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"We desire to come often, and speak with you from now on because the teachings that are to come to you will give you wisdom and stature. We know that you have come in through a door called Spiritualism, but the days are coming when you must forget the name of the door through which you entered. You must only remember that you have entered, because all doors have the marks of the weather upon them on their outside, and if you cling to the door, you will not progress beyond the threshold.

Here in this place, you will cast aside labels; you will cast aside all the crutches upon which you have leaned through your earthly life, and you will be taught to reach out in spirit, to commune with Spirit; not upon the Astral Plane, not with entities that can teach you no more than you know yourselves, but with the radiant teachers from the spheres of learning in the World of All Knowledge.

Make yourselves as worthy as you can. Do as we ask you, because when the day comes, and here in your midst you thrill to the power that goes beyond description, when no words will be used amongst you, but where in the dynamic; silence, you will know that you are one with each other; one with your Leader Christ, and one with your God; there must be security, there must be holiness, there must be power and strength and light.

We cannot do this for you and for Man, without your co-operation. We who have contacted this Earth through many millions of years; we who saw it roll off from the parent body, who were allowed a vision of its great destiny; we know that as long as there is one spirit left in the clutches of darkness, we must work and continue to link up with the earth-plane.

You read many things in your books of Spiritualism: things that perhaps cause you chaos of thought, but nevertheless there have been part truths that have led you along a way that we desired you to go. Now the time is coming when we will say to you, 'Lay aside your books, and read from the Book of Life that we will open before you'. He who reads from this Book desires to read from no earthly book from hence forth, for in the Book of Life there is perfected truth, not a part truth, but the whole truth.

Who amongst you will make themselves worthy to read from the Book of Life when it is opened here in your midst? This is why we come and what we promised, if you would keep faith.

These books of Earth contain facets of truth, and they must contain much of darkness, because darkness is with man, the same as truth is with man and so they mingle.

But it is to the heart and mind that God has given the grace of understanding, that these things can prove a light, and not a snare, and a cause for stumbling. We ask you to believe in the glorious destiny of men, for this is truth, the whole truth, working out through aeons of time, but working out unto the final victory our God,"

6th January, 1956. A LORD OF LIGHT.


When seven people met years ago to contact Spirit, they little realised what the outcome of their psychic researches would be. The simple messages received at first from loved ones, gradually changed into advanced discussions on various topics affecting the spiritual development of mankind.

Questions on spiritual healing procedures were answered by discarnate specialists, and theological interpretations clarified by philosophers. It is fortunate that most of these teachings were recorded for posterity. In this way, the spoken word lives on to be studied by those who wish to do so.

The simple revelations here published will find an echo in the hearts and minds of seekers after truth and comfort. May all who scan these pages, find new understanding therein. For those who fear physical death, the words printed here will bring the assurance of eternal life, and the survival of the spirit.

At the same time, the realisation of guidance and inspiration from higher Spirit sources, can change one's whole outlook on life. Living abundantly is the reward of seeking for truth, and serving mankind humbly in righteous ways.

It is a privilege to present this selection of recorded teachings from Spirit, for the edification and upliftment of mankind.




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Arbri: questions and answers

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Christ's healing; resurrection

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Temptation and sin

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Prophecy: Open vision

Wu Lan's last message




"The Sadducees will have it that there is no resurrection, that there are no angels or spirits, whereas the Pharisees believe in both. So that a great clamour followed, and some of the Pharisees came forward to protest, 'We cannot find any fault in this man,' they said. 'Perhaps he has had a message from a spirit or an angel'." (Acts 23: v 8-9)

When the voice of Spirit speaks, it is heard only by those who will listen to its message. To the spiritually deaf, the truth will have little meaning, as it is rejected as meaningless. But there has always been a message from Spirit for those who seek for truth. Revelation is given to those who strive, and wish to learn. It is never doled out in charity.

Inspiration and guidance have never ceased from higher sources, although at times suppressed and discouraged, or misunderstood or maligned.

With the transition called death, so inevitable to mankind, it is logical to seek for truth of survival. Many seekers may however, never have the chance of obtaining adequate proof. This book is presented for their earnest consideration. This selection of philosophical talks and teachings from the "Other Side" of life, is published for the first time as a whole, although individual items have been made public before. The various excerpts printed in this book, represent a cross-section of many recordings made over a period of some twenty years' psychic research by the editor.

Belief in Spirit contact is not necessary for perusal of these pages. An open mind in the search for truth will convince the honest seeker that guidance, comfort and understanding are recorded in the pages printed here.

It is a privilege to present these teachings to mankind in the hope that they will help Men to fulfil their destiny with more light on the path of everlasting life.

The passing of a loved one can have strange consequences. When our only daughter died many years ago, the first impetus was given to psychic research which has lasted to the present day. But proof of her survival came slowly. It became obvious that the Heavenly Gates could not be forced, and after many months, it became evident that anything worthwhile was not handed "out on a plate". We had to work for our spiritual food.

Fortunately, we had enough patience to wait and slowly but surely the little bits of proof were given to us. A childlike trust in God, without preconceived ideas; with true prayer for guidance can work wonders. We always started our meetings with prayer; this is essential. The rest is left with God and His ministers. "For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways," is no empty promise.

In most cases, the shock of loss passes with time. No serious effort is made to contact Spirit. With others again, there is an inner urge to search for proof of survival. It is not an easy path to follow. Earthly friendships often fall away; many people disapprove of seekings in such directions.

The fanatics of orthodoxy often find fault with efforts to probe beyond the veil, in spite of Paul's advice to "test the spirits". But the new friends made on the " Other Side", amply compensate for earthly acquaintances who fail in their real friendship. One begins to feel closer to the things that matter, and the fear of death loses its hold on the mind.

What a rewarding moment when the first complete message comes through! There is a feeling of upliftment and deep humility combined with gratitude for the comfort so eagerly sought and eventually obtained. The first contact in a hesitant manner with only a few words, is usually disappointing. One expects so much, but the link must be forged slowly and surely. Later, the words come in greater measure with more reassurance; the simple gestures quickly recognized, from a loved one, that give added proof. One knows instinctively and feels the nearness of their love.

The channel is important, the bridge between the world of Spirit and our own. "Like attracts like ", is another law to be remembered. The curious who seek material things, find ample scope for quick contact; the earth-bound spirits are legion. No wonder the churches discourage communication with Spirit. If you do not aspire to the highest, leave well alone. This is good advice. But remember also that if you do not seek you will not find. Seek therefore only for the highest and the best, and "the fruit of the tree" will guide your steps.

The circle is important too; sincere in motive and in harmony with one another, the brethren sit in peace and seek for truth. With love their guiding star, the gates of Heaven stand ajar. "Seek and ye shall find" no empty promise this.

The opening prayer:

"O God in Whom we live and have our being; in trust we ask for guidance and for truth. Encircle us with loving care lest evil enter here. In thought we rise towards the Light to speak to ones we love. With gratitude we welcome them, and leave the rest with Thee. May all who join us in our quest, be Thy Son, our Master Jesus is our guide; we follow Him. Amen."

"Ye shall know them by their fruits." is the guiding maxim of the seeker of truth from the "Other Side". If there is ought in this book which may confuse or mislead, reject It. You are the judge. But read with an open mind, and a prayer in your heart for spiritual vision.

The message that follows was given to one of our band. It speaks for itself, and can give comfort to anyone reading it.


"Little one, do not rise; I know your weariness, but 'neath the beauty of the blossom you will find refreshment. It is good to see what beauty lies around you, and ignore the dust. It is good in life to see that which is good, and ignore that which is not good. We have never at any time promised you a smooth path; one where only the petals of the blossom are for your feet to tread, but little Nippon, love is a flower, and when the love is a true love, it blooms in its season, and that season leaves its fragrance in memory through life, through death and through life again. Nothing can destroy it, for it has its roots in the great Almighty Power of Life, and it draws its sustenance from the very waters of life. It is true that many adverse conditions beset it and perhaps retard its growth, and yet its beauty is as the beauty of the lotus that floats upon the water, and is untouched by the mud at the bottom of the river.

Therefore, little Nippon, pluck the lotus of love, and wear it proudly in your hair, and it matters not if your hair changes as the years pass; the light that shines from the lotus will turn your hair to gold, and people will only see the brightness and the glory of it, and the eternal beauty of it, and so between you and I, there is the lotus with its beautiful fragrance and its petals eternally open, and nothing else can disturb or mar its fulfilment. I came, not for your weariness of body, this is natural, but for your weariness of heart, and a fear in your mind. We will do all we can to shape the path of the ones you love. Do not fear; whatever comes, good will be the fruit of it; that I can promise you. So be at peace and all will be well. I give you my strength and my abounding love, little one. Farewell."

The beauty of this message cannot be denied. Its simplicity and gentle consolation will uplift any soul. What sweeter fruit could one taste? No lengthy discourse this, or doleful diatribe. No carping criticism or harsh harangue, but sweet words of hope and promise of help. Yes, indeed the fruits of this tree are good.

We were privileged as a group to listen to many such words. These were recorded on machines; then typed out and many published. The written word lives on when the sound of this message is long forgotten. What would the words of Christ sound like today if preserved in all their simple beauty? We can only imagine.

While much of what we received in our private circle cannot be published, certain excerpts can be included here, as the advice given applies to all men. The following is an example:-


"The great wisdom of the ancient days was found in the words. 'Know thyself', but unless you know your brother or your sister, you cannot know yourself because to know yourself, you must know what relationship in which you stand to all people and all Spirit, and you must begin to learn now something of the levels of consciousness of which you have heard much perhaps, and read a little, and yet know so very little.

But we will teach you how to raise yourselves as a group to the various levels that you can reach. You cannot reach very high, but you are manifesting as human beings, but you can in comparison with the average person, almost reach to Heaven itself, for this world of yours is inhabited by very dark souls, and those that are not dark, are ignorant, and those that are not ignorant, are foolish, and those that are not foolish, are blind and sick. You often wonder perhaps the way we encourage you to go forth and heal, for instance, and you have said, ' I do not know what to do, my power doesn't seem to be great. I don't seem to be able to heal the people', and we say to you. you will not know the extent of the good you have done until you pass to Spirit. It is because of the crying need of the teeming millions in your world, your over-populated planet, for any planet is over-populated when the people are for the main part sick.

You are so well-loved from Spirit, each one of you, and when you see aught amiss, how can we judge between you when you do not see 'eye to eye'; who can judge between you?

As the Lord said to the young man, "Who made me a divider between you and your brother? Who made me a judge over you?' How can you judge between people that you love equally well? That is why we do not pass opinions on controversies in your world.

If you realise the potential of love alone in your midst; as you speak in modern parlance, 'it would shake you', for love is the motive power of all righteous working, and all righteous achievement. You will receive the light of Spirit, each one of you. Fear not, little flock. Now if there is nothing more you desire to know, I will depart. Give my love to the one who is not present. She is sending thoughts to you all, and she has uttered a prayer for you all, and so we from Spirit wish to acknowledge the receipt of that love.

You will close your circle, and then decide what you desire to do together, but do not forget the message of importance. Foster one another in health; it matters not how often you pray and lay on hands; it matters not how often you pray for one another. Lift one another up, especially when your souls are winging upwards; see that you take your brothers and sisters with you into the Light. Not one of you must be left to sickness of any kind. Goodnight and God bless you all."

Ten years have passed since these words were spoken, dim memories in the minds of those who sat in peace together on that day. Today the words live on; the written word remains while earthly records last. How privileged to share them with those who seek for truth and light. The compiling of this book is no idle thought; it was planned many years ago from Spirit. One of those who guided our destinies then was known as "Uncle Alf". Speaking in a Cockney idiom, his simple wisdom and good humour, endeared him to us in a special way. And yet beneath the cloak of simplicity lay great wisdom; we felt instinctively that here '"was a soul who spoke with authority, who was guiding us along the way. His words proved that. "If a father is asked by his son for bread, will he give him a stone?"

Occasionally, when circle vibrations were heavy, Alf would manifest, and encourage us with his wise sayings, and gentle upliftment.


We had asked for guidance, and were receiving it. Here are some words that Alf spoke in our private circle:-

"There are some people on the Earth who really won't do things for themselves unless they have to, and they get, shall I say, in a downward spiral, and gradually it rots them. That is why the law is that if you don't use a thing, well it just atrophies, if you don't use a muscle, it wastes. It is the same with your psychic gifts; there are some things you have to do. You might not like doing them, and look on them as routine; they are not always easy. The great lesson is that you go on. Now when you are set free, it is a different matter; you are set free from routine, but you have to prove yourselves worthy by sticking to a routine. You will always find that the great ones, the great masters, the great teachers, are free. Oft-times the disciples used to get quite sort of bewildered when Jesus would suddenly say out of the blue, 'Let's go in a boat, let's go up into the hills; let's go to Bethlehem', and you know, once when He said that He had set His face towards Jerusalem, they got very upset; they said, The Jews are out "gunning" for you; they will kill you the first chance they get', and they all knew that, but Jesus gave His answer, 'There are twelve hours in a day when a man can work; the hours of light, but the darkness comes when no man can work'. This is a very deep lesson that all you workers for Spirit must learn.

You are taught the lesson that you must not force anything. You have to be able to recognize there is a time to work and a time to rest; a time to play, a time to talk, and a time to be silent. But when the hours are light, when the work is given to you, don't cavil and don't argue. GO AND WORK. Jesus knew that until His mission was accomplished, no-one could harm a hair of His head. He told Pilate that, but Pilate couldn't see beyond the end of his nose; he didn't know what He was talking about He said, "Unless My Father gave it to you, you would have no power over Me", which is quite true. And when you learn to work in the light that God sends you, and you face it bravely, and know within your heart that nothing can harm you, until that work be done, whatever it is; when you are dedicated as you are, you learn a mighty truth, and you learn one that gives you peace, because you are not forever fretting and straining against the bit. Spirit doesn't work that way. On the world you have lots of grand tales about people who have overcome stupendous obstacles, and accomplished this and that, but our Lord Jesus did nothing by force, and He taught that nothing can be done by force.

Only by resting securely in the knowledge that God has the power to guide you. When He said to His followers, 'Consider the lilies, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin', what He was trying to teach was this, that as dedicated workers for the cause, you should at least have the faith to believe that God is able to clothe you, to guide you, to direct your work, and protect you. Never rush into anything; if it be a job or an argument or something you want to do; always pause long enough to say a little prayer, and to ask for God's guidance, and you will find sometimes that you won't either want to do the job; you won't want the argument, then let it be so."

It was a sad day when "Uncle Alf" manifested for the last time. As souls progress towards higher spheres of work and happiness, their place is taken by other teachers who are specialists in their field, so to speak. There was always an element of surprise when a new speaker arrived. We soon learnt to distinguish each one by their mannerisms, enunciation and oratory. The Chinese philosopher Wu Lan, had his own inimitable way of expression; when he first came through, his pronunciation of the word "glory" sounded more like "gloly". In time, this fell away as he became more proficient with the English language. He remained for many years as our chief guide and mentor, and most of the teachings printed here, emanated from him. The memory of his guidance will always be cherished by all who listened to his kindly wisdom.


Another teacher known as Tee Hun also came from the East during his earthly incarnation. In answer to a question concerning spastic children, he replied:

"Little lady, you say they cannot be of use to anybody. They can teach great lessons of patience and compassion, for anyone that does them service can expect no reward. What reward can they give? Therefore, in that way alone, they serve. These distressing conditions that manifest amongst men, have a cause. You see the effect only, andyou may say perhaps, that the law is not just, but could you see the whole of the picture, you would know that God is still merciful. Those children as a rule, do not suffer in the sense that those who witness their infirmities suffer, or think they suffer. Also, very few of them live long upon the Earth; their lives upon the Earth, as a rule, are very short. Have you not seen this? (Yes.) You may think it completely useless, that is because you do not understand the way of Spirit, but it is not useless, for the law brings good out of all things.

Eventually you will see that the spirit, for instance who has in a lifetime been wilful, lustful, selfish, evil; how can they pay? What good can they do? When they manifest in such a way, they pay a little of their debt, because they give to others the opportunity of gaining credit.

This is a very difficult thing for a tender heart to understand, we know. That is why you are taught to have faith in God's Law and God's Love; you may not understand, but the day will come when you will understand, as the great teacher Paul said, 'Now you see through the glass darkly, but then you Will see clearly'. It is good to have compassion, although pity that is not directed, is useless. It is and it can be an emotion that wearies both you and its object. If it takes a form of prayer and intercession, then it can be a very great and wonderful thing, but to merely harrow your mind with emotion of pity that is directed, or not directed at all, is indeed not the way of true action and progression.

There are many causes for such manifestations, but all of them have their root in ignorance and folly, wilfulness and wrong-doing, for as a man sows so shall he reap. It is the Law, and the Law is perfect, and God's Love is infinite; He does not punish. The Law is a law that enables even the lowest fallen star to rise yet again and shine. My tongue runs away with my thoughts. If you can serve such a one, do so; if you cannot, pray for them all, and leave it with the Great and Merciful One, for if you take away their experiences, you are striving to take the place of their God, and you are not their God. That which is suffered must be suffered, alas, but we always work to lift mankind up so that one day there will be no need for the discipline and teaching of pain. Alas that it should be so on your dark star, but it is so. God bless you. Are there any more questions?"


(I do not seem to be capable of very deep thought or able to understand clearly the books that I would like to read. Will this improve later on?)

"Little lady, this is an affliction that besets all seekers, for there are those who can read, shall I say, deeper literature than you, and there are those who cannot read literature of the quality that you read; so you see it is a matter of progression. Do not worry. If you read a book for entertainment value, then do not feel guilty because you are not reading some deep philosophical tome. But read not only for your enlightenment, but for your enjoyment and your relaxation, if you need it. These are things that have been given to you by God, and do not worry about your depth of thought; God gives the power of thought together with all other things. All He asks of you is that you love, and you learn to love more and more, and this you can do through your prayers to God when you ask Him to help you to love more and more, and that prayer will be answered step by step. Consider the lilies how they grow; do you follow? God bless you. You are much loved by Spirit, little one, have no fear."


In answer to the question: (Is there something that we could do personally to help with platform work with regard to speaking?) Tee Hun answered as follows:-

"To learn all you can of truth. It is not enough to say Spirit will work entirely; we cannot work if we have nothing to work with. We can try to inspire you to speak upon a certain thought vibration, but you must clothe it with words, you must bring forth the manifestation. Let me illustrate: a house is on fire, and two men are trying to put out the fire; one draws the water from the well, and passes it to the other man who throws it on to the fire. It is the same with our work; we carry the thought so far, we send it to you; when it reaches through your subconscious mind, your imaginative faculty must take hold of it and shape it, do you follow?

Now if you get up on your platform, you will find that what you say must be within a radius of what you know, with always, shall I say, an allowance for conditions of contact; sometimes they are very good, and sometimes they are very poor. But at all times, you will be able to draw, and we will be able to work with that which you know; that which you are convinced is true.

Now if you study a fallacious doctrine, we cannot work, until you have changed that yourself, and you have sought and found truth. Once you grasp a truth, it may be a tiny one, we can glorify it; we can confirm it; we can add our power of thought to it, and working together, you can convince your hearers that you are speaking of truth. That is the way we inspire speakers upon the platform.

This question of deep trance is wrong; it is not a natural condition, neither for you nor us. There should be a time when you meet people, as it were, on their own ground. For instance, when you pray to the Father God in the seclusion of your own sanctuary or your own heart, you do not have to speak aloud; you should commune with your spirit, reaching the highest point of light that you can. That is silent prayer and communion, but that would be of no use if on a platform you try to convey that vibration to the members of your congregation or your audience. You have, as it were, to work upon a double vibration; you have to contact us, and you have to contact them. Now if you contact us alone, you have no contact with them; you are not a link, you are not a medium. A medium is a link, therefore you must maintain your normal status as far as you can, and you cannot maintain a normal status while you are in any stage of trance that is causing any degree of unconsciousness. But a control is one where you are enabled to contact our thought vibration, and convey it to your people by your voice.

You will never be satisfied with the work that you do; this is always good, If you feel at all times you could have done better, then know that you are growing. In the day when you feel that you have been perfect, get down off your platform, and stay off until you realise that God has wider horizons than any you have ever attained.

You, yourselves must continually seek, continually learn, continually absorb that which God gives you, in order that you might give forth to others. It has been a great joy to be with you. God bless you. So farewell."

This illuminating answer to the contentious problem of inspirationally controlled speaking from church platforms, will allay many doubts in the minds of those seeking for explanations in this direction. "Is this from my mind, or is this from Spirit?" is the usual question all honest speakers have at some time or other. Quite a natural question to ask, and with such a logical explanation.

This form of speaking being a co-operative effort, the challenge of the ego or self always in the background, is warning enough to any aspiring speaker to become a humble channel in all his or her efforts of serving God and Man. The tree is known by its fruit, and unfortunately, much of the fruit offered from some church platforms has a nasty taste, and cannot be labelled as coming from Spirit.


As some of us were interested in spiritual healing, and practised this as well as we could, we were instructed in the proper procedures, and given an insight into the many different aspects involved. A simple healing prayer was offered us which we memorised and used exclusively at all our healing sessions. What a great privilege to be guided in these endeavours, and be able to read and study afterwards what had been recorded during our circle lectures. One of the questions asked by one of the members was as follows: (Can a karmic disease be healed through the intercession of another person?). '

The answer follows:-

"In many cases it can be alleviated, in many cases, another person through intense love, working on the same vibration as the patient, can absorb or take away, temporarily, the condition of a karmic disorder. It is not always the highest form of healing; it is not always a permanent form of healing. To heal the manifestation of a karmic disorder, there must be an adjustment made in the entity themselves, before it can be permanently eradicated, and when you speak of a disorder, I not only mean a disorder that manifests itself through the physical, but one that can manifest itself through the mind, and one that could manifest itself on the astral vibration which is linked to the physical.

Every case is individual. This is the first important thing for all healers to know, and for all those who are seeking the answers to the afflictions that beset mankind. You may have several patients manifesting apparently the same disease, but each has a different cause; each is of a different degree, and each is healed permanently, I will not say by a different method, but by a different reception of the healing forces. So each case is individual; that must always be remembered and never forgotten when dealing with human beings."


(I think we all have healing potential.)

"That is correct, but through many it is unable to manifest in any degree whatsoever. In fact, you will find a person or persons, you have all met with them, who are exhausting, who sap your energy and your strength, who leave you tired and depleted. Now these people also have the healing potential, but such is their manifestation of ego, selfishness, greed, self-pity, and so on and so forth, that their potential goes into reverse, and they draw instead of giving.

There are many amongst your groups who heal because they desire to heal; they love to heal; They love their fellowmen, and they desire to heal. Those people may not apparently meet with any great success, but if they realised the path upon which their feet were set, they would never give up. Of course, there are those who seek to heal for the sake of miraculous happenings, because they desire to be known as miracle-men or miracle-women. These people need not concern you or us. Until they learn humility, until they learn brotherhood, until they know the wonder of the universality of Spirit, they need not concern any of us; this is with God. So we do not waste words or breath in pointing them out by name or singularly, to decry their work in any way; they wilt learn.

But I speak mainly for those who work on in faith, by prayer, humility and love. These are the salt of the healing world, and I say to all such, do not see only this life that you are now passing through. See your life as a continual progression along the path that you desire to tread. There must be a beginning, even those who heal or strive to heal for the sake of acclaim and honour and fame, even they have made a beginning, although it perhaps is a somewhat contemptible beginning, it is a beginning and when their spiritual understanding is enlarged, they too will begin to progress along wonderful paths of service, and I say in truth, that if those amongst you continue in faith, perhaps not in this life, but in the life to come, and the lives that you will lead hereafter, you will heal with the Christ Spirit which is the highest form of healing upon your Earth. But this is for you to decide."

The lay reader may find some of these excerpts somewhat extraordinary, if not a little incredible. This is understandable, as investigation along such lines is not universally accepted, or encouraged to any great extent. In a book of this kind, the teachings obtained by seekers after truth, are offered for the information of the reader. Further study is advisable to obtain a more comprehensive picture of their significance to the individual's spiritual needs and progression.

There is an unmistakable challenge in the voice of Spirit, which many will follow up. The path of service, however, is not an easy one, but requires humble dedication with persistent good motive. Nothing worth-while is attained without effort. This is only just; the labourer is worthy of his hire. There is no doubt that these messages from Spirit will have their impact on thinking men and women; it cannot be otherwise. Their very logic, simplicity and explanation of things obscure should have an instinctive appeal to the inner soul of Man.


The following encouraging message was given by the Chinese Philosopher Wu Lan during a church service in the Transvaal;-

"Good evening, and God bless you all.

When we stand on the threshold of a new year on your earth-plane, there is also a similar feeling and vibration in the Spirit spheres that impinge upon your world, and those spheres are the Astral planes, and the resting planes where souls recover after a strenuous or disturbing earth life.

When I lived upon the earth, the race to which I belonged believed that the new year had special significance in this, that it meant a new beginning, a new chance, a new way to cast off the old and put on the new. There is a custom still to be found in that land, that all honourable men and women at the end of the year, pay their debts, and begin the new year free of debt, and this of course is in connection with material goods and finance.

But in the Spirit World, the vibration is somewhat different, although parallel in outlook. It is a time when we rejoice to hear coming over from the earth-plane, from men and women, resolves to do better; resolves to pay old debts, resolves to forgive, to forgive wrong done and harm; to seek to make amends for wrong that has been done; resolves to seek more earnestly the righteousness of God; to study and to become perhaps more proficient to enable service to one another to increase, and these resolves coming over to the worlds and spheres of Spirit life, hearten those whose work it is to inspire men and women to higher and better things.

We know that as the year progresses, the good resolves of many grow dim and weak, break and slip away, but we say to you in truth, that is not such a dreadful thing when you consider that the resolve was made, showing therefore that with mankind there is something that seeks for goodness, that seeks for the best and the highest: the saving race of mankind that springs from the divine spark of life that has come from God.

And we know that as the years go by, the resolves will be made again and again, and when the earthly life is over, those resolutions to do good, and be stronger and be better, will be the power that will lift you up to higher and more beautiful spheres of existence,and it will be those who have not made good resolves, but who have determined to be more selfish and self-seeking in the new year; that will be the power that will weigh them down, and take them into the darkness that was referred to in the reading that you heard as Sheol, the Astral planes and the Sub-Astral planes; the places of darkness; the pits of remorse, retribution and despair.

So you see, dear friends of the earth-plane, what an important time of the year this is for you for it is not what you accomplish; it is what you desire to accomplish that will determine your place in the World of Spirit, for our God asks for effort. Success is within His power to grant, or failure, for both are within the gift of our God. You heard in your reading that it is better to suffer for good deeds than for evil deeds. You must learn to accept success and failure alike. Just you must never cease to continually resolve to do better, to rise again upon the ashes of defeat, to reach up and up for it is this power that determines your place in the life to come.

Now think, is it not well, then, to fashion the power that will lift you up, the power of unselfish service; the planting and tending of good trees that bring forth good fruit? If you plant a tree on the earth, and it grows, and you see the promise of fruit, is it your fault if the hail comes from the sky and beats it down before it comes to full fruit, before you can share the fruit with others? If all people said, 'I will not plant another tree; I will not tend another tree', then the earth would perish and life upon it. But those who do plant another tree say, there will be another year; there will be another season; there will be another harvest. We will await the coming of the year, and I will take measures to protect my trees and the fruit: I will pray to the Father, "Let the fruit grow full and ripe", and so it will be'.

You do not curse God, if one season does not yield the harvest that you wish, neither then should you feel failure and despair if during the year your good resolutions are broken. Do not say, 'I will make no more because of my weakness'. Say, 'I will make bigger and better resolutions next year, because of my God's strength, because I will rise to the glorious Spirit realms of light and peace: I will not go down into Sheol because I did not try'. It is not those who are active in their sin that we fear for, little children; it is the soul that has grown bored and apathetic, who will not try one way or another; who shrugs and says, 'I do not care'. This is the soul that causes us the most trouble and the most anxiety.

We have to inspire them to try, and so remember, that it lies in your power to grow wings for your soul and your spirit, so that you may rise to the Light, or to grow weights upon your spirit so that you sink into the darkness, for Christ Himself, the great Teacher, went down into the darkness. If you read your Scriptures, you will see it clearly written, that when His spirit was released, He went down into the darkness, and those in darkness saw a great light, and many were saved, for when He came back to the earth to manifest. He brought many aspiring souls with Him from those dark places, souls that had repented; souls that had once more learned to pray to their God, souls that had said 'Give me another chance, and I will do better; let me live my life again upon the earth, and I will live a good life', and these returned through the spheres with Jesus the Master.

"You read it there in your reading that was given; He died to the flesh, but He was alive in the Spirit. And when He manifested to the earth-plane, and to His disciples and His followers, five hundred at one time, what was His message to them? 'Go forward; be of good cheer; I will not leave you comfortless. I go to prepare a place'. That place is not in the dark spheres below Astral. It was a place glorious beyond all description. He said, 'I have not yet ascended to My Father. This teaches us and teaches you that the worlds of Spirit inter-penetrate your world of earth, and your earth-plane is as it were, a linking stage between the dark spheres and the spheres of Light.

