JUNE 1, 1977

We are in receipt of a charming letter from Maurice Barbanell the Editor of "Psychic News" the world's leading psychic newspaper "Barbie" as he is known to millions in Spiritualism is without a doubt the world's most knowledgeable Spiritualist. He is the author of many books which include such works as; "This is Spiritualism," and the famous series of "Silver Birch" books. Much of our way of life, (Spiritualism) is based on the teachings of this beloved Guide. Without the contributions that Barbie has made to our way of life, world Spiritualism would have been very much the poorer. We are proud to publish this letter in full. Thanks for your letter and for going to all the trouble to have the copies of "Spiritualist News" bound specially for me. I will take the earliest opportunity of reading these copies. The printed word has a unique potency. It is the finest medium for communication. What is heard on the radio or television can be misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted. The printed word endures and can be checked to ensure that we might have missed something vital in a hurried reading. It is a means of reaching people that is uniquely its own, as I have discovered since 1932 when I started editing Psychic News. I have written at length so you can quote anything I say if you think it helpful. If we have not already done so, I will arrange for you to be put on our free-an-exchange list. if you will do the same regarding "Spiritual News".  Here's wishing you every success and with kindest regards Yours sincerely Barbie The difficulties in publishing a psychic periodical are spotlighted from personal experience by leading South African Spiritualist Tex Joubert. He sends me a bound copy of "Spiritualist News", the quarterly he edits. 
After a healing demonstration in a country town, several of the local healers accompanied Mr. Edwards and Mr. and Mrs. Burton in the after-healing when some sixty patients were helped to happier times. It was pleasing to see how the local healers quickly adapted themselves to our methods. They did not try to heal auras, or make extravagant passes. They applied themselves to the need of the patient. If a joint or a spine needed loosening, then they "blended-in" with the patient, attuned themselves to the condition, and then gently looked for the improvement that they sought by carefully moving the joints or spine, and found that it had taken place. On several occasions Mr. Edwards showed the healers what was needed and left them to do it. On examining the patient shortly afterwards he found that the desired result was effected. From the news that reaches us from many quarters we are pleased to see that many new healers are adopting our methods with success and that generally the old traditional extravagant methods  are being replaced by the more natural  method of contact healing. It is becoming more widely accepted that the healer, of himself, does not do the healing and therefore any action of the healer or posturing of his hands cannot of itself be an act of healing Tradition dies hard, especially with those who have long practiced the old order. This does not mean that healing do not take place with the traditional sweeping passes, etc. They do, but they are not the result of the movements. It is a natural thing for the hands to be used as an expression of the mind, so that if a person has a pain, then the "smoothing away" motion of the hands is a natural reaction of the mental request for the pain to be erased. It is probable that the practice of healing by passes arose from this, and became endowed with exaggerated importance. The hands of the healer make the physical contact with the patient and through them is expressed the healing desire - and that is all. Therefore it is good in contact healing to use the hands, but at the same time to know that no movement of them is actually necessary for the healing forces from Spirit to reach the patient and remove the stresses. This becomes more evident when one thinks about absent healing, which is just as effective, if not more so, than contact healing. The healer's hands are not employed but the healing takes place just the same. Often one sees the "helpers" stretching forth their hands towards the patient to "dive Dower". Here the idea is good, but the act of stretching forth the hands is again an expression of desire, and not of itself an act of power-giving. The spirit doctors do not need the helpers' arms and hands to reach the patient. This may cause some disillusionment and disappointment, but common sense tells us that if the helper had his hands in his pockets as he blends or attunes with the patient the help from Spirit would reach the patient just the same.  


