways, At the same time, by their thoughts, words, and actions, they demonstrate their preference to become more spiritual themselves. By laying aside the petty motives of the material things of the Earth, they show a desire to grow spiritually. Indiscriminate efforts to contact Spirit by spasmodic attempts with a glass tumbler, and letters arranged around a board, are not advised, especially when those attempting this practice are just curious to see "what my spirit says", Spirit contact should only be attempted with the highest motives, or otherwise left entirely alone, as there are dangers in indiscriminate contact with astral entities in lower states of being. It is therefore wiser to have level-headed, open-minded, humble, honest people to form a circle for psychic research, and spiritual development. It is better to have the same sitters meeting once a week, than different members meeting spasmodically. Once circle harmony has been established by a particular group, no out-sider should be invited unless in great need of help and comfort, Circles should not attempt to mix their psychic endeavors. For instance, the development of mediums should not form part of a spiritual healing circle. With this preamble, a few details of our own circle held many years ago. We always started with prayer asking for protection, and guidance. Then we would all relax, and sit at peace with one another, laying aside the material thoughts of the day. During that day, we ate sparingly of simple foods, and never drank strong drinks of any kinds. As we were all tee-totallers, this was easy, After the prayers were said, soft background music was switched on by remote control fixed to my chair from where I could also start a recording machine in motion in an adjoining room. A microphone suspended overhead in the centre of the small sanctuary was connected to the recorder. The Sanctuary itself was a small room adjoining our bed-room, and obviously intended for small children. In one corner we placed a small teak cupboard with two vases to hold flowers. A neon light in the shape of the Cross was left burning continuously between the two vases; it was switched on, and remained so all the time. In the centre of the room suspended overhead was our special sanctuary lamp in the shape of a bowl. Its soft subdued pinkish glow gave sufficient illumination for us to see one another seated in a circle. Sometimes, a stick of incense was ignited just before we commenced the circle to fill the room with a faint perfume. No other work of any kind was done in this sanctuary where we often sat during the day, and in the evenings to relax, and meditate. A Sanctuary indeed.  


















"0 Heavenly Father, we are gathered here tonight to do Thy work in thy way, and we ask for guidance and upliftment, and we ask for the strength to know, and the strength to accept. We ask, Father, that we may be guided in love and hope and peace, and as we ask we know that this will be so."We ask that all the members of this little circle will be blessed, and we ask that each little flower, each little candle glowing here tonight will be joined together to form one bright flame for Thy work, and Thy will."  'We ask for the presence of the Son who said that,' 'Where two or three gather in Thy Name, He would be there, and as we ask we know that this will be done, and we say the prayer that He taught us, Our Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy Name, thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and leave us not when in temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, now and forever. Amen."


















A selection of recorded messages and teachings will be given here. These words must speak for themselves, and will we trust give food for thought, and at the same time, bring a little understanding of the varied teachings that can come through a dedicated medium or channel working for the spiritual upliftment of mankind. The following short message was received during our stay in Natal m 1967:- "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I come to speak to you for a little while, to give you greetings for the Christmas season, I am Sister Angela, and I come as a representative of many bands of the workers in the World of Spirit, and also upon the earth-plane. We are very closely knit, although we do not always manifest in consciousness; we are ever-present amongst those who pray and draw near to God."  'At this time of the year, I make a special plea for the children of the Earth, and the Spirit World. Let your prayers ascend for the well-being of those little ones who are in our care, and let your hands be generous to those who are under-privileged upon your Earth. I am often in this place, and I shall be a guardian spirit, and intercessor for protection and light. I come to speak with the voice of many, but our voices are very soft, and are not often heard in your world, but it is more important that our light can show forth, so that men and women can see the way through kindness of heart to do that which will bring about the return of He who said, "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven'', and I ask you at this time to make a small donation towards the welfare of children, especially those who are under-privileged, and having made my plea, and begged for your charity, I ask you now to pray for us who work towards these ends, as we would pray for you who make them possible of accomplishment." "May the Power of God Almighty, and the loving Grace of His Son, and the gentle compassion of His tender Mother, be ever with you, now and forevermore. Peace, Light, Love and Power, I leave with you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen".  A simple message with great meaning; the reality of survival, the comfort of knowing that our departed children are cared for, and the assurance of assistance from the Spirit side of life. When our daughter Netty first manifested in our circle, she did not speak very long, as the initial contact with Earth is difficult, but as time went on, she was able to give us more comfort. On the 2nd August, 1956, more than twenty years after her death, she came back with the following message;  Good evening. To thank you very much; to give you my love, and to tell you what great joy your thoughts give me. I am so proud of my mother, and my father. Pierre and I were near the Earth today working, and playing a little too. We had the old one with us. (Ouma). They also learn." Mother, if you could but know how wonderful my life is now, you would not only rejoice, but you would congratulate me. My world is so sweet, and so joyous that I grieve sometimes when I think that my mother, and my father are still upon the earth-plane. But when I see what you do, when I hear what you say, when I know what you think, then my grief is turned to happiness, and I do not mourn any longer, because your work is sending over so much material with which the Guides can build, and use for good purpose; then I am proud, so very proud. You sent your gift to me with love, I received it. But mother, what you and father, and those like you, send over in thought, is more glorious than anything you could imagine."  "Just think, only recently, there was a new rest-house dedicated in your names. I was there, and Grandfather was there, and Grandmother, and my Aunt, and we were so happy, and also my cousin who is with me in Spirit. We were so proud, because as the Guide opened the building where souls may find rest when they pass from the earth-plane, and yet are not ready for the Spirit spheres; as he lifted his hand in blessing, there upon the lintel of the door, appeared your names, and the symbol that meant loving thought, and the guide said in his opening address, that it was an example to us all, your faith, your beautiful strong constant faith in Spirit, and in Eternal Life, and my heart was saying, "That is my mother, that is my father, and death has not divided us". I give you all love and greetings from our spheres of life. Carry on. This little illustration will serve to show you that your work is not in vain." Not many parents have the chance of listening to messages from their own children who have passed to Spirit. That is why these words from Netty are published. Our child had grown up under the care of those appointed to this task. We gradually learnt that everything is organized on the Other Side of life. When the time came for Netty to manifest, the necessary conditions were made, and the contact took place. Her simple words contain more information than is at first perceived; the fact that a rest-house had been newly dedicated;  its purpose made plain, and obviously that Netty was involved in the work of helping souls resting on their way into the Spirit Spheres. This implied no sudden change into unfamiliar surroundings. The main purpose of the message was comfort, both to us, and to souls on their way into Spirit, Netty was alive, and active. We knew instinctively that it was her personality speaking to us, and not just words emanating from the medium's own mind.  Years ago, when my own father manifested for the first time, the medium placed her right hand against the side of her head, and rested comfortably in this position for a few moment, with the elbow resting on the arm of the chair. Before a word was uttered, I knew it was my father, and welcomed him with the word "Pap-pie". I was right, as his personality came through very soon afterwards, and the words he spoke were most convincing. Enough proof for me as he often used to sit like this at home in his chair. With unknown entities their message must speak for itself. There is no need to know their names; the import of what they say is more important than the messenger's name. And if the words bring enlightenment, comfort, and understanding, what more do we want? This is the test of successful spiritual communication. There are no strings attached, as love is the fulfilling of the Law, and love is spontaneous, and given without conditions. As an example of teachings given by an unknown entity, the following is here submitted for consideration: "Good evening. God bless each one of you. Through the eye of truth, my children, all things are made clear. We have listened to your words, but before we heard your words, we had listened to the vibrations of your spirits, therefore that which you have said tonight, we knew long ago. It was only a matter of teaching you to find expression for that which is deep within your souls. "Therefore, it is well that which you have done; it is an accomplished thing, and we leave it. You have spoken of the things that you have experienced, the things that you know. It is only when you begin to speak of the things that you do not know, that you go, shall I say, astray, there is but one point that I wish to correct before we go on to a short lesson that we desire you to practice before you close your circle," ' 'My son, you said in your words on Harmony; you spoke of the harmony existing amongst the disciples of the Lord Jesus. This I wish to correct. Study your teachings that you have more closely, and you will see that the harmony that existed during the ministry of the Master, existed because of His own harmony with His Father. It was His great harmony, His great understanding, His ability to set free; His doing of the Will of the Father; His harmonious work, His perfect faith; His patience and His peace, and His ability to transcend, that created the conditions necessary for the work." ' 'Do not make the mistake, my son, of idealizing something that is not true. Truth must be the watch-word of this circle. Amongst the disciples of the Christ, do not forget, there was one who was a son of darkness, therefore, where you have light and darkness, you cannot have harmony. You must learn to think more deeply of these things, and we are here to help you to do this." 'The disciples that were chosen, it is true, were chosen before they came to the Earth, but their spiritual knowledge, spiritual grace was hidden under the layers of physical materialism. Their birth into the world, their upbringing, their traditions, their associations with other men and women, all these things tended to cover the spiritual realization which was as God willed it, until the call came from His Son, "Follow me", and they followed, using their free-will, their radius of free-will, but at the same time, following out their spiritual nature."  "But, my son, harmony amongst men is one of the most difficult things to achieve. It is easier to achieve harmony with your God, than to achieve harmony with your fellowmen. That is why God has made it so, that until you achieve harmony with your fellowmen, you will not be granted perfect harmony with your Father. This is in order that mankind might be saved through the salvation of human endeavor."  "You will find many instances of disharmony amongst the disciples of Christ written clearly in your Testament, if you will study it. I could give you one example, when the mother of two of the disciples approached Christ to ask that her sons might be placed in the positions of supreme glory; one on His right hand, one on His left. Christ understood this was but the fondness and _affection of a mother's love for her sons, and a desire to see them in a glorious position. She did not ask for herself, you notice, she asked for her sons, but of course, He tried to teach her gently that there were other things to be considered, and it was not in His gift, but in the gift of the Father." "This should teach you much when others approach you to do that which you have not the authority to do. You must return the same answer, and you must believe in its truth, that this is with God, not with you personally. Also, even after the gift of the Spirit, there was a certain disharmony that caused, perhaps, troublesome thoughts amongst them, and in their hearts, but with the Light, and by the Light of the Spirit, they knew that even this was the working-out of God's Will in their midst." "If you have two people who live together constantly, and work for each other, it is a good thing, but those two people may have gifts that cannot develop while they are in company with one another, because there is no need for them to be called into, shall I say, full bloom. Therefore, if as it were, an irritant is placed between them, even as with your oysters when they make a pearl. Do you not see what can come of it, if the spirit transcends; if they believe that all things are with God, all things are done by God;  they can part because they know it is God's Will. They realize it is an irritant, but instead of making that irritant into a wound, they cover it with the glory of their spiritual pearl, the pearl of great price, which is the Love of God for man, and the understanding that grows out of love." "Therefore they part, but instead of parting, perhaps in anger and disagreement, they realize that the Master Hand is creating a pearl, and they part, and those gifts that were latent are called forth by the God Spirit, and are able to do much of God's work in another part of His Vine-yard." "This is not a prophecy that you will break up; do not take it in that way. It is merely an instance to prove to you that truth must transcend; it must transcend tradition, it must transcend the teachings of dogma. Even as the laws of tradition caused the disciples to have much that was in disharmony; as long as they kept their own individual harmony with their God, and with the Holy ghost that had been given to them, they only did good, they only brought forth good fruit, and still knew deep within them that the brotherhood existed between them."  "Followers of Christ must learn these things, in order that when God says, "You must go East, and you must go West", then you part with blessings and peace and love, and it matters not how far you walk away from one another, you are still together, because you transcend your human separateness by unity of Spirit with God through Christ. This is for Christians, of course, only."  Some of these excerpts may not find an echo in the minds of the readers; they may not appeal to their particular need. It is clearly impossible in a small book of this type where comfort is the main consideration, to cater for all cases. Allowances must therefore be made in this respect. However, if only one person is helped by a particular message in this book, then its publication is justified Sometimes in our circles, visitors were allowed to join us for an evening of meditation, and usually these were people who needed upliftment, and encouragement. At one of these special circles, the following message of hope was given by a Sister of Mercy from Spirit, to a lady visitor who desperately needed help:   "I would give a special message of cheer and love to the sister whose heart is aching, and I would say to you, be of good cheer;  let nothing destroy your faith. Hold on, and remember, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved; an experience learnt, is an experience that will teach you to know the sufferings of others." "Your cross is heavy; so was His. Your crucifixion has been bitter, so was His, but remember the words that He spoke, "Father forgive them", and if you say in your heart, "I cannot, it is too hard", remember His sufferings, that it was hard for Him also, It is a great thing to ask of a human being, especially when the advice that is being given to them is contrary to Christ's teachings. Do not bear malice, do not seek for revenge; do not seek to cause petty annoyance to those who have betrayed you, and caused your suffering." 