And when Christ ascended, He took with Him many, many spirits who begged for another chance, another new year. We know from records that these same spirits returned to earth to try again; many of them failed. Many of them slipped back once more into the darkness, but many were saved by the Light that they saw, and the determination to do better, given another chance.

Now, what is your light? Is it not the belief in eternal life? Is it not in the belief of the teachings and promises that Christ brought from God, and all great masters and teachers have brought from the Heavenly Spheres, the great lessons that they would have you learn; THERE IS ONE GOD WHO IS SPIRIT, AND YOU SHALL WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, AND HIM ONLY SHALT THOU SERVE, AND GOD IS ONE. And the second great Commandment, THOU SHALT LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

This is your hope in the year to come. Take it; follow it, and whatever comes in the year that lies ahead, rest assured, that when you reach the end of the year, you will find that you have grown lighter in soul, and more sure of your salvation, and we from Spirit can tell you that when you reach the end of your earthly life, which is but a cycle of experience, you will be very glad that in the beginning of each year you looked towards the Light of your God and promised to follow it.

"Goodnight, and God bless you all."

Lesson: 1 Peter: 3 v 13-20

Many similar talks were given to our congregations by various speakers over the years. Most of them came from the "control" Wu Lan whose real name is Su Su Ling. Although of Chinese birth in a former life, he had made a thorough study of Christian teachings which he expounded with great wisdom. All the recordings made, were typed out, and many were printed and thousands of copies distributed free of charge at the services. In this way, members who attended could study the talks at leisure, and find comfort in doing so. Treasured copies are still preserved by some who worshipped with us in those days.

At one of our private circles, we were told that a single page torn from one lecture, and found in a street, had changed the course of a life. A small grain of comfort touching a soul; a few words from Spirit that had found their mark. What a privilege to know this; we who had sat together listening to the pearls of wisdom from advanced teachers In Spirit, had therefore greater responsibility to bear. We could never go back.


Occasionally, an unknown entity manifested and gave the address at a service. From the demeanour of the medium, we could usually see just before she commenced speaking, that someone else would control her and deliver the message from Spirit. The following beautiful words were received from an unknown control:-

"In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I give you peace.

At Christmas time on both sides of the veil there is rejoicing because men and women turn their minds to holier things, and the vibrations of hope of better times, comes over to the world of Spirit to be glorified by the power of Love that sent forth the babe in the manger. It was through a tiny child that the Light of the world came into the world, and the promise of His coming was given to many. Hundreds of years before Christ appeared His coming was prophesied many times.

Those of you who study the holy Scriptures, know too well the wonderful and perfect prophecies that were made regarding the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ, and when the last prophet said. 'Unto those that believe, shall the Morning Star arise with healing in His wings', and then the darkness descended upon the peoples of Israel; the prophets they stoned and slew, and yet the promise that was given Abraham and the patriarchs seemed to keep alive the spirit of hope within the people, and yet, such were their trials and tribulations, that when eventually in Bethlehem the babe was born, there were many who had given up hope; there were many who did not believe, who sneered, who said that the prophets did not see a true vision. And so the story is unfolded, that God revealed His Will to simple people, such as the shepherds, who saw the great light of the star of hope, who heard the heavenly choirs singing and praising God for what had been done for Man.

"God also ordained that authentic witnesses to the birth of Jesus should be present in the persons of the wise men, and so to all classes came the promise, 'He is born! You shall find Him in Bethlehem in a manger'. The simple peoples believed; they came and they worshipped, and went away rejoicing, knowing that God's promise had been fulfilled. And the wise men in their wisdom, after they had worshipped and presented their gifts, returned another way, because the powers of darkness working through Herod, determined to destroy the babe and destroy the Light. We know today only too well that darkness can never destroy the Light, and Herod failed in his designs. Many paid the price of sacrifice at that time, when all the male children in Bethlehem were slaughtered, and so for the mothers it was not a time for joy, but a time of great sadness; a time when they must have put their minds back to the days in Egypt when Pharoah also ordered the slaughter of the babes, in order that God's messenger too might be slain, and God's message might not be given to the people.

That also failed, and today when Christmas time comes to you upon the earth, and to us in Spirit, the light that is enkindled by faith; that is manifested in the power of Christ Spirit, and in the Goodwill of God towards Man, can never be destroyed. Through the year and all the sorrows and difficulties that beset you, the Light may grow dim, but it is not destroyed; it is there, kindled once again by the promise of God's manifestation of love towards you.

The message comes to high, middle and low, it comes to Christians, and it comes to non-Christians, for Jesus said Himself, "There are those of other folds that I must call'. It is true they are not called in the name of Christianity, but they are called under the law of love and brotherhood. They are called under a code of fine ethics, and these too are the lambs of God, and His beloved children, and the Light that streams down, comes to them also.

Therefore, all festivals such as Christmas time, should bring to Man increased faith, increased hope and increased love, and it is to the simple people who believe in the message of Spirit, Universal Spirit; that the manifestations of Spirit will take place, and the glory of> spiritual strength shall be revealed, for Christ said, 'To them that hath, shall be given, and to them that hath not, shall be taken away, even that which they have'. In other words, to those like the shepherds, and the wise men, who continue in faith, to renew the promise of hope at this time of the year, shall come the added glory of Spirit manifestation and Spirit promise, as it is revealed to those hearts that can accept the Glory of God.

And to those who do not believe, and cannot accept the promise of God, and the truth of Spirit message, shall be taken away that which they have, for this reason, that when their earthly life is past and taken away; they will have nothing of the Spirit realms of Glory in whose promise they did not believe, and whose word they rejected.

Therefore, when you see in the coming year, a day of darkness or hopelessness or fear, put your minds back once more to the promise of Christmas when the testimony of the shepherds and the wise men, kept many in faith, kept many in hope, looking forward to the glorious time of peace and freedom. And remember that the promise and the messages that have been given to you from the World of Spirit, are in your charge. They are as precious jewels; they are as glorious lamps shining out in the darkness of the worldly suffering, and you have been given charge over these things, for it is to you that the revelation has been made.

If the shepherds had not believed, and the wise men had not accepted, they would not have borne true witness. If the disciples and followers of Jesus, when He grew to manhood and performed His ministry, did not believe, they could not have witnessed to His work and His glory throughout the centuries.

And if you who come to Spirit in faith to seek and to learn and to know, do not believe, then the generations to come will have no witness to truth; they will have no Rock on which to build. So you have as important a work to do as the shepherds, the wise men, or the apostles, or the disciples, for it is to you 'that has been given', the message from Spirit, the re-affirmation of the Goodwill of God towards mankind, 'Be of good cheer. Fear not, for unto you light is come. Peace on earth; goodwill towards all men. Birth and life and life abundantly in the promise and certainty of the Resurrection'.

Therefore, be faithful to your witness, in order that the Light of Truth may burn brightly, and that you may be one to whom shall be given the glory of testimony, and the reward of Heaven.

And may the Peace of God, and His Goodwill, be with you forever, and may your loved ones on my side of life, shower down upon you, their love end their care, and may you feel their presence ever near, sharing all things until you meet again. Farewell."

It is interesting to compare the above message received on Sunday. 20th December, 1959. with another given a few days later on Christmas Day by another unknown control. Although the central theme on each occasion was the birth of Christ, the lessons to be learnt from that wonderful event, were treated in different ways by the two speakers. Here is the second message:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son. That through Him, you might have eternal life.

Dear friends, what a pleasure it is to greet you from Spirit on this morning, a morning that is so dear to the hearts of all those who believe in and follow the Master Jesus; who see in the wonderful message that He brought to earth, the hope of salvation for man, and to know that year by year this same joy pervades the hearts of all striving Christian people, and to also remember the glory of the promise that was given to the world through the advent of the Christ babe.

We know that this promise is given through every babe that is born into the world, for in each babe is the gift of the Spirit of God, the Spirit that lives on after the flesh has passed away, and in the care that is given to little children, we from Spirit see the hope of salvation for mankind also. It is to the succeeding generations that the present generation owes a debt that must be paid if man is to progress according to the Will of God. Therefore, as Christ blessed the little children, and suffered them to come unto Him, so we ask you to bless all little children who come unto you; those you meet in your way. Speak a blessing in your heart and in your mind, that God may guide them and help them into good ways of truth and peace and progression, and in this way you fulfil the promise of Christ Spirit to mankind.

The prophecies that were made concerning the coming of Christ, were made to give hope to those who were almost hopeless, and it is the same today, although there are many problems regarding your young people. If you will realise the importance of childhood, and if you will compare it with the childhood of Jesus, you will see what a tremendous potential lies in the hands of adults who truly seek to know their God; to draw near to Him and surrender to His Will, for even our Lord at the end of His life, said, 'Not My will be done, but Thy will'.

The Christ babe came and was accepted; He came as you all know in very poor circumstances, and it was prophesied of Him, 'He shall be rejected of men', and so it came to pass, and in the earth, alas, these conditions still prevail somewhat, and the poor are oft-times rejected merely because they are poor. And so perhaps the Spirit of God that would shine so brightly through a child, is rejected, because the child is poor. Christ taught in His manhood, 'Give to those that have not'. What reward have you if you give to those that you love? Anyone can do this. He said the greatest of sinners will give to those that have a claim upon their affection. But to give to those who have no claim, except the universal claim of brotherhood, this indeed is Christ-like work, and will call forth the Light and the Glory of God to the earth once more.

And so, while I speak to you of the glory of the birth of Christ. I would also ask you to remember in the coming year, to follow His teachings as well as you are able, not only to remember Him at this time of the year, but to remember the reason for which He came to the earth; the reason for which He became incarnate at great sacrifice; the reason for which He sorrowed and wept and worked and died, and lived again in the glory of the Resurrection, in order that His birth may not be in vain, in order that the memories of Him that you have this morning may not be in vain, and the light that is enkindled by the memory may not fade and die during the months that are to come in the year that lies before you. Remember, that as you go through the year that each month could represent a part of the life of our Lord, and during that month dwell upon that part of His life, and you will find that your spiritual resolves will grow stronger; your spiritual progression will be quicker, because you will grow more like unto this glorious Son of God.

And another aspect that I would dwell upon is this, forgiveness. To forgive is not always easy. To a saint perhaps, yes; to an angel who has seen the Light of God and knows its purpose, yes; but to human beings it is not easy, and to many where there is no true repentance for wrongs done, forgiveness is impossible, save through the Grace of Christ our Lord. And if you should find in the past that one has wronged you beyond forgiveness of your own ability, think of Christ at the end of His life when He called from the midst of His suffering, 'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do'.

In the last month of the year, it is always well to be reassured, not from man but from God the Spirit, that your soul has truly forgiven all wrong done, for as Jesus said, 'If you do not forgive everyone from your heart, then God will not forgive', and it is only in forgiveness that the grace of salvation can work to set you free from earthly ties and earthly values; to lift you up from mere manhood to Godhood, to make you truly share in the glorious promise of Christ, who said, 'I go to prepare a place for you; for those who follow Me; for those who do not merely call on My name saying 'Lord. Lord', but those who do the will of My Father, as I have interpreted it to you'.

And so the simple teachings and the glorious teachings of Christ the babe when He became a man still guide the destiny of the world. It has many adversaries; it has had many trials and tribulations but still today, nearly two thousand years after the glorious birth, it stands supreme amongst the saving powers in your world and in mine. This is not a thing to be taken lightly, for if a man is not saved then he is lost, and it is to salvation that we should all look, and it is for salvation that we should all work, and it is for ultimate glory that we can hope in the promise of God Whose love was so great that even in the midst of darkness, idolatry, and all sins and sinning. He gave His Son.

There are many who cavil over the teachings of this son of God, but there is no true Christian who can say He was not a glorious son of God, and there is no true Christian who can say that Christ Himself never promised that same son-ship to all who followed Him, for you too are children of the Living God, and you too can be glorious children, glorious sons and glorious daughters, fulfilling the Will of the Divine Power of Life from which you spring. Or you can be apathetic, a disobedient, wilful child who will not listen, but whether you be one or the other, or any degree in between, the love that gave Christ to the world will still live and love, for God showers His blessings upon all, and His love will endure unto eternity, and as long as God loves. He lives, and as long as you love, you will live. So remember this in the days to come and live more worthily as children of God, and brothers and sisters of Jesus the Christ, and may the joy of Christmastide be yours, and its peace and its promise, and may that all be fulfilled in your New Year, and may the high hopes with which you look towards the new year, be fulfilled even unto the end.

We from Spirit, give you our love and good wishes forever. Farewell."


One of the most impressive experiences in our circle, was the first manifestation of Lias the leper. On this occasion, one of our members was going through a most trying time with her husband's continued illness, and had almost reached the end of her resources. In spite of help from friends and relatives, she was desperately in need of spiritual upliftment. Soon after the opening prayer ended, and as we sat in harmony, the medium was controlled, and a voice commenced speaking with great feeling. We listened quietly to the flowing words, our minds at rest, and with hearts glowing as consolation came to one in need. That moment will never be forgotten, but is cherished in our hearts forever. The story of Lias has since been heard and read by hundreds of people all over the world. It speaks for itself:-


"Beloved children of my Heavenly Father; I greet you in the Holy Name of Christ.

I wish to tell you a story of something that happened two thousand years ago. It is my own story, and it is given for a purpose, to show how close a human being can come to the darkness of despair, and yet be granted light through the Grace of God.

I lived in Rome, of mixed parentage; my mother was a Roman patrician, my father was a Jew. He had obtained the citizenship so dear to the heart of many who lived in those days, who thought that that represented the highest earthly aim and protection, and in all his ways of life, he desired to forget his birth and blood in his acquired status as a Roman. I was born of the union and named Lias, and I grew up as a Roman boy, and was trained in their ways and in their beliefs; I sacrificed to their stone images, and I accepted their intricate mythology.

One day my father had a visitor, and as I was returning from the Games, I passed him. I could see that he was one of the despised race, but the look that he gave me made me pause. His eyes were grave and dark and deep: as deep I thought, as the mystery and cunning and stubbornness that mark the people to whom he belonged. He said to me, 'Who are you, boy?' I flung up my head and answered, 'I am Lias, the son of this house'. Then he said, 'You are my nephew, for I am your father's brother'.

I was horrified, but too amazed to speak. I said, when I had recovered my balance, 'My name is Lias, I am a Roman', and yet he said unto me, 'Your name should be Daniel for his mark is upon your brow, and you are a Jew'. He passed on out of the house, and I never saw him again. That night I sat with my comrades, and I began to be curious about this race from which my father sprang, and turned the subject of our talk to these subject people. It did not get me very far in knowledge; I did not know then how superficial that knowledge was, but as time went on, I began to look forward to the day when I would marry a woman to whom I was betrothed, the daughter of a noble Roman house.

The prospective union filled me with joy for she was beautiful, and I was convinced that she loved me. A short time before the nuptials, I discovered to my horror that I was suffering from the most loathsome disease that could be visited upon a human being in those days: my friends, I was a leper. I cannot tell you here all the horror and hopelessness, and the helplessness, and the resentment through which my mind passed, but one thing at last emerged, and that was this, that I must leave my home, my city, my people, and my beloved, and I must be, as long as I lived upon the earth, an outcast, a thing unclean set aside from my fellowmen by the terrible thing that had befallen me.

It was then that I remembered the conversation that I had had with my comrades in my youth, when they had spoken to me of the powers of the Jewish physicians, and my friends, incidentally let me say here, that power of healing is still with them, and a good Jewish physician is the best physician, they have inherited. And then I determined to seek out amongst the Jews for a remedy.

I had been told that they had cured cases of this loathsome disease from which I suffered, and so I told my father that I wished to travel; I made no mention of the thing that afflicted me, and I bade my beloved adieu under the pretext that I felt that I could not marry until I had seen more of the world.

My father was a wealthy man, therefore it was easy for me to travel in what in those days would be known as great comfort, and so began my journey and my seeking. It was then that I sought out teachers who opened to me the Jewish Scriptures; there I read of the healing of Naaman the Assyrian, and hope sprang within me that I would be healed, but time went on and on and my affliction steadily grew, and my body weakened until at last I could scarcely stand.

At last I found myself near the city of Jerusalem, and it was there that I gave way to hopelessness and defeat; it was there that I entered into the last stages of this cruel disease; it was there that I began to lose the fingers of my right hand. It was there, in company with others who were my brothers in affliction, that I sat down to await the merciful release of death. Words cannot tell of the suffering of the human soul; everyone who listens to these words, both seen and those unseen, know it to be true. Only God in Spirit can measure suffering.

One man remained my friend; he too was a leper, but his disease was not of the same order as mine; it did not render him bodily helpless, but he was my servant in those dark days, and for his service, I am his servant unto the rest of time.

There came a day when my eyes refused to see, and then I sat and pondered on the Scriptures that I had read, but they brought no comfort because there was no understanding, only bewilderment and a desire to know more in the short time that I had left. One day, just at sunset, my friend came to me; he was very excited, but by this time I was scarcely capable of sharing such an emotion. 'Lias my friend, there is hope'. I did not answer; how can one who has lost hope answer to that call? He told me that there was a great Jewish teacher and physician and miracle-worker who could heal leprosy with his touch.

I had heard many such tales; I had travelled many miles, visiting one and another of these so-called miracle-workers, and I had lost heart. Even today, as many seek for comfort from your different instruments; they go from one to another, until they too lose heart. He dragged me to my feet, and with my arm across his shoulder, we stumbled together along the road.

'Leave me,' I said, 'leave me; why torment me now? It is nearly finished'. 'Lias, Lias my brother, come. There is hope; this man does heal. I have heard and seen and testify to it. Come just a little further. Try, try!' How often have these words been spoken from Spirit to human beings who are losing hope?

I sunk down at last in the dust of the road too dazed to feel. I cannot tell you that I was prey to any thought, except that dull grey weariness that had become my daily lot. I knew nothing until the dust arose around me, and I felt the brush of clothing. Instinctively I shrank as far as I could, expecting to hear the cry that I had heard so often, 'Unclean, unclean! Away with you accursed!' But that cry did not come. Instead, the voice of my friend saying, 'Lias! Cry out; cry out, Lias! Cry, have mercy upon us' I could not, I had no voice, but I held up my hand and lifted my head, and there in a silence that had fallen suddenly upon the crowd that stood around I saw a man, in hazy outline against the sky.

He was not remarkable in any way, except for a weariness that stamped his features indelibly on my mind. The eyes; who can describe the eyes? He spoke no word, but gazed. Roger said, 'Lias! Cry out, have mercy upon us. Master, have mercy upon us!' And then, a voice, 'Believe thou that I am able to do this thing unto thee?' Again my friend saying, 'Yea, Master, we believe, for Thou art the Christ'. And then the hand touching one who had not been touched for years, who had only been scorned by his fellowmen; and then the dust on the road again, and the noise caused by the release of people's tongues, and then we were alone, my friend and I, and no change; we were still lepers.

Again I could not tell you what I thought, except that perhaps it was just one more who had failed me. We went back to the place from which we came, and we stopped by the well to drink, and then, as my friend placed a vessel within my hands, I saw my skin was pink. It was no longer the loathsome white dead flesh, and I realised that I had feeling in my hand. I could feel? And then of course, I could see clearly, not through a mist as before.

I could not look at my brother. It was a long time before we could speak. Conviction came before words, and I stood up. My hair remained white, but my body was strong and vigorous like that of a man in his prime. I felt the blood coursing through my veins, and with it came the blessed solace of hope.

I turned my face and walked away. My friend called, 'Whither goes thou, Lias?' "I go to find my Master, for He Who has given me life, is my Master for evermore.'

And that is the story of Daniel, a Jew. So remember my beloved, no matter how dark the way, the story of Daniel will prove that the Christ can stretch forth His hand and say, 'Be thou made whole', and healing shall follow swiftly. God bless you all."


The sequel to the story of Daniel the Jew, was a renewal of strength and courage for our sister, to carry on until her ailing husband passed into Spirit. Our trust had not been in vain; our prayer had been answered. Daniel, or Lias as we preferred to call him, subsequently gave many Sunday discourses in our churches. Some examples will follow later in this book. In the circle he manifested a few times to teach and encourage. The following words came through on one such an occasion:-

"Beloved children of my Heavenly Father, I greet you and bring you peace.

My name is Daniel, and my story you know. I have only one thing to teach, and that is the story of Jesus the Christ, the Light of God, the bright Morning Star, who rose upon the earth with healing in His wings. I am one who received that healing power, and for the sake of those who listen to my words for the first time; I was stricken with the disease known as leprosy, that today has no terror with which to appal its sufferers or its healers. But in the day when I was stricken, it meant only one thing; ostracism, as a precursor to a horrible lingering and lonely death, outcast from all society save that of fellow-sufferers, and when the disease had reached almost its final stages, the light of the Christ shone upon me, and through its compassion I was healed.

One will say it was through my faith. That I have never been able to accept, because I knew not in what to believe. It was the faith of my brother who carried me almost on his back into the presence of Jesus; it was his faith and the power of Christ that made me whole, and this is the lesson I would teach. Make your faith strong, in case your brother or your sister should need it; in case your brother or your sister should be one who would cry to Christ. 'Have pity on my little faith: help Thou my disbelief.

Christ in the flesh is no longer amongst you, but you are in the flesh. You may not have the power of the perfect faith and knowledge of Christ, but if you have increased your faith to the best of your ability, it will suffice for a brother or a sister whose faith is failing their needs, for God will see to it that your light is sufficient to shine a way before the feet of the lost.

I teach only one thing; I teach God as Christ taught God, and I manifest God as He manifested God, and I say to you, do likewise. Always remember you are the end of the Christ Ray. If you believe in Him and In His teachings, then you are part of His light, and you are here on the earth in the flesh, and if His light has to shine through a lamp, let it shine through you, and never forget whose hand you are in, and whose light you shine forth; the end of the Ray of the Christ Spirit, and if the light grows dim, with what shall the earth be lighted? And if your faith grows cold, who will warm the lonely? Who will cheer the faint? Who will comfort the bereaved? Who will show forth the Christ Spirit in its glory by example of righteous living?

If you fail, you who say you follow Him; you who believe in the Rock of Truth; then who will succeed? No-one can become your lamp, if your lamp goes out and is dark; no other lamp can shine in a place where you are. Your place is dark and will remain so until you remember that you are a lamp, and rekindle the light within you. You cannot teach or show forth example or do works, other than in the Name and the memory and the power of the One you follow; the servant is not greater than the Master.

Do not seek to stray in other paths; keep to the one path, the path of the Christ Spirit, for God sent you forth to the earth in order that you might show forth the light along this path. The world has seen many aspects of truth; and in this place you will hear many aspects of truth; you will hear the speakers and the teachers that have manifested through many races on the earth-plane. Some you have not heard of; some you know too well, both ancient and modern; they will come and pour out their light over you, but always remember that you have accepted the leadership of Jesus of Nazareth, and you must follow where He leads, otherwise you become as a handful of dust scattered before the winds of the earth."

This message must end abruptly as printed here because his closing words applied to the circle members personally, and therefore cannot be made public. There is no doubt that Daniel the Jew advanced rapidly in the spheres of Spirit, and became a teacher of high order. One of his most beautiful sermons was delivered on the 21st April, 1957, at an Easter service in Benoni. The original recording can still be heard in all its pristine freshness, and has been played to hundreds of people seeking comfort in their bereavement. Daniel's words are given here verbatim as follows:-


"Beloved children of my Heavenly Father, I greet you and give you peace.

Every year, not only in your world that was once mine, but in many Spirit Realms, the memory of Easter-time is refreshed and made new in the hearts and minds of the followers of Christ Jesus, and in the communication of Spirit, it is a noble thing to fully understand that this is so. Upon the world and in the world, those to whom the Easter message brings hope and joy and upliftment, do not always appear to be in the majority, and it would seem that the light that gleams from such hearts and minds, is threatened oft-times with extinction by the winds of ill-thought, wrong action, and materialism of all kinds.

In the Spirit spheres, we who dwell therein, have a great advantage, for we can see clearly those who try follow the Lord, and such spirits gather together attracted by their similar vibrations, and the services that are held, are indeed glorious, and the fulfilment and the deep, deep satisfaction to the soul is beyond description, and yet in a small way, you who gather in temples such as this, to hold your service with those of like mind, must oft-times sense even if in a smaller degree, that deep satisfying inflow that comes in celebrating this time of the year.

We say to you, 'Go on, never losing heart; never losing faith. Celebrate with joy and memory these feasts and times of the Lord. Dwell in your mind upon His life, its purpose and its achievements, because we speak with authority, when we say, if your satisfaction is small here; in the Realms wherein you will live after you pass through the portal of death, you will know a deeper and greater and wider joy because of your practice here upon the earth.

You cannot obtain warmth unless you go near to a fire and warm yourself; unless you go out into the Sun. You must go to where the warmth is obtainable. You cannot know peace if you only dwell where the daily round gives you much chaotic living and way of thought. You must draw aside. You cannot light a lamp unless you first obtain light, therefore you cannot obtain spiritual satisfaction unless you draw near to a source from whence it springs, and that Source is God the Spirit, and the way is through God the Son, because you must learn that you are God's children even as He was.

Going back to those dark days when the hopes and the aspirations of His followers, lay in the dust of despair, I would ask you to think of those who dwell upon your earth-plane today. How many, I wonder, are there who have not felt the despair, the irrevocable despair of loss of a loved one? More particularly in regard to a child of a person in the first flush of youth.

In a child, the parents see their hope of the future; they build upon their child, if they are a natural parent; and then it seems the dark hand of death takes away that shining light, that hope of goodness to come, and leaves what? Pain in the heart, and despair in the mind; a blackness that only those that have suffered it, can understand fully.

Therefore, can you not imagine how it was in those days for those who in the shining Morning Star of God’s Love, had seen the future salvation of their country and their race; hoping that they would be freed through His glory, of the Roman yoke. Hoping many things that they dare not utter; things that were formed in their hearts through their lack of understanding of the Spirit; and then at the height of His glory and His demonstration upon the earth, such a short while after He had been acclaimed King of Jerusalem with 'Hosannas', and received with rejoicing into the city; He lay in the tomb after an unspeakably cruel death. Did not the cry go up from their hearts, 'Why? O Lord; why? O God of our fathers'.

And does not that cry go up from human hearts who have lost and cannot understand? A short while ago, a few years ago, the cry of your earth-plane to Heaven was indescribable. The suffering upon this sad and darkened sphere could only be counted by the Spirit of God; God alone knew the extent of suffering that His children were enduring, and through the centuries, ever since man entered the flesh, that cry of despair has sounded through the Heavenly Spheres. 'Why? O Lord. Why? O my God. How long? What for? '

Today you have been given a wondrous opportunity that is parallel in expression with that opportunity that was given to the followers of Christ. They were given a demonstration that death of the body was NOT the end; that true glory lay beyond death; for out of the depth of their despairing cries, they heard a Voice say, "Be of good cheer, IT IS I,'

When Mary attended the tomb with the women and saw the angels guarding this place, they were afraid, even though they were angels, and after receiving the words, they fled with one exception. Mary stayed; she was afraid, it is true; being human, but it was her love and the depth of her despair that made her remain behind. For even then she had no knowledge of the Resurrection.

All she knew was that 'they had taken her Lord away', and the angels' message to her had been, 'Why do you seek Him here? He is not here'.

Now upon your world, how many of you present here; how many do you know who have had a like experience and said 'They have taken my loved one away'? And when those who have striven to comfort the mourners, have said, 'Come, you must face life again; he or she is not here; he is gone', this is what you must face. Can you not feel the depth of despair in the heart and in the soul? If you cannot, I say to you, go amongst your fellowmen and see the suffering that comes to them when there is one cut off from their heart and from their daily life, and only then will you be able to give them the true comfort of knowledge and experience.

And then a voice spoke to Mary and you all know the story of the events that took place then, 'IT IS I'. Angels could only cause fear; strangers could bring no comfort, but the loved One; the loved One brought hope, knowledge, the glorious realisation that there is no need to mourn if you understand the glory of the Resurrection. Then she was no longer afraid, and she cried 'Master, and upon her heart that a few moments before, there had been this black despair, there rose the glorious sun of wonderment and Joy and ecstasy that she could not find words to describe. Her Lord had not gone; He was there with her. He called her by her name, 'Mary, it is I'.

Therefore, in this movement that you practise, never lose sight of the fact that you hold the key that Christ held, to comfort those that mourn; to change that blackness and that hopelessness, into a warm comforting knowledge of Eternal Life. Think of the responsibility that rests upon you; think of the glorious work you can do. You who follow Christ, you must do as He did, and you must carry this glorious message, even as Mary carried it to those who had not seen.

And do not think that the conclusion of this glorious Easter-tide story is one of happiness and peace, for until you come to the World of Spirit, you will always know the frustration of human doubt, fear and disbelief. Mary went to the disciples with her joy. Can you not imagine her face beaming and radiant with the tears scarcely dry upon her cheeks, and yet they did not believe her, they thought her sorrow had turned her mind.