by Lily Thomas

I was born in Cornwall, England, and at an early age played with spirit children. My parents thought I was "potty". I started seeing grownups and when I told my parents about it. they punished me. In those days it was not allowed, so I decided to keep silent. Then. I lost a brother to whom I was very devoted. He had not been gone many days when he came back in the middle of the night and told me that my path would have to be on the highways and byways to work for God and humanity. I was too young to understand what he meant I was about JO years old then. From that day onwards he was with me a lot and told me that my bones would be buried in South Africa. He also realized that my parents were upset about him being close to me. At that time there was something wrong with my foot and leg and my brother told that I would be cured. At that time I did not walk well at all. One day he told me to go into a church at Plymouth. I hobbled into the church and sat at the back where no one could see me. The clairvoyant said there was a young lady at the back of the church; whom he could help and get walking properly. I was so astounded that I did not answer, I had never been to a spiritualist church before. The clairvoyant said that I must see him after the meeting and he would tell me where to go for healing, but I could not do this as my parents would not have agreed to it. When I was 19 years of age I met this clairvoyant again. A friend took me to his rooms and he gave me healing which I blocked because I could not; believe. When I was 23 I met him again. This time I put myself into his hands and after a period of about seven months I could walk properly. It came about in this way. He made me stand holding onto a mantelpiece. In England in those days. he mantelpieces were built very high. He put his hand on my leg which made a funny clicking sound. From that day onwards I threw away my surgical boot and went out into the world like any other normal human being I had married in the interim, but it was not a successful marriage, because I had married into a family who were against all that I wanted to do After I got my freedom I started to study and the oldest member of the National Spiritualist Union in London asked me to go onto their platforms. I said I would be delighted  My first experience was very strange. When I left home I had a very good private income, but when my parents realized that I wanted to do this kind of work, they took it away and tried to starve me out so that I would have to go home, I would not do that and this particular brother said to me one day "Put on your best bib and tucker and look as though you are very wealthy and take a bus." And he told me what bus to take. At that time I was living in a bed-sitting room and when I got into the street, there was the bus coming along and it was going into Kent. I got into the bus and I had exactly four pence, no more. I asked the conductor what the fare was and he said four pence, I said thank you and gave him the four pence. When I got there I could not think why I was there. My brother had told me to go up and down the street. I came to a church and outside it there was a lady with a collection plate and a notice which said "Psychometry 1/-." I said to her I was sorry but I did not have a shilling but I would bring it the following day. I told her that I only wanted guidance and did not want my fortune told. She said that I could not go in if I did not have a shilling. So I said "Are you a Christian institution or aren't you? Sorry I have been sent here and I must go in." And the strangest things happened. I went inside and put my ring in the little box for Psychometry. The speaker, Mrs. Lucy Smith, from East London, was due to speak there and she had lost her connection, and she would be an hour late. They asked whether there was anyone who could sing or recite, because their speaker would be late My brother gave me one smack and said:

"Now come along. This is your opportunity." He pushed me completely out of my chair. So I said to the chairman, "I will help you out. I can do Psychometry." So there I was with this box of trinkets and I had never done Psychometry in my life before. I got up and I did the Psychometry. Then Mrs. Smith arrived. I sat down and asked the others not to tell her who I was. I had given 19 messages and Mrs. Smith finished the rest. She came to my ring. I wanted guidance only. She said as she picked up my ring. "I don't know who this belongs to. but she should be standing right where I am. From this day onward you will never look back." I didn't answer her. Then she described an uncle of mine who had a title. She got quite muddled as he had lived in this country for years She said "I want you to know that God has a purpose for you. You are to go the highways and byways." I said. "Thank you very much I understand: That is an uncle of mine and my godfather." After the meeting was over, the chairman came to me, and asked me to have tea with him and his wife. I had not had much to eat, so I said I would love to. He took me in his care and I found out that he was the vicar of the church in mufti, acting as chairman. He told me that I had a wonderful gift and he asked me for my card. I replied that I had not been in London long enough to have any printed. He then said, that I did not need development, as I was developed already. He wanted to know my fee, but as I had not work before I did not know what to say. But I did not have any money to go home. He put a sovereign in an envelope and handed it to me. imagine how the spirit people must have worked for me to get as much as that after a four penny bus ride. But I still did not have change for the bus fare. Fortunately the gentlemen offered to take me home and said that we would meet again. I had a furnished room with a dear old lady who was a widow and she was also a spiritualist, We got on very well and f asked her to allow me to help her in the house as I could not sit in a room alone all day. One day the doorbell went and there I was this gentlemen from the Church who asked me to go with him. He took me to the British College of Psychic Science for a test with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Oliver Lodge. Afterwards I was told to go to the office and see the secretary and she asked me when I could start working there. I could not believe this and asked her whether I was good enough, She said that if I had passed