'To bear malice, to seek for revenge, is earthly advice my child, it is not the advice from the Spirit World. Those that have your best interests at heart, and the interest of those you love, say to you, "Sin not, even though others sin; though their spite be ranged against you; though their anger be toward you; though their words be cruel and without mercy; do not do the same, thus making yourself as they are."  "Be higher, and better, and truer, and more noble. The way of the Earth is not the way of Heaven, The paths of Earth are strewn with bones that cause your feet to bleed, but as they bleed so the heart bleeds also, and there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood, and do not think that the spirit cannot shed drops of blood, for verily in the Garden of Gethsemane, did our dear Lord shed spiritual blood, in anguish, and in suffering, not for Himself, but for the sins of other."  "For He knew that the Law of His Father was perfect, and He knew no matter how He pleaded they be forgiven, the Law must be fulfilled. But is is not for one to usurp the prerogative of God;  it is not for one to say, "This should happen, or that should happen." Leave it with the Father. I know it is hard, but if you were one of my nuns, I could show you many, many parallel cases, many worse cases. Cases that would cause you to say, "I have not suffered". I know that this is hard to believe also, but I who speak to you am one who through the centuries have witnessed the sufferings of mothers and fathers, and little children, and I have grown to know that God supplies all needs, all salves, and all correctives."  "Never lose sight of the fact, that even as the story said, even those that sin are the children of God, therefore they must be forgiven. You must find forgiveness in your heart, even without understanding perhaps, in order that you may be better than those who have sinned against you. If Christ had called down the anger of God upon those who stood around His cross, gloating on His suffering; speaking words of anger against Him, jibing at Him; think of these things, my child."  "You have drunk a similar cup, a smaller cup it is true, but a very similar cup. Drink it in glory as He did. Be better, and finer, and higher, and nobler. Rise above it; rise above them, and these things will lead you to a glorious resurrection of soul, for once again I say to you, the workings of Spirit are not as the workings of flesh. Neither can one have any relationship to the other, when one is a thing that passes away, and completely away, and another thing that can never be destroyed." "How can you compare them? How can you think of these things under the same law; it cannot be. Therefore, whatever people tell you upon the Earth, do not pay too much heed to it. You will find they are usually biased in some way or another, but remember that God has no bias towards saint or sinner. He shines His Light upon all; He sent His Son unto all, and unto those that jeered at our dear Savior as He hung in agony upon the cross, and unto those faithful hearts that were agonizing in prayer, that God might save Him; unto all, the Son arose on the following day." "But it was only to those who loved Him, to those who had faith in Spirit, that He arose in Spirit, and those that jeered, had only their own jeers on the day that followed the Resurrection. What a man obtains, he keeps. If he or she has anger in their heart, they alone must live with that anger. If they worship the golden calf, they must live with the golden calf. Anger will give anger's reward; the golden calf will give the golden calf's reward; but God alone can give you God's reward. No man can give it to you but God, and the Grace of His Son can only be given to those who truly strive to follow in His footsteps." "You have been greatly blessed; not as you think in the support and the friendship of those who love you, but you have been blessed in being permitted to drink of the cup of suffering, for it could be that which strengthens your faith beyond all that man can do for you. These words, my child, will come back to you on the day when I myself, will receive you into my order." "I know your heart; I know your mind. I know how strongly the flesh calls, but I have only these words to give you now, but when the storm of life is past, and when your experiences, good, bad, indifferent, have taught you in the school of life that which you should know, then I will receive you in the Spirit, and you shall become one of my nuns and one of my band, and in that day, I shall indeed see you smile. May God bless you, and keep you forever, and may this show you that whatever the world does to you, you have something that you share with Christ, that no man or woman can take from you, for it is not of this world, neither can it be expressed in this world, a truly great blessing in Spirit.''  ' 'Hold fast to it, hold fast, because there is nothing of the Earth that can touch it or destroy it, because it is a thing apart, and all joy, and all sorrow, and all experience passeth away, but Spirit rises above all earthly contacts; above marriage, above earthly love, above earthly hatred. The Spirit is above, it is serene and glorified. These are the things that Christ tried to teach man, but man was in no way ready to receive it, for being man, he could only see with man's eyes; he could not see with the eyes of Christ. When you begin to look with His eyes; in other words, when you begin to be like Him, you will find how little the things of Earth are, and you will know how true were the words of the Master when He said, "If I tell you of earthly things, and you do not believe, how would you believe if I tell you of heavenly things?" "He told them of the best of earthly life, but many turned away; they could not accept it. He said to them, "You must rise above earthly contacts. He who leaves mother, father, brother, sister, child, for My sake, will receive a thousand fold in the time to come". But they couldn't accept it, it was too hard, and those that did in fanaticism, caused much harm through misunderstanding. "But when these words fall upon your spirit, then you realize what a little thing an earthly life is, with all its sorrows, with all its dark days, all its miseries, and all its fleeting joys, and there is only the Spirit, rising and reigning above all things. I leave you with my love." What a privilege to listen to these simple words of hope, and encouragement from a great soul in Spirit who has a mighty following under her command. The message is an example of what can be received when the necessary conditions are made by a few honest seekers after truth. It is high time that world religions teach the truth of survival of the spirit with convincing demonstrations of contact with higher thought and wisdom. By this is meant the direct communication through dedicated channels for Spirit guidance, teachings, and enlightenment.

















The observant reader will probably notice the different styles of the messages given so far, denoting the various personalities from all stations of life that can manifest in a well-conducted circle. Each one has his or her manner of expression. When actual recordings were played back during the typing of the records, they could be compared quickly by changing the reels made on different dates. This was most convincing proof that over the years, many different souls had come through the same medium to deliver their messages of comfort, teaching, and guidance. Recordings of the same speaker made at different times, could easily be recognized as emanating from a particular soul with a distinct personality. In psychic work of this nature, the medium's own personality is overshadowed or impressed by the control within certain boundaries. This can be called the degree of control of the medium by the communicating spirit. At times, the message was tinctured, as it were, by some aspects of the medium's own mind, whereas at other times, the control from Spirit was more powerful, and hence the message had greater spiritual emphasis. As the process of Spirit communication through human channels is a co-operative effort, allowances must be made for the degree of control, and wise discrimination should be exercised in certain cases in accepting all or anything of the message that is spoken. The main thing is what the message conveys. Does it give comfort? Has it spiritual values? Is it positive? Does any practical teaching come through? Does it pander to one's ego in suggesting a superiority above other teachings? Is there any criticism at all? Does it uplift spiritually to guide us to higher efforts of service and humility? These are some of the finer points to be studied in any manifestation from Spirit. A blind acceptance of everything and sundry that comes through astral contacts can be misleading, and this stresses once again the importance of seeking for the highest. Mediocre messages given by mediocre channels who have lost the tenuous contact they may once have had, are often misleading. These so-called mediums are self-deluded, imagining that contact with Spirit still persists. This delusion inevitably leads to fake-messages emanating from the person's own mentality. They are no longer mediums or channels for Spirit, These assertions will usually be denied by individuals guilty of such malpractices who resent constructive criticism of any kind. As progressively higher messages are received, and acted upon by the members of the circle, so will they develop more gifts of a spiritual nature. It is our destiny to evolve spiritually. When little or no effort is made by circle members to help others in humble spiritual services, or perhaps eradicate bad habits in themselves, the contact with Spirit weakens, and higher teachings are withheld. "Like attracts like", is the guiding principle to be remembered. When mankind realizes that retribution follows deliberate evil done on Earth, many will think twice about exposing themselves to the consequences of wrong-doing. At the same time, a new purpose for living righteously and courageously will change the course of many lives, ensuring more abundant living instead of an aimless, selfish, and useless existence in fear and ignorance.  
















As an example of the difference between certain psychic gifts, the following portion of teachings received may be appropriate at this point:- "Yes, he is a magnetic healer, but that magnetic power can be guided and controlled by Spirit. You see you have certain power that is inherited by your particular Karma. It is the same as a voice to sing with, or a hand to paint with, or a mind to use to write or to teach. It is the same thing, it is allied to the physical, but it is a magnetic power. Now all things can be guided by Spirit, or they can be guided by the power of the ego which is unbalanced. That is why you get; it is an ugly word, but it answers the question; you get the prostitution of gifts. It is the same power, the same gift. You get two men who can write; they have a gift of writing, but one used his gift inspired by the spirit of goodness and righteousness, to write of clean and pure and beautiful things, to lift people up. The other one writes to pander to the baser part of human nature, because of a commercial reward. It is the same gift, do you understand? Now people will say, "What a wonderful gift; they hold me. I know I should not read these books, but the style is so good. I must read them; they grip me." And so, one works for good in humanity, and the other works for the no-good in humanity. Do you follow?"  "Now you get healers, and you get mediums, and psychics with power that they have inherited from a former life. It is their inheritance; who could deny it to them? God does not deny an inheritance. You can get a man who inherits from his father, material wealth. Perhaps two sons, we will say, who divide an inheritance. One well squander the inheritance on wasteful, selfish extravagance and indulgence. One will use it for the good of others, and to improve his own state also. It is the same inheritance, is it not?"  "It is so with psychic power, and psychic work; it is an inheritance; it is used by free-will. If you put that free-will, as I say, to abuse or to pandering to that which is base in human nature, it will work because the power is there until payment is demanded of the spirit who has abused their inheritance, and the inheritance is taken away." "Therefore, to him that hath not the power of the Spirit, and the interest of the Spirit, and righteousness, shall be taken away their inheritance. That is the meaning of those words. But it is a working-out of free-will, and in time. It is not a thing that is done as human beings do, on the spur of the moment; anger, righteous or otherwise; for that is not justice; it is worked out under God's law, But where we get a gift, we try to influence the spirit to use it to the highest and the best purpose; to let their gift be controlled by Spirit, do you understand?"  "Your brother has a gift, a great gift of magnetic healing. He could bring relief to sufferers, but he has to learn, and it takes time. If you desire to heal people, it shows a lack of understanding. Your desire should not be the driving force behind any gift of psychic power. "Thy Will be done", and in order to obtain the motive power of God's Will, you must surrender to God's Will. You must have such faith, that whatever comes, in this healing;  whether the person is healed or not, it is not your motive, your desire, your power; it is the Will of God. If the Will of God drives your brother's gift, there will be times when it will work, and times when it will not work. He will not be the one to control the flow of magnetic power. He will have the magnetic power, but it will be the higher spiritual Messengers of God, coming from the Lords of Karma, who will control that power, wisely and well." "If you were to take away all sickness from all people, you would do infinite harm to the progressing soul of man. You would set him back through cycles of thousands of years of your time. You must learn to be wise. In order to do this, you must learn to ally yourself to the Wisdom of God. The only way you can do it, is by faith, and by faith alone. Then you will learn that Spirit controls all things. God bless you, good night, and God bless you all," The value of sickness in the spiritual progression of man-kind, is perhaps something that few people will accept. Great lessons can however, be learnt from the acceptance of disease as a moderating influence in our spiritual evolution. As we are spirits in physical bodies on Earth, it is inevitable that we must return to our true spiritual state, and leave the old physical body behind. Natural death should therefore hold no terrors for us, but can almost be welcomed, especially when the physical has become a burden with bodily decay. Where young children pass before their time, so we may think, there are causes for their passing. On the other hand, these small souls may have completed their stay on Earth, to continue with greater vigor their life in Spirit. Most people question the ways of God because they do not understand, and many would peer into the future to guard against something or other. The following extract from our circle teachings gave us advice on a seeming failure:   "You have no need to guard against the Will of your Father;  you have no need to seek into the future, to see shadows that by gazing on them from this time, will appear as storm clouds that will never lift. It will be the tiny shadows that the enemy will throw across your path to try and daunt you; that is why we warn you of it, otherwise we would say nothing, because we know surely that these shadows pass. They must pass, the Light of God dispels them, but we would have you know why they come, and how they come, and the best way to deal with them."  "You must prepare by strengthening your faith against all things. If you wish to learn, not to be over-proud at a success; if you try to keep a good balance of humbleness in your greatest successes, you must try not to despair at failure. You must remember, it is one and the same thing working out in the Will of God. A failure in man's eyes, can be a great victory in the Eyes of his Creator. As Christ hung upon the Cross, the hearts of His followers were heavy. There was but one man and one woman who watched, who understood that it was victory, and not failure; that the battle had been won, and not lost."  "Think of this as an example, and try to see the working-out of God's Will in all things, and do not let success elate you too much, or failure depress you too much. This is what I teach."  "We would have you go along the path like serene souls, that we know you to be; that men may say,' 'Look at them. What have they got? What do they possess? They haven't earthly riches; they have no great earthly possessions, or great earthly success; they seem to fight against a current, and be knocked this way, and knocked that way, and yet, their eyes smile, their faces are bright;  their bodies are firm, and healthy and strong, and there is something that comes from them that is like the very love of the Angels''. This is how we would have you be, and how we will teach you to be, if you will but learn."  





