You in your work will come up against the same thing. Your joy and your ecstasy and your knowledge will be threatened with extinction, if you do not cling on firmly to that which you have received in the way of demonstration.

Nothing could shake Mary's faith and belief after her experience. You must all seek for truth and the experience that will give you a like faith. Christ afterwards appeared to many, and Mary's story was substantiated, and I tell you that if you go on in faith and joy to spread the truth of comfort of Eternal Life amongst mankind, one day, your words too and your actions and your demonstration of faith will be justified; It will be substantiated. Whatever you have suffered through another's ridicule, through another's harsh words; however you may be treated; if you cling on to the glorious certainty THAT LIFE GOES ON, and if you live according to this belief, one day God will justlfy you His servant in whom He has placed the truth, even as He justified the Christ, even as He justified Mary and His disciples, who after they received their proof, went on even though it meant, in most cases, a horrible death before they passed to Spirit; they knew.

And through the centuries you can see the Light that they obtained from Christ's manifestation, has never gone out; it has burned with comfort and warmth in the hearts of thousands of human beings, millions. You as an individual or as a group of people, you cannot count the suffering of man, neither can you count the joy nor the comfort that comes from Spirit. So therefore, ye who follow Christ, go and do likewise. Make this Easter-time become a living thing, not only a memory, but a living active principle in your world. And may the message of Christ be with you for evermore; 'Be of good cheer; it is I'."


Thus the voice of Spirit speaks with authority the simple words of truth that bring comfort and understanding to mankind. What more can we wish? Can greater consolation be given from any church rostrum? And Spirit speaks through dedicated channels to those who wish to listen. It has always been so.

There is a greater need today than ever before for truth that will remove the fear of death. In a world where moral values seem to be declining on every hand, and sensationalism is the order of the day, it is encouraging to read words which uplift and clarify. Whatever impact this book may have on its readers, one thing is clear; its object is to offer illumination to those who would seek for higher things, and in their seekings they will find the measure of their salvation. The following words delivered in our private circle explain this:-

"In one of the teachings of your Christ, when He said, to the Pharisees, 'Ye say that ye see; therefore your sin remains'. It is the same with these scoffers; they laugh, but they cannot say they did not hear. They can say 'We hear, but we reject'; therefore their sin remains. Those who say, 'We did not hear'; they have no sin, because they have not had the opportunity to judge on what they have heard, but those that hear, cannot say 'We did not'.

It is said that the Gospel of your Christ must be taught all over the earth. It is a source of wonder to us who watch; for I am a watcher from the spaces: that you speak so fluently of this Great Christ, and yet your understanding of Him is so small. You do not know Him; you do not know from whence He came; to whence He went; you do not know why He came; Who sent Him, except in nebulous terms. You know nothing of the great Divine Cosmic Forces; the great impetus of life itself. These things you are completely ignorant of, why? Because you have been blinded by that same dogma and creed through the generations from life to life, but from life to life, you have all been struggling; struggling like a plant that comes up through many layers of soil to find the light of the Sun. And so it is with your spirits; you are struggling to grow up to the Light of your God.

This is the power and the measure of man's salvation, A soul reaching up like a plant; imagine a plant forcing its way up through the heavy dark soil, and at last emerging to unfold its glory in the radiance of your Sun. A flower cannot bloom while it is still in the earth, can it? Neither can your souls expand to their full glory, until they are exposed to the Love of your God. These are words which you use every day, and yet you never think of the deep and hidden meaning behind them, and as a soul can struggle upwards towards the Light of its God; that is the measure of its salvation, is it not?"

We shall probably never know during our lifetime on earth who this particular teacher was. In our circle, we learnt not to press unduly for the names of those who taught us. We accepted the teaching as being more important than knowing who gave it. In most cases, real Spirit names are never revealed, as the sound of a particular name has linking responsibilities. Identity names were generally used, although usually we knew fairly well who was coming through to address us by the mannerisms of the medium.

The Chinese philosopher. Su Su Ling always folded his hands before making a short bow, and then addressing us. "Uncle Alf", the London Cockney, saluted with his right hand, raising it upwards and saying, "Hi! folks". His was perhaps the most demonstrative greeting, in contrast with the decorous opening words of most speakers.

At church services, Su Su Ling's discourses predominated, followed by Sister Theresa, Lias (Daniel the Jew), Arbri (a young Japanese girl), Grey Owl (Red Indian), Dake (Healer guide), Brother Chrysostom, Brother Peter, and the following controls who manifested only once: An unknown soldier, a lady from Greece, Heritata (Egyptian), Walter (Physicist), and several other unknown spirit controls.

An unknown soldier gave the address in the Springs Church on the 8th November, 1959, through the mediumship of Mrs. F. Pearce, who was also the channel for all the different lectures and teachings published in this book. Her own prayer at the commencement of that service, is given here to illustrate the difference between her own style of speaking, and that of the unknown soldier who spoke shortly afterwards.


"O Loving Father, during this hour, teach us to be still and know that Thou art God; grant us the presence of Thy Divine Spirit of Love, that we may learn to> love Thee more, and be enabled to love and serve one another. Beloved Father God, we ask Thy pardon for all that we do that is unworthy of Thy Love, and we ask O Father God, for Thy Grace to so fill us, that we may become one with Thee; we are part of Thy Spirit, living forever, and in this knowledge help us to lay aside all those things that cause us to fear. Help us O Father God, to overcome sickness, sorrow and bereavement and mourning on this earth-plane. Help us to learn more of the great truths of existence; to know and realise that our true being is Spirit and not flesh, and that for the short time that we manifest here, we are but learning to do Thy Will. Help us, therefore, to surrender to Thy Will, to become One with Thee; help us to know that we are not only obedient and fruitful servants, but that we are faithful and loving children belonging to one family. .

Teach us the way of service; give us opportunity to serve, and ability to fulfil that which is needed. Beloved Father, help us always to remember that we are One in the world, and to know that each soul has an equal share of Thy Love and Thy Spirit. We pray a blessing of peace upon this world, especially at this time when we gather in remembrance of all those who gave their lives to preserve peace, and to defend the ethics of truth. Beloved Father, we pray Thy blessing upon the spirits of those who did so sacrifice. We pray Thy comfort upon all hearts that were left lonely and sad and bereaved through the wars that have ravaged our planet,and we pray that through the truth and the knowledge that there is no death, the sacrifice may be crowned with the glory of union and communication.

In Thy Holy Name, we extend a loving welcome to all those who come from the Realms of Light, especially those who did pass during the two world wars, and Beloved Father, we pray Thy blessing wherever this word of truth is taught this night, and we pray, too, for Thy Grace and strength and guidance to be given to all those who work for organisations that help those that were left wounded upon the earth-plane. We pray, Father, that wherever there is a heart or hands or minds that Is doing good work, for those that suffer, that they may be blessed and strengthened by Thy Power.

We send out our thoughts all over our world, that we may learn to become One Spirit; that we may learn to become One people, the Race of Mankind; the Race that is not only flesh that passeth away, but Spirit that lives and dwells eternally according to Thy Will, and as we join together to speak the prayer that Christ taught us, may we be aware of His presence in our midst, as He leads the glorious Armies of Light that shall indeed one day conquer all evil and dark forces upon our earth, and may we have the great honour of walking in that glorious Army, and when we go forth from this place, let it be that we are armed anew to fight in the ranks of Glory.

Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and leave us not in temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, now and for evermore. Amen."


"Good evening. It is good to get back although at the time I left, I thought that was good too. I was one amongst the thousands, so-called heroes, who were hurled into 'Kingdom come', as we called it. Some say, before your time. I don't agree with that. Even then, I believed if 'you had it coming', you had it coming, and if you didn't, whatever you did, it would miss you. But the reason I came tonight is because at this time of the year, apart from religious teachings and followers of various religions, memories in the hearts and minds of so many, send out a terrific power; terrific vibration that reaches over your spheres, and it does draw us back willingly. It is a power that enables us and those like me, to return to old places and loved faces, and for two decades it has been in the main our great misfortune to return merely to witness memories that bring sadness to those we loved and left behind. Too often we see the gleam of tears shining in the eyes of those to whom we would say, 'Don't cry; we are all right.'

The reading in the Bible about laying down your life, my friends, is one that when on the earth, I only understood in the terms that a hero would go out and fight, dragons in those days mainly, like Saint George, and give his life for noble causes. Of course in those days I didn't seriously consider what death meant; I was very young and very strong, and one does not realise what death means, and it is not a subject that the majority of parents care to discuss with their children. I know when my father passed before me my mother told me that God had taken him to Heaven, therefore there was no need to worry, and even if there were, God wouldn't like me to ask any questions about it. Even then that didn't seem to be quite fair.

However, since passing through the experience of war, into whose horrors I need not go, it dawned upon me that there were other forms of 'laying down'. After all, if you can face a thing with courage, you can face the truth, and the truth of many like myself who so nobly, reputedly nobly, gave their lives; they didn't. They had no choice. You could say they were victims of circumstances, but I am telling you there were very few that really wished to lay down their lives. After all, to wish to end your physical life, is a wish to commit suicide, to destroy yourself, because before you destroy your own physical body, you must have a thought in your mind, a desire in your heart to bring that action to fulfilment in the physical.

If you went out into war with the idea that it was to be the end, then it was the wish to die that killed you. But the majority went out, fully confident that they would return, and as you know, although many did return, many did not return in the physical. Now the wish to live is always good, and if I had known of life beyond the grave, I would have wished more strongly to return, because I would have known that return is always possible, if the desire to return is there.

You must have the wish to return, and therefore I had a very strong wish and desire to return this night, and it has been made possible, and I am glad, for it helps me as well as you. It also helps the thousands and thousands of souls who, being thrown quickly into the World of Spirit through the holocaust of war, have not yet realised that they are living.

Yes, there is still war on your planet in various corners of your world which is no longer mine of course. Souls are still being sent into war without the knowledge of after-life; the few not caring whether they return: the majority trying to bolster up their confidence that they will return to those they love.

It would not only be a different matter if the true knowledge of continual life was with them as they went into war; there would be no war, because the futility of it would be apparent to everyone that would cause it. You do not do a futile thing, because you know that your work and your energies, your efforts are wasted, and it is in the day when men and women realise that they cannot kill, that war will cease because it is a futility.

However, to lay down a physical life is not always demanded of everyone, but if more people were prepared and able to lay down selfishness, greed, apathy, unconcern of their fellows' sufferings, needs and wants; they would be prepared to lay down a little for the sake of others, no one would be called upon in the earth to lay down a physical life in this farce and horror called war. I have only to tell you to remember how the pages of time are turned, wherein the record of history is written, to point out the uselessness of wars. Who now, with the exception of the few still remaining upon your earth, who lost loved ones during the first world war, remember or care of the causes and the effects of that war?

Since then, they have had more than one other greater, bigger, more loud, to occupy their minds, and these will follow the pattern of wars. Life will wet her finger and turn the page into oblivion, except where history is recorded and men can read it, or desire to read it, and as the generations pass, and the spirits of each age come over to the Spheres of Light, so the echoes of the horrors of your particular battle, pass, and the din of warfare sinks away into silence. On the earth, that silence is used merely as relief, and by many in order to create some bigger din and some bigger warfare. But in the World of Spirit, that silence is used to praise and thank the Spirit God; it is used to ask for the power and the strength to go on fighting this horror. It is used to gain strength and the knowledge and the wisdom to help to bring into the fold all those on both sides of the Veil that are lost and wandering in the ways of chaos and turmoil. And there are many in the world that I now fight in; there are many who are lost, who wander in the greyness of apathy and despair.

Upon your earth that was once mine, there are many who say, 'What is the use? I can't go on. Why? What is this life? Why did I come? For what purpose? Why should I come to bear children to be cut down in the flower of their youth by the cruelty of war? Why?' There are children who grow up without the love and guidance of parents who question, "Why should I be without parents when other children have parents?' and so on and so forth.

And they wander in a state of depression and hopelessness that in time takes its toll, both upon their minds, and their physical health, and their spiritual light. In the Spirit World there are many who are like that; they wander in the same attitude of mind, and it is for the sake of these that tonight I ask for your prayers and your thoughts, that you can lay aside your own sorrows, and you can doff your own mourning long enough to think of the sufferings and the needs of those who having given all, are left with nothing.

I know that you are not enabled to look after all those upon your earth, let alone think of those who are in Spirit, but remember this, whatever the cause of your passing, be it in peace or war, you must pass, and as you say upon the earth, when you see one of the unfortunate ones of life, as you should say, 'There but for the Grace of God, go I', you may say when you come to my world, when you see a grey shade pass you with hopelessness on its face; when you pick up the vibration of a soul that has not yet realised the truth that there is life, chained down by the thoughts and the teachings of dogma, fear and creedalism; There but for the Grace of God, go I.

You have been set free, those of you that have listened to the words of truth that there is no death. That will be of inestimable value to you when you pass to the Spirit World; the very knowledge that you have been told and taught, you will remember it when you come over; whatever condition you find yourself in, -the first thing you will think is, Thank God, I am alive'. And that thought alone will help you. So you are blessed. Well, share your blessing, as we have sought to share ours. In a war you send out your medical people to gather in the wounded- In our world we also send out our spiritual help for those who are wounded in spirit: those who are in the darkness, and as you gather up your wounded men and women from No-man's-land, so do we gather up the souls that are wandering in the mists of the Astral Plane.

So if we think of your wounded, tonight I ask you to think of ours and we will foster these lost and helpless ones; you by teaching all those you know that there is no death, and helping us to confirm it when they reach our side of life. So therefore, do not forget the true meaning of remembrance, that you lay down a little time to think of the needs of both worlds. When the Sun goes down, and when it rises. Remember!"

The simple plea of this unknown soldier will not go unheeded, but will find an echo in many hearts in years to come. His words remain for us to ponder over; the futility of wars and the senseless killing; compared with our ability to help those in the Spirit Realms. How often has such a message come to earth? How many will read its words, and believe its truth? How many will spread the fact of eternal life? What a tremendous challenge to thinking men and women.


The following poem was received in our circle on Armistice Day, 1952:

Can you truly say to me 'There is no God above,

No kingdom to inherit from His Eternal Love?'

Look up, 0 darkened spirit, see all around you lie

The wonders of creation, in earth and sea and sky.

Behold the lift of mountains with torrents leaping free,

The peace of green-clad moorland sweeping towards the sea;

The crested billows roaring in answer to the cry

Of wild-birds winging sea-wards, warm-feathered as they fly.

The early morning stillness, a world refreshed with dew

A rainbow spanning Heaven, and sunshine breaking through;

The rhythm universal creating light and shade,

The living, pulsing heart-beat; by whom are these things made?

When you have felt the rain-drops, the pure soft touch of snow;

The sun-warmed scented breezes, and watched the sower sow;

Have seen the ripe corn waving in golden gleaming pride,

The blood-red Flanders poppy, the hope of those who died.

When you have seen the wonder of all things come to birth,

Renewing in their season rich life in all the earth:

If still your heart is hardened in ignorance and pain,

Then still the earthly clamour and learn to pray again.

Deep-wrap your soul in silence, and light the inward gaze,

Let joy enfold you softly in ecstasy and praise,

Of all the glowing comfort, no human words can tell

When Spirit voices murmur, "Beloved, all is well".

And when the Holy Angel, strong-winged by God's own Grace

Shall lift you up to glory to find your rightful place;

Reach out your hand in spirit, fast joining love to love;

Then know in full assurance, "There is a GOD above".



The need for prayers to help those in various states in the Spirit Worlds, is emphasized in the following request from a worker in Spirit:-

"Good evening; God bless you all, and may the peace of the Son rest and abide in your hearts forever, making you truly His own children. I come to you for a short while on the vibration of peace, which is the loveliest of all gifts.

Beloved, I come as a beggar to ask for charity. On your earth-plane, and especially in this particular part of the world, it is a very frequent occurrence for you to be asked to donate to a charity by collectors in your high-ways and by-ways for various worthy causes, all of them devoted to promoting peace through well-being to those less fortunate than yourselves, and I come tonight on a like mission.

Alas, I have no box for you to place your coin in, but I come with a receptacle from Spirit to ask you to give light. In the World of Spirit, we do not use gold coins, but we use golden flames to help those in the Spirit who are less blessed with peace.

I am but one of a band who go down into the darkness seeking to find those who have lost their peace of soul. Beloved friends, each one of you here, even the youngest amongst you, knows what a dreadful thing it is for you when you lose your peace of mind. Here upon the earth, it can be anything from a slight irritation to a terrible and dreadful catastrophe. Therefore, I beg of you, use your imagination just a little to see what it is like in the darkened spheres for those who have lost the peace of soul.

The peace of the human brain is a temporary thing that passes without staining permanently the everlasting part of life, but for those that dwell in the darkness of disrupted peace, there is nothing except the light that can be formed by the Grace of God, in the loving generous hearts and minds of His children, and from those on the earth-plane who give of this charity, we can collect so much that can be used in those spheres.

You may wonder at this, but when I tell you that your earth-plane in some of its vibrations, is very close to the pits of despair, you will understand our gratitude, when by meeting here in faith and peace, you make it possible by creating a fountain of love for us to come and draw supplies.

Beloved friends, imagine for a little while that you are in the darkness of spiritual despair; it is a very dark darkness, and very cold and uncharitable, and you have been there for a time of which you have no count. You do not know from whence your hope can spring; you perhaps have not the knowledge of the grace of prayer, and then after an endless time, a small light comes floating through the darkness.

It may be a golden star, or a little candle flame and you think 'There is light!' You do not think that it is just small, for to one in the darkness, the tiniest spark is as the glory of the Sun, for it is warming and it is a sign of hope.

And so each one of your thoughts that go out in charity, especially to those that perhaps have injured you in the past, and have passed on; goes straight to that one, carried by such as I, and oh, my friends, what a glorious happiness it is for us to be able to take a particular flame of love to one person who is lingering in the darkness of remorse for wrongs done and left un-righted.

So I come tonight to ask you for peace for those who are below astral, and perhaps these few thoughts that I leave with you will enable you to see more clearly their need, for I speak on their behalf.

Forgive me if I have trespassed upon your time too much, but I felt that this was the opportune time to speak for them and for their need; and every time you see a collecting-box on your earth, think also of those to whom coinage is of no use, but only the peace that can come with the warmth and comfort of a loving thought, sent by the Grace of God through His Son the Prince of Peace, to such as I who take our golden light that we can collect, to those poor benighted souls who so badly need peace.

"I leave you the Peace of God and His dear Son, and I thank you for your patience. Goodnight."


It is a sobering thought that the power of prayer can have such far-reaching effects on those who are perhaps strangers to us. To many who read this for the first time, it may sound fantastic that souls should need help at all on the "Oher Side" of Life. But it is a fact nevertheless, and should spur us on to give more thought to intercession on their behalf. Imagine if we were in a like position at some future time. Our gratitude for the prayers on our behalf would be inexpressible.

A similar request was received from Mary of the Rose on another occasion. It speaks for itself:-

"May His Grace and His Peace be ever with you, and may His Spirit abide in your hearts as a comforter and a leader along the path of eternal life.

It is indeed a great pleasure to speak to you at this time of the year. I am Mary of the Rose. At this season of the year it is my custom to make an appeal for the children in the World of Spirit, and once more I ask you to remember them very specially at this time in your prayers and in your thoughts.

We have many little ones who have come over to us recently, to whom Christmas-tide has meant but little, but we hope with the help of people such as you, that we may create something of the conditions of an earthly Christmas-tide, We cannot give these newly-passed children a Heavenly Christmas; they would not understand it or appreciate it, and therefore we desire to give them an earthly Christmas. There will be the religious side for instruction, but there will also be a material side of parties and festivities. There will be a little difficulty in a few cases to supply the necessary vibrations from Earth.

Therefore I ask you, each one of you, on the day before Christmas Day, to adopt as it were, one" of our little Spirit children. THINK OF THEM; you need not know them by name. Visualise a little child and SEND OUT YOUR THOUGHTS, and remember that in doing this, you are rising above self; you are forgetting self, because it is not done for anyone that belongs to you, that is closely linked in kinship; it is not done for the hope of reward; it is not done for an exhibition before man and God.

It is done because it is the work that must go on and must be done for those who having come recently into our care, are not ready to receive too much of Spirit, but must for a time hold on to earthly vibrations. Therefore you do it without hope of reward, but you will do it from the goodness of your hearts towards children that have been less fortunate than their fellows, and this is what I would ask you to do; that on the; Christmas eve, you will send out presents to one child; decorate a Christmas tree if you will; SEND THEM YOUR LOVE and SEND THEM YOUR GIFTS that you would like one to have.

"I would ask you to try and take equal amounts of boys and girls; if you feel that you would like to make a special effort, take one little boy and one little girl, and send over the gifts for them by your thoughts and prayers, and be very assured that it will do a good and wonderful work, because if one child, and one child only, is given happiness and joy and confidence in the World of Spirit at the beginning of their journey into Eternal Life, then you have not believed and worked in vain.

I leave you with my peace, and the greater peace of Christ, and the Perfect Peace of God. Farewell."


Bereaved parents will read Mary of the Rose's message with great comfort, realising that they can give happiness to their "lost" child, and at the same time, obtain consolation themselves in the fact that all is well with children in Spirit.

The personal touch from Earth, however, is essential to smaller children who known the love of parents in their tender years. Instead of tears, there are prayers from Earth. As parents ourselves, Netty's message received many years after her passing, encouraged us to continue with our research. This is what she said:-

"Good evening. I wished to come seven days ago. I was here and was so anxious to speak once again to you and to mother. I have to tell you how very happy I am at the progress you have made; you have overcome so many obstacles, father. I am so proud of you, and I came to ask you to go on working for what you know to be right and truthful. There is work for you to do. Don't grieve because one door Is closed a little; it is all in order; it is all for a purpose. It is in order that a work that you have so longed to do, might take place, and mother will be able to help you more in the future, because there will be a greater bond of peace and understanding between you.

I bring greetings from Pierre, and I would like you to know that he and I are very happy together in the work that we do. He has finished his mission and has returned to me. Now for a little while we shall go into the hills and the mountains to find refreshment and to find peace together, just Pierre and I. No other will be manifested with us, but we shall take with us your loving wishes, and your loving thoughts, and we also will have the blessing of a very noble soul who has joined our hands together in love and harmony, and as one. we shall go together into the purple mists of peace for a time.

We shall have with us only the manifestation of animal kingdom. I have recently taken a little faun that came over in the hard winter that has beset the country where he lived. It is like Bambi, and he will be a companion with us. No! mother, I shall not take Lulu. Lulu is with grandmother, and is not willing to go into mountains, but we shall be happy, and I wished you to know something of our activities and our progression, so that you could follow us in thought.

We shall have the love and protection and the guidance from our teachers, who have told us that we have done well. We have also obtained a degree of proficiency in the series of training periods that we have undergone.

Pierre has completed his missions successfully, and has managed to bring great peace in the area to which he went. Now he has returned, as I said, and when we come back to the astral points from whence we will contact Earth, it will be my turn. It will be my turn to come and serve for a period, and Pierre will direct the power that will help me to manifest. I will manifest, and before we take our journey, we will stay long enough near you, to let you feel something of the happiness and the joy that is ours, and then together we will go to our happiness, and from there at some time during our stay, we shall contact one who will reveal to us the path of destiny that has led us to the point where we will be then, and perhaps if God grants it, will show us a vision of greater service and greater progression along the line of everlasting life.

All my love, and all Pierre's love, to you both." (Thank you Netty. Now that we know that you will be very happy, we are very proud, and it is a great privilege to stay behind here, and to carry on that work. We only pray that all of us here tonight may become worthy channels for the Power of Spirit.)

"Father, all people who are dedicated must become; it is the Law, and they do become. But the greatest pride to one on our side of life, is to be able to show to darkened souls the perfect harmony of thought that can exist between one living in the flesh on the Earth, and one dwelling in Spirit.

You see, good people, we have many on our side, amongst whom we work, who do not believe that union is possible between the Earth and the Spirit World. You have many on the Earth who do not believe, and who will not believe, and we have many on our side who do not believe. Those that have come over through violence, or through circumstances that are tragic; those who have nothing but bitterness in their souls for those who dwell upon the Earth, who say, 'I was let down badly'; for those who are over-anxious to get in touch with loved ones on the Earth, and have found their very anxiety a barrier, for the simple reason that all anxiety shows forth a lack of faith in the Loving Mercy of our God.

And those who loved people on the earth-plane who do not care. These hearts, these souls, must be helped and must be attended, and it makes it so much easier for very well-blessed spirits like myself, who have upon the Earth a mother and a father who have shown forth constant and enduring faith; from whom springs a light to which I may bring such souls as are given into my care. This is a great help to workers in Spirit.

That is why we say to you, keep faith with us; make a lighthouse that shows forth the steady beams of a soul who has accepted the truth of God's Mercy, and we can do much more than we could if we had no co-operation from the Earth. I am very blessed, and I thank God for the blessing that He gave me, when He sent me as a tiny babe, to those who have helped me constantly in my work.

It is, I know, difficult to educate and help a child who dwells on the Earth with its parents, for it means sacrifice. But to those who have children in Spirit, it not only means sacrifice to contact them, and to maintain that contact, but it means the showing forth of a constant undying faith to help one to grow and develop in another state of being, and to prove conclusively that death need never be a barrier between those who love and those who belong to one another.

Goodnight father, goodnight mother."

* * * * *

Another message received from Netty reads as follows:-

"Good evening. To thank you very much; to give you my love, and to tell you what great joy your thoughts give me. I am so proud of my mother and my father. Pierre and I were near the Earth today working, and playing a little, too. We had the old one with us. (Ouma ) They also learn.

Mother, if you could but know how wonderful my life is now, you would not only rejoice but you would congratulate me. My world is so sweet and so joyous that I grieve sometimes when I think that my mother and my father are still upon the earth-plane. But when I see what you do; when I hear what you say; when Iknow what you think, then my grief is turned to happiness, and I do not mourn any longer, because your work is sending over so much material with which the Guides can build and use for good purpose; then I am proud, so very proud. You sent your gift to me with love; I received It. But mother, what you and father and those like you, send over in thought, is more glorious than anything you could imagine.

Just think, only recently, there was a new rest-house dedicated in your names, I was there, and Grandfather was there, and Grandmother and my Aunt, and we were so happy, and also my cousin who is with me in Spirit. We were so proud, because as the Guide opened the building where souls may find rest when they pass from the earth-plane and yet are not ready for the Spirit spheres: as he lifted his hand in blessing, there upon the lintel of the door appeared your names, and the symbol that meant loving thought, and the guide said in his opening address that it was an example to us all, your faith; your beautiful strong, constant faith in Spirit and in Eternal Life, and my heart was saying, 'That is my mother; that is my father, and death has not divided us'. I give you all love and greetings from our spheres of life. Carry on. This little illustration will serve to show you that your work is not in vain. Goodnight."


At a christening ceremony held many years ago in Johannesburg, the congregation was addressed by a sister of mercy in the following words:

"In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I greet you and give you peace.

I am very privileged to come amongst you this night because of the special circumstances of the dedication this evening. Beloved friends, I am a spirit who manifests as a sister of mercy, one of a band who has the care of spirit children in the Realms of Eternal Light and Life, and it seems very appropriate that I should come and speak with you for a short while on the work that we do for the children on our side.

It is very difficult for earthly people to realise, especially if they have no higher teaching, that when a child is born amongst them, it is not merely a procreation of flesh, neither have they any influence on the spirit that manifests within that flesh, but nevertheless they have been granted a guardianship by the Covenant that God made with men, for God said, 'If you love one another, and you cleave to one another, and you procreate your kind in love, I shall bless this love with my Spirit, and I shall make the flesh come alive', and the Covenant of God has been established with men, but because of the lack of vision, men and women on your plane, especially in this age, are neglecting their duties towards not only the flesh they have procreated, but towards the spirit that has come amongst them, and beloved friends, when parents neglect their duties towards the flesh, they make trouble for themselves in the flesh.

It is well-known that a child that has no example, a child that has no training, becomes something that is unwanted, something that is unloved, something that has lost the divine inheritance of every little child, the sweetness and the purity of a well-loved babe.

How much more then is it when you neglect your duties towards the spirit, for when the spirit is residing within the body of a child, it needs somuch more care, for it is an adult spirit, remember, within the body of a little child. It cannot express itself fully; it finds frustration that adults cannot understand, but if they were trained with the eyes of the spirit, they would understand these things and be able to help the soul.

When children pass to Spirit, and they are freed from the flesh, the training is all the more important for many reasons, one perhaps because the child has not received earthly love, and perhaps because the child has received a full measure of love; we have them within our care, all kinds and conditions, in all states, and I would ask you to dwell for a short while on these things, not merely to see the children in your midst, but to think of those who have passed; they cannot pass from childhood to adulthood all at once.

The etheric body must grow and develop in order that the spirit might still have the experience that will serve it. How well God loves these little ones. In your dedication tonight, the minister said in God's words. 'I will give Thee guardian angels', and this is so true, but how few on earth realise this glorious truth that God loves the little ones so well, and He knows that they have greater need.