 that lot I certainly was. This all happened in 1920. I was nearly 24 years of age. I am now 81 and proud of my age because my brain still works well. I then received a letter from the London Spiritualist Union asked me to serve them as well. I was then booked up most of the time In 6 months time I was in Edinburgh in the College I have had a wonderful experience- I have never sat in a group but I have run groups. I worked on different platforms all over the country and I also worked with Estelle Roberts in London. I traveled through the whole of England and Ireland, but did not have time to work in groups in England. In 1941 I was on the platform in Portsmouth, when I saw my father sitting in the third row. I spoke to him after the meeting and asked him what he though of his wayward daughter now. He said it was what he had always believed! He took me to meet my mother in Cornwall which was quite a long way away. My father was very proud of me. They had seen my name on all the hills and they had newspaper cuttings pinned up on the walls, because if you are a good speaker it is advertised a lot in England. My mother said that my father had come home the night before and said that she should be ashamed of herself for the way she had treated her daughter when she was a little girl I did not see them again because they passed away. I then started to move around and went to the States in 1945/47. I am planning to go back there later on. Spiritualist activities during the war were carried on but evening meetings were not allowed. because at 6 o/clock the bombs came over I was burnt out three times. I also did a lot of fire patrol. In spite of all the danger I was never harmed. I had a lovely place of my own which was burned to the ground. I was the only medium who predicted that there would be another war when all the others said that there would not be any more wars. Even Shaw Desmond a gift writer, said that there would not be another war. I was on the platform with him and I told him to sit down when siren  went and the first bomb dropped. I knew all the time because I was told to keep my gas mask. I had a great friend in Winston Churchill who admired my work. I was with him the night before I came here and I asked him, "If you had a a wish what would you wish for?" He looked at me and he said "Well I have been naughty, I have been good. I have done good things. I have made mistakes, but I am dying to get up there to see if there are paintings better than mine. This was about 1956. Right about the war, the guides and spirits kept up the morale of the people. Estelle Roberts was marvelous. She held meetings and she was an amazing medium. I have traveled a lot during my lifetime. I decided to come to South Africa in August 1956 as a resident medium. The psychic club asked me to come out here (Mr. & Mrs. Williamson). My brother said this was my opportunity, sell up your home and go. I  was here for 4  months. I went back on the 14th December and there was a strike on, no buses, no trains, no petrol, snow and slush So I said to myself, "This is crazy." I walked to Piccadilly to a shipping office and asked whether there was a ship going to South Africa. Eventually my feet were dropping off from tiredness from walking from one agent to another but they all said no vacancy. Eventually I was resting in one agent's office when a cancellation came through. I accepted it at once and paid  for my ticket. He showed me a plan of the ship and it was beautiful. I was staying with some friends at the time. My friend had lost her husband, I felt awful about leaving her. I had only been in London for  3 - 4 weeks. That evening while watching television, my friend said to me, "You are not happy here." And I said, "No I am not." She then suggested that I go up to town the next day and book my passage, little realizing that I had already done so. Instead of telling her that I had my ticket in my pocket, I went up to London on the workmen's train. I phoned my friend from there and told her that I had booked my seat on the ship and that I would be sailing on 5th, February. "Rather soon", said my friend. I said that I would die of the cold if I stayed. When I arrived in South Africa, a crowd met me and I stayed with friends of Sir Winston Churchill. The Psychic Club sent me a telegram telling me that they were giving me a reception party I to welcome me. I worked in the Club everyday, giving sittings, taking groups, etc. I really helped them with Psychometry meeting, etc. I worked for them for quite a while before I decided to work at home. because of my health, | and I have worked at home ever since. I built up a lovely church, the Lily Thomas Sanctuary. Long market Street, .Cape Town. There were only two groups at that time besides my church. I believe that spiritualism will eventually become worldwide, because even the scientists are becoming interested, proving that there is another life and another world besides this. Spiritualism helps one to live and to understand what life means, and we are here to prepare ourselves for a greater life and a greater place. If you study the bible well, you will find that it is full of spiritualism. But you will find that people think that we are not spiritual minded because we are spiritualist, but that we are heathen. I feel that the church is going to be understood much more because of our knowledge than it has been in the past That I am certain of. As far as mediums are concerned: They are born. You cannot make one. If the gift is there they can be trained. I am still doing platform work and work from my home.