On another occasion we were addressed by an Egyptian guide or teacher, as follows:   "There is nothing done by Spirit, that is not confirmed over and over and over again, because it is truth, and truth must and will prevail. To you here, I say, "Well done". Your path leads upward, and onward, and outward to glory. Try to understand the workings of Spirit. The message tonight is ' 'Watch and pray". All words that are spoken have meaning here in this sanctuary. Continuing together steadfastly in faith, creates a place where Spirit can manifest on a higher vibration. But who hath believed our report? The words that were given through El Eros have been doubted, and they have been scorned and neglected. Many words that will be spoken through you, and conveyed through you, will also be rejected." "If they reject .the light of an Osiris, of Moses; of all the great Masters; finally, slaying, torturing, killing the torch-bearers that God sends, culminating in the great sacrifice of Christ's Spirit, it is not to be wondered at that the darkness will reject the Light, for the darkness knows that where it accepts the Light, it no longer lives and exists. Therefore, darkness will reject the Light always.'' "Words that are spoken in prayer, are heard in the Light. Words that are spoken in the darkness of man's despair, are received in the Light, and answered by Light. In the way we are working, we will bring Light to the Earth. They may reject it, but it will not prevail, because it will shine unto the darkest corners of man's soul, and it will reveal in glory, the eternal spiritual part of man that cannot die, Rejected, this truth may be, but enlightened from Spirit, it will prevail. The Light must have a channel, make a channel, and the Light will flow through". "Remain steadfast in prayer, and in harmony. Let nothing disrupt that vibration of love that you have begun to create. Watch and pray; watch and accept, see amongst yourselves the working of Spirit. It does not come with a flourish of trumpets; it does not come with a blast of lightning; it comes in peace, it comes in love; it comes in well-doing, and well-being, and well-feeling." "Slowly, surely, it builds up to those who are dedicated to God's work, to the work of the Spirit. I feel that amongst you I have friends; amongst you I have kindred spirits, where I can work, and do well for God, and for man. Each lesson you receive, will bring you closer and closer to the goal of ultimate revelation, Revelation is the thing that comes with sound of trumpets and blast;  revelation that comes like lightning to spirit, and rends the gross darkness of the Earth, and for those who are prepared for revelation there is only wonder; there is only the glowing of the Spirit, the Glory of God entering in, for to some, this revelation is life, and to some, the unprepared ones, this revelation is fear, death, darkness, and complete oblivion." "You will learn many lessons in the future, some you will not be able to accept until you grow sufficiently to encompass them, but you will listen to them. If you cannot accept them, leave them on one side, but the day will come when once again the lesson will be given to you, and your soul will be enlarged through your prayers, and your endeavors until it can accept truth as a whole.''As a contrast, the following small poem is given here to show the variety of upliftment we can receive from Spirit : "If thou wilt rest beneath My Wing, and learn to know My Voice, Within My Hearing shalt thou sing, and in My Sight rejoice. Keep faith with Me my little one, and know I hold thee dear, Thou shall not perish in My Hand, and neither shalt thou fear,  And if thou walkest in My Way, I will remember thee, And what thou asketh in My Name, so surely shall it be."  















The teachings we received gradually improved in quality and compass as if to keep pace with our spiritual growth, It became obvious that the Spirit teachers knew exactly how much we could absorb as a group, and never at any time, spoke of anything beyond our understanding. Simplicity was the essence of what we received. There was nothing mysterious or intricate in what we were told. It is strange how mankind in his own willful way will persist in adding frills to the truth until it is lost in a tangle of dogmatic interpretation, and ritual. Mankind can worship God in very simple ways by gathering together, and allowing Spirit to move amongst them. There can be moments of silent meditation followed by harmonious singing led if necessary, by a few stalwarts with tunes that are well known. Those moments of peace, and relaxation for which we hunger, and the spontaneous lift of voices in thanksgiving to our God. The sermon can so easily be inspired from Spirit through a well-developed channel acting as the mouth-piece. "Speaking with tongues", that have a definite message, and spiritual impact. Could we ask for more? And yet how few will follow this simple way of drawing nearer to our God. The long drawn-out services with their ancient liturgy which has little meaning in our modern world. An uninspired harangue delivered in a solemn voice with hardly any understanding of the real needs of the congregation. The same old pattern Sunday by Sunday, with the relief of returning home with an obligation fulfilled; the weekly duty done. What a challenge for those who seek for something more inspiring. The time came when we founded a small church in the town, where Sunday services were held in the Masonic Hall. Our small group of seven, our complete circle with a task for each one to do. There was no rigid code of ritual to follow, or any changing pattern of colors for each saint. No robes or vestments, but a message of comfort and understanding to deliver in plain language for those in need. We sang our hymns, the well known tunes that anyone could sing. There was no organ, but a piano provided the harmony as a guide. Those precious days which passed so soon; what memories they leave behind. The service was easy to follow; an opening hymn followed by a prayer of thanksgiving for guidance obtained, and strength to continue in our way of service. Then the chosen Lesson with another hymn before the Address. We listened to many different controls during the years, who manifested through the principal medium. The Egyptian Heritata came only once; he lived five thousand years ago, His message given, he never came again. Others spoke more often with a definite pattern for us to study. This was made possible by the recording equipment, and a microphone. The tape recordings were typed out, filed, and stencils made for the roneo machine, so that literally thousands of copies could be made available at services for worshippers to take and read at their leisure. These copies were placed near the door in neat piles on a table where they could be chosen, and taken away free of charge.  















On the 9th November, 1958, the address was given by a Grecian lady who manifested only on this occasion, and never returned afterwards. It is interesting to compare her words with a few of the other sermons delivered at various times: "My friends, I greet you, and would give you a little of the wisdom gathered through the centuries of effort, and motivated by the Power of Spirit that animates all life in all spheres."  "Long ago, when the world was much younger, and the races of the Earth were known to be pagan, a school of philosophers and teachers arose in the land called Greece. They were unhampered by creed or dogma, and therefore they were enabled with the freedom of thought which they valued above all things, to seek for truth wherever they could. It was only when intolerance crept in, due to fear of the policy of the ruling body of the day, that persecution arose, and the teachers who did not conform to the doctrines of the rulers of the day, were destroyed, and there was even then a question of authority." "In those days, each man under the law of the land, was his own authority, and the schools of philosophy that arose, then established the authority of the teachers, and if the question was presented to one in those days, who sought to put forth a teaching, and he was asked, "By what authority do you speak thus?", instead of reasoning as the fore-runners did, they quoted from their particular teacher, and they said, "I have the authority of Plato or Socrates", or whatever school of thought they studied under, and so, in a way, they had a lineage of wisdom, and they said, "I am the pupil of so and so, who was the pupil of someone else, who was the pupil of someone else, therefore my authority stems from their wisdom, and their researches", and alas, in the end, they became quite lost, and the last philosophers who strove to keep the light of true reasoning and teaching, found it on the authority of those who had the courage to seek''. They were wiped out by the advent of other religions, Christianity being one, and many deeds were performed by men who said that they had the authority of God to do these terrible deeds of persecution. When they had finished persecuting the so-called heathens, and pagans, then they began to persecute one another, for the simple reason that their nature being what it was, they could not desist from it, and being returned again and again unto the earth-plane, and being influenced by like spirits from the Spirit World, they continued in their way of fanaticism and persecution, and so the great religious wars of, shall I say, the Dark Ages arose, and man having free-will, and using their own authority, they destroyed the Light of true reasoning amongst them, and they forced the world to conform to a narrow creedalism that did not permit individual seeking, and individual teaching. They stopped all education; they banned books and enlightenment, and it was only through priest craft, and all its chicanery, and ignorance, that men and women were allowed to hope for future salvation, and it was a rule of fear. Fear that because they were "born in sin", and lived in sin, then they would perish, and be eternally damned, if they did not believe in the Trinity, and the rules, and the creed, and the dogma that was laid down by the councils of the priest. However, light must dawn. Night must come to an end, and the darkest hour is always that which precedes a glorious dawning, and the light of reason had to begin to break once more upon the Earth, and the Renaissance came into being; the rebirth of knowledge." "But even so, it has not been until comparatively recent times, that men and women by means of education, and other freedoms, have been allowed to seek, and to benefit by the teachings of those in ancient times who found the truth through research, experience, and logical reasoning, and finally the glorious understanding of what man truly was. And today, you have in this truth, this channel, mediums and instruments such as we had in the ancient times, through whom spiritual wisdom can be poured, but through whom also adverse teachings, and misleading statements can be made. In accordance with the Reading (Matt. Ch. 21 verses 23 27.) and the question of authority, you must take the advice of all great teachers, and use your own reasoning powers to taste of the fruit of the trees, and to judge for yourselves that which is good, and that which is not good. This is the only criterion that you have; the only light that you can personally bring to bear upon that which comes from the World of Spirit. When you deal with anyone on your earth-plane, you always bring your reasoning powers into play, unless you are blinded by emotion ranging from great hatred to great love, or sentiment of any kind, Then indeed, your reason takes a back seat, and your heart rules your head, and you trust. Sometimes your trust is justified, and sometimes it is indeed sadly betrayed, but these things are experience from which you gain knowledge and wisdom, so they are not to be despised. Now when teachings come from the World of Spirit, use that same judgment; use that same discretion in accepting them or rejecting them. Do not say, as many would have you believe, that because it comes from Spirit, it must be right, holy, ture, or without motive of a baser nature. Use your God-given powers of reasoning; use your heart too, and if you can accept a good fruit, then accept it, and honor the tree, and tend the tree from which it springs. The authority of the law "like attracting like", is a very sound one. You know a man or a woman, not by what they say, but what they do, and the fruit of their actions that are clearly seen in time, can tell you whether their words be true, or whether their words be false, And those that are attracted to people upon the earth-plane, are within a radius of a like nature," "Therefore, know that if a spirit misleads you, or gives you a fruit that does you harm, know surely that within yourself there is need for replanting in your garden, the garden of your soul. You must go to the Source of all power, that you call God, that we also called God, but meant Spirit, in order that your garden may receive purification; that the earth may be blessed, the soil within you, wherein the seeds of truth may be planted, that you may grow a tree within you, that can give forth good fruit, and you will attract unto your garden, in other words, unto yourself, those that grow like trees, those that give forth good fruit, and from those on the other side of the Veil, from the worlds and the spheres of Spirit being, will come those who will give you the authority to speak; the authority to act through your spiritual likeness, and the rest must be left to man's acceptance or man's rejection. But this I ask you my friends, whatever those that come unto you from any side of the Veil, from any sphere, choose to believe, or choose to reject; do not condemn them. Use tolerance, that great quality that was completely missing from mankind in the age in which I lived upon the Earth; that there shall never rise again amongst the races of mankind, the fanatical aspects, and manifestations, such dreadful manifestations, the evil poisonous fruit of intolerance. Let it be, that as you have received from Spirit, so many times, the call to love one another, and serve one another, the truth that you are kin, not only with those that love you, but with those that hate you; that kinship of Spirit must grow, and be realized amongst men, in order that humanity may finally be set free from the outworn creeds that have chained the races of mankind down, that have separated them. The fruit of the tree of separation was not good, it led to darkness, and to horror, but now the Light is dawning over your world in a new age of many wonders, but still the ancient truths survive, and still apply, because the law of truth is enduring, and has been always; the authority of Truth that gives to the world again and again, the Light whereby man may see the way into the Kingdom of Spirit."  "If you do not listen to truth; if you do not in your individual selves, seek day by day, to apply the principles of truth, that you are Spirit, and your brethren also, and there is a kinship between you that should give you great tolerance; that should give you the power to pray for those that despitefully use you; that should give you the ability to forgive, and graciously pardon all the errors that you may consider others make, and see that your tree yields plenty of fruit in its season, because if it is barren in its season, as the fig tree, rest assured, your tree will be cut down, in order that another tree may grow, that will give forth fruit. Therefore, my friends, come into the harvest of wisdom that the foregoing ages of your world have given you. Be courageous, and bold; step forward to accept that which is good; pluck the fruit from any tree to taste, to see whether it be good or whether it would do you harm, and go forward in this great trust, that God the Father, being part of the children, will never allow you to be lost, for you are part of a Whole, even though you retain your individuality. But do not forget the golden rule of life, that you come to Earth to learn, so that when you come over to Spirit, you may teach others; you may give others on the Earth the authority to teach, Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, and all the things that are good that you would have, be prepared to allow another to have them also. The simple truths that have been taught from the beginning, have stood the test of time; they have stood the test of torture; they have stood the attempts at obliteration; they have been cut down, they have been burned; they have been despised, they have been rejected, and yet in God's season, when He waters the Earth with His Grace, and shines forth the sunshine of His love, the green shoots spring again, like the fig tree putting forth her tender buds, and men may know that the fruit will come in God's good time, Farewell."  These simple words from this Grecian lady who lived so long ago, will leave an impact on intellectual as well as the less educated minds. It cannot be otherwise. The truth cannot be denied. The value of any teaching can be assessed by its contribution to the real happiness, and well-being of mankind on Earth, and in the hereafter. When any teaching can show mankind better aspects of his true nature, and a correct way of life, it should be accepted with gratitude. Therefore, when contact with advanced entities from Spirit can be made, in order to obtain guidance on Earth, it would be foolish to ignore the value of these simple teachings. There are none so blind as those who will not see. An open mind is essential in any search for truth. When religion loses its touch with spiritual realities, and continues to teach outworn philosophies, the materialistic age will remain. Fortunately, there are many encouraging signs of a renewal in Spirit all over the world. We never knew the name of the Grecian lady, although the medium had seen her approaching majestically up the aisle just before the sermon was announced. No one else had the privilege of seeing this. The style of this address was different to those received at other times, and the enunciation gave a definite indication of another personality. From the mannerisms, and fluency we could identify many speakers who manifested more frequently. What a pleasure to know these humble teachers from the Spirit World, and listen to their guidance. It was no wonder that certain services were well attended when the public knew that a particular person was advertised to take the service. This does not mean that we knew who might manifest in advance. It was always a surprise for us to wait, and see who would come through. We were never disappointed with the address delivered afterwards by the controlling entity with quiet deliberation, and without hesitation of any kind. When the Lesson was chosen just prior to the service, and sometimes without the medium's knowledge, the address which followed dealt adequately with its spiritual import, to show that the control could deal with the situation without floundering. It seems obvious that Spirit can furnish inspiration through an earthly channel without recourse to lengthy preparations usually resorted to by ministers who preach through their own mentality.  















It is a pity that Christian ministers are not taught, and developed to rely more on Spirit control to deliver sermons more in keeping with spiritual matters. There is no doubt that many ministers would welcome this dedicated way of contacting higher thought, guidance, and knowledge. It is extraordinary that some churches have almost completely lost touch with spiritual realities whilst mouthing unacceptable dogmatically absurdities which perplex, and mislead mankind, and chain him down with the fear of eternal damnation. It is no wonder that youth often seeks elsewhere for logical answers to their questions, and unfortunately, in many cases, get involved in strange cults, and practices, some of which are evil. It is indeed high time that Christian teaching should be guided by more advanced souls on the Other Side of life. This can only be done by full cp-operation from the Earth. Spirits are not allowed to force themselves on earthly minds without being courteously requested in suitable conditions where the highest motives prevail, and dedicated humble channels wait to be developed in this way to serve mankind. Once it is realized that influences are constantly being encountered from earth, as well as the Spirit spheres, then controlled thinking before speaking, and acting, will have a tremendous effect on the destiny of mankind, it is for mankind to choose his companions to guide him along the true way of self-realization, and spiritual development.  Where erroneous doctrines are persistently taught to ignorant congregations, the influence of evil forces must be acknowledged as seeking to mislead souls, Evil influences of all shades of intensity, and purpose, can be most subtle, and should never be underestimated. That is why we should foster one another in prayer, and as individuals, seek not only to preserve our spiritual integrity, but to enhance it with good works to become stronger in character, true knowledge, and wisdom. When theologians persist in wrong teachings, they alone will eventually face the consequences of refusing to recognize truth. No contracted arguments or devious explanations will absolve them from their deliberate blindness, Theological arguments to bolster intricate contradictory ' 'mysteries" of religious dogma, usually get tied up in knots which add more confusion to the hidden truth therein. Simple truths are more acceptable to the honest mind, whereas the extended irrational suppositions in many orthodox teachings appeal to the more egotistical individuals who prefer to belong to a select few who are assumed to be saved. Our conceptions of God surely need to be drastically changed.















As time went on, we were initiated in the gift of spiritual healing, and instructed in the proper procedures, as the following extracts will show:  "It is good to speak. We ask you to help us by your faith. First, I give you all the assurance from Spirit, that we are with you, we are co-operating, we are planning."  "We as healers, ask you to go forward now with your healing work. Not so much now the laying on of hands, as the working of the power of faith through prayer; through bringing your sick ones into a vibration of love that will disperse their sickness by changing the vibration to one that has a nearer attunement with perfection." ' 'Now, before you set hands upon a sick person, we desire that one will take one hand of the patient, and one will take the other. Then we desire that a soft invocation be given. Now hearken: "GREAT SPIRIT, OF WHOM THIS CHILD IS A PART, WE, HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, BRING HIM NOW BY LOVE UNTO THEE, ASKING THAT HE MAY BE HEALED IN MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. WE BRING HIM TO THEE IN FAITH, KNOWING THAT EVEN AS WE ASK, HE IS HEALED." "'Then place your hand upon his shoulder. If one stands at the back of the patient, let them place their hands above the head, And then, let there be a moment of silent upliftment to God."  "Now where there is local pain, a magnetic healer may lay on hands gently, in order that the rays may penetrate. This is a quicker way, and a more spiritual way of working. We desire now that you go forward, healing not only by means of magnetic vibration but by means of faith, In order to do this, you must never encourage a negative thought. You must believe at all times that God's purpose towards the sick, is good health. Barriers we know are created, but see to it that it is not created by you who would be a healer. We from Spirit, know that where there is a negative thought, our very rays are turned back. If you will become a channel now for Spiritual Healing, as well as magnetic healing, you must work through implicit faith. You must always believe and know, that the healing power that flows from the Spirit, must heal." ' 'It matters not what appearances are. If one says that they are not relieved from pain, know surely that the spiritual power has gone into the soul, and whatever their state, it is an improved state, It is better to save a man's soul than to heal or to preserve his body, Where the soul is unclean in any way, there must be manifestation of sickness in the physical."  "Cleanse the soul; heal the soul, and the healing of the body must follow, and as you work in this way, you will see that the Power that flows through you, also affects the flesh in a very good way; cleansing and purifying; giving as it were, a second chance to the reapers of the wild winds of man's sowing evil." "'We desire you to work in faith. We desire you to work quietly, silently, and in peace. Let others talk, but let us do. We desire you to work in the way that I have indicated to you this night. A prayer must come from the heart, even if it finds expression upon the lips. As you hold the hand of the sick, try to feel the mighty compassion of Christ. Link them; draw them by your love, and your tenderness into the golden Light of Christ's Love, and healing shall indeed follow swiftly. This will enable us to work upon a higher vibration. The vibration we have worked on, has been one of physical contact, using for the main part, purely magnetic forces that are only able to work in a gross sense through the flesh, The greatest thing that this power can do, is to give temporary relief to local pain, and for this, it should always be used." "But now we come to the great miraculous healings of the Spirit. In future, we do not desire to hear from any of your minds or souls, a negative thought; the thought that you will not go on, or that you are disappointed, or that you would turn aside from the path. This must not be uttered again, for when you do that, you cripple us, It is through the light, and the steadfastness of your faith, that we can work,"  "It is not for you to question, where and how and when Spirit works, for as the lightning appeareth in the West, and is seen even unto the East, so the Spirit, mighty in its purpose, works. But it is your duty to make yourselves channels, and the moment that you entertain a negative thought, your channel closes fast. Then you are doing the very thing of which you accuse yourself of doing; being unworthy. God does not choose unworthy instruments. We do not choose instruments that we cannot use. We choose instruments where we can see, and know, and be very sure that one day, we can work. It is for you to bring that day to pass."

