Therefore, when a soul is about to leave the Spirit World to manifest in the flesh, there are those appointed to have them in their holy care, and there is one in particular; one spirit who, taking the soul by the hand, dedicates themselves to that spirit from the time they leave the Spirit World until the time they return again to their appointed place. In this movement you know them as Doorkeeper Guides; this is a very holy work.

These are literally the Angels that God gives charge over you to see that you come to no harm; to see that the day comes when you are led back into the Fold of Eternal Life, and tonight, seeing the ceremony here, I was reminded so much of the beautiful dedicated ceremony that we have when a soul is about to depart to the earth-plane. It is very beautiful and very solemn.

Tonight from your side, unless you have the psychic vision, you could only see the acts of the physical; you saw and heard the words, but from our side of life, we saw the beauty of the spiritual dedication, and it is so with our ceremony when one is appointed to go forth into the flesh, and another is appointed as a Guardian Angel, the beauty of the ceremony is unforgettable, for there is nothing physical in it.

There is a little sadness my friends, because we know that the earth-plane and the earth-way is a hardship and a difficult one, and it may be that the soul about to tread an earthly way, is a brave and courageous soul who knows that in the experience they may find hardship, they may find suffering, misunderstanding, perhaps actual unkindness; therefore we know from our side that we must play our part in helping all earthly people, especially during childhood, and if it happens that these flowers are unable to grow in an earthly garden, and God calls them into a more suitable state and sphere, they come into our care, into the care of spirit such as I, and we have to see that in their etheric body, they receive the training that is necessary for their spiritual development.

Beloved friends, this task is not always easy. Sometimes when the babe is young and does not remember parents, we can do much; we have a little flower that has hardly known the earth, and we can let it grow in all its spiritual beauty. But I speak this night on behalf of those children who have known a parent's love. It is very hard to say to these children, "You will see your parents again', for they naturally need the presence of those they know and love.

We can bring them back sometimes when the conditions are good, to see their parents, but the ideal state would be for the parents to know what has happened to their child; for the parents to play an active part in joining with us in helping to bring up this immature etheric body, and it is possible where there is enlightenment, where you truly believe that there is no death, where you know that God is a God of Mercy, and God is a God of Love; that He would not take away your flowers to destroy them but only that they might grow and bloom in greater beauty in the Spirit Realms, but also in His Mercy, He does not intend that parents should suffer this terrible bereavement without knowledge; that they should be able to contact their loved ones, that they should be able to know how their children are being cared for, how they are growing up, and that they should remember that these children that have known an earthly love, are in greater need of love than those that have not known, and to believe and to know, that their child is living and has need, and to send forth in their prayers the thoughts of loving-kindness that they would bestow upon their little ones, if that little one was still in the body with them.

Now my friends, there is a season of the year approaching that is especially for little children, the Christmas season, and it may be that this is the last opportunity I shall have to appeal to you, and to those to whom you can speak.

REMEMBER MY CHILDREN THAT I HAVE WITHIN MY CARE, if there are any amongst you that have lost a little one. DO NOT FORGET THAT LITTLE ONE at this time of the year. SEND THEM A GIFT; visualize it in your mind, send it out on the wings of prayer to the Father, believing that your child will receive the gift, and I personally assure you that your child will receive it, exactly as you would wish; receive it with your love and with your thoughts which are so precious to us of the Spirit World.

It is not so much, my friends, that the gift is necessary, but it is the thought that sends the gift; then we can say to these little ones, 'You see, you are not forgotten; your mother and your father still love you; they still think of you; they know that you are with us; they know that you live, and they have sent you this beautiful gift', and there is proof before our little children that they are held still within your mind and within your heart and within your love.

I make this appeal because I know that when a child is grieving for a loved one, it is very difficult to reach the soul; it is very difficult to turn their eyes in another direction, especially when they are not in the physical body. It is easier to do so when you can offer your children physical distraction, but we cannot do that; we can only see the true feeling in the heart, and there is no feeling so great, no attraction so great, to a child, as the loving need of its mother.

Therefore, I make my humble appeal to you who have faith; to you who believe that life goes on. REMEMBER YOUR CHILDREN IN SPIRIT, and co-operate with us in helping to make them truly flowers that will be worn on the breast of Jesus the Christ.

Goodnight, and thank you for listening."

These words have great meaning for the bereaved parents, there is a challenge to their faith in continued existence. Where there was doubt, a new vision of service opens up; the ability to help their little ones grow up in Spirit. This in turn, brings happiness to all concerned. Spiritual vision; the gift of God. Whoever feels thirsty will of himself come to the river; the waters of truth await those who would drink.


The following message from Spirit will give refreshment to many thirsty souls:-

"The voice of truth sounds often upon the dark star called Earth, and the thunder that it makes causes men and women to be afraid. Therefore it is courage that listens to the trumpet of God when it sounds it's call and issues it's challenge to the races of Man, when it calls those that lie imprisoned and enchained by materialism, greed, selfish desire, fear, domination, tyranny, hopelessness, apathy; chains that bind the Glory of God the Spirit while it is one with the blood and the water of physical manifestation.

The simple words of truth spoken by God's Son Jesus of Nazareth, have been fashioned into chains to tie down those that He came to set free, by the powers of darkness that are loved by those who sin, and by those who wilfully refuse to listen to the Voice and the Word of God. And yet again in His Mercy towards His created people, and through His love that He bears towards the earthlings, the Father Spirit God makes His Voice to sound yet again and yet again.

To many and to individuals He speaks; He speaks through the Spirit to the Spirit, and only the Spirit can hear, and only the Spirit can believe, and only the Spirit can obey. He speaks in His Mercy to those who believe and see and know only the blood and the water of material being; He makes a Voice to sound through His chosen instruments, through the life of the world in order that they too may be gathered in.

And to those who do not believe either through the spirit or through the flesh, He extends Mercy in the works of His Power; the works that are given to the world by healing, by so-called miracles, by the return of manifestation of the so-called dead, and also by the examples of those who have found the pearl of great price. And so men and women are saved through faith alone, the faith to believe in any one of the manifestations of God's Love; in answering the call and finding the courage to face up to the challenge of that call for when you hear the Voice of God, and when you believe in what the Voice says, then you know that you too are part of that Voice, and one day in service you become also the Voice of Spirit and the Voice of God.

And until the last one is gathered in, there will be need of those who have found the truth through their faith and their faith alone. You cannot come into the Kingdom by works alone; you cannot come into the Kingdom by Spirit alone; you cannot come in by flesh alone; you cannot come in except through faith; faith in the ultimate goodwill of God towards His children.

It is not easy to have that faith when things go wrong, either in your own lives or in the lives of those you love and care for and sacrifice for. It is not easy to have faith in the Omnipotence and perfect Wisdom of God's Will. Men have eyes and ears, they would hear and they would see; they find it hard to believe in that which they do not see, and to have faith in that which they do not hear, and yet those that believe and have not seen are thrice blessed, because those that see and those that hear may still not have the faith to enter into God's final plan of salvation.

'Except ye become as a little child', One said. Think of children how easy they will believe and trust in one they love; they will believe, it matters not how fantastic and improbable the story is if it comes from one in whom they have faith, they will believe, and the Reading tonight said, To those that have faith, and through that faith believe in the plan of God towards mankind, they will come in, and in no way be disillusioned or let down'.

The truth is simple, and because of its very simplicity men reject it, and yet they accept the distorted chaotic versions of truth that are sold to them by the ministers of dogma and creed; they reject the simple teachings of a Christ Spirit, because they do not see Him, and they do not hear Him in the Spirit, and they do not have the faith to believe in the words that He spoke, but they will accept a distorted version, a version that causes them to carry heavy burdens of fear and doubt, because it is given by one that they can see and contact and speak to. It may be one with a strong will or a strong personality, but one who even as Job's friends, spoke without knowledge and without faith.

The voice of truth can do all things, and faith is the power to believe in truth, in the simplicity of truth. The parents of children, if they are wise, do not expect those children to assimilate knowledge that is suitable for an adult. As St. Paul said, 'Children must be given milk; adults stronger food'. It is therefore God's wisdom to see that the truth is so simplified and so acceptable in all Its forms that the smallest and most immature of His spiritual children can accept it, believe in it, build on it, and finally accomplish their destiny and their full stature and maturity of soul.

It is not a good thing to take the food of children away and give them other food that they cannot digest, or food to cause them harm, and this has been done on your planet over and over and over. The simple truth of the teachings of the One who came from God, He who brought the water of life and the bread of life, that will sustain every living man and woman upon your earth for all generations; that simple teaching has been taken away and distorted out of all recognition, out of all harmony, and instead of being the instrument of peace and progression, it became the cause of strife, dissension, and all the blackest horrors of war and torture and tyranny and fear amongst mankind.

Now in His Mercy, God calls yet again, "Come back, come back, and eat of the bread of life, eternal life. Ye will never hunger again when you have partaken of this bread'. 'And the water of eternal life; ye will never thirst again, once you have partaken of this water'. It is a simple truth this illustration of water and bread; it was a simple truth of which Christ spoke when He said to His disciples, 'This is My body; take it, eat, and this is My blood which is shed for the redemption of Man'.

But it has been taken and distorted; it has been taken and fashioned into that which Man cannot accept in his soul, and so the disharmonies between the water and the blood and the spirit have arisen, and from these disharmonies the ills that beset you have grown and tormented you from generation to generation.

You have in your individual lives the opportunity in this age, to accept truth, if you seek for it and find it, but you will find it only through your faith in God's goodwill towards you to allow you to find it, and when you find it, you will be astonished at the simplicity of it, and all the complications of the teachings that have beset your way, the confusions of thought, the arguments, will pass away, and will no longer trouble you, because through faith you will hold in your own hands the heavenly treasures of your Father Whose good pleasure it is to give you, the Kingdom.

But how many believe that it is His pleasure to give you His Kingdom? A simple truth that has been taught in the world, not for thousands of years, THAT MEN DO NOT DIE; being Spirit, they are eternal. Even this cannot be accepted except through faith. There are many who seek proof; like Thomas they must see the wounds, and they must put their fingers into the side of their Lord before they believe, and yet this without faith is of no value to you.

And so you seek for proof of this simple truth that you live on, and many say, 'I have found the proof and I believe', and their very actions prove that they do not believe, because they go on asking for proof upon proof upon proof, and it cannot come through that which their eyes behold; it cannot come through the hearing of of their ears, but only through the belief that is born in a soul that has faith in their God in their kinship with God; in their kinship with one another, and their ultimate goal of Divine Being.

I accept the truths in all their simplicity, and you will find that in this age, the peace that the world and its races have sought for, will come, but if you deny the word of truth, and the challenge of the call, then you will never know peace, either as an individual, as a family, as a race, or as a species.

Therefore believe and know that God will give you light, and God will give you truth without the distortion of human mind, if you will come in through the faith of your spirit, and believe that the spirit and the water and the blood are ONE."

The reader will no doubt notice the marked contrast in style between the above address which was given by an unknown control, and the appeal of Mary of the Rose. When the actual recordings are heard again and compared, this difference is all the more apparent, and convinces us that separate entities control the same channel at different times.

It is remarkable that all the controls who manifested over the years had no difficulty in maintaining a full flow of words which were enunciated with dignity, authority and purpose. No hesitancy in the delivery of addresses indicated a thorough knowledge of the various subjects dealt with. On many occasions, when a lesson was chosen just prior to the commencement of the church service by the chairman on his own initiative, the address which followed dealt most convincingly with logical interpretations of the particular lesson read out.


At one of our services the chairman chose the reading on the Last Supper (Luke 22 v 14-20) as he earnestly desired a ruling from Spirit on the dogma of Transubstantiation which he had never been able to accept in spite of rigid Catholic indoctrination in his youth. The medium had no knowledge of the lesson chosen, and heard the actual words read out a few minutes before she was scheduled to give the address under control.

The following is the verbatim record of the sermon delivered on that Sunday:-

"I greet you and give you peace in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit living forever.

Beloved earthly brethren, tonight you heard the story of the great gift that the Chosen of God gave to those who had been faithful and true, to Him and to His ministry; to those who accepted the word that He taught; to those that believed in that word.

The story of the Last Supper is one that has been read and told countless of times in the two thousand years that have elapsed since it actually took place in the upper room, and in order to understand fully its significance, you must use your imaginative powers to return back through the centuries to that time, and visualize, as it were, the scene that was made by the Lord Jesus and His disciples, and if you will faithfully do this, you will be, as it were, one in thought with that brotherhood.

Many interpretations have been given to this happening. It has been taught as dogma and creed; many theories have been advanced as to the true meaning of the act of Christ. Many people on the earth, both men and women, have suffered torture and death and shame, because they could not accept the particular dogmatic interpretation of their days. There have been many religious revolutions, wars, massacres, because some people refuse to accept the fact of the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine; that even when it is given, it is changed into actual flesh and blood within the person.

This we find indeed a thing to grieve over, that such a great and glorious act of Jesus of Nazareth towards His friends, as He called them at the end of His ministry-do you remember, He said to them, 'I no longer call you servants; I call you friends'- and to think that this great and wonderful gesture of brotherhood should have been used, or rather misused, to bring suffering and pain and sorrow to those that Christ came to suffer for, in order that instead of suffering, they might have life, and have it abundantly, and yet it was so, and still today upon your earth-plane we see the fanaticism and the intolerance that causes pain of mind and bewilderment of spirit over these same aspects of creedalism, and the interpretations of this glorious act of Christ.

So let us in the light of reasoning, of logical reasoning; let us in the light of spiritual love and brotherhood; let us in the light of the knowledge that Spiritualism has re-given to the world, that there is no death, and that man is flesh and spirit, and lives beyond the grave; let us in the light of the knowledge that all men are God's children, examine this act of the glorious Son of God, our Elder Brother.

Remember, He knew the destiny awaiting Him, and He was prepared to drink of that bitter and terrible cup. Think! Use your imagination! Could you face such a future? You who often go to mediums and people who have psychic faculties, to find out what lies before you.

Would you have the strength to know clearly that such a fate awaited you? To be mocked and jeered at; to be condemned and beaten and scourged and crucified; to hang in sweat and pain and torment, while people betrayed you, and made a mock of all that you held dear, and worse than this, tried to pull down in ruins and cover with ignominy the glorious message of God that you had brought. Think!

Christ knew full well that this did not primarily concern Him; not His own suffering to be; His own shame, for it did not touch Him. HE WAS CONCERNED FOR HIS FOLLOWERS; He knew that the test they had to undergo was indeed a great one. Would their faith break? Would they turn away and say, 'No, this cannot be the Son of God, otherwise He would have saved Himself. Would they believe in the Kingdom of which He tried to teach them? The Kingdom of Spirit, the Kingdom of Heaven; the place where He intended to 'drink new wine' and 'break the bread of God' and partake of it with the Angel Hosts. Or would they turn aside and no longer carry the torch for those in darkness?

This was the thought that was uppermost in the mind of Jesus when He made the covenant of wine and bread, and the sharing. He knew that when the glory of the Resurrection took place, and the Holy Spirit descended upon them, they would be fortified and empowered to do the work appointed to them; to carry the Word of God and cheer to those in bondage all over the world, in spiritual bond­age; to preach the good tidings that the Kingdom of God is Universality, its great gift.

He knew also that thetime would come when He would ascend to His Father, and then the real test of the disciples, the followers and the teachers would begin. The Shepherd was to be smitten and the flock scattered, and after the Shepherd had departed unto His place, what would come to the flock, if the appointed ones to care for them failed or forgot? Forgetfulness is one of the great enemies of progression. When a man or a woman forgets what God has done for him or her, then indeed they are beginning to go down into the darkness of loneliness; they are forgetting the obligations of brotherhood.

And so, in order to sustain them in the years to come when He Himself could not appear to them, or manifest unto them, He established this practice of meeting together and sharing. 'Do this,' He said. 'In memory of me'.

Now we are in that upper room, and a silence has fallen, as silences will, when the human soul knows that something of great import is to take place, even though its nature is not revealed. The cryptic utterances regarding Judas have been made, causing them all to wonder 'Who? Who will betray Him?', and it is gone, and after the silence Jesus comes to His feet and stands there awaiting the revelation and the answer to His prayer, 'I have desired with a great desire to eat this Passover with you'.

What causes a great desire? Love; He loved them, and He loved the lambs of God. His scattered sheep that He would have gathered beneath His wings. 'How often would I have gathered you beneath My wing,' He said, 'but ye would not.


So He said, in order to impress it upon their minds, 'Take this cup and share it amongst you, that you may remember at all times the symbol that I have shed My blood for you, and for all those who seeking time to atone, will turn once more to the righteousness of their Father, and in sharing the wine, remember when the time comes, as you share My suffering, you will also share My qlory, and when thy cup of Heaven is passed, it shall be put into your hands, and you shall drink of the eternal power of Light, for that is what the cup of Heaven holds'.

Then He lifted the bread and blessed it and broke it. Do you remember the symbol of the bread when He fed the thousands of hungry people that clustered around Him? Bread is the symbol of life on the earth; the staff of life, bread. For generation unto generation the cry has been 'Give us bread'. And He broke it and said, 'This is My body that is broken for you; take it and eat it', and He gave them bread as a symbol of their sharing, that their bodies too would be broken, that the bread of Heaven would await them, and from His hand they would receive that bread of life; not the life of the earth, but the life of the Spirit.

Did He not teach them, 'With patience you will gain your souls', and with that soul they could eat of the bread of Spirit. You are spirit even as " they and you live, but will you live in the grey mists of sin and apathy, or will you stretch forth your hands to share the wine and the bread of God in glory and light and truth and peace and happiness beyond all describing? CHOOSE, for the choice is yours.

Today in your religions, this thing has become a ritual; you receive a piece of bread, and you receive wine, but there is no true communion of the heart and the soul is not in tune with Spirit that is God. Who was it that taught, 'God is a Spirit; you must worship in spirit and in truth', and a new thing is taught; not the eating of a piece of bread, and the drinking of a little wine, but the stretching forth of the soul to share the lot of Jesus of Nazareth; TO BECOME HIS FOLLOWER, and TO BELIEVE AND TEACH HIS WORD. And what is that word?

'THOU SHALT LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY STRENGTH, AND HIM ONLY SHALT THOU SERVE.' And what is this God that you shall do so much for? GOD IS A SPIRIT, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU. Therefore you are Spirit; therefore God is within you. So the Second Commandment is also truth, ‘THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF,' and the great knowledge that comes in the practice of this sharing, OUR GOD IS ONE; ONE SPIRIT, THE SPIRIT OF ALL THINGS AND ALL LIFE.

So stretch forth in that upper room in your mind; eager hands and eager hearts and eager minds, to share the bread and the wine of Christ Spirit, in order that having life which is God's gift to you, you may have it abundantly according to the word of His glorious Son.

Peace I leave with you, and His love for evermore."

Not a single word has been added or removed from this outstanding sermon, and the original recording can be heard to verify this. How many human beings could deliver a similar address with only minutes to spare after listening to the lesson? Its logical interpretation of the real meaning of the Last Supper must surely appeal to the earnest seeker after truth. Its very simplicity makes it ring true; can there be any other explanation?


On a few occasions, the medium herself gave the address at a Sunday service without taking control. Conditions at public services are not always ideal for making a suitable contact with Spirit sources. This is due to various causes into which we cannot go at present .

An interesting experiment took place on the 30th June, 1957, when Mrs. Pearce gave the address personally in the Benoni Church. The lesson chosen for this morning service was Luke 16: 19-31. In the evening of the same day she attended the service in Springs Church when the same lesson was read out, but this time Wu Lan, the Chinese philosopher, took control and delivered the sermon. Here follow the two addresses:

Mrs. F. Pearce:

"Well , friends, this is in the nature of an experiment, and the guide has permitted me to address you directly without control, and he gave me the reading of the parable of Dives and Lazarus, and he said that this parable has tremendous significance for Spiritualists. It is one that is seldom read from Spiritualist platforms, and yet it is frought with such meaning, and teaches so many lessons that it should be studied more often.

When our Lord taught the people, He had to use illustrations that were within their understanding; they had been taught of an orthodox heaven and an orthodox hell, and He knew that it would be too revolutionary to overturn these orthodox teachings, and He drew many pictures from the terminology of the orthodox teachings, such as hades and heaven, and hell and paradise, and also the picture of Abraham and his bosom. Now, to the ancient Hebrews, to be in Abraham's bosom was the height of perfection; that was the goal of all good and aspiring Jews. It is only a term because as we know, it wouldn't be very comfortable if everybody was in somebody's bosom, but still it is a term denoting a very perfect spiritual state.

Now with regard to the parable of the rich man receiving evil things when he passed over, and the beggar receiving good things, this is not strictly what was meant. What was meant in the fact that they received their reward, was that Dives, the rich man, was very guilty of sins of omission. It is not a sin to be rich, it is merely a sin to be selfish; to allow your worldly wealth to make you forget the needs of others.

"He probably thought he was doing Lazarus a great favour by allowing him to lie at his gate, and give him the crumbs, and I suppose really he was a very good orthodox man; he went to his temple, Solomon's Temple, and probably was amongst the rich people that gave of their abundance into the Treasury, and I suppose really he observed every law and every rule of religion, and only ate the food that was prescribed by religion, and so on and so forth, but he allowed his state of comfort to make him forget his duty to those less fortunate than himself, and that is why I think Jesus tried to teach that such people had to be taught the sufferings of others in order that they might understand them.

Now Lazarus the beggar, he suffered very much while he was on the earth, and we are told that when he passed over, he was taken into a spiritual state of grace and beauty and happiness. Now I don't believe for a moment it was because he suffered; I think perhaps it was because he had paid his debt.

We are taught a great deal of Karmic Law in our movement, and I like to feel that perhaps when he reached the other side of life someone said to him, Thy sins are forgiven thee', and that he had paid his debt on this earth, and was now received in a state of grace. And I think these are the things that Christ tried to teach, but the guide told me that one of the most important things in this parable is that Christ was teaching an afterlife; He was teaching that when men died there was a further life afterwards, because it says quite clearly that Lazarus the beggar died and was taken into Abraham's bosom. Therefore, Christ must have taught an afterlife in Spirit; it is quite clear, and that even those that sinned, whether they were sins of omission or commission, they are also living after the transition called 'death'.

Here, besides teaching the Brotherhood of Man which Dives forgot, He teaches the Fatherhood of God, and the continuity of life. And going on, the parable teaches us that there is a great gulf fixed. Now orthodoxy has often said, to refute our Spiritualist movement, that Christ taught that there was a gulf fixed between this life and the next, and no-one could pass over, but as the guide pointed out to me, this is not correct.

What Christ taught was that there is a gulf fixed between a state of happiness in the other world, and a state of remorse and retribution, and that it is difficult for souls that are progressed to come down, as it were, into the darkness to help those that are lying there, and also that those that go into retribution cannot, unless they have paid their debt come up to that state of happiness that they would like.

But in this parable it says nothing whatsoever about there being a gulf fixed between this earthly life and communion, because Abraham didn't say to Dives, 'One cannot go from the dead; one cannot return'; he said 'If one should return, they will not believe'. We as Spiritualists know that to be true. How often have these souls come from the world of Spirit to say, 'Please, please, try to obey the Laws of God, because life goes on, and when you get over to the other side, it is difficult to make reparation'" I have often heard 'rescue' cases, for instance, admit that they find it impossible to make good that wrong that they did when they were on the earth-plane, and here we are plainly taught by Christ Himself that once you pass over, it is very difficult to make amends for that which you did and that which you left undone on the earth-plane.

But in the admission that He makes here, that 'one could go but it would be of no use', as He said, 'they have Moses and the prophets'. They had the Ten Commandments, and they had all the wonderful teachings of those men of God who were chosen to bring the Light through a physical vehicle, and He said, 'if that isn't enough for them, they wouldn't believe if one returned from the dead', thereby, to my mind, giving us to understand that it is possible.

It is possible, I believe, to establish a communication between the spheres, those below astral and those above, but only by an act of Grace, We hear a great deal in our movement of 'rescue' work and I feel that these things are treated far too lightly, and we hear a great deal of Spirit communication, and I feel too that people would mislead others into understanding that it is an easy thing: it isn't, and this parable teaches that it is not an easy thing, because Dives just wanted a drop of water, and Abraham and all those in a like state would surely be wilting to give that water.

If a person came to your door and said 'I am hungry and thirsty', I do not think that there is anyone here who would not give them food and drink. But they were not able in this case to help Dives; a great gulf was fixed. Now in this simile of a great gulf, we are inclined to think of a ravine or a big pit over which we cannot cross, but Christ had to use that simile because He knew that if He started to talk of vibrations and spiritual states, then that would have been completely out of their depth. He had to take them step by step, so He used this picture, and in a great many cases where this is donein the New Testament, orthodoxy has translated it literally, and that is where we have these fixed limitations in orthodoxy that we cannot get round.

But today with superior education, where people are allowed to think for themselves, and allowed to speak their opinion, we find that we cannot understand some of these parables when they are translated literally. But if you think of vibrations as we know them, it becomes quite clear. It becomes clear as to why it was impossible for these high souls and these purified ones,to go over or to contact those that were lying under the law of retribution, and often in the goodness of our hearts we would forgive everything, and we do, but it is still impossible to help them.

Even on our earth-plane now where we live we find that; you find that because you love someone you are willing to condone much that they have done wrong; you are willing to forgive, but you can't help them. You really can't because they are free in their own particular vibration of thought and action, and when you are free from the flesh, you find it is far more difficult to help those that are two or three states removed from you either way. You can neither contact one or help the other unless by your desire you beseech the Spirit of God to so enable you to do, and then you will find you can only contact for a short while.

The idea of reaching up to another sphere, we use these terms; you can borrow Light; after all, we all borrow Christ's Light, but you cannot retain it until you are of that same spiritual level. You find in this life as you go along, there are times when you feel very good; you feel in a state of Grace: you feel light and pure and nearer to God, but that state doesn't continue. Sooner or later we seem to come down from the mountain into the valley, and we feel that we have fallen from grace, and sometimes we feel as much as we struggle we can't get back, but then the day comes when through God's Love we are lifted up again into that pure state. But each time you lift yourselves up by good living, good thought and prayer, you are lifting yourselves up a little permanently; you might slip back, but you never slip back as far as you were before.

In the question of 'rescue' work, you will find that you cannot permanently contact those cases. They can only come through a condition of Grace, and they are very much harder to obtain than we think. So, therefore, I feel that in a parable such as this, we can learn so many lessons, and we should study them and think about them, not in the light of orthodox teaching, but in the light of the teachings of Spiritualism. It is open to wider horizons of understanding, and then we would find that we still have Moses and the prophets, but more than this, we have the Christ Spirit, and once we realise that you will find that communion with Spirit comes naturally; it is not a thing that is forced. In our movement, unfortunately, to me it seems that there is a great deal of forcing communication; that is why it cannot be maintained; it is a sporadic thing.

But if you reach that state of spirituality of Christ-like endeavour, thought and action, you live permanently on that vibration where you consort with Angels; not at the times even when you draw aside from the world, but even when you are in the midst of materialism and life, when you are surrounded by people whose understanding is so low, whose greed and selfishness and envy so blinds them that you will maintain your contact with the Angel world; and they will not be able to drag you down in any way, or soil you in any way, but you will find that a great gulf is fixed between you and them.

When a person who is endeavouring to find Christ, finds themselves as you often do, in this life, amongst company that have forgotten their inheritance; they have forgotten they are Eternal Spirit, and who live only for their material comfort, something like Dives; don't you feel there is a great gulf fixed? You can be in their midst in a party where they are singing and laughing and joking, but there is a great gulf between you and them.

You may smile but you are not happy, and this is increased when you pass to Spirit, because there you are not imprisoned by the flesh; you find your spiritual level which we hope and trust as we seek and we find, and as we knock and the door is opened, will be one of eternal happiness and joy with like souls."

* * * ** *

Wu Lan (Su su Ling):

"Good evening and God bless you all.

It would seem tonight that I have to speak upon a theme that has already been treated with today. However, one can always find new aspects in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and on this point I would ask you to remember that those teachings have preserved their freshness and their beauty for hundreds of years, ever since they were first given to mankind. Do you ever ask yourselves 'Why?' Why they never pall, why they never grow stale; why that in the ear of a believer they sound like heavenly music? It Is because they are words of truth, and truth endureth forever, for truth is reality. Sometimes truth wears a very thick veil and men cannot see the beauty through the veil, but nevertheless, the day dawns for all men when the veil is drawn aside and the vision that comes in the beauty of truth, and the revelation of truth makes them realise that it is a thing that should be the birth-right of all men and all women.

In the parable that was read to you, you heard of a man who was thoughtless of the comfort of others, and you read what happened to him when he passed through the change called 'death'.

Now, we today from Spirit, in this modem movement called Spiritualism, try to convey to you in this age, the same teaching that that parable conveyed to the people to whom Christ spoke, and it is this, THERE IS NO DEATH. When the physical shell is laid aside, you are carried away to a new life. Did not Christ teach the same in the parable that you listened to tonight? And did He not teach that this happens to all men, rich and poor, well and ill, saint and sinner? There is a great teaching and a great truth to be realised in this.