Portrait of a Spiritualist

Most of us have heard of those unsung heroes that are known as the backroom boys and girls. They are to be found in all walks of life, in every major business. They never appear, or seek the limelight, yet they are looked upon as the backbone of the business that they serve. On the spiritual side of life we have such people as well, serving behind the scenes: they seek no praise or reward for their services to mankind. While many of us are snugly asleep in our beds. we find these people toiling away at their typewriters and papers until the early hours of the morning serving the cause of Spiritualism. Andrina Jemima Lodder may be  classed as one of these backroom girls that is so seldom seen or heard of. Born in Krugersdorp. Transvaal, she spent some of her childhood in the Orange Free State and completed her schooling in Pretoria and Springs. She started working with a firm of attorneys, and thereafter as shorthand writer at the Supreme Court in Johannesburg, also doing the Circuit Court at Springs for many years. Her knowledge of legal matters has been of great assistance to the "Spiritualist Brotherhood" and spiritualism in general Asked what made her decide to  become a follower of spiritualism, she was quick to answer that it was not a case of listening to the advice of others or because of messages she received from mediums at different times, but that it was due to her personal psychic experiences of which she relates a few.

"One night my husband and attended a service in the Benoni Spiritualist Church, where I was given a message by Mr. Jerry Smith from my father; not only was it my father's voice but the medium's face transfigured to that of my father as well. Then my father said "My child, do not be distressed. the time has come for you to have what you have longed for, I am here to keep watch over you; you will not know where it will come from, but the doors of heaven will open from all sides to bring you the things you need." Little did I realize that this message was to be completely fulfilled within two months. Since then I have never looked back, for wanting for anything or not having sufficient for our needs in every way. "But there was always the longing to have the experience of seeing my father in spirit, face to face as a fellow human being. Again I did not realize that this dream was also to be fulfilled and that it was to be one of the unforgettable    experiences in my life It happened two years later. After attending a Sunday night service, I woke up at midnight to find myself sitting upright in bed with a very bright light shining across the bed, and in this light was a cloud of smoke as I saw it then. This smoke (Ectoplasm) started whirling around until it stopped, and there stood my father from top to toe as I knew him when he was forty-two years of age. He looked so much younger and he was smiling at me. "Oh Dad. what a surprise," I said. "but please warn me next time." and with that he was gone. My husband who is a very light sleeper never woke during this experience. (Her father was no doubt taking power from her husband. that is why he did not wake up - Editor) I could write pages and pages on these various experiences but unfortunately the space does not allow. I can tell you that between the Editor, Theo and my husband I never have a dull moment or one to spare." Andrina Jemima Lodder is one of the founders of the Springs Spiritualist Church and also one of the founders of the Spiritualist Brotherhood. She is an accomplished organist, plays the organ in the Springs Spiritualist Church. The part she played in making it possible to publish your magazine "Spiritual News" must be one of her greatest achievements, yet she refuses to take any credit for this. She is kept very busy with the work she does - typing all the court records and many important matters, especially the parliament sessions of the Bantu Homelands. which she finds very interesting and worthwhile work. We asked her what her dearest wish would be, she promptly replied. "To be able to retire before I am called to the Higher life so that I can give all my time to the secretarial work of the Springs Church, not forgetting (be enormous amount of secretarial work as far as our magazine is concerned," It would take pages to describe all the other activities in which she is involved, there are circles, healing circles. various church activities and meetings. Fortunately her whole family are spiritualists. keen followers of our way of life. She readily admits that the love of her husband and the work that he does for Spiritualism is of enormous value and help to her. And what of her son Theo Lodder? In her own words - since the family decided to open a Spiritualist church in Springs, and having given Theo the lead. he has never slopped running or given any of us a chance to have a proper breather, doing this work. Andrina Lodder must be looked on as a pillar of strength, not only in the Springs Church, but in Spiritualism in general here in Southern Africa. Despite all the work she does for Spiritualism, she still finds time to run a home and care for her family, truly a most remarkable woman, and while we have people of her caliber, the future of the Spiritualist Brotherhood and Spiritualism in general is assured. What are her plans and hope for the future? To see spiritualism progress under the banner of the "Spiritualist Brotherhood", to bring healing to the sick. encouragement to those who are faced with problems, and to help wherever possible in bringing light into the lives of others where there is darkness. Those who know her realizee that her motto is very much that of the Red Knight. She says she believes firmly that in years to come her 'baby' as she calls Andries her youngest son. will become an even greater pillar of strength to them all. " pass this way but once. if there is a kind word that I can say. let me say it now. "If there is a good deed that I can do, let me do it now, for I may not pass this way again"