The reader will find much food for thought in examining the material submitted so far. In one way, it can be called a test of faith in believing that the recordings were actually received from Spirit, or the Other Side of Life. As the matter of faith plays such a large part in this life, particularly amongst those who are unable to have the same psychic experiences, the following talk on Faith given at a private gathering in our home on the 2nd November, 1956, is printed here verbatim: "Good evening, and God bless you all," "It is with pleasure that I come on the vibration of thought to speak with you for a few moments, and I desire that you all relax, and feel that you are now contacting a friend. You have taken for your subject, Faith," "There is a demonstration here before you now; faith, belief, You can ask yourselves, do you believe that I, controlling the mentality of an instrument, am from Spirit, from the Spirit World, a discarnate entity?" "It is a test of faith, and we can say to you, we do not ask you to have blind faith, Blindness is not good in any state, whether it be of the physical, or whether it be of the spiritual. Dogma has changed, and distorted the teachings on faith, out of all proportion, and out of all recognition. No-one asks a human being to have blind faith. That is not the definition of faith." "Faith is the fruit of knowledge; knowledge is the fruit of experience. That is why you come to the earth-plane; that is why you are born into the flesh; that is why you return to your Spirit state, to yet come again, if it should be necessary, to obtain experiences that will teach you wisdom." "You cannot build a house on sand, for as the sand shifts, and the water seeps in, so your house will fall. Neither can you build a lasting edifice of the Spirit, upon blindness. There would appear to be, in your earthly existence, a blind faith that is practiced. You see those around you; some have greater faith, or appear to, than you, and some have less faith, and you say, "I wish that other person's faith was as great as my own". But, faith being the fruit of knowledge, and knowledge being the fruit of experience, think!" "If you know, as you should do, deep within your soul, that you are eternal; that you have always existed in some state or another, and that you always will exist; there must be a fruit of your experiences in those various states, that is manifested in a seemingly blind faith in your earthly existence," "When a man or a woman hears something deep within them, there is that which tells them, "This thing is true" or "This thing is not true". Sometimes they find they can accept a thing of which they have no conscious knowledge; no apparent knowledge, and they do not know why, and they say, "I trust; I do not know, but I trust". "Little children, if you were developed sufficiently to understand your spiritual intuition, you would know that trust, where it is founded surely and strongly upon truth, comes from the knowledge that is deep within your soul. That soul, residing within your fleshly body, is limited by the flesh, and there is perhaps no conscious memory at this time, of the experiences through which your soul has passed, that teaches you to trust, that teaches you to have faith." "Perhaps the experience has gone from your memory, and could only be recalled in the enfoldment of soul-consciousness. The time will come, when those past experiences, will unfold to you, and you will realize the knowledge within yourself more consciously, and your faith will grow." "We do not ask you to trust blindly, neither does the Great Spirit that animates all life force, but under the Law that is perfect, you are given the experiences that will teach your soul to have faith in the Power to Which it belongs." "In your earthly journeys, there is much that is of illusion; there is much that will dim your faith; that will try to break your faith, but this is also done for a purpose. It is done to test; to see whether the lessons that should have been learnt in certain experiences, have come to their full fruition within your soul, and every individual has a different testing, and how we rejoice from Spirit, when we see the temptations of the flesh being broken upon the rock of the faith of a human soul."  ' 'That is the interpretation of' 'blind" faith; when something within a man or a woman, stands firm, like a rock in the sea, against which the waves, and the tempest cannot prevail. Human beings call it "blind faith", but we from Spirit know that it is the manifestation of a soul-faith that has been acquired through the experiences of a soul that is seeking for its God, and who has gathered along the way of eternity, a wisdom that has strengthened them, and a wisdom that comes from the God-Power of eternal reality." "That is why all the great masters say to man, "Man, know thyself; be true unto thyself", for in doing that, you are realizing GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS; you are increasing your faith by practice, and by experiencing, and by gathering in the pearls of wisdom." "Before I conclude my few thoughts as a contribution to your seeking, I would like to say to you all; in your world today, where the storms and threat of war are once more threatening your peace, and threatening the world, your way, and your order; it is to souls such as you, that we of Spirit, look." "It is on your spiritual integrity that we build the house of our faith in man, and our hope of man's ultimate salvation; not to the great church dignitaries, but to you. For, it was from amongst the ranks of such souls as yourselves, that the Master Christ called His disciples unto Him," ' 'He did not go into the high chambers of State; into the Palaces; into the Senate Houses. He walked amongst the people of the rank and file of His day; He called unto Him those simple, humble, ordinary people, born into the flesh, and yet seeking. Seeking for they hardly knew what, and yet, the Master saw through to the Spirit, and He knew very surely that those He called, were giants in spirit; they were leaders, they were teachers, and He knew too, that His Father had given Him the key to remove the limitations of their flesh, with the gift of the Holy Ghost." "Day by day, He showed them the way to increase their faith. He gave unto them "that which helped them to realize their Eternity in Spirit, and with the final crowning of their faithful endeavors, the World of the Spirit was opened unto them, and they became leaders, spiritual leaders of mankind." "Therefore, we say to you from Spirit; go on in your way. It may appear to you a very lowly way, a very slow way, but it is the only way; the only way to justify all the millions of souls who have turned towards their God, and said, "I believe; I believe in God". "You carry the banner of truth. See to it that your arms do not fail at any time to lower that banner into the dust!" The manner in which these teachings were delivered was most striking. There was no hesitation in seeking for words to explain some particular meaning. The controls spoke deliberately, enunciating their words with dignity, feeling and authority, showing complete knowledge of the subject under discussion. At times, we were conscious of the high spiritual power emanating from the speaker, denoting an advanced state of integrity in Spirit. Most of these souls never gave their names, as this was not necessary. Sometimes, a well-known personality manifested with the simple submission of a name without any attempt at making an impression on the listeners. Fortunately, we never heard any bombastic utterances of an intricate, involved nature purporting to come from very highly evolved entities. Such souls usually belong to the lower astral states, and are attracted by circles concerned only with material interests. On the 8th August, 1959, we were privileged to receive the blessing of Francis Bernardino who was born about 1182. "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I give you peace and love and joy." "I am Francis d'Assisi; I come to bid you to be of good cheer, to bring you a message of love from the brother who is now dwelling with us. He will prepare a place for you in the name of his love. He has come home, and we rejoice to welcome him back into the fold. Do not let any sorrow tinge your thoughts of him, he will be with you until you pass through the Veil of the valley of death to reach the sunshine of the eternal land of the living. Be of good cheer, and let your hearts be gay. To you will be given the great and glorious task of proving to man that there is no need to mourn those who pass from the Earth," "The Light is dawning for humanity, and by its light, men will see a path of joy, and not only men, but all living creatures, the Creation of our God will rejoice, and know a better way; will know love, and will know the Will of our Father." "My brothers and sisters, rejoice, be happy, and let your happiness reflect the perfection of the Spirit of God. Each one of you have indeed a privilege in the work that you have done, the work that you are doing, and the work that you will do, and remember, the Father gave it unto me to preach good tidings even to the birds, and to the trees, and I rejoiced, for I knew that even if they could not understand the words of the tongue that I spoke, their hearts would answer to the joy, and the ecstasy in my own." "So let it be with you, and if you are called upon merely to heal the birds, and speak to the animals, do it with joy, and not with the feeling that you should have been called to higher work. Be faithful, and be happy, and now I would give you my blessing." Brother Francis then proceeded to bless each circle member in turn. One was missing. It was a solemn moment, as we gathered together to mark the passing of Fred who had been knocked down by a car at night. What a memory to carry down the years; to hear the words of comfort, and receive the blessing that followed. On another occasion, we were honored with a visit by Sister Clare who founded the Order of Poor Ladies, known afterwards as The Caresses. She spoke to us about God in the following words: "I salute you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and give you peace. I am Sister Clare." "I have a message for you all, and it is this. Each one of you being individual, is an individual lamp through which the Light of God our Father shines, and the light never shines with the same intensity or color or purpose, or in the same place, because it is individual reflection. If you pause to think and ask yourselves, "What is God?", you will so easily see that each one's conception of Deity is different." "In order to seek for God, you must have many attributes; you must have courage, you must have honesty of purpose, you must have perseverance, you must have the ability to be true, not only to yourself, but to one another, and to all mankind. You must have the determination to shake off the superstitions that have been implanted within you due to childhood teaching. You must be prepared to know that which is good, that which is evil, and that which is neither. You must be able to dissociate yourself personally from the experiences that come to teach you, and yet at the same time, to be able to recognize truth with the power of the Spirit within you,"  "It is folly for men to quarrel, because their conception of God differs. If only they would add together the sum of their knowledge, and of their understanding, how great would be their progress; how glorious would be the development of human kind.'' "Therefore, we ask each one of you to search your hearts and your minds, and to truly find out from yourselves what your conception of Deity is. We do not ask you to quote from a book or from another's teaching. During the week we ask you to go within yourselves, and find out what is to you personally, fit what He is to all mankind."  "It may be that you will find that He is still a benevolent old bearded gentleman sitting upon a cloud in Heaven respecting persons, endowing this one with gifts, and denying that one all things that are good. If this is so, you must recognize it for what it is. You must be honest enough to say, "Yes, I still have that conception within me". For until you recognize it, you cannot improve upon it, you cannot replace it with a higher and finer definition, and understanding of God." "We ask you to dwell during this week upon God; upon your relationship with God. We do not ask you to put this into rhyme. We merely ask you to think well, and to condense it, if you can, into a short piece of prose that will truthfully say what your individual conception of God is, as you have searched within your self, and found it to be. You must discover what lies within you before you can come to any understanding with your own self. If you have overlaid your own true understanding with the definitions that have been implanted within your mind by others, then you are not being true unto yourself, and you cannot be true to any man, or to any other." "The voyage that you take now is one of discovery. You will find many things within you that will shock you, but you need honesty and courage. It is not easy to admit to a fault, and yet it is easy to admit to a fault that is not great, or to a fault that you do not really possess, but you only think you possess. It will not be in many cases, a pleasant voyage. It will be as though a searchlight has been turned upon each one of you, and that search-light will be the search-light of God's Wisdom. It will make the dark places within your light; it will increase your light." "We do not need self-condemnation, that is as wrong as implanting in the mind of a young person the fear of judgment day, Neither do we need the boasting inflation of an ego, for that is to obscure the true status, and the purpose of your existence, and your being." "You will be helped in this; you will receive help from one another. Converse with one another; speak with one another; be open with one another. Ask and you shall receive; ask of one another, and ask of Spirit, and ask of God; it is your right. And you will find the revelation that will come to each one of you, will create a power that will build up in your midst. It will give you health, because it will give you peace, because peace comes when you understand what you are." "When a group of people work together, or strive to work together, they must come into harmony. There will always be parts of you that will express themselves in a different manner to the others. You cannot change this by force; you can only change it by harmonizing it, and if you share your understanding of yourself, soon you will be sharing the understanding of one another. You will know, and knowledge will set you free, free from the bondage of ignorance."  ' 'That is why you have been taught to build on the basis of love, on faith, on loyalty, for on this earth where you dwell there is much that is hidden, much that is twisted and distorted by the various levels of manifested consciousness. There is a saying amongst you, "Your life is what you make it". This is only true in so far as you can make your life alone, but no-one can stand alone forever. When you come to the Realm of Spirit to which your spiritual status entitles you, then indeed, there will be more truth in that statement, but when you contact all degrees of consciousness, you must understand that these contacts also make your life. They make or they mar, and remember, when a person comes to you, and says to you, "Show me God, or show God unto me", how can you do it?" "When the disciple Philip said to the Master Jesus,'' Show God to us", what was His answer? Do you know? What was His answer? (When you have seen Me, you have also seen the Father.) That is correct. He said, "Have you been so long with Me, that you say to Me, "Show me the Father". If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father, for I and the Father are CAE". "Now, creedalism, ignorance, superstition, have distorted this great truth into this, that only the perfect can show God to others. That is not true; you are all lamps, and remember that God is the Spirit of all life, all manifestations of being, and existence, and all vibrations of matter. Not only the righteous are contained in God, but the unrighteous. Not only the saint lives, breathes, and has their being in God, the sinner also, for God is a Whole, not a part. Neither can there be a separation in God anywhere." "There is an illusion of separation that the Eastern people recognized when they spoke of May a or illusion, but there again they became lost, and they treat this life on Earth as illusion." "The true illusion is that the manifestation in flesh causes separation from God. There is no separation, and in this great saying of Jesus, it was so taught, "I and the Father are ONE". All things and the Father are ONE; all things have their being in God. But if you show God to one who asks you, what part of God will you show? You cannot show the whole of God, because you are not the whole of God, neither is your lamp large enough to contain the whole of God. Your mirror, the mirror of your life is not clear enough for a clean and sharp reflection."  "You see ' 'through a glass darkly", yes, because you can only see God as it is reflected through, and in His creation, animal kingdom, mineral, vegetable, human, Spirit, the Hierarchies of Angels, Archangels, Power Spirits, all things. That is why when you begin to improve your conception of God, you do not quarrel with anyone or anything because there is no division. You say, "This tree and the Father are ONE; this animal and the Father are ONE, ONE Spirit, ONE life." But you yourselves have been called to show God to Man, and I repeat, what part of God are you going to show? His courage, His love? His wisdom? His truth? His Mercy?"  "You will show His Perfection as best you can, and if you reflect evil, cruelty, sin, the person that comes to you will go away, if he believes in your reflection, and he will do likewise. He will say, "Well, this is God as it has been shown to me". "That is why Christ taught "Return good for evil", for if you return evil, you show forth God in that aspect of existence, and those who only see God in that aspect, do likewise, and so you become responsible for the increase in wrongdoing, and wrong manifestation in the world. We use the word "wrong" advisedly, because under the Divine Law, all things work out, and are repaid." "I trust these few words may have helped you in what you have to do during the coming week. For we would have you bright and gleaming lamps. We would have you untarnished mirrors. We would have you show forth God in all the higher aspects of righteousness and truth. Always remember, that what you show forth, is that part of God that you have found, and if you deceive yourselves with a wrong conception, then you are not showing that true part that is truly of yourself. So first you must know what oil lights your lamp, its quality, its quantity, its source, its supply.''  "I leave you with the Blessings of the Almighty, His Peace, and His Guidance, the Guidance of the true Spirit of Life with Whom it is our intention to help you to unite in fullness. Goodnight."