"Many accusations are hurled against this religion, this philosophy, but we do ask you from Spirit to examine it in the light of your own reasoning powers, and shake off the dogma and the shackles thereof of orthodoxy. Do we teach anything that Christ did not teach? If we do, we do not teach the truth. There is no death for any living soul, and this Christ also taught.

But when the change came to these two souls their condition of being was very different; the rich man found himself in torment, not because he had been rich, but because he had allowed his riches and wealth to make him forget that others had a call upon him, and it is not enough to give bread alone, for Christ also taught this. You must give spiritual comfort, and you must give healing; you must be a channel for healing, and this, the rich man in all His comfort, forgot.

As Christ said to those of His day, 'Have ye not heard, I desire mercy and not sacrifice '. The wealth of Dives had nothing whatever to do with his future state; it was because he gave no comfort to the beggar at his gate, and no healing. Therefore his slate was indeed deplorable when he found himself on the other side of life. But what was his first thought when he realised what he had done, or what he had left undone? His brothers; those he had left upon the earth-plane in a like condition to his own life, and the fear that they too would find themselves in a similar condition to his own when they passed through the transition called 'death'. When they would find that the orthodox teachings of their day had failed them in Spirit; had misled them. Teachings that told them if they obeyed the priest-laws, they would find Paradise, thereby excusing them from doing their real spiritual duty while they were upon the earth-plane.

And Dives' first thought was for his brethren left upon the earth-plane, so therefore we know he could not have been such a selfish man deep down inside him; there was that intrinsic spiritual light that in time would bring him into a better state of being.

Now, today, what is the first thought of the vast majority of spirits that come from the earth-plane through the transition called death? You do not know? We from Spirit know only too well, especially those who are guides and guardians and doorkeepers. Their first thought is to tell those they have left behind that there is no death, that there is no reason to mourn in a spiritual sense; that it is possible to communicate, given the right understanding. They wish, if they find themselves as Dives did, to warn their loved ones, to follow after a better spiritual way, and if their lot is the happiness of the beggar Lazarus, they wish to share their joy they wish to tell their loved ones upon the earth-plane, 'Do not fear, for in Eternal Life there is a reward for well-doing upon the earth'.

And yet, when we teach these things from Spirit, they tell us that it is evil. Orthodox churches condemn this work. Can you see so much difference between these true teachings, and the teachings of the great Child of God Whom we reverence and adore, and whose example we gladly follow in sacrifice and love? He taught these things; what we teach from Spirit is nothing new. Look in your record of Holy Writ; look in it with new eyes. Lay aside those things that you have been taught of literal translation, and see the spirit of love of the Christ Spirit shining behind the words, and remember He was speaking to a congregation of people who were somewhat different from yourselves, in the status of education and development.

But He spoke to them because He knew they were Divine everlasting Spirit, and that the words would sow seeds within their hearts and minds. But today in a new age you may think there is a new teaching; how can truth be changed? It must forever be the same; it may wear a brighter garment; you may see truth more clearly, but it is truth.

Christ taught the eternal existence of the soul, and He taught reward for well-doing in this life, and retribution for wrong-doing, and we from Spirit teach the same things, and He taught brotherhood, and He taught also that it is possible for souls to return from the 'dead'. But He also taught that in many cases they would not be believed; they would not be heard, they would not be seen, and it is true. If, when you live upon the earth as you do, and you are preoccupied by earthly things and material things of life, could you hear the voice of a spirit calling to you? Could you see the form of a loved one trying to give you truth? No! It forms a barrier.

Therefore, in the parable Christ taught that earthly cares can prevent you from communicating with your loved ones, and He made Abraham say, 'Even if one returned from the dead, they would not believe', but He Himself later on proved that when one returns to spiritually enlightened seekers after truth, there is a contact; there is all the wonderful promise of revelation. He proved it by His own Resurrection.

Therefore, from Spirit we say to you, live according to Moses and the prophets, and live even in a higher degree, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who gave you the two greatest commandments, 'Love God, and love your fellowmen', and you will find that when your loved ones come back to you, you will share their happiness, if happiness is their lot in the future world, and if their lot is one of remorse you will be able to share their load. Yes, you upon the earth-plane, for it is easier to work in the darkened spheres from the earth-plane than it is from the Realms of Light, directly.

And who better could help an erring soul than the one who has learned to love that soul through ties of kinship, and that is what we teach from Spirit, and that is what we call all men to do and to believe, that men may be joined together by the bond of a common knowledge of truth, and that they may lay aside the petty things over which they quarrel, the things of the earth that make a barrier to their Kingdom of Spirit.

But see to it, little children, that you in the vanguard of truth, find the Kingdom, and show it to others before you pass to Spirit; that when you come over there will be no barrier to love. Goodnight and God bless you all."

* * * * * *

Wu Lan's address does not perhaps cover as much ground as that of Mrs. Pearce, but the general theme is the same; the stress on eternal life, that there is no death, and the simple explanation of the "fixed gulf". It will be noticed that all these public sermons follow a pattern that is easily understood. There is no intricate dogmatical propounding of mysteries, or obscure occult trends that may confuse. The ordinary man and woman finds comfort in knowing that loved ones live hereafter; that there is no vengeful God waiting to punish sinners; encouragement is given without condemnation of our short-comings, and we are continually urged to lift ourselves spiritually. What more could we desire?

Some seekers might find these talks somewhat naive; perhaps too simple for their taste. This is understandable; there are innumerable stages of spiritual development. But the main body of mankind needs simple upliftment and explanation in their struggles to understand the purpose of living. If this book can light the path for one soul, then its purpose has been fulfilled.



In December, 1958, a group of interested people met together in Benoni, in a development class, as we called it. Questions were asked by different members of the class, and replies were given by Arbri, who in a former life, had been a Japanese girl. She was probably acting on this occasion, as the last link with earth from higher sources of information in Spirit. The verbatim record of some questions and answers is illuminating to say the least:-

QUESTION: Do you think that the classes have been a success, and should we carry on in the groups that have been found to work well together?

ANSWER:"Little man, we are very interested in the work from our side of life, and we feel it is a great step forward in your movement. We are trying to bring through to the world the message of universal truth. It Is very difficult when we come up against what you would call prejudices and fanaticism that is implanted in human beings because of earth training, and we know that we cannot always crush or break human beings' beliefs, even if they are wrong, but we must gently leave them until the time comes when they can join in tolerance with those of a different belief and point of view.

Now for this purpose we feel that to bring you together, and to get you working is a good thing, and as you say, if you feel you are in harmony with one another or one or two, there you can make your own group, your own circles, and you can sit for your development. If you come into any difficulty, then you can always ask at this school how you can overcome it, but in the past many circles have been made, and they have created intolerances instead of tolerance, and they have broken up in an atmosphere of heaviness which is wrong.

Circles must break, they cannot go on for ever. It is not good that they should do so, for unless a thing is spread out, it cannot grow, and it cannot spread the truth. You must share experience, and you must share truth, and you must share light, otherwise why do you generate it or why do you seek for it? You must share with those with whom you come in contact; do you understand? We are very pleased from our side to see such an effort being made, and it gives us great joy to see so many of you who come in week after week to learn more of Spirit life.

It is a very important thing for human beings to learn these things, and we are always amazed at the apathy with which this great truth is received in many, many ways because, after all, you will all pass through the veil one day and it is wise to know where you are going and what conditions will be like when you come over to our side, and how you can prepare the best possible conditions for yourself, and for your loved ones also.

That is wisdom, isn't it? And we would like to see many schools like this opened. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of the world. Do you know that? There are many circles and schools for lectures and discussions, but it is only in this school that people are encouraged to come and demonstrate themselves, and to learn the techniqueof demonstration.

We all have to progress; you on your side and weon our side. For instance myself and serene Wu Lan. He could not speak English when he first manifested. Now he speaks it very well, and I too. I could not speak English at all, but now I speak my instrument's language, and we can work inco-operation; do you see?"

QUESTION: What can you tell us about the Divinity of Jesus?

ANSWER: "With regard to the Divinity of Jesus of Nazareth, He was divine in the sense that all Spirit is divine; He was divine because He and His Father were One. He had reached a stage of development where He was in complete attunement with the highest possible manifesting form of God on the earth-plane, and the physical vehicle that He used was one that had been created through the, shall I say, the same channel that any other physical body was created, because otherwise He could have claimed an advantage, and He would not be able to say to others, 'I am the Son of Man'.

He called Himself the Son of Man for a purpose, and that any son of man could do likewise by following His way and His example and teachings. Do you understand? So therefore this doctrine of three in one. If you trace it back, the actual doctrine stems from pagan sources, but in the interpretation of spiritual truths it means that you manifest in flesh, which is the one form of manifestation and one vibration of manifestation; you manifest as an individual spirit, individualisation of God's Spirit; and you attune yourself by your divine relationship to the great Cosmic Power that we call God. God is a Spirit. So you get the three in one, and He was a three in one; do you understand? And so you could put that forward as a spiritualistic point of view, you see. But do not let this orthodox cant disturb you; they are high-sounding phrases of which those people that use them have no true understanding themselves, but they use them merely as a shield to cover their own ignorance of truth, and the day will come when they will no longer be necessary.

But Jesus of Nazareth was a vehicle for the Christ Spirit. He was born as man, and He developed and He grew and suffered as man, but He was enabled by His own spiritual individualism to tune in to very high sources, but He said 'That which I do, you may do also'. He made no claim to special divinity for Himself. It was His followers who made those claims on His behalf."

QUESTION: When we talk about Jesus Christ as being the Saviour of the world, is it that He is the Master, and that if we follow His teachings then we are saved?

ANSWER: "Little lady, there is a very deep meaning to being the Saviour of the world. There have been many saviours of the world, but you could be a saviour. If you work to draw Light to the earth, you become a saviour. If you work to spread darkness, you become a destroyer in yourself, you see. Jesus of Nazareth brought to the earth the greatest light, the greatest heavenly light that has ever been brought. That is acknowledged in all spheres that I have ever contacted in the World of Spirit. He said. 'I come to bring Light'.

Now at that time the earth was sadly bankrupt in spirituality. If you study the time in which He lived, there were dreadful things that were being taught to mankind. Even the pagans had lost their faith in their beliefs; the nature-worshippers, those who wor­shipped idols of stone, they too had become cynical, cruel, and did not know where truth lay. The old Greek philosophers who did bring light through reason to the earth, lacked heart. They brought the fore-running of the Roman justice, but it was Jesus of Nazareth who taught the creed of love - love those that wrong you. This was the new covenant, not only to love those that loved you, but to love those who did not love you, in order that you might be a saviour, as your Father is.

When the world is spiritually bankrupt, what happens? What do you think would happen. Take a simple example. On your earth-plane you have men and women who go bankrupt when they have not enough money to pay their debts. You cannot live as a man with full privileges in your society until you do pay your debt. What happens when a person is spiritually bankrupt? He must pay back. And when you have nothing to pay back; if you have sinned and sinned and been so cruel that you dwell in darkness what do you do for light? And if there is no-one to show you the light whereby you can repay, you stay in the prison of darkness, Christ said. 'God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that he" shall reap.' and you'll go in to prison, and do not come out until you pay the last farthing.

Now what would happen if the whole of your world was spiritually bankrupt? You would be in darkness, and what does darkness do? It destroys. It is the darkness that will destroy the world. It is darkness and evil that destroys your races, your social systems; the corruptness that creeps in.

But you understand, at that time the world was in darkness; it was spiritually bankrupt, 'Make light.' said the great God Jehovah, 'lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

Then who loved the earth sufficiently well TO PAY THE SPIRITUAL DEBT that is owing to the Lord? Would you? Would you have the courage to come and pay that spiritual debt for those who vilified you, and ridiculed you, and jeered at you, and crucified you? Would your love be great enough I to come to save a bankrupt world?

That is our spiritual interpretation of the Saviour of the world, and we who come from Spirit pay Him homage; we pay Him not exactly worship, because we only worship GOD, but we love Him, and we glorify His works, for Jesus of Nazareth did indeed save the world. By bringing His light He turned away the debt of bankruptcy, spiritual bankruptcy.

In that respect, He was truly a saviour of the world, but this has been misinterpreted by orthodox dogma and creed, and it has been so distorted by the powers of darkness, working through priestcraft. That it is said that He will be your saviour if you just call on His name, and thus mankind has been de­ceived in this great truth. Would One who said, 'A man reaps what he sows' so beguile you into saying, 'If you speak My name, you will be saved'? Did He not say. 'Not to those that cry Lord! Lord! will be given the Kingdom, but to those that DO THE WORK AND WILL OF MY FATHER'- Do you understand? Do you not see it makes a great glory of the Light of the Christ Spirit?

Man has tried to drag His great message down to his understanding of flesh: there is no saving in the flesh; flesh cannot save you, only the Spirit can save you: only the light of God's love WHICH WE CALL THE CHRIST SPIRIT, can enter in and save you. But He was the vehicle for that Spirit, and by bringing His light to the earth. He did indeed save the earth. Not in a day, not in a week or a year, but in the span of two thousand years since He manifested upon the earth. His light has not grown dim.

I come to bring light,' He said, 'and life, that you might have life abundantly.' How can you have life abundantly if you are taught that at death there is nothing? The abundance of life to you personally can never be in a heaven while your loved ones are in hell, or in hell while your loved ones are in heaven. Abundant life to you, means progressive existence, useful existence with those you love around you and with you; working in harmony and joy and love. Is not this abundance?"

QUESTION: Is it right that we should destroy animal life to feed ourselves?

ANSWER:"Little man, here I have to overcome a prejudice of my instrument, because she is a flesh eater herself. We would wish that she would not be, but she was born into a family where meat was the main food of the day that was given to her. Now, I would give you the teachings of Paul on that; that if you feel that you would benefit by abstaining from eating flesh, then do so, but do not take it away from one who has not progressed so far. It is a matter of development.

Animal life comes under special laws, and if they give their flesh in the service of mankind, they too reap the reward, for they too IN THEIR CAPACITY HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD. They are em­bodied forth for that purpose, and if it is man's will that they should be cut short for that purpose, then they too reap the reward for that which they have done in service to mankind. Do you understand?

You cannot make a broad or general statement that it is right or wrong. There are many people who would say that our Lord did not eat flesh, but there is no record of such a thing, for where He was offered flesh, He blessed the spirit of the animal who gave it. If you find that flesh is necessary to your general health; that it has been habitual to you to eat it, and that you cannot do without it, eat by all means, but do not forget to bless the spirit of the animal who gave it, and to bless the Law of God that takes away the sin of such an action.

We know that it would be wonderful if flesh was not eaten anywhere on the world's surface, but we see the day coming when it will be so, but it cannot be quickly; it will do more harm than good. Evolution must be gradual. There was a time upon your earth-plane when people did not eat flesh, but not through self-denial, but because it was a natural thing. They did not naturally eat meat. They were not endowed with the facilities to eat meat, but gradually through change and cataclysm where cannibalism came into being, so from the very lowest depths of meat-eating and flesh-eating, mankind is rising towards purity of living.

There are many who suffer in this cause needlessly because through ignorance and fanaticism they do not understand the spiritual laws governing a case like this. There are those who having over­come that habit of flesh eating, condemn those who still eat flesh. That is wrong. They must know that all men under the law of evolution, will one day come into purer living."


As there were no further questions after this, Arbri relinquished control, giving us her love and blessings. Wu Lan then manifested, and spoke the following words:-

"Good evening and God bless you all.

I come to close your meeting with a few words of encouragement to you all. Go on with your work, and your seeking, and your dedication, for when the time comes and your name is called home, you will find truly that you have already been dwelling in the home of your spirit, even while you manifested in the turmoil of earthly existence. Widen the horizons of your thoughts, open your hearts to tolerance and understanding; and where you come up against any religious fanaticism leave, it alone; do not attempt to combat it with anything else other than prayer, and that in time will overcome the intolerance that has caused so much distress upon the earth's surface amongst the races of mankind.

You have a great privilege, you Spiritualists. It is true you have made a religion out of your truth, or founded upon your truth, that has many aspects of orthodoxy, and has in the past been in great danger of making the same mistakes. That is why the tree of mediumship has been pruned to the very stump of the tree; that is why the cry has gone out. "Where are our mediums?' But the little green shoots are beginning to spring, and it may be that you or you or you are one of those small green shoots, and I say to you, that upon those green shoots rests the hope of salvation for mankind.

We would make your religion and your truth into a freer and greater and wider knowledge; one that can embrace all mankind, and so we have done this thing even as God said through His instrument. 'I will prune this tree; I will cut away the dead wood, and it shall be thrown into the furnace. I will prune it that it might bear more fruit'. And so this has been done in order to prevent the mistakes that were creeping into your movement having a disastrous effect on the main stream of psychic manifestation. and the freedom of spirit that we would bring to the earth, and gradually we will build up something that is new in your midst, and you may well be the forerunners of great light; the channels through which it shall flow to mankind.

It is a great responsibility. You will be tested and tried, for we cannot lean upon the reeds that break. See to it that you are true and faithful to the cause. Goodnight and God bless you all."

Some further pertinent questions that were answered by the guide Wu Lan several years later on the 13th August, 1960, must be included here, as they are of great interest and most illuminating.

QUESTION: Why does the healing done today not have the quick results which followed Jesus Christ's healing ministrations?

ANSWER: "You must remember, Jesus of Nazareth came for a purpose. It was promised to those who looked for His coming, that He would arise with healing in His wings, and so at that appointed time there were those who came to the Earth expressly for the purpose of this healing demonstration. Do you understand?

There is an instance in the records that Christ healed a man of whom His disciples asked, "Is it this man's sin, or his parents' sin that has caused his disorder?' Do you remember the story? Come! Speak, all of you; do you remember? (Momentary silence.) You do not study your Holy Scriptures much.

However, it was in question, I believe, of a blind man; is that not correct? (Yes.) And when asked this question regarding the cause of his affliction, what was the answer of the Master? Come, tell me. (It was: 'Neither he nor his parents, but that the work should be done.') Quite! Now you have a clue to your question, you see, to the answer. He came that it might be manifested in him.

Now I will tell you of another instance, when He raised Lazarus from the dead; He wept. Why? (He wept because Lazarus had to return to the Earth.) He wept because such demonstrations were necessary to the people because of their hardness of heart. Do you think that we as guides rejoice at the demonstrations from your platforms, oft-times? (No.) When through lack of faith in God things have to be said that cause the people to wonder. But in desperation almost Jesus of Nazareth said to His people, 'Believe, if only for the work's sake". The work, the work of His day was healing, so-called miracles; changing water into wine; changing a small amount of food into sufficient to feed hundreds and hundreds of people. This did not rejoice the heart of the Master Jesus; it caused Him grief, to think that the children of God had strayed so far from the reality of God, that such things were necessary, even to make them pause long enough to wonder, 'How is it done? In what way is it done?"

So, instantaneous healings took place because the time demanded them, and they had been arranged for, and the Power had found a channel that had been provided. Today such things are still possible; they are possible at all times, but only if the factors are in order; if the channel is there; the patient who can manifest healing within themselves, because the Power is always there. It is thechannel; it is the patient.

You see, this is difficult to explain to those who have good hearts, to those who follow or would follow in the steps of Jesus of Nazareth, for He said "Greater things than I do, ye shall do'. But it is at the appointed time, little children of the earth-plane, and you cannot bring forth a fruit in the Winter season. Jesus said, 'Mark the way of the fig-tree when she puts forth her branches, then Summer is nigh, when the leaves are seen, and the buds are about to break open'. It is the same with time; when the signs are there, know that the time is becoming ripe.

Healing has gone on through the ages, but in very crude ways, with some exceptions. Through the Christian channels it had been almost stopped with fire and rack and thumb-screw. Mediumship was almost stamped out in the Christian era, and only flourished in the East where such things were recognised, and in the native races, the aborigines who had no priests to tell them that the work of God was the work of the devil.

Now, know the signs of your times; the beginning of the latter days. You see the small buds begin to appear upon the fig-tree, upon the branches, so therefore be prepared, and the time is coming when the blossom will appear, and after the blossom, the fruit. You will not, perhaps, pick that fruit upon the Earth, but you will surely behold its goodness from the Realms where I dwell, and you will be responsible in your part for the goodness and the quantity of this fruit, if you will tend the tree now, and not look with longing eyes and idle hands for the fruit which is to come in the time of our Father God, is this clear? (Yes.)

For the time will come when those who attended the small saplings, and those who pruned the branches, and those who had patience to believe that the fruit would appear in its time, they shall all share in the harvest, not perhaps on this earth-plane, but they will share, for they are co-workers in the Vineyard of the great plan of God. But such questions that you ask are good; we must have more."

QUESTION: There is a great deal of talk amongst different people of different religions concerning resurrection. Many people say that it is the resurrection of the spirit; some define it as resurrection of the soul, and others say it is the resurrection of the body. What I would like to know is, will there be a resurrection at all?

ANSWER: " First of all. you would have to explain to me what you mean by resurrection."

(Well, from what I can gather, these people expect the second coming of Christ, and when that happens, the beginning of a thousand year period when Christ will rule the Earth, and that when He comes all those who have died, shall we say, will rise from the grave.)

"H'm, I would imagine that to be rather a messy affair. (Laughter.) However, let us look at this from a logical point of view. If you were Jesus of Nazareth, would you wish to rule over the Earth? (No, I don't think I would.) These things help when approaching such a profound question. Now, resurrection to most human beings, if they are Christians, usually takes the form of the rising up of the body, the physical; is that not so? (Yes.) As Jesus appeared to the disciples at Pentecost, but ask yourself one question, would this be an ideal state of being? Would it represent heavenly qualities to you, or to anyone present?

There again, you say Christ will come. What or who is Christ? What or who was Jesus of Nazareth? Why and how was the resurrection? Your question leads to a thousand others that must be answered truthfully before you could obtain the truth of the one. These people in these denominations that are so brilliant that they can tell God what He must do, amaze me. They never cease to fascinate me by their ignorance and egoism, and sublime indifference to the Glory of God.

They bring God down to their own little mould they would drag Him down to the grave and make Him there a mouldering substance that one day will be re-assembled at the blast of a trumpet, and these fallacies and phantasies and superstitions, they cling to with an obstinacy that never ceases to cause me to wonder, and yet to do the simple teachings, the simple commandments of a Loving Father, they find it much too arduous, and they seek for any possible excuse, so that they may hold their hands and their minds and their tongues from comforting and serving their fellow-men.

However, resurrection means re-birth, is that not so? (Yes.) Re-birth is a condition of Eternity, for if there is death, there must be re-birth, otherwise there is no eternal cycle of life. To be resurrected in the flesh; well, it was done for a demonstration to prove Spirit return; the possibility of it, but no other good purpose is served by this demonstration. Can you tell me of one, little children? Think! Wake up! Think! (The resurrection of Lazarus.) The resurrection of anybody. You have attended the materialisation seances; what does it demonstrate to you? Tell me; come, speak. (Spirit return.)

Good, but would you consider it an ideal state of being to continue in such a condition for a thousand years? (No.) Would you like to inhabit the body you have now for a thousand years? (No.) But if you wished for this thing, 'As a man believeth in his heart, so is he'. God has given all things to His children; all power.

There are those who study things, who cling to them, as I say, with a fanaticism that is beyond all believing. These people who teach these things, who dictate to God what must be and what He must do. If this happened to them, if by their very willpower they created these conditions for themselves, will it mean happiness for them, do you think? The very worst thing that could befall them, would be the very thing they say is true.

But it is possible; re-birth, resurrection; reincarnation is a form of resurrection of the body, is it not? (Yes.) And it is a fact, and it is a truth, not perhaps easily demonstrated, but it is a truth, and that has been made also for a purpose that it should not be easily demonstrated to the masses, for Christ Himself said, 'Lest they should see; lest they should hear; God has made certain things so'. Do you remember that part of your Scripture of your teachings of Christ?

But to those who believe, and those who are looking for salvation shall come the revelation of truth. If you wish for resurrection in the flesh, you may have it; it is obtainable by your very will when you pass to Spirit, you can go into unconsciousness and know nothing until you are re-born on the Earth. So, you are resurrected in the flesh; it is what you wish.

But there is another resurrection. There is a resurrection of the spirit. Would you prefer this? For God has given the Kingdom to His children, and the Kingdom is within. Would you rise in a perfect body, one that knows no pain, no suffering? Before whom the horizons of action, thought, creation, open-Service, glory, beauty! You are resurrected in the Spirit, because when you live in the Spirit World under Spirit conditions you see things reversed and to go to the Earth is death.

You die to Spirit to be re-born in the flesh, but the death of the flesh is the resurrection of the Spirit, when you rise to a higher state of being. If you wish for this then you will obtain it, because as you wish for it, you seek for it. Why do you all seek knowledge of Spirit being? Have you asked yourselves this question? 'Why do I do what I do?' Oh, yes, some of you ask, 'Why do I go on working in the Spirit channels; why?' 'Is it because I can't help myself, perhaps?' Perhaps, being your nature, you cannot help yourselves to be otherwise. But I tell you, it is because in your souls you long for rebirth in the Spirit, for the resurrection of the Spirit, when it comes out of the tomb of the flesh, and rises free, re-born into a brighter, happier and more glorious state of existence.

So, now with the soul; you said, "Is there resurrection of the soul?' If by the soul, you mean the highest part of the Belng you call God; the indestructible, the unchangeable; I say to you, there is no resurrection of the soul because the soul never dies. The soul is unchanging, undying, ever-living; it is the part of God that always is, therefore when one attains tn soul-status, one does not die, one is not resurrected because there is no need.

Now the other part of your question; Christ will come, or will Christ come? Or Christ is coming and will reign on Earth for a thousand years. Who told these people the length of His reign? Who informed them of this great secret of which Christ Himself said, 'No man knoweth; no flesh knoweth; no spirit knoweth. Only the Soul knoweth, and the Soul is God'. Only the Father God, the Soul God knows the hour, and who amongst you on the earth-plane has the ear to listen to the Soul? Who?

There have been but two or three in the entire history of your world, of whom Jesus of Nazareth was one, and yet they say blatantly, 'It will be a thousand years'. It is a wonder to me they do not get out their pens and mark the very hour on their calendars.

However, Christ has come. He is on the Earth now, for Christ is a Spirit; the Christ Spirit of linking between Man and God; between flesh and soul; Spirit links flesh and soul; human, divine, and between the two the link of the Christ Spirit. Jesus. said, 'No man cometh unto the Father save Me What is the meaning of this, do you know?

The Christ Spirit is the channel, the Christ Spirit is the way; not Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth was a body, a fleshly body. The Spirit that links flesh with God is the Christ Spirit, and only through that Spirit can man come to God. There is no other way, but the priests, and the teachings, and the law-givers have belittled this great truth, and they have said, 'If you behave as Jesus of Nazareth behaved, it is this that the same means', and others have said, If you say 'I believe that Jesus is the Son of God", it is this.' What folly!

The truth can be arrived at by reasoning, and thinking, and knowing. If you would come to God, you must come through the Christ Spirit which is Love and that Spirit is on the Earth now, and it reigns because it overcomes the flesh.

But it will come over all the Earth when men realise that they must seek, and they must knock, and they themselves must ask and receive; that no other man, no other spirit, can do this for them; that they must come through the Christ Spirit to God. There is no other way.

Then indeed the Reign of Christ will begin, and the servants of Christ will see the glory that they have created by bringing this great flame of love to the Earth, that its light might shine upon all races of mankind. So, are you wiser now? (Very much so; thank you Wu Lan.)

Think of these things; ask your questions, and you will learn. Pay no heed to these fanatics who wrap themselves in the true shroud of death by their own blindness, and their own deafness, their own hardness of heart, and their lack of understanding, and as Jesus of Nazareth said, 'They do not understand the things of the Earth; how much will they understand the things of Heaven'. Leave them, my son; leave them in their shrouds in their grey mists, and do you rise towards the Light."


Another inspiring message received many years ago in our circle dealt with the true meaning of brotherhood. It was given by a Red Indian control whose name cannot be divulged.

"It is purposed to reveal unto you the work that is done by brotherhood. Nothing is done in Spirit, or from the Spirit World, without purpose, without direction, without planning, and the reason why Red Indians are chosen as guides is because amidst all the mistakes that the Red Man made, he adhered to one, and that was brotherhood.

He recognised the universality of brotherhood, and if the Red Man took brotherhood with anyone, with any race, that brotherhood endured. Paul, the great teacher and follower of Christ, said that while you dwell on the earth 'you see through a glass darkly'. It is so with the members of your movement; they see through a glass darkly, until the time comes when their spiritual growth enhances their vision and opens their understanding, and then they no longer see through a glass darkly, but alas, for the main part, they are not accepted or understood by those who still have a clouded vision and a partial understanding.

The Brotherhood of the Red Man in the World of Spirit exists. That is why we say that we work in bands; bands of all nationalities: we gather together. Little children, there is merit in loving one another, and there is merit in dwelling and working in harmony with one that you love; with one whose vibrations accord with your own, but the true victory goes to the one who can love in spite of no return; who can love one whose vibrations do not accord with their own.