  It has a Colored cover showing a torch with the slogan "Let there be Light". When the journal saw the light in March 1975, it was a great battle to survive. It is now well established. Tex even met with antagonism from Spiritualists who urged a boycott on the magazine, saying it was printed by a splinter group. Despite this campaign, Tex says that he has the support of fully 90 per cent of Spiritualists in his country


It does not surprise me to learn about your difficulties or about the
fact that those who should co-operate have failed to do so. Just as "The wind bloweth where it listeth" we must all decide to go the way that our inspiration takes us. Organizations have their place, but so too have individuals. None can have a monopoly of Spirit power or dictate where it should flow. It will use the channels that it decides are the most receptive. Spiritualists are like the little girl in the story. When they are good they are very very good, but when they are bad. they are horrid. Too many fail to practice the teachings they preach. Too many also are more concerned with self than service. I have often said that more harm is done to Spiritualism than all its enemies combined. For a time he was a leading figure in Southern Africa's organized movement. But he is happier working in a freelance capacity in what he calls the "Spiritualist Brotherhood". It has no President or executive committee. Well there is room for individuals as there is for organizations. Anyway he has enrolled me as a "companion" of the Spiritualist Brotherhood. The certificate states this is done "For serving the cause of Spiritualism in thought, word and deed. May the desire in your heart to promote beauty and truth illuminate the hearts of all mankind. In addition to producing the journal from the Transvaal, it is responsible for publishing several books on Spiritualism. With acknowledgement to "Psychic News." Editor's note: Thank you Barbie, you will never
know how much we appreciate the interest you have shown in South African Spiritualism.

How to Heal

by Harry Edwards

 Healing is a state of attunement of the helper's spirit mind with the spirit doctors, the patient and the healing effort being made The act of holding forth the hands is symbolic of the desire, but has no practical use. 

Healing takes place because a spirit remedial force is directed from the spirit doctors to the patient. This  force is not a physical force but a spirit force. Therefore the physical hands are not  needed as a conveyor of the force. The actual "healing time" may be a fraction of a second, and the best service contact healing can give is to gently see, by movement of limbs, etc.. the extent to which the ill condition has yielded. Healing is yielding. One cannot make a poker spine become flexible by pushing it. The cause of the spastic condition must first be removed, then it will yield and become flexible. Thus the main advantage in contact healing is to show the patient the extent of the yielding. If the trouble is not eased as much as the patient or healer would wish, it is useless for the healer to try and carry on for himself. The maximum spirit effort is always given and is continuously given so that the further yielding will come as the healing pursues its course. If immediate success is not seen, don't blame the patient or the spirit doctor and, above all, don't lose faith in your efforts as not being a good healer - for you do not heal. You are only the instrument. What the healer needs to become a better instrument is to develop the art of attunement with his spirit doctors, and this should be sought by constant desire in the developing circle and in the act of healing. Remember "attunement" comes with practice and experience, and the more experience a healer can get the surer will the attunement be, whilst also giving his spirit doctors experience in using him. Study all you do in the light of the fundamental postulate, the healing comes from spirit sources: not from the mind or body of the healer. With the greater attention our healers are receiving from the Press. the investigating Commissions, etc., it is time that our healing was freed from traditional extravagances, and conducted with simplicity and understanding, dignity and common sense.
- With acknowledgement to The Spiritual Healer