There is much food for thought in these teachings that will find an echo in some seeking mind. Glimpses of truth that awake long-lost memories. To some, the words may sound to philosophical for their liking, and to others, a new harmony will unfold in more abundant living. When one grovels in the dust, the stars are beyond sight, and even a blade of grass is missing. But by looking upward and inward, we begin to see more light on the path of life. It is good to know where we are going on a long journey. The following advice from Spirit, will help many on the way:   "When you pass to Spirit, you will realize what we have tried to do for you. In the Cosmic Day upon which we have merely touched, there is a part of the day when you manifest in flesh, but a tiny part. Then you return to the etheric state of being; then you come back to Earth, perhaps if it is the Will, and it is the way that your feet must tread for another short period. But for the main part of the Cosmic Day, you dwell in etheric states, astral states, call them what you will; spirit worlds, spirit spheres." "Now do not think that when you pass to Spirit, it will be the same as passing from this room into the next room in your physical body. If you take a journey into unknown territory, it is well to know something of it; if you can learn something of it, then you are prepared for any danger that you may meet. When you pass to Spirit, if you have no knowledge of Spirit existence, there are dangers that may cause you temporary discomfort, fear." "Fear is a dreadful thing for a discarnate spirit, a discarnate entity. It is worse to be afraid out of the flesh than in the flesh, much worse. For while you are in the flesh, you can seek for comfort, for companionship, for the familiar things that you know that will give you comfort. You can go amongst other men and women, you can have animals who will keep you company. You can make light, but when you are not in the flesh, think!"  "What would you do if you found that you were afraid, alone; afraid, not knowing where you were or what you were? (Pray to God.) Would you pray to God if during an earthly lifetime, you had spurned God, and His principles, and His laws, think you? (That I don't know.) No, my sister, those spirits are not able to pray;  it is though the tongues of their spirits are tied; they are dumb spirits. They are the spirits that return to the Earth, and of times posses another soul. You have read of one in your Holy Scriptures; he was possessed by a dumb spirit; have you not? Do you remember? A deaf and dumb spirit."  "If you abuse a privilege, the privilege is taken away, until you realize the value of it. For you who are enlightened to a certain extent, you need have no fear of your passing, but I speak of those who have no enlightenment, and I speak to tell you how we have sought to do that for you that will be of benefit to you when you come over to Spirit World, and in order that you might teach often; that you might educate them." "It is not a question of making people believe in a right religion or wrong religion, or one or the other. It is a matter of giving them sufficient knowledge that when they pass to Spirit, and they find themselves in the conditions that many do, they will remember, and be able to benefit by what you have taught them, and we would have you benefit by what we can teach you. We will take away the fears, the superstitions, and the ignorance that is the darkness of Man."' 'You need have no fear, but it is not enough to be unafraid. One must have knowledge, and in the world in which you will find yourself, you will need power of thought, and you have not even begun to practice the power of thought. You play with it as a child with a toy, intermittently, as the whim and fancy takes you, but even that will be taken care of in time." "But we would have you know that this life that you lead now is such a tiny part of your Cosmic Day, and not attach too much importance to it, but to let God work the Will both individually, and as a group. BE STILL AND KNOW. You are fortunate, you are blest, and it is through groups, and individuals such as you, that we hope to touch the hearts and minds of many who come to Earth and manifest, and go back into the gray mists of apathy, and non-existence, and wait in a dreary grayness until they manifest again with no knowledge, no linking, no realization, and very little purpose." "In a Cosmic Day, there is so much to be done; we work almost against time. As the great Teacher said, "There are twelve hours in a day, and a man can only work in the light, and when darkness comes, he cannot work." It is the same with the Cosmic Day, for the time comes when Spirit can no longer work, and all things go back into the Essence and Non-Being." "You progress, you progress my children. You are so loved. Even your slightest effort to seek truth is rewarded. Foster one another, keep one another in your thought power as perfect beings. Your potential is as great as the potential of Godhead, There is nothing that you could not do or accomplish, that you were in one mind to do, and if it appears that you are not in one mind, do not fret, it is the Will that it should be so. Farewell." A careful study of over four hundred recorded Spirit teachings has revealed no anomalies or contradictions of any kind. Their simple logical appeal has no doubt helped many seekers on the way of life. Thousands of copies were printed on a duplicating machine, and distributed at church services, where they were placed on a table near the door so that worshippers could help themselves, In this way, many of the sermons delivered by various entities at previous church services, could be read, taken home and studied by anyone interested. Copies of circle teachings, and discussions with our guides were also printed, and made available at the church services; no charge being made or expected, The following record of Spiritual Healing information received in our home circle is given here verbatim: "Now, a patient comes to you, and they are afraid. Fear has many manifestations of sickness in the body. When you consider the multitude of causes of fear; things that create fear, that every person has a different, shall I say, fear potential. What causes one man to jibber in cowardice and despair, another man would laugh at, and take no notice. So you know that your patient is afraid;  now the first thing is that you must be able to recognize fear, You can only do this by experience, by watchfulness, by feeling, by becoming aware, and becoming sensitive to another's needs. Now it may be that you have gone a little further, and you see perhaps that the cause of fear is from or through another human being." "In a child, of course, it could be a parent; it could be someone in their daily life who bullies them, and caused fear. It could be a very different type of fear, it is true. It could be a fear of loss, but we will take a simple form of fear. Take a woman who comes to you who is afraid. You can always tell fear in the first place by the eyes. Fear always manifest in human eyes no matter how carefully it might be hidden, because the eyes indeed are the windows to the various levels of consciousness. Maybe for a time that the human being is working on another level of consciousness so that the fear does not manifest so brightly, but if you get them on to the particular vibration whereon they feel fear, then you will see it manifested in a stark realism that you cannot mistake. It may be a husband's brutality."  "It may be fear of some disease that will take them off before they have time to care for those dependent upon them. It may be fear of losing a loved one; there are millions of fears that beset the paths of humanity. However, you can find out that particular fear; and it is on that vibration alone that you can heal them. The result of an illness always manifests on the particular vibration of its cause, because it cannot manifest on any other vibration. You can affect a temporary cure, you can affect a temporary relief, but you can only heal if you do reach the cause, and you can only reach the cause by studying the effect, and working on the vibration of the effect; you cannot ignore it." ' 'There is a religion upon the Earth that strives to heal sickness by saying that it does not exist. Now that is impossible. You can say that your pain does not exist until you are blue in the face, your mouth is dry, and your brain is numbed, and it will still exist unless a neutral action removes it. But these people also have a way or working on the actual vibration. They take their particular ailment, and they trace its cause. They say, "I have this because I have done so-and-so", and they treat it on the vibration that it manifests on, and in that way, they are responsible for a tremendous lot of cures. It is not perhaps everything in the way of religion;  the important thing is the woman that founded it, discovered a great truth; she re-discovered it. She discovered a part of eternal truth that the cause of sickness lies within the soul, in the spirit, call it what you will, deep within the eternal part of Man, but it must be treated on the vibration of its effect, and traced back on that same vibration to its cause."  "When that happens, the vibration changes, and it no longer manifests. So you would begin by studying the effect; talking about it, questioning about it, and tracing it back. There is always a spiritual or psychic cause for the manifestation of physical ills;  always, no matter how small it is."  "In your world of material vibration, loneliness is the greatest test of any soul. If you can overcome loneliness as the Earth knows loneliness, you can truly say that you have overcome the world in one of its hardest aspects. A person who is lonely has only themselves to be responsible for that, for the world is teeming with millions of people." "There is always something that can be done to offset loneliness. A person who is lonely in your world has something within their soul that is lacking in true understanding and charity towards their fellowmen; they have not learned to live with the truth of ONE Spirit. It is as a rule, the result of some form of selfishness or possessiveness in the life or the life before. It is an effect of this spiritual cause."  "Teach a lonely person to forget themselves; to look outward. Teach them to truly say, to the Great Spirit, "Help me to serve", and then to accept whatever service is given, high, middle or low, but not to dictate to God the type of service, and you will eradicate loneliness, and you will eradicate the sicknesses that are manifested in the physical body through this cause. That is why it is so necessary to have your social workers in your organizations to visit people who are lonely, and those who can be encouraged to join with others, and help and serve; it may be perhaps even to animals, then they are on the road to recovery.''  "As regards arthritis, spiritual healing can help such a case where it is caused by the individual's imbalance. Arthritis is caused in human beings through anxiety, fear, repression. It can be caused through the individual themselves, it can be caused through the individual's reaction to someone who causes this to be in them, especially fear. You will find that where a case of arthritis is really severe, and does not appear to yield to any treatment, there is a very deep spiritual disharmony underlying that has caused this dreadful manifestation, and in many cases, it takes more than one lifetime to eradicate it." "As a rule, severe arthritis cases are not cured until the body is cast aside. The terrible distortions are often carried on into the astral form, and have to receive healing in the World of Spirit. this is easily administered, and the astral body is straightened and relieved, and then begins a spiritual regeneration. It is hard to accept it, and yet when you see the evil in your midst; you see men and women in their apparent health and strength, who do the dreadful things that they do to themselves, and to one another in another life that manifests on their physical frame. Indeed the effects are dreadful to witness, but the causes are still more dreadful to witness." "Spiritual healing always helps because it helps the spirit, but with arthritis, contact healing is best. It helps to break down the dreadful lesions; it breaks down the local trouble a great deal, but a person that treats arthritis must be one that has terrific spiritual strength and faith, allied of course to great healing power, but it can be done. And remember when Christ healed the woman in the Temple, if you remember the incident; where He was upbraided for doing so, and He said, "This woman has been chained for eighteen years". Do you remember? He was rebuked for healing on the Sabbath, and He said to them, "Which amongst you, if you have lost a sheep, do not seek for it on the Sabbath, and draw it from its place of danger? How much better is it then that I should release this daughter of Abraham whom the devil has chained for eighteen years". She was bowed upon herself, and it was evident that she had a form of rheumatoid arthritis, and she stood upright. So you see it is possible by great healing power and faith to heal an advanced case of arthritis. But always remember, you do your best under God's Will. It is enough, because if it was God's Will that you should do more, you would do more." "The Lord Himself said, to the devil who chained the woman, and the devil is of course the epitome of evil. It was her evil that had chained her. It could have been another's evil as well, but nevertheless it was evil. You pay a bitter price in the physical for sin in the soul. You have a vast field to explore." "With the general question of deafness, there again it is caused in the main by abuse of hearing in a former life. If men and women realize the sacredness of the gifts that God allows human beings, and the terrible penalties for misuse, they would use them more carefully. You think of the way the tongue is abused; you can also think then how hearing can be abused. A confidence; a word overheard, and passed on can destroy life. It can destroy the whole fabric and security of a family. It can do infinite harm, and hearing can be abused as much as speaking; and when you misuse a faculty, eventually that faculty is taken away; you are deprived of it temporarily or permanently, as the case may be, in a life. There are other reasons, but in the main, this manifestation is caused through that. Even if you misuse a thing in ignorance, you have to learn not to do so." QUESTION: With regard to conditions picked up in healing by the healers themselves, is that a necessary condition? "It is not necessary; it is a natural thing, ONE SPIRIT, is the answer to that. It is a matter of harmony between the spirits. ONE SPIRIT, and so you mirror another's sufferings, or on contact you can pick it up even at a distance. You cannot do it with all. It all depends how sensitive the person is that picks it up. It is not a thing that should be allowed to develop into a phobia, or into anything that can cause harm, neither should it be used for mere exhibitionism of what can be done. This is not good; better that it does not happen. After all, it need not be done. You can ask a person if they have a pain, and they can tell you." "It is good to experiment along these lines for the sake of learning what can be done in this way. Sometimes, it is quite a natural thing, and the pain you pick up is so real that you think it is your own at times. But it is not good to encourage it, or allow it to get out of hand; it is not good for the patient, and it is not good for the healer. To throw off the conditions is merely that you do not encourage them, that you deny them; they are not yours, and the thing that is not yours, you can disown, and it is not yours. It is as simple as that, but in many cases, we know that healers encourage it because they feel that it enhances them in some way which really it does not, It exhausts them, it uses power to do so. It becomes, as I say, in the nature of an exhibition, and a show-off, and it serves no useful purpose." "With regard to cancer, we seek to find a treatment that can be transmitted to the Earth in physical terms. When we speak to medical men about spiritual causes, they immediately go into a sort of fog. In the past, they put up a complete wall through which you couldn't even see. Lately, they have begun to recognize the fact that physical ailments have what they call psychomatic causes; it is born in the spirit, or it comes from the spirit, but this hasn't progressed very far, and cancer is a very touchy subject with the medical profession. We have managed to get through many things that can alleviate, and in many cases cure, but there again you can have two people with the same type of cancer." "One can be healed, and the other cannot. One is the cause of regeneration of the spirit of example to others that it can be healed and so many other things that are good, and the second one is the means whereby that soul passes back to Spirit because the cause of these two apparently similar manifestations is different. Cancer is one of the manifestations of misuse and abuse and evil. Cancer is evil; there is nothing else that can be said about it. It is one of the manifestations of the very darkest darkness. It is a change in the cellular vibrations. It is evil so deep that this change has been brought about that causes a new life, as it were, an alien life in human flesh that eats its way.''  (It seems almost a coincidence that it always seems to be the sickness of good people.) "Yes, and you will find that they bear it bravely, and patiently, but nevertheless it is because their spirit recognizes the justice of it, that they are enabled to bear it bravely." "There again there is another aspect of grace whereby one person can bear the results of the sins of another until that particular soul has found sufficient grace to pay for themselves. I know that this is going into perhaps a deep teaching, but much has been made of the fact that Christ died for the sins of the world. So He did, but it does not prevent the world from repaying Christ that debt. If a man pays another man's debt, under a law of equity and justice, that debt must be repaid. If a person bears a cancerous growth because of great love, and it must be very great love; for a bankrupt, a spiritually bankrupt person, that is all very well, but that debt must still be repaid, not perhaps in cancer, but it has to be paid to the person who bore it." "This is very deep; it is not along the general lines of healing, but if you could recognize these cases, then your healing would be very great. If you can see a vessel of grace bearing for another, then your healing becomes miraculous, because at any time that debt can be paid; all the responsibility can be taken away from the person, and the healing is immediate. But in many cases, where a cancerous growth is suffered, it is because in a former life wrong living has been performed; the flesh and its vibration has been abused, either by the person or by another."  (Why is it then that there is so much less cancer in the black races than the European races?) ' 'The black races come under the law, or have done for generations, of the survival of the fittest; the weaklings were destroyed at birth. Deformity in many native tribes was certainly not accepted. Where you get a people who live by their physical prowess, by their virility, and so on, and so forth, it is a case of the selection of the fittest, and therefore only the fittest remaining upon the Earth. But you will find that as the race develops, there also will manifest these forms of, shall I say, adjustment and retribution; they must. They have paid their price, as a rule, by short incarnations. In many cases, they have died horrible deaths, far more horrible than anyone dying of cancer in medical hands, because in medical hands, a cancer case is kept under sedation, and not allowed to suffer anymore than is humanly possible. But when you think of the horrible deaths that many of these dark-skinned people die or pass to Spirit, then you can understand that there are means whereby they pay just the same."  These few excerpts should be sufficient to show the importance of the mental aspects of disease; the realization that the cause of sickness lies within the soul. When mankind is properly taught that his future lies in his own hands by the exercise of free-will acting according to the laws of God, then indeed the Earth can be a new Heaven. The mere fact of belonging to any particular religion does not imply automatic entrance into heavenly bliss. Spiritual development and growth entails seeking, finding, and application of simple eternal verities which cannot be bought by earthly gold. The obstinate ignorant soul will reject these statements until bitter experience has schooled him in wisdom. When spiritual vision has replaced speculative theology, the Love of God exemplified as the Christ Spirit, and demonstrated through Jesus, will unfold through mankind in daily living. Wars will end because their futility will be apparent, and frontiers created by vested interests will disappear. Mankind will learn to share the fruits of the Earth, and worship God together in one community. True communion with Spirit in family circles, and church groups will replace ritual. Christianity can no longer ignore psychic research conducted on spiritual lines, and properly organised by trained, experienced ministers. Dedicated channels for Spirit contact will then be developed in appropriate surroundings to seek for guidance and comfort. Personal survival after death can then be proved to the seeking soul with all its implications of correct living on this Earth. True contact with deceased loved ones can then be ensured through dedicated, humble channels in peaceful sanctuaries built for this purpose, and not exposed to the curious gaze of fortune-hunters and the like. Blunt words perhaps, but only too true. The following sermon delivered in Springs, Transvaal, in 1959, stresses the dangers of indiscriminate contact with lower astral states: "Good evening, and God bless you all. The reading that was given to you is one that would repay study. If you remember, it was given by Peter who was a witness to the ministry of Jesus the Christ, and a witness to the phenomena that occurred at various stages in that ministry. There is one point that I would emphasize."  "In the report that Peter gave, he said that the Holy Spirit was manifested to Earth through holy men. Now, how often have you heard us say, we who come from the Realms of Spirit Light, that the great law that governs Spirit communication is this, "Like attracts like". "You have all read or heard the great criterion that Christ gave for judging, or forming an opinion upon the fruits of any man or woman, He said, "If the tree is good, the fruit is good, and if the tree is not good, the fruit is not good." Little children of the earth-plane, we in Spirit Realms who are authorized to come and teach the word of truth and love to you, we share your sorrow when we see and hear the truth being distorted through an unturned instrument, or when we see the truth imitated, and conveyed for wrong purposes through a tree that is rotten at the core." "How often have we said to you, look to the tree, and you will know if the fruit is safe to eat. You may indeed taste of the fruit of all truths, but only consume that fruit which you know is created by a good tree. Look to the person who conveys the message." "We know that many who come in the name of Spirit show forth wonders, yes, they appear to heal the sick, they appear to speak prophecies that come true. They appear to have presence, personality; they appear to have light, but in their own actions, you can see they are not of the good stock, they are not of the good vine, and ultimately their fruit will poison you. It will poison your spirit, and cause your flesh pain and sorrow, and bewilderment." "In other words, as the Great Teacher said, "The blind shall lead the blind into a pit". You cannot overcome, or overturn, or turn aside, or ignore the great laws of our Father God; LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. When He sends a messenger of Light, He sends a holy one of His own choosing. He does not send you thorn-trees, and expect you to pick grapes there from. Neither does He send His vine, His Son in who He was well-pleased, and know that men will prick their fingers on thistles, or be wounded in their souls. He chooses His own, even as Jesus said to His disciples, "You did not choose me; I chose you". "Little children, in this movement that you call Spiritualism, there has been, and still is great confusion due to human error; due to the illusion that a corrupt person can bring forth good fruit. It is impossible, and we state this to you quite truthfully. It is only to the man and the woman who tread the path upward, onward in self-sacrifice, seeking and knocking; not unheeding to the appeals of those who are less fortunate than themselves; those who when they have found, are willing to share their treasurers with all mankind regardless of what they are called upon to suffer."  "These are the instruments of Light, these are the true lamps m the hands of God, the salt of the Earth, As Christ said, "If the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall the Earth be salted?" It cannot be saved by those who have no Light; those who only show you an imitation of the Light, a gaudy glitter that comes from an inflated ego. They can only lead you into the darkness where the glitter that they have created, cannot be seen, because it has no reflection in the eternal Heart of our God." "Look to the tree, and then know whether the fruit is safe and good, or poisonous and bad. And so Peter witnessed to those whom he taught the great and glorious message of this wonderful Son of God. This man manifested on the Earth Who overcame the world; this one of purity and stainless life. Think of His life." "Those of you who say, "Yes, He has promised that greater things than He did, we shall do, and yet He was Christ, and I am but a man or woman". Little children, think of the tree, think of the glory of it; think of the perfectness of its roots, its stem, its branches, its leaves."  "Was He rich? This Son of God. Did He live in palaces? Or was He poor, owning nothing save that which charity and love offered Him? Was He lazy? Did He indulge in the comforts of the flesh? Or did He traverse the country from end to end in dusty hot weather, cold and wet weather, morning, noon, and night, whenever the Spirit called, and the needs of His Father's flock had to be fulfilled. Did He go to them and feed them? Or did He turn aside and say, "Let another do it".? Did He respect the rich and the powerful, or did He have the courage to rebuke them when they failed to fulfill the commandments of His Father? Did He love, or did He hate? Did He gather in unto Himself, or did He sacrifice everything He had, that His Father's work should be done?"  "Ask yourselves these things. Did He pass unheeding the sick or did He draining Himself offer of the power to heal them? Did He only feed those whom He considered would be able to help Him, or did He open the great truths and treasures of His Father to all who came unto Him seeking His help? Did He even betray and condemn the enemy that gave Him over to such an awful death, to such shame and suffering? He knew; through His power He knew. Did He betray him? Did He say to those disciples around Him, "This man will do much harm to me"? No; He did not betray; He kept the secret even unto the end." "And so, through this holy one of God, the Light poured down upon the Earth, the Light that even now shines upon you the children of God as you sit and listen to the words of Spirit. If you could see with the eyes of the Spirit, you would see that Light. If your hearts are clean, and your souls aspiring to righteousness, you will feel that Light, your hearts will open, your souls will know peace, and your bodies will relax, and that Light will pour into you, not merely on to you and around you, but into your very soul, and then you will know that it is the same Light that poured upon the Earth through this holy one, of whom the Voice said, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased". "Now, you are sons and daughters of the same God of which Christ taught. Are you going to be a corrupt tree bearing corrupt fruit that poisons your fellowmen quickly or slowly, as the case may be? Or are you going to be of the true vine, and bear the fruit that gives life that feeds the soul? Are you going to be one of whom it will be said, "I never knew you", of are you going to be one of whom the Voice will also say, ' 'This is My child in whom I am well pleased"? This is up to you," "But we who come from Light, would not have you confused, because of the love we bear you, because of the love Christ bore to mankind, because of the love that God has for all. We come to give you wisdom, and to say to you, "Be not deceived. The law is fulfilled in every aspect and every particular, and LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, and clean Light will never shine through a dirty lamp." "Remember this when you communicate with the World of Spirit through human instruments, and beloved, test the spirits indeed, for if they are of God, they have no fear that they will fail any test that in righteousness and truth, you can set them. Goodnight, and God bless you all. "At church services, the lesson was usually chosen just before the commencement of worship, and the address delivered subsequently, was therefore given without previous preparation, demonstrating that the controls could speak authoritatively on various lessons from the Bible. At one of these services, the lesson read was from Isaiah, chapter 55, verses 8-13, and the following message was received: "Good evening, and God bless you all," ' 'The words that you listened to were from a very favorite book of mine, the book of Isaiah. I do not intend to discuss the origin of these writings. It does not matter who wrote the books of Isaiah;  it is sufficient to have their beauty and their inspiration to draw from. In a like manner, it is not important what instrument ministers;  it is the ministry that counts; it is the work. It is not so much the tree, but the fruit of the tree that is necessary to the welfare of mankind, and necessary to the fulfillment of the plan of God, and the promises that have been made from time to time from such illuminated seers as Isaiah, and those like him."  "Therefore, I would wish to dwell upon the aspect of the tremendous inspiration that has been given through the words that were read this evening. The promise to men that he will eventually understand his God; the inspiration to help him to strive after righteousness; to tell him that it is well worth while to endeavor to live according to the highest laws of his God; to assure him of his God's goodwill and love towards him. The whole teaching of such prophets tends to inspire mankind, and to encourage mankind to seek for Divinity; to widen the horizons of their thoughts and understanding. "My ways", said the reading, "are higher than yours, as high as the Heavens above the Earth.'' In this way, it conveys a message of the unlimited power of God compared to the limited power of Man." "Christ Himself echoed this teaching when at a later date He taught, "With Man, nothing is possible, but with God all things are possible". In other words, through the flesh, nothing can profit, because it passes away, but with God the Spirit, all things are possible, because all power dwelleth with the Spirit unto eternity. And therefore, we shall consider this power, the power of the Spirit. There is a Power that can fulfill all things to mankind, and for mankind, and through mankind, for it is through man that the Spirit must work to ensure the salvation of Man. It is the law." "There are stories of Angels who come from on high, to bring messages of hope and good cheer, but it is through the action, and the reaction of Man that Man's eventual destiny will be fulfilled. It is the law. Personal responsibility; personal action. Otherwise, God would not send His messengers to you to encourage you to think rightly, to do rightly, to say rightly, and to grow spiritually like unto your Heavenly Father." "The flesh is nothing, it is an illusion; it is the creator of wrong and impossible values, but it is the Spirit, and the Power of the Spirit that works through and illuminates the flesh. All things come from the Spirit of life, and when that Spirit no longer inhabits or works through your body, then your body becomes what is called dead, and it has no power to speak or move or be. Why? What has happened? It is the same. For a little while until decay comes and corruption, it is the same body, but it does not move, it does not speak; it does nothing of itself, because the power of life has left it."  "The individual Spark of Divinity has gone to manifest on a different vibration of life, that we name the Spirit World, the Spirit Spheres, the Higher Planes, call it what you will. There is very little in a name, and yet, very much, for if the name be a true name, it stands for all time, and if it be not a true name, it passes away from memory, and from record." "And so the lines along which one must progress; the lines of logical reasoning which appeal to the majority of men and women, that have shaken off the shackles of dogma, are these, that there must be a Power of Life that sustains the flesh, and works through it according to the Will of God; the dust of the Earth into which God breathes life. Breath, life, force, power, vibration, spirit, all things which speak of a higher destiny, a higher existence for Man, but if you do not realize that this power is a potential for you personally, you will never know it, and if you do not know it, you cannot enjoy it, you cannot posses it." "Therefore, you must see through these wonderful inspirational teachings, a wider view of the glory of God's love towards you. You must realize more and more each day, your kinship with God; your likeness. Not in the flesh, the flesh, the physical is the lowest vibration of being. You are not sons and daughters of decay and corruption; you are not the glorious divine children of God, imprisoned to live forever or die forever through physical values.'' "You manifest for a short while on the planet called Earth, such a short while, but such is the tremendous wisdom of your Father, that it has been made possible in this short incarnation that you do spend in the flesh, for you to learn such valuable lessons of life; to bring to you the realization that flesh is not you, and you are not flesh. You are Spirit. Even now, while you are insulated on this planet of yours by your bodies, you are Spirit, and the reasons why you come, is to learn a better sense of values; to teach you to worship the true God. "God is a Spirit", said the great Master Jesus, "and they who worship Him, and they who seek Him, and they who find Him, can only do it through the Spirit; the flesh is nothing." "And day by day, as you bring this thought to your mind: There is a power, a Divine Power, working through me, working through my brothers, and my sisters, working through the races of mankind for what? For what?" " To fulfill the word of God "that shall not return void unto Him". There is great meaning in the words of the prophet Isaiah, for he was indeed a voice of Heaven, and this word of God that shall not return void, what is it? Do you know? Do you ask yourselves; do you seek, do you long to know? Or do you merely listen, and let it pass through your hearing like the soft breeze that blows through the trees in your seasons? What is this word?"  "It is the word of the salvation of Man: MAN SHALL BE SAVED. This aspect of God's manifestation called Man, shall be saved;  shall be reclaimed; shall come back to God-Power. And the plan of God is righteousness, working through the spirit unto the flesh;  speaking, calling, encouraging, enlightening, saying, "Be of good cheer, little children of God; the Father's good pleasure is to give you the Kingdom". "Now here it would seem as though we are presented with a contradiction, for on the one hand you are told that if you would find the Kingdom, you must strive for it; you must seek within yourself, and within the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters, to find the soul, and yet on the other hand, a great one like the Nazarene said to you, "Be still, be of good cheer; the Father will give you the Kingdom". How is it that both of these things can be said in truth, and yet appear to be so opposite in meaning? It is this: in using the terms, seeking and working for the Kingdom; they are ways of arriving at realization; of understanding your kinship with God, your kinship with one another; of knowing what you truly are." "But, as for the Kingdom that it is God's good pleasure to give you; it is the power of life that flows through you, and is even now yours. God gives you the Kingdom, because He has given you part of Himself, that part that can never die; that can only increase, that can only shine brighter and brighter. It is yours, for the Word of God is not given in vain, but it is for the physical part of Man to meet that Power in understanding, and in manifestation, and in allowing it to flow through to work righteousness, and goodness among his fellowmen." "For it is not enough to find for yourself, to understand for yourself; you must also strive to enlighten others in the great wisdoms, and truths of realization and reality. For it is in this way that you remove sickness from amongst mankind; sickness of body, darkness of mind, despair of heart, sorrow, mourning, bereavement." "You bring healing, and comfort, and joy, and upliftment, because you can truly say from your own treasure-house, "I have found the great pearl; it is within you also. Seek, see it, find it, know it, and it shall never be taken away from you, and as the spirit of realization works through you, and the Kingdom begins to manifest in you, others behold the Light". You begin to cast off fear; you begin to get rid of anxiety; you begin to feel the working of the great and glorious Power. You begin to know that the Kingdom is indeed given to you, and as it manifests through you in these glorious ways, your face takes on a serenity; a light seems to glow from you, and people are attracted to you, because their spirit recognizes the manifestation of the Kingdom, and they are attracted to the Kingdom, because they belong to the Kingdom.'' "Attraction of like, and they begin to see by the light that you reflect from God, their own potential power of eternal life, and so they grow through your light into the Light of God, making a glorious light that will shine through your world, according to the Word of God that shall not be void when He said, "Let there be Light"." ' 'But the light must grow through the lanterns of Man's physical being, in order that God's Word shall be fulfilled, and Man shall be saved, and called out of the manifestation of flesh, the lower vibrations of the physical; that he shall be turned from worshipping the physical, from falling down before purely physical ideals and values, when he shall no longer sacrifice to Mammon, to the golden calf, and to the passing experiences of physical contacts and emotions." "He shall be called into the great heights of Spirit; he shall be called into the understanding of his Divine Nature, and so God's Word shall be fulfilled when Man is saved through Man's potential Power." "Let it be then, little children, that you in your individual state, seek for the realization, and find your soul through which shall come the glory of the saving of mankind, and in that day when you return to the Hand of God, you shall shine brightly according to His Will in His everlasting Kingdom. Goodnight, and God bless you all. "The main purpose of this book has been to prove the survival of the spirit with the few messages that have now been printed. We have tried to bring comfort to the mourner, and direct the earnest seeker into wise ways of Spirit contact. Although many more examples of teachings could be included, it is felt that sufficient has been offered for the moment, and further information can be published later if required. It will be appropriate to end the book with the last recorded message received during our stay on the Natal South coast in 1967 just before Christmas. There were only three of us sitting together at peace in a large lounge overlooking the Indian Ocean with the sound of the soft below coming up the bushy slopes of the coast. Those precious days when we gathered to contact Spirit, and to hear the voices of our loved ones from beyond the grave.  We hope these word will give comfort where it is sorely needed, and we know that illumination will follow where men and women read and ponder well, and then the challenge to walk the rightful way of peace and love. There is no other way. We wish you all blessings on the road you tread, no matter how often you stumble, and when you pass to Spirit, a loving welcome on the Other Side. Good evening, and God bless you all. It is a pleasure to be once more in communication with you. In this lovely spot, with its peaceful vibrations, we have at last brought together such elements conducive to the work that we have in mind." "Today, on the Earth, the plan of Light goes forward in ever-increasing momentum. It is a great joy to see from our side of life, the glorious work of Spirit manifesting itself in points of light all over the world." "From the point of view of the human race, it does not appear to be so bright. The future is clouded with treats of violence and anxiety for the ultimate outcome of the scientific work that is progressing in the fields of war. It would appear to the human view that the shadow of evil is darkening ever deeper and deeper." "Therefore, we come to say to those of the world, be of good cheer, for the great and powerful God-like Light of Love is waxing ever greater and greater, and through the murk of human evil, there shines the glorious hope of a spiritual resurrection."  "It is true that the darker side of life, is brought to the notice of the race more frequently and strongly than the goodwill efforts that are often unheard and unsung, but we see these good efforts being made in the individual heart, mind, and soul, and we know that it is through this, and this alone, that man shall be saved, as has been promised from the earliest times, to encourage the human race to progress, and go forward into the spiritual kingdom that has been prepared for those who love, and seek their God." "So we bring once more the message of goodwill, especially at this time of the year, to all Christians, and to those indeed who are non-Christians, and we say, think for a little while upon the power that has been generated throughout the years by the continual rhythm of remembrance of the coming of the Christ Spirit to the Earth at this time of the year," ' 'Human beings must now begin to realize the power of thought. The World is growing smaller because of the speed of communication. The human race is becoming a closely-knit unit. The different barriers between the people of the world are being almost ruthlessly crushed and broken down against the will of those who still cling to the idea that-separation can bring what they ultimately seek in the way of happiness. And the systems of teaching, education, scientific discovery in all fields, spiritual leadership, and demonstration, are bringing the peoples of the world to a level of harmonious thinking that can only lead them into the heavenly activities that we strive to demonstrate, and to prove that only by complete unity and harmonious effort, will the Kingdom of God come about upon this weary world of yours," "The message that is given, will be repeated over and over again. It will come through from the Realms of Light by many means, by many channels, until at last the similarity of its teachings; the urgency of its need of acceptance, will result in the ultimate freeing of mankind from the illusion of separation." "Man cannot live by bread alone; man cannot live by himself alone. The separation that is caused by sin must be eradicated from your midst, and the greatest sin amongst you is the sin of selfishness. The Great One who came to illuminate the world, Himself said, "Unless a man love his neighbor; unless he forgive his brother from his heart, there is no hope for him of ultimate happiness.'' Men and women must learn that they are part of each other, and the flesh with its illusion of separation must be recognized as its true value," "This will come about increasingly in the next two centuries that lie ahead. Manifestations will take place of an ever-increasing, and more wondrous nature, and we come to tell men to be prepared for this. Some listen, some do not. Some take heed, and prepare themselves for the eventuation of the coming of the Kingdom of Spirit, and some do not, and there again once more in all its pristine beauty, you have the teaching of the parable of the lower of seed. We know that at the end of time, when the great accounting is made, it is our task to see that there are more ears of wheat than plants of tares." "We work for this end, and no sacrifice is too great to make in order that the plan of the Great Logos with its manifestation and crowning glory of the perfection of Love-Wisdom, shall come into being, and be fulfilled amongst men on Earth, The children of darkness cannot comprehend the Light unless the light is shown to them. We see their appalling state, and we have compassion, and it is this compassion that is the motivating force behind the plans we make, and the unceasing work that we do, and the endeavor that we make, and we are striving now through such instruments as this, and groups such as yourselves, to once more send out the call to Man to come into the Light, unit by unit, to band themselves together, so that the Light may grow, for the light of many candles is preferable to the light of one, and can dispel more darkness." "And so we are encouraging people to meet all over the world in every nation, that they may become focal points of light, until the day dawns when the coming of the Great Light is possible, and permitted by the Source of all Light." "So, once more we say, let there be light in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls, and let that light be the Light of the Glory of your God, that this world may no longer be called the Dark Star, but the Angels of heaven may sing in rejoicing as the Sun of the Glory of Truth and Love may break forth, and lift Mankind to the Halls of Everlasting Day." 

"Goodnight, and God bless you all."