This is the victory of the Christ Spirit; this is the victory that conquers the darkest manifestations of your earth-plane; the greatest evil manifested through man can be overcome by he who masters love; who uses love both as a shield and a weapon; who believes in this work, and its ability to reform and change and conquer; to bring Light into dark places; to turn base metal into gold; to touch a soul that is sleeping, and awaken it to eternal joy."


At a combined circle held in January, 1956, we were addressed by our dear friend Wu Lan in the following words:-

"Good evening and God bless you all.

It is with great pleasure that we see so many of you present tonight. We feel that something has been accomplished; we feel that Spirit working has brought you together. We know that you have all travelled along different paths, but all those paths are leading you to one goal. It is the goal of salvation of mankind. You are all anxious to work; you all wish to do more than you are doing at present.

Therefore tonight we say to you, 'Be still and know God'. Believe that God in His time; Wise, Omnipotent and All-powerful; will give you the duties to do, that you have to do. He will not give them to you before you are able to do them; He will restrain you from stretching forth your hands to take upon you duties that you cannot fulfil; for it is when men do this that they become frustrated; that they turn aside from the path, that they say, 'It is no use; I cannot go on; I am no use; I am not able to do this thing'. It is more difficult to be still and know God, and believe in God, than it is to rush hither and thither trying to seek for duties that you would do, if you could.

There is one thing that is open to you all, and that is the communication of prayer. Whatever your condition, high, middle or low; whatever duties you are undertaking at the particular time, whether they are material, physical, mental, spiritual, etheric; prayer is the key-note to success, but we would have you pray with faith, not with force, for Christ said, 'By taking thought, a man cannot increase his stature'. He cannot change his hair from white to black or from black to white.

God's Will is always carried out in all places, and the current of the Will is smooth and sure, safe and certain; it is not a thing against which a child of God has to struggle; it is a thing which he has to understand. Therefore we say to you, try to understand the Will of God, and go in the current of that Will. Pray, pray every day of your lives, for this is the service to which you are dedicated. It is through prayer, and the effect of prayer, that mankind shall be saved.

You cannot force a soul to become virtuous; you can only pray that God in His Mercy will so teach and train that soul, that it will realise that it is to its advantage to be virtuous in its living and thinking and doing.

But prayer; this thing that is held by you all, is the mightiest power on any sphere. Even the great Lords of Light that continually have intercession with God, pray: they pray to their God, therefore why should you do less than they? Why do you think you could find another way? You cannot. So therefore, to you all, comes the message from Spirit, be, not faint-hearted, but pray. Whatever trials beset you: whatever temptations come to you. Whether you overcome the temptation or succumb to the temptation: pray.

If one gives you joy, pray to God in thanksgiving, and if one gives you sorrow, pray to God for strength to bear the sorrow, and for the power to forgive injury. All things are made possible by prayer; the greatest blessing that God has given to His erring children. This is the way that mankind will find the way back to its God.

If you become prayer-stations, you create, as it were, a lighthouse, and the beams of your lighthouse shine unto the two worlds; they shine unto the earth-plane, although perhaps man's dim eyes will not see it, but Spirit eyes see it: and in my world those rays shine out through the darkened spheres where souls are in remorse, retribution and repentance. Sometimes it is the only light that can come to many souls, for each soul has its individual need. Just think, my children of the earth, you who are dedicated to the Light, do you not know that there may be individual souls in the World of Spirit, that are waiting for the light that you can create by your prayers? Light that you can send forth, and that you alone can send forth. Light from another lighthouse, they would not see. because it is not tuned in to their vibration; it may be too strong, It may be too weak, but your light, from your lighthouse, will rescue a soul in darkness, that only you can help.

These things we tell you because they are true. We have to ask you to believe, if you have not got the gift of sight, but it is not necessary that you should have the gift of sight, of hearing the Spirit, but it is very necessary that you should have the faith of understanding in your soul; that which is in your soul that tells you 'This is truth' is the most sure guide to your actions and your beliefs. If you did not within your soul believe in righteousness, and hunger for it, you would not work for it; you would not be here, dedicated to the Light. You would not pray your daily prayers, and put up your petitions to your God; you would not strive to overcome that within you that is darkness; you would not strive to help your fellowmen.

Therefore you must believe that what we say to you is true. You will make light, as your God makes Light, and as He says, 'Let there be Light', so you likewise will pray and say 'Let there be Light'. You may not see the light that springs from you, but it is not necessary. It is only necessary to believe that as you pray, the beams of your lighthouse stretch out through the darkened spheres, and once more call a soul to its duties, and to its realities, and to its relationship with its God.

In this way mankind shall be saved; the earth shall be saved. It is not by the performing of miracles or wonders, so-called; it is by the steady faith of a soul that believes in its God enough to say, 'Father, help us; let there be Light', and believe that that Light is created, and that that help will come. These are the towers of strength and light for which we search, for which we pray. To these souls we come, to co-operate, to work, to encourage, to protect and to help; to make them examples to others by healing their bodies, by lightening their minds, by giving them a peace and a joy within them that men can see; that their light indeed shineth out to all the world.

This is why we gather you again and again together, asking you to believe, to have faith, to create light by your prayers. It does not matter if the duties that fall to your lot are not those that will cause others to envy you; It matters that you do that which God has given you the power to do; to pray in faith for the saving of mankind's soul. Surely there is no greater duty; there is no higher service? If there is, then you must instruct me, and I shall immediately try to perform that service, because I know of no greater, and I have met no spirit that contacts the earth, that can offer a greater or higher service.

Then for yourselves, little children, there is another command, 'Watch your going'. See to it that your lighthouse windows are clean and pure and bright, so that there is no hindrance to the light that Shines forth to man because that light which your Spirit creates, if it cannot shine through dirty windows, then it is wasted; it is frustated; it is not doing that for which it was created. Therefore keep your windows bright and clean, holy and dedicated, that the light may shine through you. You can watch your way; watch your tongues, see that they do not utter harmful words. Watch your hearts; see that they harbour no arrogant or adverse thought. Watch your minds, and see that they are not a vehicle for the expression of evil in any way; not unkindness or malice or un-charity, but that these things, properly taught, disciplined and controlled, will be the generating station for your light to shine before men and God.

Do not look to man for your reward; men only reward such people that bring them destruction and pain and sorrow; it is their way. To me it is a mystery, a great mystery; I will never understand why men give power to the beast, and then complain when the beast turns and rends them, and yet deny that power to those that God sends unto them, but it is the way of the earth, and it is a way that we must fight and conquer. We; you on your side: I and my colleagues on our side of life. The way is long, slow and arduous; God has made it so, in order that those who seek for their own ends, shall fall away like a barren seed that has no root, and thosethat are faithful to the end, as Christ said, "That continue through adversity and trial', even the trial of time; this is one of your greatest trials; 'They shall indeed enter into the inheritance that has been prepared for them'.

But man cannot give it to you, because man has not created it, but your Heavenly Father has all things prepared in the place to which you will b& welcomed; each one according to their individual need and endeavour. There you will see your light shine; there you will see the light of others who are like you, shine too, and joining together, it will make a great brilliant day for you; a day wherein we shall meet face to face, hand-clasp to hand-clasp, hearts beating to heart; without words but only with the tongue of love.

These words we give for your encouragement; to try to gather you together in love, so that you will go forward. When there is one man, there is one man's endeavour, but where there are more, then there is a greater endeavour. We know from our World of Spirit; our etheric planes from whence we see clearly many things that are hidden from your sight; that if but twelve men join together, men and women, for by men, we mean mankind; if they did but join together in love and Godly endeavour, we could say in truth, 'The world will be saved; they could save the world'.

Out of all the millions that people this globe of yours; were there but twelve who could join together in soul as true brothers and sisters, we then would be sure of man's ultimate salvation.

Think of these things, and you will see what a tremendous power of goodness, righteousness, can flow through a human being who is dedicated to the service of its God. Now I will leave you. Goodnight and God bless you all."


The importance of prayer cannot be stressed too often, whether it be the simple murmurings of a child urged on by its mother, or the anguished cries of a soul in distress. There is an instinctive urge of soul-communion with God our Creator, the Infinite Source of Supply. Prayer can be defined in one aspect, as the recognition by the soul of a need. 'God helps those who help themselves' has a new meaning when a soul perceives the chinks in its spiritual armour, and sets about to repair the vulnerable points.

Spirit speaks with pearls of wisdom, yet simple in their lustrous beauty for mankind to cherish or reject. Another gem for your earnest consideration reads as follows:-

"Beloved children, we give you greetings, and we say, the one power that will help you to obtain everything, and help you to overcome, is the power of prayer. Whenever you are assailed by temptation, whether you overcome or whether you succumb; go to God in prayer, for it is only when you are in prayer and communion with your God, that your heart is softened. Do you not read in your Holy Writ: This is a stiff-necked people. This people praise Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They harden themselves, and shall be broken out of hand'.

It is only when you are in soul-communion with the Power to which you belong, that you obtain a true understanding of God and Man; you become as little children, because you receive a love that melts away pride, arrogance, greed, jealousy, hatred; the things of the Earth cannot stand before the radiance of your God's Love.

It matters not what has assailed you; what has overcome you; what has oppressed you; these things will fade like shadows before the Sun, as you kneel in true supplication before your God. There you will find your peace and your strength.

When you are tested by temptation, think not that the sin is yours. It is not. A temptation is never a sin; it is a test. If you succumb, you will not be permitted to go down into the depth of sin that will create any adverse law of Karma, because you have been called, you have been chosen, you have been saved, and we would teach you the wisdom that will enable you to recognize a testing, and to recognize that which comes from your lower self.

If you run to create sin; if you go to another man or woman, specifically to speak ill of a third person, that is your sin; it will remain with you. But if a man or woman cometh unto you and says, so-and-so, and so-and-so about another; that is not your sin, but it is your temptation. It is how you handle these things.

Therefore we say, should this arise, or any condition like it, do not speak first with your tongue and answer, but pray, and you will find a strength come to you, and a wisdom of which you have no knowledge; you will find a power working through you to combat evil, and even if you in your earthly opinions, agree with the suggestion that has been put to you, you will still find a power that will flow through to wipe away the darkness that has been created by the spoken word. Once more we say to you, let nothlng destroy, your peace and love and your harmony.

We would have you know the difference between temptation and sin. If you are tempted, it is not your sin, but if you run to embrace temptation or to create temptation; that is your sin. If you went out from your house, coveting something that belonged to your neighbour, desiring it, and allowing that to grow within you, and you went out purposely to steal it; that is a sin you have created, and that is a sin you have made yourself.

But if your neighbour came to you, and tempted you by provoking you by saying. 'I have this; I have that; I have the other, see, see.' And your need, not your desire; your need was so great that you put forth your hand to take it; this would be another's sin. for another has tempted you, and even though you succumb to the temptation, the sin would not be yours, and it would be taken away from you.

There are those that go out to steal; there are those that steal because they are driven beyond endurance by others who have failed to create a system whereby every human need is supplied. In this world, where you have people who are surfeited with food that they turn from it in disgust, and you have another dies for lack of food. Where is the sin and where is the temptation?

Once you fully understand this thing you will have a means whereby you will overcome sin, for it is a problem that has been instilled in your hearts and your minds by dogma, until It has become a snare and a delusion to all mankind. This question of sin and temptation has been a weapon that the devilish powers of darkness have used through the very mouths of your priests.

To confuse a soul is a deadly sin. Did not your Christ say, 'Woe unto him that causes one of these little ones to stumble'. Think! How often have your orthodox priests caused their flocks to stumble by condemnation? Until they themselves become helpless and hopeless of redemption: until they say. 'I am a sinner without any hope of redemption; then I shall go into Purgatory for ever'. What a doctrine to preach to the living sons and daughters of a Loving and a Merciful God!

It is because of ignorance and lack of understanding, and many souls have been driven to desperation and fear, until they resort to such pitiful things as trying to buy with earthly gold, God's spiritual pardon. Dwell on these things: pity them, and wisdom will flow into you. We would not have you stumble over these questions, and these are the things that we must first smooth out in your minds and your souls, until the day comes, when secure in God's Love, and with knowledge of His great powers, you will walk through all lives, as you truly are, His sons and His daughters; walking in His Kingdom, in His Inheritance, untainted and untouched by sin, for you will have crossed over all sin with knowledge. Many are the lessons on this subject we would have you learn. We would lift off from you the shackles of dogma that have tied man's reason down through the centuries and made him an easy victim to the wiles of sin. We would have you come up out of earthly mortality into Spiritual Immortality. For the present, farewell."

The harmony in any circle is the hall-mark of the truth obtained from higher sources. At times conditions were very good in our little sanctuary, a small room set aside especially for our spiritual work. Like a chapel with its vibrations of peace built up over the years, it was a haven of serenity where we often sat during the week for those precious moments of silent intercession and meditation.

In one corner stood a small teak cabinet with a neon lamp in the shape of the Cross casting its soft glow into the shadows when the room was dark. On the wall a picture of our Lord held pride of place. Above us from the ceiling hung the main sanctuary lamp with its reddish shade; this gave sufficient light to illuminate the features of the sitters.

On the day set aside for our weekly gatherings we were careful not to get involved in any awkward arguments or negative conditions, either at the office or in the home. Our last full meal before the meeting was at midday, and we dispensed with meat on this special day. As cleanliness is next to Godliness a complete change into clean clothing, after a thorough bath, was considered essential. This was our usual preparation for communion with Spirit In the evening.

At one time some of our members smoked cigarettes in moderation, but later on they gave up the habit completely in order to become more sensitive to Spirit influences. We were told by one teacher that it took many years to eliminate all traces of nicotine from our systems. There is no doubt that all these precautions had a beneficial effect on the results obtained.

At the same time our bodies became healthier and our minds more alert; it was a pleasure to live abundantly as Christ foretold.


The circle commenced promptly at a fixed hour with a few moments of silent meditation, with the strains of soft music in the background. When the closing notes faded away one of us would stand up and say the opening prayer which always ended with the Lord's Prayer, Our Father.

What cherished moments these were! The worldly turmoil, the worries of the week; all the frustrations that plague mankind were forgotten in the hour of communion that followed. Sometimes one of the Spirit guides or teachers would manifest and deliver the prayer. The following short prayer is given as an example:-

"O Heavenly Father, we are gathered here tonight to do Thy work in Thy way, and we ask for guidance and upliftment, and we ask for the strength to know, and the strength to accept. We ask, Father, that we may be guided in love and hope and peace, and as we ask we know that this will be so.

"We ask that all the members of this little circle will be blessed, and we ask that each little flower, each little candle glowing here tonight will be joined together to form one bright flame for Thy work and Thy will. We ask for the presence of the Son Who said that where two or three gather in Thy Name, He would be there, and as we ask, we know that this will be done, and we say the prayer that He taught us, Our Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and leave us not when in temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, now and for ever. Amen."

After the opening prayer we usually sat quietly listening to soft music which could be switched on by remote control. In an adjoining room two tape machines could be set in motion; one for providing the musical background, and the other for recording the proceedings.

When it was evident that a guide would soon manifest through the medium the recording unit would be switched on and left running until the circle closed, in this way all that transpired could be typed out during the following week and copies handed to members for their personal information and study.


On one occasion we received the following message. The opening remarks referred particularly to one member who was developing as a channel for Spirit. The whole message is a useful guide for all who wish to dedicate themselves to this service:-

"Good evening, and God bless you all, " .

It is with great pleasure that we see another channel opened from Spirit to Man. I refer to the control work that is now being done by the little lady. I would say to you my child, go forward, do not doubt: the time will come when you yourself will say, 'Is this from Spirit, or is this from me?' Little child. I would say this to you; human kind is very arrogant, they do not stop to think before they voice their doubts, but never let your heart deny that which your soul knows to be true, and remember, that all Spirit is ONE.

"It is attunement that is the keynote of successful psychic manifestation. You are like an instrument upon which we play; if your instrument is in tune, then the melody will be sweet in the hands of a master. If your instrument is not in tune, the greatest musician of any sphere could not bring forth sweet music. If your instrument is in tune, and it is touched by an unpractised hand, the result will not be worth listening to, and if your instrument is not in tune and it is played upon by one who thinks that their ability is greater than it is. It will displease many people.

Think of these words, my child, and remember it is attunement that counts. See to it not only that your instrument is well-tuned by prayer and grace, good living, good thoughts, cleanness and purity, but see to it that you do not allow it to be played upon by any save a skilled musician. This is control work at its best.

I say these things to you because I know only too well that every instrument passes through the doubting phase. You will find that much of your own mind will come through, but as you go on it will grow less and less, and if your mind is attuned to the mind of your control, then the work that has to be done, can be done through you.

The greatest thing is this, that you do not falter; that whatever comes to you, you go forward; that you do not say, "I will not work', but that you will lift up your head to the Father and say, "I am Thy obedient servant', and you will go forward.

We are very happy about this new, phase of work, and it has our approval and our authority. We are very satisfied with all that has been done, and all that is being done.

You are travelling along quite well; your feet firmly planted, and you have all learnt to turn your face upwards to the Source of all Light and Strength. This gives us the greatest joy of all, but we would urge you still to prepare yourselves continually for the work that lies ahead, and remember that there is no turning back once you have reached a certain point.

You must go forward and at all times along your road there will be temptations; there will be tempters, but do not think that your worst enemies can harm you or work from without. It is the enemies that work from within that you must fear, and of which you must be cautious, for an enemy that is seen. Is no longer a cause for alarm, but an enemy that is not seen, there indeed lies a snare.

Guard your thoughts, guard your tongues, and guard your hearts; guard your secrets, for you will come into the garden of secrets, and how can we let you in if you cannot also be a guardian of the Temple of Silence? It is, little children, oft-tlmes the unspoken word that is of more importance than the spoken word; it is often that which is withheld that is of greater glory than that which is a free gift.

''These are things you must learn and practise day by day. Guard yourselves from vanity; guard yourselves from arrogance. I need not say to you guard yourselves from greed, because each one here is blessed with a generous heart and an open hand, so this is something that cannot attack you, but soon will come the power from on high, if you prove worthy vessels to receive it.

That is why we would prepare you for greater, higher and more wonderful things, and do not think that it is the loudest drum that carries the greatest vibration, for there is in our world and in your world a power that we call the dynamic silence, and it is towards this power that you are now walking.

It is the power that will enable you to look upon a man or a woman without speaking a word, and yet leave its mark and greater comfort, greater upliftment; something that is silent, as silent as the Spirit that bestows it, and in that silence you will find that dynamic Omnipotent Power of your God that will work silently and surely. It goes beyond words, it goes beyond expression; you can only feel it. You cannot talk about it, but you will see it work in your midst, and you will see it work through you as you go forward, and I urge you once more to forget the word 'I', and use the word 'You' because, remember little children, the higher you climb the further you have to fall, if you should fall, and the greater gifts that are bestowed upon you, the greater work that is expected of you.

If God gives you one talent, He expects increase of that one talent, and if He gives you ten, He expects greater increase. The path is only safe to those who have a child-like heart and faith, for a child does not look back. There is no past; there is no future, there is only now, for if on the path you begin to fear and you begin to doubt, then you will fall, but you have this hope, and you have this re­assurance, that you are together; you do not stand alone, and even as Christ stretched forth His hand unto Peter, and lifted him from the water when he began to sink, so you will lift one another up if one another should falter. You will remember these things. Look to the pit from whence you were digged; look to the Rock from which you were hewn; meditate upon GOD.

Do not strive too hard to see Spirit forms, for this is one of the things that shall be added unto you when you have come into the Kingdom. If you follow Christ, and live like Christ, do nothing of which you feel He would be ashamed; do that which you think He would do, because one day you must surely become as your Master, and if you see one falling through lack of grace, through expression of doubt and fear; take no heed to the words that are spoken, but look through into the heart and the spirit, and see that God resides there in as great a measure as in your own, and stretch forth your hand and say, 'Be of good courage; have faith', and lift them up, and lift one another up and remember, he who would be the greater among you, must be the servant of all.'

There is not one of you that is greater than another, and each one of you must be prepared at any time to be the least, if not the last. These words I leave with you to prepare you for the way in which you must tread, a holy way of grace that is higher, better and firmer than the way of an untrained, undisciplined, unspiritual psychic.

You have a different destiny; a higher destiny; reaching out to the eternal fruits of God's work that may be offered up as acceptable sacrifice unto Him. You are called, each one of you; see to it that you make yourselves worthy to be chosen, and remember, a weak reed will bend beneath pressure; it will sway with every wind, every whim, every desire of the ego.

You must not be reeds shaken in the wind, but you must be firm trees, and trees take a long time to grow and to become strong and big, and remember, too, that a cracked vessel will not hold water, and you must be perfect vessels to hold the Water of Life. It is a high destiny, but it is one you can achieve if you will listen to the words that are spoken to you and practise them. It is up to you; we cannot make you; only the Grace of God can make you with the help of your free-will submission to Him.

Now go forward; God bless you all. Goodnight."



The path of true seership is certainly not an easy one, but is a dedicated way of service to mankind in bringing comfort and enlightenment to those who seek. Unfortunately, too many seekers are easily satisfied and interested only in material messages from dubious contacts in astral states of being. These "seekers" often pester and harass a good medium, sometimes with disastrous results, not only to themselves but to the channel involved.

On the other hand, some psychics are not as spiritual as they could be, considering the responsibilities attached to the higher seership. Others again are poorly developed and have little knowledge of their true vocation. Education plays its part in that the channel's vocabulary and spiritual knowledge are useful to the controlling entity. This does not mean that the medium supplies the answers from their own mentality, but has available in their subconscious the necessary material on which controls can build.

Persons of high thought and ideals will attract advanced and powerful spirits to themselves, enhancing the standard of the work done. Low spirituality in any channel will seldom produce inspired guidance or uplifting teachings. "Like attracts like" is the controlling factor.

The best of motives in psychic work cannot compensate for puerile messages which often mislead and can distress the honest seeker after comfort. Psychic demonstrations on public platforms should only be attempted by well-developed, spiritual channels of high repute recognized by responsible authorities. Any mediocre presentation should be rigidly discouraged.

"The tree is known by its fruit"; this cannot be stressed too often. The highest aspirations should therefore be cultivated and maintained, in order to become and remain a humble channel for the power of Spirit. There is no other way.

As an example of teachings to guide the disciple, the following will be of inestimable value:

"In the Name of He whose likeness hangs yonder, I greet you and give you peace.

Brethren, it is good to meet together in the holy Name of the Son of God, but it is better when you are not together, to work in His Name, and to have the Spirit residing within you; working through you. The Christ Spirit is the inheritance of all who confess Him and follow Him. The only barrier to its manifestation is the ego, the ignorance, the false pride, the greed, the blindness, the folly of men.

Brethren, I salute you in the Name of the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Messiah-ship that was manifested to the earth through your Master and my Master. There are those amongst you who have accepted Him in knowledge; there are some who have accepted Him in faith, and there are some who have accepted Him because of an earlier training, but it is not enough that you should be diverse in your acceptance of the Christ Spirit: you must be at-onement, for where there is diversity there is disunion, and where disunion continues there will be disruption.

"It is difficult to discipline and school the ego, but to the one that succeeds there is a Kingdom of Heaven in all its entirety. In the past days when monastic orders were founded and made, there was rigid discipline. Today, many people who claim to be Christians, who seek to understand Christianity, look back and shudder at that discipline and its severity, not realising that to every age there is a particular way, a particular path of coming unto God. Imagine to yourselves a gathering of people, men and women. with your knowledge of humanity as it stands today; could you believe that they could grow in unity as one, and go towards their God, if they were not disciplined? Tell me; do you not think that their own desires, their own weaknesses would develop and cause great evil amongst them? Is it not truth?

Where you get men and women together there indeed the serpent symbolized in your story of the Garden of Eden enters in. Some say, 'It is the law of Nature'; that Is true, but where a thing is allowed to take its course without discipline and without law, then you get abuse of the worst kind. You cannot trust to the average human being, man or woman, to discipline themselves. This you have learnt by your earthly contacts, and also by your own strivings against your weaknesses, and your continual failing to overcome them.

Therefore in the olden days men and women were segregated in the religious orders because those that organised these things realised full well that the weaknesses of human nature would prevent the discipline from taking effect were they given entirely free will in this matter and contact. So you had the very strict religious segregation that took place in those days; so you had the many misconceptions of men and women, of inferiority perhaps, of one sex to another; of the dangers of the proximity of the two sexes, and so many abuses crept in.

On the one hand, where the weakness of human nature was so that they ran amuck and abused the law, and overturned the law, and also where fear entered in of succumbing to temptation, and the disciplines enacted were too severe and crushed and distorted the natural growth and development of the spiritual, mental and physical part of man. But when the human race was at that stage, you must remember, they were but children seeking a way, the way of Christianity. When the Lord had been crucified and resurrected, and His work in the flesh was done, then began the great spiritual growth, development and conquest of the Christ Spirit.

When children are very young they make many mistakes, and it is for the parents to guide them wisely and well in the path in which they should tread and develop. Therefore in the early Christian days the fathers and mothers of the Christian Spirit, and the fostering of it, were the Disciples, the Apostles. In your limited historical records of those days people are apt to overlook many things; one is this, that there were female disciples as well as male disciples, many of them. And there were many of them present even at the Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost, upon whom the Flame of Divine revelation fell, but also in those days, brethren, the attitude towards the female sex was very immature and undeveloped, for the simple reason that it was not fully understood.

It was bred partly by fear and partly the psychological make-up of the women. However, when the Christian church of the Christian Spirit began to grow, there was a freedom given to all men and women. There was great mediumship in those days; there was healing, there was demonstration by the fathers and the mothers of the Christian Spirit; they had received their initiation from Jesus of Nazareth, and they continued in the way, but the children, as children will, are sometimes indifferent about their attitude to learning, to study.

All of you will realise how a child will presume on its store of knowledge, do you not? You all are aware of that, and so it was that with many to whom the secrets and the great wonders of the Christ Spirit was revealed; in their arrogance and their ignorance they abused this Spirit, and many abuses arose amongst the people, leading to danger: great danger: making others look on them with contempt, and Hereby a looking oh that which they taught with contempt.

Always realise when the day comes and you stand up in the Name of Christ Jesus, you must be one with Him; you must not bring contempt upon Him, upon the Christ Spirit, or upon the Christian teachings, if you stand up in the name of the Christ Spirit.

Therefore you see how much you have to learn; you must be very sure.

Therefore, in order to counteract these abuses strict disciplinary measures were taken; the various monastic orders were founded; the sexes were segregated, men and women were driven and encouraged to go in very rigid lines. There are some who viewing it from your day, denounce it. There are some who commend it; it depends upon your own spiritual attitude. But it was discovered that this led to an unhealthy fanaticism; it did not eradicate the inflated ego.

It merely led them into another channel, the channel of fanaticism which led to abuses again in your religious persecutions which wrote their terrible story in the pages of the history of your world; pages stained with the tears and the blood of martyrdom. Brethren, when you consider martyrdom, try to realise how far you have to travel. When the flames of this fanaticism were quenched by courage, the courage of reformers; I need not mention them. There is one, a particular one that comes into your minds, I am sure, that stood against the might of Roms, and at that time it was considered to be a terrible thing that the heresy, so-called, that they sought to stamp out by flame and torture, and rigid discipline and strict control of all literature and wisdom and words, had risen triumphantly to stand against the might of the Roman Church itself.

''This should prove a great lesson to you, brethren. You should learn by this that the Will of God finds expression, it matters not the extent of the opposition against it, engendered by man's ignorance, man's free-will; the Christ Spirit will find a way. Through one man against the world, the known world; think of it. They had slaughtered their thousands; they had burned them at the stake, they had suppressed them, but when the Spirit chose one man, that man prevailed. This should make you think that if the Christ Spirit chooses seven, you could prevail against seven worlds, could you not?

Therefore you must learn then of this Spirit that can choose a man or a woman and make them more powerful than any other thing in this world, or in any other world.

And so you come through the forming of the religious orders to their dissolution, all working out to the end of God's Will for man, until the realisation that man must come to God by his own desire, through his own free-will, working in conformity with his nature; not distorting it, and crushing it, and denying it; this is folly, indeed this is folly.

A man is a man as well as a spirit, and a woman is a woman as well as a spirit, but when they realise that it is the spirit that endures; it is the spirit that purifies and strengthens and guides; it is the flesh that can prove a barrier to spiritual progression; when they realise this, then will begin the true re­generation of man.

Not to come to God in spite of his nature, but to come to God because of his nature, for the spirit to triumph over the flesh, not to make an enemy of the flesh. As In the past days, men tried to sub­due their body by mortification; this is not perfection, but nevertheless it was a way; a way of glory, a way of sacrifice, a way that was demanded, and a way that was followed by many.

But today there is a new truth that is but the old truth in a more developed form, that man must use his entire nature; that he cannot bring his body to God and leave his spirit behind; and he cannot bring his spirit to God and leave his body behind, as long as his spirit resides within his body.