How Can I Contact My Guide

By F. Pearce

Most people when coming into Spiritualism, wish to know who their Guides are and how they can be contacted. First of all one should pray sincerely to God to make one worthy of such a privilege because it is a great blessing to learn how to link up with these wonderful servers called spirit friends and guides. Serious thought should be given to the reason for wishing to know them and consciously work with them. Let it be for a good and holy purpose, to gain spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and to learn more of God's Kingdoms beyond the veil. To develop latent spiritual and psychic gifts to use in service for the betterment and comfort of those in need. Never let it be for curiosity only or selfish gratification because along that way lies subtle dangers. One should sit quietly at the same time of day, once or twice a week. Offer  up a silent prayer, think of God, and ask that the communication may have His Blessing. Then send out a mental thought on the wings of love to the Guides and relax body and mind. Any impression received should be written down. It may be a mental picture, physical sensation, a sound or even a sense of smelling incense, perfume, smoke etc. Gradually a personality will be revealed. Mental questions may be asked and answers may be received which should be carefully sifted and analyzed in order to ascertain the spiritual caliber of the entity  communicating. As Jesus said "You know a tree by its fruit" and this is true of spirits. Anyone who is able to contact from the unseen worlds could claim to be a guide but they may not be an authorized, server appointed by God to help, to uplift mankind. Many mediums use the test of St. Paul by asking the spirits if they come from God and believe in Jesus of Nazareth and come in His Name. and this is, if properly applied a very good safeguard because it is true that very un-advanced astral dwellers cannot lie about this question. However, let us remember that many well meaning earth dwellers say very glibly that they believe in God and Jesus and yet can remain ignorant and self-righteous whilst displaying a narrow and selfish nature. There are spirits like them who, even while meaning well, can do a great deal of harm to anyone unwise enough to follow or depend upon them. The true Guides seldom, if ever, use an ordinary earth name,  addressing one as "Little Lady: or "Gentleman". Sometimes they bestow a new title, upon their mediums, such as Little Flower or My Daughter or My son or my brother, sister, etc. If an entity starts naming people as Mr. or Mrs. So and So they are not very advanced and should be treated with caution. True Guides never command, threaten, domineer or flatter. They allow all people, free will. When asked they advise, give comfort, endeavor to protect and bring about spiritual enfoldment of those placed in their charge. They have power to protect upon earth and in the Astrals. They always strive to point the way to God Realization. Above all they teach Universal Love. They never betray, condemn or judge and their patience and loyalty is magnificent. To help them in the glorious work should be the aim of every one sensitive capable of linking with them. Only those on earth who are spiritually orientated and dedicated can work constantly and completely with these wonderful friends who are not "slaves" attached to one person only forever but are shining lights who have traveled far along the narrow road. leading to God's Kingdom, yet turn to love, service and encourage others, to follow that glorious way. They have lived many lives on earth and so are well aware of the problems and sorrows of life in the world. It may be quite a task to establish a true and certain link with one's Spirit Guides but the reward is beyond assessing. Visits to good mediums may help but the results could be confusing and need sifting well but if one sincerely and earnestly wishes for the contact for good purposes, and goes on patiently, the revelation will come about bringing something so glorious into life and destroying once and for all the shadow of "Loneliness." Above all remember the great and true Law of 'Like attracts Like' which operates on all planes.


"Life is but a fleeting moment Lent to do a mighty labor."

by Harry Edwards

THIS is not a morbid article on the contrary it should give some food for light reflections in contemplation of some of the probabilities that may arise when this time does come. Let me say, right away, that I expect to be able to carry on our healing work for some years yet. This may be wishful thinking, but when I consulted an eye-doctor about three years ago in order to get some glasses for reading small print, he "looked inside" and said: "You are one of those who is going to live to be a hundred." Perchance he was trying to put me in a good frame of mind before presenting his bill. Shortly after, however, I had a very full examination and was then given an Al result as a first-class insurance risk until I was eighty-five. So this indicates I may have another twenty years to serve, as I shall be 65 on the 29th of May. So I am not concerned about "passing on"; instead, I am looking forward to carrying on our mission of healing for a long time yet. However, it is in these days of good health that it is interesting to look into the future. With one finger typing with one hand, and the other on my wooden desk, I am grateful to say that I have been blessed with a life free from illness of any kind. I am told that one professional gentleman has my photograph in his surgery and he will tell any enquirer, rather proudly, as if it was a queer phenomenon, "That is Harry Edwards, who is my patient." He happens to be my dentist. The doctor who made the abovementioned examination asked me who was my doctor. I told him I never had one, and as the local doctor was not willing to accept me under the National Health Scheme, I had not got one. He was clearly astounded about this. But one thing is sure, that in the fullness of time the day will come when I shall leave this phase of life for another and, I hope, a higher one. When that happens there will be a cause for it. Now, whatever this cause may be, there are likely to be those persons who will say "Poor chap! even his spirit helpers could not save him." I have heard this said about other 'healers who have passed on to their Reward, and so I expect it will be said about me, too. They tend to lose their sense of perspective and to overlook the fact that we are physically mortal, though spiritually immortal. But one thing is sure, that in the fullness of time the day will come when I shall leave this phase of life for another and, I hope, a higher one. When that happens there will be a cause for it. Now, whatever this cause may be,  there are likely to be those persons who will say "Poor chap! even his spirit helpers could not save him." I have heard this said about other healers who have passed on to their Reward, and so I expect it will be said about me, too. They tend to lose their sense of perspective and to overlook the fact that we are physically mortal, though spiritually immortal. It is senseless to blame the spirit helpers when they are unable to maintain an earthly existence, and as far as mine are concerned I have cause to be very thankful to them. While I have never been ill (hand on desk again) they have shown me their power is saving me from difficult situations. Once while in Scotland we were being shown around the countryside and stopped for tea. As I got out of the car, the driver slammed the front door shut, this was all very well, but my finger happened to be in the hinge, and I felt it crush. My first thoughts were that as we had a healing service to conduct in the evening my hand would be useless and so out went an S.O.S. for help. On freeing my finger I found that it was quite painless and none the worse. On two other occasions I have been "saved" from serious accident in traffic that may well have caused my sudden departure to ."over there." Another time we were on our way to Newbury, when the car skidded and crashed head-on into a rather obstinate telegraph pole that was determined to stand its ground. My leg was severely mauled but, here again, we were able to go on and carry out the healing service. It took some time for the leg to heal (the shin bone was showing through), but never did 1 have any pain at all with it. There have been other occasions, too. but these are sufficient to show that I have been abundantly helped in times of need. These things need to be remembered by those who may pull a long face, and in the distant future, say. "the spirit people have let me down in not maintaining my life beyond its span." If wishful thinking is the basis of healing then some of us might live on. in this life, for ever what a doleful thought! This week a lady has written to ask me ''Will the healing stop when you die?" surprising how cheerful some people are but this gives rise to a similar question that may be asked later on. The answer is, of course, the healing effort will not stop. For over eleven years now, my good collaborators. Olive and George Burton. have been associated with the healing, everyday. When holiday times come. Mr. and Mrs. Burton and I stagger our holiday as so that one or two of us are always present at the Sanctuary. It matters not who is away, the healing continues just the same, there is no falling off in happy results, and when I return from my holiday, we always spend a little while in going over the successes during my absence, While no healing sessions are held during the holiday month of August, there are the people who are in great need, or who have come from other lands, who are specially seen, and it becomes our mutual happiness to talk over the recoveries that take place through the healing given by Olive and George. We know. that the same spirit doctors who heal through me, heal through them equally well. Furthermore these wonderful spirit friends have told us they will continue their mission to God and man through Olive and George, when I join them. I am egotistical enough to expect that the healing will not suffer but be strengthened, for if 1 have anything to do with it. 1 shall continue to be with them and from my knowledge and interest for those who are in need when 1 travel on, I shall be in the favorable position of knowing their conditions and so shall be able to assist the healing to be effective through my partners. Incidentally, I say with all truth, that, during the past eleven years of our comradeship, there has not been one occasion when there has been a difference of opinion between us in our healing work and I look for this continuing for the rest of the time we shall be together in this life. and after, too.