But there must be a way whereby the spirit and the flesh can be reconciled; until that takes place your world has not served its purpose. Reconciliation with God is the way of life; the true teaching in the mystery of Christ Jesus when He said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life. None cometh unto the Father, save by Me", and"I am the Son of Man'.

God has no need to attain God, for it is ONE, but man must become God, not through God alone, but through man, for it is man that must be reconciled to God, through the Mediator Christ Jesus. This is the mystery of the Redeemer.

There are many schools of thought upon your earth-plane that deny the Redemption of Christ, but they deny it because of their own interpretation of that redemption. He was indeed a Redeemer; He is still a Redeemer unto those who desire His redemption. He was a Saviour; He is still the Saviour unto those who desire to be saved.

You must dwell very seriously upon these matters, for it is not a light thing to accept the leadership of Christ.

It has been interpreted in your care-free age as a light thing, but on every hand and every side, you will witness the inner strivings of the souls of man. They have reincarnated, time and time again, many of them. They do not carry from one life to another, a conscious memory of their spirit's journey, but their spirit has knowledge of it, and deep within the flesh, the spirit cries out to be free.

It cries out, 'Why? Why must I continue to be imprisoned again and again?' And there is a weariness that creeps over the surface of your earth, that finds its manifestation in the apathy of adults, in the ceaseless craving for, shall I say, temporary forms of morbid enjoyment.

It is but the weariness of spirit, longing to be free, and yet because they have not found the way to be reconciled to God in their manhood or their womanhood, they are still imprisoned from life to life.

When Christ called those who were to follow Him, He said unto them. 'I will make you fishers of men'. When you are called, what will be asked of you? You shall be free-ers of men; you shall be door­keepers; to you shall be given a key with which to open the prisons of men's souls. Peter was given the keys as a symbol, and Christ said unto them, and unto him, 'Whatsoever ye bind, shall be bound; whatsoever ye shall free, shall be free', not so much in a word or a deed that is done by flesh, but remember that these were the vessels of the Christ Spirit, and working through them, it was the Christ Spirit that bound or set free.

Brethren, the time will come, if you continue to go along the path that you have chosen without faltering, without cavilling, but with faith alone; the time will come when you will receive your authority; you will receive the Spirit that works for the redemption of man. We may appear to strike a serious note; the redemption of man is a serious business, because upon it entails the working-out of the Will of God; the entrusting of the Will of God to men and women. That Glorious Will, rest assured, will only be entrusted where it can be fulfilled, for God's Will is always worked out.

We speak to you now of these things, because of your prayers, and because of your aspirations. We would have you grow into your spiritual maturity, without any deformity caused by sects, by enforcement of discipline, by fanaticism, by wrong thinking or wrong doing or wrong aspiring; and when the work is finished, if you all come in, we will join with you, and offer your work to the Father, as the off­spring of our love and our devotion, and our mani­festation of the Christ Spirit.

You have come in through the door called Spiritualism. As you all know we have told you before, and in a very haphazard and loosely expressed way, you have spoken of your Christian Spiritualism. Brethren, when you have learnt to discipline yourselves, as to your tongues: then we will give you more of the great mysteries of life eternal that will set you free of any label or any sect.

You wilt not cling to your modern spiritualism, any more than you will cling to Roman Catholicism, or any other sect that opens a doorway into the eternal verities of God, for you will be on the other side of all religious contention. Where a man or a woman is contentious, there can be no peace, and no progression towards the glorious reality of the Spirit of Christ; and you will hold within your grasp, and within your understanding, the secrets and the power of Redemption.

Brethren, there is much I could say to you, but I have said enough. I would have you think very seriously of the lessons that are given to you here week by week from now on, for you must become 'new' men and 'new' women; you must rise now above the values, and the standards of the flesh, for if you do not lift yourselves up above man's usual way, how can you hope to lift others up after you? How can you hope to feed the lambs of Christ, if you have not the Christ Spirit within you?

Think of these things seriously, because if at the end of the time that is appointed, you cannot truly embrace Christ as a whole, and here let me say, beloved brethren, the Christ Spirit does not only work through those who have read of the life of Jesus; it works through all aspiring souls who can overcome the world; it is the same Spirit. If at the end of the time, I say; you cannot embrace that Spirit, then you will find that your footsteps will lead you into another path where you will be schooled with more experience, and you will achieve perhaps greater wisdom, and greater understanding of the Spirit of God, Which when it is manifested through man, to man, becomes known as the Christ Spirit.

There you have a great truth, if you will but learn and understand; it is the same Spirit, but in its different aspects, it is named by different vibrations.

Beloved brethren, I say farewell to you in the same holy way that I greeted you. I who speak to you was one of those who followed Jesus of Nazareth, in the days long ago. I have found nothing better; nothing more desirous. If you acclaim and aspire to that same brotherhood, I will do all that I can to help you to go forward in a good understanding of the way."


The voice of Spirit speaks to those who will listen. These teachings are for those who will read, study, analyze and apply them. The words will have little impact on some souls, because their perception is limited to their state of development. The gifts of Spirit are not casual ones, but pearls of great price to be sought for and gathered in the depths of the sea of Eternal Life. it has ever been so.

The Twenty-third Psalm is one that will live in the hearts of men for ages to come. The following circle message will likewise bring comfort and encourage­ment for those who read it:-

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He leadeth me beside the still waters; He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

These words were written by inspiration through David, King of Israel, and leader of the people that God chose to keep alive the light of truth in the earth. The reason why I brought them to you this night, is because in the days that lie ahead, we from Spirit would remind you that you are the sheep for whom the Saviour Jesus Christ drank of the bitter cup that His Father gave Him. and we would not have you forget this at any time from now on.

Before each one of you here, including the instrument through which I speak, there lies a path of destiny, a path that has been written by the Finger of God. It will lead you through shadow and sun­shine, it will lead you into the highways and into the byways of life here upon the earth, and it will not always be easy for you to see clearly your particular way, and to each one of you I say, when the hour comes that your feet falter, and the fogs of earthly sorrows and distress arise about you and obscure your vision, remember the Lord is your Shepherd.

He will lead you; He will lead you Into the paths of righteousness for His name's sake, and then eventually each one of you will come to the shadow of the valley of death. Because of the knowledge that has been given to you, you will fear no evil. You are thrice-blessed; you are blessed with the knowledge of Eternal Life, you are blessed with the Grace of your Shepherd Whom you acclaim and follow, and you are blessed in your inheritance both divine and physical, because each one of you are chosen as instruments of the Living God.

It is not always easy to believe in these words that I speak to you, because the striving heart can never do enough; always is the feeling that it would like to do more, but if you leave your own path to try and tread that of another, one day you will be utterly confounded when you find that you have to return to tread your original path, because it was the one appointed to you by God.

He prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Your enemies are the weaknesses of the flesh; your enemies are ignorance, folly, and the greed of your material world that surrounds you; that sometimes rising from others and pressing about you, causes you to lose faith because the light has grown dim. That is when the prince of this world tempts you; when even as he did to Christ; he takes you and says, 'Behold, all this I will give you, if you fall down and worship me'.

But then remember, 'Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me; Thou anointest my head with oil.' In the anointing with oil, it gives you the significance of your claim to God's Eternal Kingdom. You, each one here, has been anointed with the oil of salvation. Each one of you is a king and a queen that reigns over that part which God has appointed unto you, whether it be small or whether it be large. Each one of you is a monarch of that which has been given to you.

In your path, you will find those that will recognize your kingship, and those that will deny it, even as they did to Christ, but never forget that you in your turn are one under authority, under the authority of God Who gives you the Grace of the crown which you wear. The time is coming when you will have need to remember every word of that psalm. I ask you to read it carefully once more, and to see the meaning of the wonderful promise, and its fulfilment that lies therein.

It is not today perhaps, that you will feel the need of it. It lies in the future for each one of you here including this instrument. Each one of you will find the shadow of fear lying across the path that you have to tread, and it is in that hour according to how you behave towards it, and towards your divine inheritance, it depends on whether your king­dom will be enlarged or whether it will be taken away from you. For to them that hath shall be given, and to them that hath not the faith to believe, shall be taken away, even that which they have.

And when the hour comes, think of the words of the psalm, and believe the words that I have spoken to you, and the message that I have brought.

We do not speak to you from Spirit, for the pleasure of hearing a voice resound on the earth. We speak in order that we may fortify you, that we may uplift you, and encourage you, and help you to realise who and what you are; in order that you might bear bravely and courageously, and that you may have no fear when you remember from whence you spring.

This year is a most important year; in the Spirit World it is known as the year of the horizon, and when we think of the horizon, strangely enough, we always think of the rising Sun; we do not think of the setting Sun.

Therefore, remember the words that have been spoken to you in this sanctuary, and look forward to the messages that will be given to you in the future. Knit your ranks closer, stand fast; stand fast In your beliefs, for the day is coming when you will have to stand up and declare them before men; when you will have to show clearly to Whom you belong, and Whose mark you bear.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life, and that life is eternal; 'That ye may dwell forever in the House of the Lord.' Peace be with you now, and at all times, and in the great day whose dawning has begun. May you each stand in your rightful place in the radiant Sun of Christ's Arising.

God bless you all."


The great responsibility of true mediumship, and the needs of children in Spirit and on earth, are stressed in a remarkable message received in a private circle some seventeen years ago.

Questions asked by the leader of the circle, who had seen the controlling entity, Mary of the Rose, clairvoyantly, are given in brackets. The message explains the main reason for incarnating souls on earth, and points out the necessity of educating children in the true realities of spiritual progression.

"God bless all His children wherever they may be or whatever their estate.

I who speak to you am known in the Realms of Spirit as Mary of the Rose. I have the very great privilege of being responsible for an Order of spirits who make it their work to guide and tend little children in every world, and in every state of being. I came amongst you tonight to bring a child back to its mother who is yet remaining upon the earth-plane. Although he had reached man's estate before he came to us, when he passed, he became as a little child, bewildered, perplexed, and with a state of mind that was chaotic, like that of a child that has received a shock.

It is also our duty to tend such as these, and while I am with you I would like to tell you a little of the work that is done amongst those children that come over to us from your world In conditions that would cause an angel to shed tears. We have many advantages in our world, the greatest of these being the unhindered flow of love which comes to us from the Highest Source to those small ones whose right it is to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with Joy, but alas, whose right has so often been denied them on this your earth-plane.

To see with the eyes of the Spirit, is to know the deep needs of these little ones; to heal with the Love of Christ is the privilege of those who can so see. Many times we hear the cry, 'Of what use is mediumship?' I answer this by saying to you, when you can see through the flesh to the needs of the soul, look on the little children of your earth, and fulfil their needs in such a way that when they come to us they are ready to proceed to the Realms of Light unhindered by that sense of fear and frustration which so often clouds and mars their happiness, and delays their spiritual progression.

In this field, which until now has been practically untouched in your world, I and those within my command are actively engaged. Until now, sensitivity of instruments on your earth-plane are mainly used for proving that life goes on after death, and also for, shall I say; dare I say, the entertainment of adults who should be seeking nearer their God for true joy.

Now I come to make an appeal to all instruments of the earth-plane, that they turn their minds to the spiritual needs of the children in their midst. It is in doing this that you will find the peace amongst men that you desire; it is through the children, and through the spirit of the children that you will one day achieve a peaceful and progressive plane.

It is time, it is indeed time that sensitives amongst you began to pay more attention to the child souls that are coming amongst you. We see from whence they come; we know why they come; we know why God has made a law that all spirits shall be born into earthly experience as helpless babes. Think for a little while on these things.

It would not be impossible for the Creator to make a physical vehicle for a soul completely adult even at the beginning of an earthly life; therefore there must be a very deep reason why it is necessary for a soul to be born into the flesh as a helpless babe.

I cannot enter here into all the reasons why this must be so, but I will tell you that the earth-plane has been made for progressing souls. It has not been made for the Angels who stand ever in the presence of God. It has been made to reclaim the souls that are in darkness, in order to give them a universal love.

They come in one guise only, to appeal by their very helplessness to the magnanimity and the charity and the love of the adults. They are born through the modes of nature in order that they might inspire that greatest of all earthly gifts, a mother's enduring, undying love, and sometimes we know that that is the only way that light can come to souls that have dwelt in darkness of misconception for many cycles of time.

Therefore, when you think a little of these things, use your gifts; your very great psychic gifts, to help these little ones to be wise, and to be guided by the highest form of love, and that when they come to us, it will mean that instead of having to undo so much that is done upon the earth, we have but to take them by the hand, and lead them one step higher, and pass them on to those whose work it is to lead them into the presence of the angels that ever plead their cause before the Great Spirit of all life.

If my appeal is heard amongst the psychics of the world, I feel sure that they will answer the call to a higher phase of work that is now coming to them from our side of life. The time is passing when power that has flowed freely, can be used in the many different channels which the will and fancy of man permits it to flow, and from now we are determined that when power comes to your earth-plane from our side of life, and we co-operate with you, it shall be to the end of improving conditions for the spirits that come to the earth-plane to progress through an earthly experience of life.

My friends, it is in circles like this, where the way is made, a way that is sufficiently lighted for our feet, that we who control the band of spirits who work for the welfare of earthly people, can come and state our case, and make our claims before you, and put them forward for your consideration. It is time that some organisation is made in your world for this work to go forward in order that peace may come quickly and defeat the end of the darkness that would destroy your world, and destroy much that has been built up for the good of the eternal Spirit.

Before I leave you, I make yet another request. The time is drawing near upon your earth-plane when the birth of Christ is celebrated amongst you, and when this is done, all of you who have little children in your family circles, rejoice because it is a time when the little hearts look forward to receive gifts, and this is my appeal.

Do not forget that our children in our temples and in our schools, also look forward to receiving gifts. We can do a great deal especially for those that have progressed to a reasonable state of spiritual realisation, but for those little ones that have recently passed, and for those that have memory of earthly parents, it is sometimes difficult to give complete satisfaction and joy.

Therefore I ask you, and also those to whom you can speak, that if they know of any child recently passed to our world, or if they have a small relative that is now within our care, do not forget to send them some gift in thought at the season of your Christmas-tide. I assure you my friends, they will receive it.

Form your gift in your mind; send it to us on the wings of prayer, and your little one will receive it with joy; the greatest joy being that they know they are not forgotten. We can do so much more with a happy child than with one that feels lost, and we have many lost ones in our midst even as you. So help us in this, and we will continue to help you by receiving your little children who pass perhaps before it is wise that they should through earthly circumstances of misunderstanding, and while they are in our care, you may rest assured that they are indeed inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven.

I thank you for your patience in listening to me, but I know that when a voice cries out, it is as a stone thrown in the water, and the ripples spread out, and eventually reach the shore, and I know that my words will spread, and they will reach out to those who can help.

So, do not forget, each one of you, look around you in your daily life, and if you see a little child in need, open your heart in love, and lift up your soul in prayer for that one. Our work will be lightened, and will be lessened, and you will be responsible for greater joy in our world and in your own.

Goodnight and God bless you all." (Before you go; are you the spirit that I saw with a lovely pink gown on?) " I think I must be, but I think it was the aura of pink around me that you saw." (/i>(Is that why I had the roses tonight?) " That is why you had the roses."

(Didn't you come in with a lot of little children with you?)

"Indeed I did. I am known as Mary of the Rose, and I am also known as the Mother-Superior of the Order of the Rose, and it is the duty of those who work with me to attend little children. In the World of Spirit, we are well-known, and also to some instruments upon the earth.

"We are the ones who receive the spirits that pass before the body is mature, and so you see, we are very busy people, and where you find a Sister of Mercy coming to you with the name that goes before 'rose', you will know that she belongs to the same Order as myself.

I have many dutiful children who work under my command, both in the flesh, and in the Spirit; it is only thus that our work can be done. Many work under the Order of the Rose when they pass in sleep-state, and it is indeed very often that the spirit of a little child can be persuaded to leave your earth-plane by one who is still in the flesh.

Children are strange little beings with rules and laws of their own; they are extremely individualistic, and we cannot apply any general rule to them at all. Each one is like a very precious flower, it needs Its own gardener, It needs its own conditions, and we strive to give them those conditions, because we know that the Great Master Who Himself once rested in a mother's arms as a tiny babe, said, 'Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven'.

It is a very deep subject, and one upon which I could speak for many hours, but I must not. The only thing I ask you to remember is this, it matters not from whence the spirit of a child springs, while that spirit is in a child's body, it is sacred. It has special rules and special laws that guard and protect it, and woe; I say woe unto the one that dares offend against one such little one. It matters not whether the spirit comes from the deepest depths of the pits of darkness; its very childhood protects it in God's Sight, and makes it sacred. Think of these things when you see your little children, and remember the words that I have spoken. God bless you."


There is a great deal of information in this message from Mary of the Rose. We can now understand why children differ so much in character, even in small families. As incarnating souls from many different states of being in the Spirit Worlds, they come to earth to learn their lessons; to be guided by their parents into righteous ways. We see the prodigies, the misfits, and all the grades in between, each child with its own individual needs and idiosyncracies; invoking the higher instincts in their parents to cherish them, love, protect and understand them.

At the same time, those on earth who have received true teachings from Spirit, have a duty to impart this knowledge to children, making it easier for them to understand their destiny on earth and in the Spirit realms. Mediumship can certainly be used in more edifying ways than in the past.

With regard to evolution, and the "coats of skin" mentioned in the Bible (Gen 3: 21) the following question and answer may be of interest:-

QUESTION:In the first book of the Bible, it is given to us that man was placed on this earth, was created in the form of Adam, and being created in the Image of God, Adam must therefore have been perfect, but the question arises, that if he was perfect, and we are placed on this earth to gain perfection in order to return to perfection, why was Adam created in the first place?

ANSWER:-"In the first place, the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, is more or less symbolical; it is not in actual fact truth, and yet there is a deep truth in it. The ancient Hebrews had to have some story to account for their beginnings, and the story that they chose was a very old one that came from the mists of antiquity. But the story that was taken was distorted, and you cannot teach people who are not advanced, such great truths as the origin of mankind. You must not take that story literally, because it will lead you into confusion. The idea of a man being made in God's Image, is confusing in this way, that when the embryo of the group of mankind was to manifest upon the earth-plane, it did not manifest in flesh.

Now when the soul group that was to be known as 'mankind', was to manifest, and was beginning the descent from God, it was spirit. God is Spirit, not flesh, although the flesh is a manifestation of part of the natural law of God, but the lowest form of manifestation for Spirit is through flesh.

Now I cannot tell you about the 'fall of man', or the 'fall' of the angel known as Satanus, because only those that truly know are permitted to speak of this. All people who speak of these great secrets, are merely those who have heard an echo, and interpret it according to their own ego, can you follow?

So you get your various dogmatic assertions about these things, and in the different religions that claim to know exactly what happened, but they do not know exactly what happened, but it did happen. And so you read in the story of Adam and Eve, that God after the 'fall', gave them 'coats of skin'; it was not the skin made from animals, it was the fleshly body that was created. That is the 'coat of skin', and they were turned out of the Garden of Eden; they were turned out of a spiritual existence into the manifestation of the world where they were made to work for their subsistence.

So you see that it is not the spirit that is imperfect, it is the flesh that is imperfect. We do not seek to make the flesh perfect except as a reflection of the perfection of the spirit. Now if mankind perfect their spiritual status, or realise their spiritual status, the flesh must follow suit and become perfect, and you will have a race of super-men and women. It is natural law, it must follow, but once they perfect their spiritual status, they no longer need a physical body, they no longer need their coat of skin; they will be re-established in their happy condition that they were in before they came to the earth.

You see the story is symbolical, but it contains tremendous truth, but of course, they try to cut the story down to fit their own conscious understanding, and so they try to make a place for the Garden of Eden, but the Garden of Eden had no existence upon the earth; it was a spiritual existence.

You see, even in the story that God took Eve from the side of Adam; there is a great truth there, for in the beginning, the spiritual sparks were, shall I say, two-in-one; there was no separate sex, they were a contained whole. And when they were separated, it did come from the side, and for a long time in the mists of antiquity, the race was procreated in that way by the breath from the side from where the breath was taken.

The explanations given above, will give food for thought to many readers, especially those interested in the evolution of mankind. Space does not permit further discussion on these facets of truth. It is our duty and privilege to submit this selection of teachings for further study.

At a combined circle held in our house many years ago, we were addressed by the Chinese Philosopher Wu Lan, on the subject of Faith in the following words:-

"Good evening, and God bless you all. "

It is with great pleasure that I come on the vibration of thought to speak with you for a few moments, and I desire that you all relax, and feel that you are now contacting a friend. You have taken for your subject, FAITH.

There is a demonstration here before you now; faith, belief. You can ask yourselves, do you believe that I, controlling the mentality of an instrument, am from Spirit, from the Spirit World, a discamate entity?

It is a test of faith, and we can say to you, we do not ask you to have blind faith; blindness is not good in any state, whether it be of the physical, or whether it be of the spiritual. Dogma has changed and distorted the teachings on faith, out of all proportion, and out of all recognition. Noone asks a human being to have blind faith; that is not the definition of faith.

Faith, is the fruit of knowledge; knowledge is the fruit of experience. That is why you come to the earth-plane; that is why you are born into the flesh; that is why you return to your Spirit state, to yet come again if it should be necessary, to obtain experiences that will teach you wisdom.

You cannot build a house on sand, for as the sand shifts, and the water seeps in, so your house will fall. Neither can you build a lasting edifice of the Spirit, upon blindness. There would appear to be, in your earthly existence, a blind faith that is practised. You see those around you; some have greater faith, or appear to, than you, and some have less faith, and you say, 'I wish my faith was as strong as that person's', or 'I wish that other person's faith was as great as my own', but faith being the fruit of knowledge, and knowledge being the fruit of experience; think!

If you know, as you should do, deep within yourself. That you are eternal; that you have always existed in some state or another, and that you always will exist; there must be a fruit of your experiences in those various states, that is manifested in a seemingly blind faith in your earthly existence.

When a man or a woman hears something deep within them. there is that that tells them, This thing is true, or this thing is not true'. Sometimes they find they can accept a thing of which they have no conscious knowledge; no apparent knowledge, and they do not know why, and they say, 'I trust. I do not know, but I trust'.

Little children, if you were developed sufficiently to understand your spiritual intuition, you would know, that trust where it is founded surely and strongly upon truth, comes from the knowledge that is deep within your soul. That soul, residing within your fleshly body, is limited by the flesh, and there is perhaps no conscious memory at this time, of the experience through which your soul has passed; that teaches you to trust, that teaches you to have faith.

Perhaps the experience has gone from your memory, and could only be recalled in the unfoldment of soul-consciousness. The time will come, when those past experiences will unfold to you, and you will realise theknowledge within yourself more consciously, and your faith will grow.

We do not ask you to trust blindly, neither does the Great Spirit that animates all life force, but under the law that is perfect, you are given the experiences that will teach your soul to have faith in the Power to Which it belongs.

In your earthly journeys, there is much that is of illusion; there is much that will dim your faith; that will try to break your faith, but this is also done for a purpose.

It is done to test; to see whether the lessons that should have been learned and experiences have come to their full fruition within your soul, and every individual has a different testing. And how we rejoice from Spirit, when we see the temptations of the flesh being broken upon the rock of faith of a human soul.

That is the interpretation of 'blind' faith; when something within a man or a woman, stands firm, like a rock in the sea, against which the waves and tempest cannot prevail. Human beings call it 'blind faith', but we from Spirit know that it is the manifestation of a soul-faith that has been acquired through the experiences of a soul that is seeking for its God, and who has gathered along the way of eternal wisdom that has strengthened them, and a wisdom that comes from the God-Power of eternal reality.

That is why all the great Masters say to man, Man, know thyself; be true unto thyself, for in doing that, you are realising God-Consciousness; you are increasing your faith by practice, and by experiencing, and by gathering in the pearls of wisdom.

Before I conclude my few thoughts as a contribution to your seekings, I would like to say to you all; In your world today, where the storms and threat of war are once more threatening your peace, and threatening the world, your way, and your order; it is to souls such as you, that we of Spirit, look.

It is on your spiritual integrity that we build the house of our faith in man, and our hope of man's ultimate salvation; not to the great leaders and great statesmen; not to the great church dignitaries, but to you. For it was from amongst the ranks of such souls as yourself that the Master Christ called His disciples unto Him.

He did not go into the high chambers of state; into the palaces; into the Senate houses. He walked amongst the people of the rank and file of His day; He called unto Him those simple, humble, ordinary people, born into the flesh, and yet seeking; seeking for they hardly knew what, and yet, the Master saw through to the spirit, and He knew very surely that those He called, were giants in spirit; they were leaders; they were teachers; and He knew too, that His Father had given Him the key to remove the limitations of their flesh, with the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Day by day, He showed them the way to increase their faith: He gave unto them that which helped them to realise their Eternity in Spirit, and with the final crowning of their faithful endeavours, the World of the Spirit was opened unto them, and they became leaders, spiritual leaders of mankind.

Therefore, we say to you from Spirit; go on in your way. It may appear to you a very lowly way, a very slow way, but it is the only way; the only way to justify all the millions of souls who have turned towards their God and said. 'I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE IN GOD'.

You carry the banner of Truth. See to it that your arms do not fail at any time to lower that banner into the dust!"


The solemnity in Wu Lan's last few words must impress the aspiring disciple with the obligations of seership and psychic research. These should not be attempted in idle curiosity or for entertainment to pass the time away. Alas, that many linger in the outer courts of psychic leisure, satisfied to chatter and jest with astral entities of low degree. A pleasant place perhaps to scavenge on the crumbs as beggars in the market-place, but not for those who seek in humble service for their God.

The Sanctuary Door is waiting there for those who knock, and once across its threshold, and in time you enter in the Inner Shrine, there is no turning back. What sobering thoughts these words inspire..

The individual's ability to serve with prayerful thoughts is stressed in the following plea from Spirit. This was given in our private circle by a guide called Mikado, who had been a member of the Japanese Race in a previous incarnation..

"Greetings to you all .

"The few words I have to speak concern you all, therefore it is to all I speak. I have just returned from a mission of service to the people of the race to which I formerly belonged, and while the experience is fresh in my memory, I would pass on to you a little of the need that my race has in your world today.

They are being attacked by the ravages of nature, natural catastrophes, resulting from the ill-will that has been sent out during the war years, and although many on your earth would refute the truth of what I say, it is the truth. You are taught that the power of the will that carries out the creative processes of thought, is tremendous, and indeed it is. You are urged by all the Teachers of Light to give forth love, and good thought, and goodwill. The great message that came to the earth which you celebrate in memory in the coming days, was Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards all men.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of war, is the hatred that is engendered by its cruelty and its mercilessness, when even many who can normally forgive, find it impossible to contain their anger at outrage that takes place amongst innocent and guilty alike. It is easy to forgive when the injury does not concern you personally, or concern a loved one who is dear to you, but it is not easy to forgive an enemy guilty of individual acts of atrocity. It is not easy for a> woman to forgive a race that has tortured and slain her husband, her sweetheart, or brother or son. It is not easy for any man to forgive a race that has cruelly misused any woman that he holds in his affections.

Therefore, during the war years, and those immediately following, great waves of hatred have hurled themselves against my people. I am not here to say whether justified or not; I am here to say that the effect of that hatred has been felt amongst the race of the Japanese people ever since. There have been major and minor catastrophes; there are still those who are suffering and enduring painful passings, slow degeneration of cellular structure of the body, who have suffered under the scourge of atomic warfare, and the effect of that will be felt from generation to generation amongst my people. It will affect the children in many, many cases. Therefore you must understand that it will take a very courageous spirit to enter in to the Japanese race, to take upon themselves a share of the racial burden of guilt.

It is to groups such as you that we can appeal for mitigation and mediation thought power, and I ask you in service to pray for my people. If you could have witnessed one-tenth part of the suffering that I have beheld within the last four or five of your months, I would not need to ask you for this service; for the pity that would wring your hearts, would cause you to give it freely of your own volition.

I speak for one race, but remember that in all races that have been involved in a struggle of hatred, there is the need of this great force of love and forgiveness; this great force of intercession for mercy. Even in the country where you are dwelling today, you find the echoes of the hatred engendered by the warfare, being used as a means to create suspicion, disharmony and strife in your midst, and injustice.

It is true that the evil that men do lives after them in your world where they dwell in the flesh, therefore as Jesus of Nazareth said, sin causes you to be in bondage, and the bondage is this, that where you create adverse forces, you are chained to those forces, and that is how earth-bound spirits are tied to the conditions that they have made by their own sin against others, and by causing others to suffer. And to those who cause deliberately, suffering that could be avoided, indeed there comes a terrible retribution, for it is not their victim that is tied, as is understood in so many cases of earth-bound spirits; it is not the victim; it is the one who has created the suffering, who is tied to a memory of what they have done, and cannot be freed.

If you dwell upon this thought, each one of you, think! Would you like to be tied to the earth? Even those of you who have found the earthly life to be good; would you like to be tied once you have left your body, to the conditions of earth?

Or is it your hope that you will be enabled to grow wings, and unfold them, and fly away from things of earth that have caused you sadness? The word 'earth-bound' is easy to say, but it is difficult to realise the appalling condition of one who is earth-bound, and when you consider that this law is in­escapable, you can know a little more of the conditions of Astral existence that interpenetrate your plane of being.