by Harry Edwards

From the time that man put three sticks together to make a shelter he has gradually added to his knowledge of construction - so it is that the designers of our finest buildings and bridges, etc., owe something to primitive man. Nothing should stand still, we always took ahead. It is the same with spiritual healing. We have learnt that spiritual healing is not an act of spirit magic it is a spirit science, and there is nothing automatic about it. Every healing is a planned act, needing an individual diagnoses and particularized treatment. In the past, healers were content to clear disease through a technique of passes. Healings took place because the passes were expression of the intention. Today, we know that the action of the hands is not The act of healing. This is amply illustrated by considering the diversity of disease that healing overcomes. Consider the difference between dispersing a cataract, adjusting the heart action to heal a "blue-baby", the break-up of the chemical formations that cement a joint with arthritis, or the balancing of mental obsession. Obviously, different characterized forms of healing Spiritualist News energies are needed for each condition, and this includes mental healing, for thought influences are a form of energy, too. The unquestionable results that follow absent healing, in which it is found that this method of healing can be just as effective as contact healing, in some cases, more so, give cause for much intelligent speculation. So far. Dealership has mainly been the passive use of the human instrument, employing his gift of healing, which is a faculty of attunement with the spirit doctors, for the healing energies to flow through him to the sick one. I predict the future will have a different story to tell. The healer will become a conscious collaborator with the healing intelligence. We know that man is body, mind and spirit. .We are learning more about each of these three components. Man has a brain, a wonderful recording mechanism, but in addition to the mind and brain he also possesses a number of "bodily intelligences" which act independently yet in close liaison with the mind and spirit. This is proved by the glandular control over every one of the billions of cells of which our bodies are comprised, the rate of reproduction of the cell is controlled through the glandular systems. The influence of the human personality is received by the genes within the nucleus of the cell. Intelligence can only be received by intelligence, thus there must be a linking-up between the mind and spirit with the intelligence within the cells. Consider again, the intricate organization that comes into play with the healing of a wound. The instructions given to the blood: to lower pressure, to accelerate clotting to direct reinforcements of white cells to dense the wound, the flow of the platelets to bridge over the wound, to close the glands and capillaries to bacterial invasion these are only a very few of the organized processes involved in the healing. The full story supersedes in control, detail and planning that which is required for the building of a sky-scraper. This intelligent organization is not a responsibility of either the brain or the mind. So it is, through spiritual healing we are learning more and more about the body, and its intelligences. These intelligences are used in spirit healing. They are receptive to instruction (and in spiritual healing through the spirit), from the mind to the body, directives are given to bring about chemical changes, to give stimulation and energy nutrients, needed to overcome the cause and ill-effects of disease. As the gift of healer ship advances, through closer affinity between the healer's total self with that of the patient, so the healer will become intuitively knowledgeable of the healing potentials, and thereby become a more conscious collaborator with the healing processes. Let me illustrate this in a simple healing act. A person has rheumatism or fibrosis's, arthritis, etc., in which unwanted chemical substances are deposited in the tissues. The healer knows the areas in' which these deposits are, because of the painful effects. In a condition of affinity with the patient, which means that the healer's consciousness is allied to that of the patient, he directs to the patient's bodily intelligence the instruction to activate the scavenging white cells in the affected part, to carry away the adhesions, thus the bodily intelligence will get busy in that way. I know that the act of healing of these troubles is far more complicated than this, but this is a very simple illustration to indicate my meaning. When the primary cause of  sickness lies in mental frustrations, etc., the usage of the healer's mind by the spirit doctors can become consciously known by the healer in transmitting corrective thought influencing to the patient to overcome the particular frustration, and in this the healer will become a conscious collaborator with the healing intention. When medical science appreciates that mental imbalance can best be dealt with on the same plane as it exists; either in the spirit or in the mind or in both, then the faculty of Dealership will be recognized by physicians. Thus I look forward to within the next ten years or so for healers to take on a more conscious cooperation with the spirit doctors, and with experience be able intuitively to assist patients more than is done today. In addition with our fuller knowledge of the bodily potentials and intelligences we shall be able to give directives to help our bodies to master ill-conditions. I shall also anticipate spirit and medical therapies being more closely aligned together for specific purposes. With acknowledgement to the Spiritual Healer, Burrows Lea, Share, Guildford, Surrey, England.