Think of all the suffering that was wilfully caused in all the countries that make, as it were, a continuous belt around your world, and you will know not only the condition that exists; the forces that are impinging themselves upon the field of consciousness of the world dwellers, but you will understand too how difficult it is to break through that barrier of darkness and shine Light, but if you carry one tiny candle, it is as though a great Sun has dawned upon those unfortunate souls who are bound by their own wrongdoing in a ceaseless round of remorse, bewilderment, chaos and fear.

Service is needed; the smallest prayer for a race under retribution, is indeed service that is well worth the performing. You do not see what the eyes of the Spirit Guides behold; you could not bear it. More often than not, you turn away to escape from the unpleasant, because in some aspects of wisdom. You know there Is nothing you can do by harrowing yourselves by beholding the cruelty and the suffering and the sin that goes on in the midst of men, but each one of you, secure in your high tower of peace and purity, can send forth a light into the darkness. Let your light shine for pity's sake; this is service. I leave you my love, for it is ever yours."


A simple plea from Spirit, with vital implications for mankind. The ability of prayer is the gift of God available to every thinking man and woman. What a privilege to pray.

The importance of harmony and music in any circle is dealt with in the following short message from an unknown control:

"God be with you.

Sound is a most important thing, for sound is the harmony of vibration, and it is on the vibration of the sound of that music that I was enabled to contact this instrument. Therefore, remember how important it is to have music of such a character at times in your circle. I was sorry when it ceased, and would have wished it to have gone on, that is because we have no time to fret us into doing that which is against the current of God's harmony.

You are in a different case; you oft-times do things through panic and fear, and stress and strain, and because of what others are thinking; because of the criticism of others, but a comforting thought is this, that God's Will eventually works out.

I would have you remember the time when Moses came down from the mountain with the Law of God written upon stone tablets. Think! Recall and remember the scene that confronted him when he arrived in the camp of the Hebrews. Remember he had been on a very high vibration of spiritual contact for many days and many nights; he had been withdrawn from the world of men; he had been lifted up. He had heard the music of the spheres, the mighty vibrations of sound of Heavenly things, and then he had to descend into the valley of darkness of physical manifestation.

He had to descend from the Heavenly spheres of contact that he had been enjoying, down to the level of the darkness of man's wrongdoing. You as psychics can appreciate perhaps more than the average person upon your earth, what this could mean. He must have been tired; he must have been drained, and all his efforts, and all the wonder that he had witnessed, was for what? For these people, these men and women who were sunk in the stupor of self-seeking and fleshly desires.

He was a man, this Moses, and naturally enough his disappointment let loose a flood of anger, and he said to them, 'You are not fit to receive the Word and the Law of God', and he cast the tablets down, and they were smashed. He Judged them. He condemned them, and he punished them. This goes on in your midst every day. Some man or woman judges, condemns and convicts another or others, and yet there is God to consider.

Moses felt that God's Power had been wasted; the Power of Spirit. Think how mighty that power was up there on the mountain. It was natural, but it was not true; God's Power is never waster, no matter what the reactions of mankind, individually, as a race, or en masse; whether they be fit or not is a thing for God alone to decide. And the ultimate outcome as what? What happened after Moses broke the tablets, and the Israelites were punished by catastrophe, and all the dust of the confusion had settled. What happened? Come tell me. (The tablets were re-written.)

The tablets were re-written; the Will of God flowed on undisturbed and unperturbed by the physical manifestations of human frailty, because man appears to have so short a time, but God has eternity to work out the great rhythms of His creative vibrations.

Will you remember this in your future dealings with one another, and those with whom you come in contact; those whom you serve, who do not appear to be fit to receive the word of Spirit, and yet they must receive it, because God has willed it so.

And you may break the tablets of the Law, and you may disregard your messages from Spirit, but they will be re-written, and they will be re-spoken, and under their law Man shall live. For, as Moses said, 'If you will not live by the Law, you shall perish by the Law', and if you will not learn to live by the Spirit, then surely you must perish for there is no life apart from the Spirit. The flesh has no life in itself.

Peace on Earth, and Goodwill towards all men. This also is of God, and shall be fulfilled.”


These words have a great meaning, and cannot be ignored. Further comment wou!d be presumptuous.

A very interesting phenomenon is sometimes seen in circles when a controlling entity's face becomes visible, super-imposed over the features of the medium. As the human face turns from side to side, the shimmering mask can be seen following the same movements. This does not happen very often, and is probably given as a demonstration to one or other of the sitters who on that particular occasion, has the psychic ability or spiritual vision capable of discerning the manifestation.

Experiences such as this are cherished by those who witness them; certain proofs of continued existence. There is no longer any doubt in the mind then, and one can speak with authority of seeing with the eye of spirit. At the same time, it is a re-assurance to the observer that the medium is genuine, as the phenomenon can never take place in a fake seance.

This brings us to the subject of Auras, which is a study in itself for the earnest seeker. The following lecture was recorded at an "Open Circle" in Springs, Transvaal, on the 13th March, 1957.

"In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I greet you and give you peace.

It is a great pleasure to see so many auras gathered together for the purpose of meeting Spirit, and it is a privilege to come and speak for a short while upon a subject that I have studied to a certain extent.

In the denomination to which I belonged when I was upon the earth-plane, as you know, we prayed to the Saints, and although it has been the cause of much dissension both outside and inside that same denomination, it has been the means of proving to man in one way, the existence of the human aura. You see the Saints depicted with light around them, and you hear of so many references to the light that shines forth from goodness from God.

In the rigorous discipline and training that novitiates receive in certain orders belonging to my religion, there is every possibility and every opportunity to develop natural gifts of psychic power. In many instances, of course, they were strongly discouraged because of a fear that they might lead to egotism, to pride, to misuse, and to wrong teaching; also to the setting up of the individual as something or someone to be worshipped.

This we do not desire to encourage, and so when a gift was developed, the individual that developed it, was subjected to a most rigorous investigation, and also trained in a very, shall I say, strong discipline, spiritual discipline, so that when a gift developed or manifested, it was used to the highest purpose, and where a gift manifested that was not desirable, it was strongly discouraged.

Today in your denomination, in your truth; I will put it that way. you are inclined to open the door to all types and all kinds; you have no real means of training except in your home circles, and very fortunate are those who manage to obtain a place in a spiritual circle. So many circles are formed merely for the purpose of obtaining psychic power and psychic gifts, and the spiritual side of it is only paid scant lip-service at best.

At worst, indeed there are circles where prayer is not used as a means of tuning-in; hymns and holy music and good music are not encouraged, and individual spiritual development is not considered necessary. I need not go any further into the disasters, both spiritual, physical and menta!, that await such members of such circles, and we from Spirit have long ago decided that we would wait until the time presented itself wherein we might come and teach in a proper manner, where we would show you the pitfalls as well as the possibilities of the rewards that come to those who do truly endeavour to develop a psychic gift for the benefit of man, to the Glory of God, and these are the only types of developing beings in whom we have interest, and with whom we will co-operate and work.

To continue with regard to the subject of Auras. You must bear with me if those amongst you who are advanced in this matter, have to listen once more to the early steps. Every human soul has an aura, in fact, they have several. As you have been told, and as you have no doubt read, you are complex creatures when you are in the body; you are flesh, you are etheric, you are astral, you are spiritual, and you have even finer vehicles of being of which we cannot even speak, as Christ said, 'I cannot tell you of Heavenly things, until you have learnt of earthly '.

So for the present purpose we will say that you all have an aura which is light; light that shines forth from the vibrations of your existence. This aura as it shines through a fleshly vehicle, is in a constant state of change, therefore, if for instance I were to read your aura now, I could come back perhaps in an> hour, and it would be very different. It all depends what experiences come to you in that hour; how you receive them, and how you react to them.

The important aura for a human being, or for one, shall I say, to see, is what is known as the 'inner aura'. This is caused by the etheric body. Later on, we shall have more to say about this wonderful etheric body of which men and women for the main part on earth, are so grossly ignorant, but for the present, I will tell you that it is seen as an outer coveringto your physical body. In shape it is very similar to your physical shape, but to one that is developed, the etheric shape can change, but that again is a more advanced study.

For the present, we will say that if you develop sufficiently to see a person's inner aura, you will see it as light surrounding the body. It is as a rule, a very narrow strip that you see. At times, this inner aura seems to radiate; at times it seems to withdraw, it ail depends upon the conditions, and to a great extent upon the physical condition of the subject. Through the inner aura, radiate the colour rays that are mainly controlled by what we call the 'astral'.

The astral body is the body that experiences the emotions that cause human beings and undeveloped spirits, so much confusion and unbalance, but nevertheless it is very necessary in order that human beings may learn the lessons of an earthly life. For instance, you may desire a thing, it may not be good for you, but you desire it, and believe me, the desire body is very strong. It may not be good for others that you have it; if you are not developed, your will immediately comes into play to gain you that which you desire.

Your inner aura then to a certain extent, recedes, because your material desires are having fuller play. The colour that denotes that desire, will be the strongest colour in your aura; it will be the heavier shade, and if it is a wrong desire, if it is an unrighteous desire, then it will be of a very dull, and we say, lifeless and miserable shade. If you have a righteous desire, it may not be a wise desire, but it is with good motive, you will find there again that desire will colour your aura with> the predominant shade, but you will by desiring something that is not wise, come into conflict with the all-wise Will of God, and you will find that it will show in the aura as a ragged vibration, because then, by directing a desire unwisely, and coming into conflict with the all-perfect Wisdom of God, you are creating disharmony.

Then you will find that through disharmony, your physical may become afflicted; certainly your etheric body is not able to maintain the physical as it should, and it may give rise to certain nervous disorders. So you see, it is a vast subject, and there is much to be learned.

If you train yourselves spiritually to be calm, gentle, loving, peaceful, kind, you will find in time that your spiritual nature will overcome all physical desire, all wrong desires, and those righteous desires that come to you; you will be> able by tuning-in to the Will of God, to the creative forces of God, know how to direct them wisely. Then you will see harmony in the auras. Where you see an aura where the colours are balanced, where the shades are of the same intensity and degree of colouring, there you have a balanced person; there you have a healthy person, and there, as a rule, you have a progressing soul.

You also have one more factor in the aura, of which I will speak, and that is the factor of contact. If you contact low entities, according to the law of "Like attracting like', they will impinge on your aura, they will work in your aura, and they will effect your aura, and their colours and their desires, and their personalities will affect your aura. If they are of an evil disposition, they can damage your aura to a very great extent, and if through your own disharmony, because to attract such entities, you yourselves must be, shall I say, not as good as you should be; and you become sick in mind, and sick in body because you are sick in soul, and one follows the other more surely than the day follows the night.

Therefore, your aura could be damaged and broken. In that case, you would have need of a very spiritual and powerful healer to help you, for these things lead to great disasters upon the earth.

But coming up the scale of spiritual development; we will take you as most human beings consider themselves to be, as they say, 'I am just an ordinary person', you will find that contacts have a range. You may find yourself in company that is good, you may go to your church, there you would find that the majority of people are endeavouring to be a little better than they normally are.

In such an atmosphere, you would find peace because the contacts that you would attract would be peaceful; the Spirit friends and helpers that would draw to you from the 'Other Side', and your loved ones impinging on your aura which has been somewhat purified by your prayers, and your presence in such a place; they would help you, and you would find too in such a place the healers are present, and the healers watch auric colours very closely. It is in this way that they do most of their diagnosing.

Therefore, they would watch your aura, and they would be able to give you healing, under those circumstances which perhaps, if you found yourselves in adverse company, they could not do.

Now you could go out of your church, and in a few days you may attend what is known on your earth-plane as a 'party'. You may enter into a house where they indulge in a great deal of alcoholic liquid, and perhaps words that are not pure and clean, and so on and so forth, but not necessarily evil that we are out to fight in the vanguard of Christ's Army.

But nevertheless, these auras so closely surrounding you would affect your aura; the colours would change, unless you were a very strong-willed person, you would find they would change to a very great degree, and therefore you would form what is known as a common auric vibration.

Now we are going perhaps a little too far, and perhaps I should stop, but I wish to lead you to this point in order that you may understand the hidden and unseen effects of the company that you keep; of the places that you attend. That is why it is good to go into a holy place, and where one or two are gathered together, do you not see the implication?

You make a common auric vibration where the power increases, and manifestations can take place for good or ill according to your spiritual level. Now you see when a guide draws near to a circle, they watch that common auric vibration, and they immediately know the type of circle they are contacting.

So you see, as Christ said, 'Nothing can remain hidden: it is seen', and that which to your earth-plane is unseen, to us is most clearly seen. Think of these things, and I trust that they will give you food for thought, and that they will help you to be careful in your going.

I leave you my love, and my peace, but greater than this, I leave you the Love and the Peace of God as manifested through His glorious Son in the Christ Spirit. Goodnight."


Limited space in this book prevents the inclusion of other recorded teachings. Further lectures on spiritual healing alone, will take up considerable space. Numerous sermons delivered in various churches by different controlling entities, and excerpts from advanced teachings, remain to be published at a later date.

It is felt that the selections published now, had to be placed before mankind for their information and study. We live in portentous times with the World at the cross-roads of Human Decision. "Whither goest thou? O Man", is a question each one can answer for themselves. Man's realisation of his spiritual nature, responsibilities and abilities, is the only force which can save him from blundering on indefinitely.

It is appropriate to end this volume with two further talks; one given in 1956 in our private circle, on the gift of phophecy, and the other which is the last recorded message from our loving friend the Chinese Philosopher, Su su Ling, delivered in 1967.

"Now is the time you learn more of your work, and of what lies ahead. You should go forward leaving aside the toys and the childishness that lie upon the threshold of what you call Spiritualism. What is the greatest psychic gift that man can have? Healing is good, but until the spirit is healed by God's Grace, no true healing can take place. Your Lord knew that when He said, 'Go and sin no more, lest worse befall you'. But clear vision is the greatest psychic gift. Paul said, 'Pray for these gifts, but pray and ask most of all for prophecy'.

Prophecy is open vision; clear vision. When the prophet is taken away from the world, the world is left in darkness to stumble like blind and maimed children without adult hands to guide them. If you prophesy in your own name, you will find that your prophecies may not always guide the world; an individual perhaps for a time, and then your powers being limited, are shown up for what they are, but true prophecy comes only through clear vision, and clear vision can only be obtained through the Spirit.

You cannot obtain clear vision by using your brain. The prophets who prophesied in the Name of God, were able to guide the destinies of nations. This was disconcerting to the powers of darkness, for true prophecy is the torch of God's guidance, and the powers of darkness knew that unless they could extinguish that torch, then the children of God would always conquer.

The whole work of the powers of darkness has been to extinguish the light of true prophecy; this they had no power to do unless it was given by man's betrayal of his spirit. But man betrayed his spirit; he stoned the prophets; he crucified them, he killed them, he persecuted them, and so, nations have been left in darkness, and any man or woman who has aspired to the true vision, has been persecuted.

But these are the 'latter days' when God said, 'I will pour out My Spirit upon you'. You can become prophets of God, but not through the power of your own brain, your own thought, your own whim, your own desire, your own vanity, your own ambitions. To have clear vision, you must become a pure, humble channel containing only child-like trust, and a faith that moves mountains.

The visions that were seen long ago, are coming true, but those who have studied spiritualism, and practised it, as it has been taught in its various forms, have not aspired to go beyond individual foretelling, linking to the departed from the earth, so on and so forth. They have at times issued statements as prophecies; most of them the result of wishful thinking; overweening 'ego'; flaunting ambition to be leaders, and to have others hold up their hands in wonder, and what happened?

Their prophecies fell to the ground, causing much confusion in the ranks.

We would teach you now to become prophets. No-one can answer a question unless it is first asked; is that not true? Why? Because without a cause, there is no effect. First, there must be a cause. Now, what is the greatest incentive on your earth-plane to create a cause? Fear; on your earth-plane; fear is predominant. A man can love; a woman can love, on your earth-plane, but it is not until fear creeps in that they may lose that love, or that something may happen to disturb it, that they seek to find some stronger power than themselves in a physical aspect.

From love, greed, hatred; all your emotions, man feels capable of handling them until fear creeps in, and when fear comes, man looks outside of himself for something to relieve that fear. Now, when a man or a woman seeks to know the future, you will find that at the bottom is fear; it may be subconscious, but it is there. There is a stronger power than fear; as you know it is love. Where will you find that upon your earth-plane? You do not know. You can only find it in a measure, not in any perfect state, unless it be through the glory of a manifested spirit that has conquered fear.

And what is fear in its manifold aspects? One man is afraid of the night; one man is afraid of the day. Each human being has its own fear. Therefore, there must be an individual relief from fear, and that is found in your seers, your fortune-tellers, your clairvoyants, and so on and so forth. It may be a subconscious fear of self, and it may find relief only in the mild form of conversation with a friend that you trust, but it is a manifestation of fear; of a seeking to relieve that fear.

Now what of the fear of a nation? What creates a national fear? Is it war? Is it the possibility of something unknown happening? Who can relieve that fear? Those who understand, and can explain and inspire, and inspiration comes only through the Spirit.

Now, from individual fears can grow a neurosis, an individual neurosis that can spread. From the fear of a nation, can grow a national neurosis which can be a great danger to a nation's peace. But what would cause the fear of a world; the fear of a race that is the race of mankind? Destruction; fear of destruction, yes. Anything else? Lack of faith in themselves, and in their leaders, when they see the world passing through a phase that is not good.

When a man or a woman is afraid, what do they do to relieve that fear? They seek outside of themselves, do they not? They also seek companionship; they are not so much afraid if another is with them, A nation seeks an ally, true? And sometimes and often in your world, it has happened that they seek an ally that is not compatible to them in peace­time because of the fear of war.

Now, a world afraid, whatever the cause; wilt they join together to relieve the fear of the unknown? We trust so from Spirit. Now you have your direction for prophecy. You cannot expect things to come to you unless they are answers that come when you add up the sum of logical reasoning. When you use your physical brain to work out a problem, you write down the figures, and you add them, or substract them, to get an answer; is that not so? Your earth and its destiny; the answer is obtained through a like process; a Divine sum, a spiritual sum, but it is obtained in the same way.

We would have you think upon these things; we would have you sufficiently interested to ask the question, 'Watchman, what of the night?' Who is the watchman in the world? You have the illustration in your Bible, when a prophet was beset by enemies, he showed clearly that those from Spirit were gathered around, guarding, watching, protecting. We would have you think of Spirit more than of physical things.

Your powers upon the earth are gathering; you do not need to be a prophet to know that, do you? Behind those powers, in the etheric worlds, lie the countless millions of souls who are under the bondage of sin; the black hordes, seeking to express themselves on the battlefield of Armageddon, and as your war-lords seek for the relief from their fears, so do these hungry hordes, seek to relieve their fears. And the war-lords of the Spirit World are gathering; you were never promised an easy way upon the earth. No esoteric teaching that has ever been given, has promised an easy way for earthlings, and the only mercy that has been shown, is that the days will be shortened.

But even if you have that one day to spend upon the earth, you must justify your existence for that day; you must show clearly to what side you belong. There will be no hiding that which you are, and for that which you stand for. You may wonder why you are here gathered together. Many of you have been tested and tried. We ask you to lay aside your childish things, to go beyond the portal of Spiritualism.

Here you can make Light; you can learn to protect Light. With your prayer-wheel where you sit at peace and harmony with one another, taking it in turns to say 'God is Love', you can make a power for Light. Power is the force whereby Spirit will manifest.

On your earth-plane, there are dark places; places where the pits are opened, and the smoke and the stench comes up and causes festers like a disease upon your world, and there the satanic hordes gather and wait their opportunity to manifest through man's fears; the individual fears, the national fears, and the world fears. But in the past, individual fear has been the greatest motive. Study your history, you will find it. Before the world was linked with modern forms of communication, it was a man or a woman's individual fear that set in train the major events of nations and races.

Then came the national fears, the fearing of one race against another. This is all prophesied by your great Christ, my Master, that 'man should war against man; households should be rent; nation should rise against nation'. It is all written in prophecy, but who have eyes to see, and ears to hear?

That too has been prophesied,I will harden their hearing, and I will blind their eyes, that seeing, they will not see, and hearing, they will not hear.'

Now the time is coming, in these 'latter days', when the world will know a fear. It is beginning. Already, those who do not have a full experience and conception of war; fear. They fear in their hearts and their minds the unknown. Those that have never been in a theatre of war, fear more in many cases than those that have. The unknown. So the world trembling on the brink of catastrophe, now begins to wonder. The pits are open, and the yawning mouths of Hell's unknown before to man, now gush forth their filth, their horror, and their lust for destruction. Now their weapon is fear.

There is one greater thing, as you know, LOVE. So the Army of Light will use love. Now upon your earth-plane, it seems a puny weapon, does it not? Think of the individual capacity for love, and how easily it is destroyed. Does it take a tremendous amount of fear to destroy a love-link for human beings? Very little, and so the children of God manifesting upon the earth, grow hopeless; they despair, and their faith grows very dim, but this also has been prophesied. Many will fall away, but those that endure to the end, shall be saved; endurance, and only love can give you the strength to endure.

It is a foolish enemy that displays his weapons to his foe, and over-confidence will be the downfall of the dark spirits. God is long-suffering, and will wait the hour, not of His vengeance, but of His manifestation of Love. Therefore, that is why from Spirit, over and over again, we have said to you here, love. Put It before all else. Endure what you must, whether it be insult, whether it be pain, whether it be suffering; endure. For love is the weapon, and the defence of the Army of Light. You can fight with no other weapon; it will not prevail.

Think these things. Do not let such thoughts go by without dwelling upon them. Think of your worid; think of individuals; think of nations; think of the power of fear, and what it has done, and then try and see what your strength is as an individual, as a member of a group, as the member of a religion, as the member of a race, as the member of human kind.

Look towards the time when love will conquer, and you will see in your lengthening vision, different stages that will give you the clear vision to prophesy hope to man.

Prophecy, clear vision, is the greatest gift to help man to come into his kingdom; to help him to overcome fear. For clear vision, and true phophecy come from Light, and where there is Light, the darkness flees and is not. Ye shall love, and leave aside those things that would draw you from this way.

If a man approaches you, or a woman; say to yourself, "What is their capacity for love; how great?', and there you will find the answer to the destiny of that soul. Find what their fear is, and you will find their greatest weakness. Will you try?

If you gaze at your feet. You will bump into the first obstacle you come to, and do yourself an injury, but if you gaze to the horizon, you will not come to any great harm. Guide your power; you can make your prayer-wheel, but what do you do with it? Do you see the wheel going round to each in turn, gathering from each one, power. Your thoughts are spiritual, your words are good, holy words; this creates power: 'GOD IS LOVE'.

On your earth-plane In times of war, what is the thing you have to distinguish between friend and foe? A password, 'Who goes there?' Is that not so? Friend or foe? What is the password? Do you not think we have that in the World of Spirit? What is the password? 'GOD IS LOVE'. You were told to test the spirits, whether they be of God. The password: 'GOD IS LOVE'.

Before you commence your prayer-wheel, determine how you are going to use the power that you create; for what purpose? 'Come to an agreement. If for a sick person, if for a sick nation, if for a theatre of war. When your prayer-wheel is finished, direct your prayer by thought to the cause to which you wish it to go. You are then creative, and you are helping the Powers of Light.

Before you commence, see where help is needed. You have war upon your earth-plane; you have theatres of war. Use your prayer-wheel. Make up your minds beforehand. Say you will send them to Hungary. Then when your prayer-wheel is finished, all of you think of Hungary, and your power goes out, and is used, not so much by those upon the earth, but those who are holding the balance in that place. Do you follow? Have you learnt?

This is greater than trying to discern whether one individual will obtain more comfort and joy out of life than is their lot, than they deserve, or that they will reap a harvest that they did not sow, or pick fruit from a tree they did not plant or tend.

Then when you have done that, concentrate still upon that theatre, upon that place, upon that cause, and you will find your vision will clear, and you will obtain prophecy regarding that cause or that place or that happening.

Will you try? It is training. In the past, you have been asked to do things that you have not done, but we know, we are dealing with flesh. The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is the flesh. May God bless you all. Farewell,"

Those whose spiritual vision is becoming clearer, will not only believe in these teachings from Spirit, but will act upon them, as the only solution to the problems facing mankind. The power of directed prayer in small groups where harmony and peace prevail, can have remarkable effects on conditions of turmoil and stress in our world.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them"; the Spirit of Christ, the Love of God demonstrated to Man by His Son the Master Jesus. It is as simple as that.

When these great truths are known and practised, there will be no need for religious labels or sects. Mankind has the key to unlock the very Gates of Heaven, if they will but join together in the simple act of saying, "God is Love".

The last message to be printed in these pages, was given by our beloved Philosopher Su Su Ling, on the 5th December, 1967. What a privilege to record his words, and send them out into the world; a message of hope, faith and Light.


Good evening, and God bless you all.

It is a pleasure to be once more in communication with you. In this lovely spot with its peaceful vibrations, we have at last brought together such elements conducive to the work that we have in mind.

Today on the Earth, the plan of Light goes forward in ever-increasing momentum. It is a great joy to see from our side of life, the glorious work of Spirit manifesting itself in points of light all over the world- From the point of view of the human race, it does not appear to be so bright; the future is clouded with threats of violence and anxiety for the ultimate outcome of the scientific work that is progressing in the fields of war. It would appear to the human view that the shadow of evil is darkening ever deeper and deeper.

Therefore, we come to say to those of the world, be of good cheer, for the great and powerful God-like Light of Love is waxing ever greater and greater, and through the murk of human evil, there shines the glorious hope of a spiritual resurrection.

It is true that the darker side of your life, is brought to the notice of the race more frequently and strongly than the goodwill efforts that are often unheard and unsung, but we see these good efforts being made in the individual heart, mind and soul, and we know that it is through this, and this alone, that man shall be saved, as has been promised from the earliest times, to encourage the human race to progress, and go forward into the spiritual kingdom that has been prepared for those who love, and seek their God.

So we bring once more the message of good­will, especially at this time of the year, to all Christians, and to those indeed who are non-Christians, and we say, think for a little while upon the power that has been generated throughout the years by the continual rhythm of remembrance of the coming of the Christ Spirit to the Earth at this time of the year.

Human beings must now begin to realise the power of thought. The World is growing smaller because of the speed of communication; the human race is becoming a closely-knit unit. The different barriers between the people of the world are being ruthlessly crushed and broken down against the will of those who still cling to the idea that separation can bring what they ultimately seek in the way of happiness. And the systems of teaching, education. scientific discovery in all fields, spiritual leadership, and demonstration, are bringing the peoples of the world to a level of harmonious thinking that can only lead them into the heavenly activities that we strive to demonstrate, and to prove that only by complete unity and harmonious effort, will the Kingdom of God come about upon this weary world of yours.

The message that is given, will be repeated over and over again. It will come through from the Realms of Light by many means, by many channels, until at last the similarity of its teachings; the urgency of its need of acceptance, will result in the ultimate freeing of mankind from the illusion of separation.

Man cannot live by bread alone; man cannot live by himself alone. The separation that is caused by sin must be eradicated from your midst, and the greatest sin amongst you is the sin of selfishness. The Great One who came to illuminate the world Himself said, 'Unless a man love his neighbour; unless he forgive his brother from his heart, there is no hope for him of ultimate happiness'.'

Men and women must learn that they are part of each other, and the flesh with its illusion of separation, must be recognized at its true value. This will come about increasingly in the next two centuries that lie ahead, manifestations will take place of an ever-increasing and more wondrous nature, and we come to tell men to be prepared for this. Some listen; some do not.

Some take heed, and prepare themselves for the eventuation of the coming of the Kingdom of Spirit, and some do not, and there again once more in all its pristine beauty, you have the teaching of the parable of the Sower of seed. We know that at the end of time when the great accounting is made, it is our task to see that there are more ears of wheat than plants of tares.

We work for this end, and no sacrifice is too great to make in order that the plan of the Great Logos with Its manifestation and crowning glory of the perfection of Love-Wisdom, shall come into being, and be fulfilled amongst men on Earth. The children of darkness cannot comprehend the Light unless the Light is shown to them.

We see their appalling state, and we have compassion, and it is this compassion that is the motivating force behind the plans that we make, and the unceasing work that we do, and the endeavour that we make, and we are striving now through such instruments as this, and groups such as yourselves, to once more send out the call to Man to come into the Light unit by unit, to band themselves together, so that the Light may grow, for the light of many candles is preferable to the light of one, and can dispel more darkness.

And so we are encouraging people to meet all over the world in every nation, that they may become focal points of light, until the day dawns when the coming of the Great Light is possible, and permitted by the Source of all Light. .

So, once more we say, let there be light in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls, and let that light be the Light of the Glory of your God, that this world may no longer be called the Dark Star, but the Angels of Heaven may sing in rejoicing as the Sun of the Glory of Truth and Love may break forth, and lift Mankind to the Halls of Everlasting Day.

Goodnight, and God bless you all." .